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The Filled Prompts Post #1: Parts 1-23
Giggles at the Palace
Welcome to the Filled Prompts Post for Parts 1-23.
If you filled a prompt from Parts 24 and up, please use the FPP #2.
If you filled a prompt from the Spoiler-free post, use this FPP instead.

This is an archive created to make it simple for people to browse through both filled and unfilled prompts.

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1. John has to carefully apply something on Sherlock's face to avoid harming him and realizes how amazingly hot Sherlock is.
2. John returns from Afghanistan a paraplegic.
3. One of our beloved characters attempts NaNoWriMo... insanity ensues.
4. Mummy approves of John, so she establishes a timeline for courtship, marriage, and children between him and Sherlock.
5. Sherlock and John wandering around aimlessly, Sherlock making random outrageous deductions just so he can hear John laugh.
6. Sherlock in a parade of different vintage/antique women's outfits.
7. John/Mary/Sherlock, and they're okay with their open-marriage threesome arrangement, but not everyone else is.
8. Sally and Sherlock were married before the recession hit, and were unable to afford a clean split when they decided they wanted to divorce.
9. Inspired by The Simpsons’s “The Raven” sketch.
10. Sherlock does his best to keep John from having nightmares because the screaming reminds him of his childhood.
11. Mycroft loses the two most important people in his life: John and Sherlock.
12. When Sherlock was a kid, the only thing he cared one whit about was bees.
13. Wallpaper request.
14. In TBB, Soo Lin drops the teapot and she loses her shit at Sherlock.
15. John Watson, part time doctor and hobby detective runs into Sherlock Holmes, flawless soldier and tactical genius, while he is on leave from Afghanistan.
16. Sherlock, John, Mycroft, Lestrade, and Anderson go camping.
17. Video prompt.
18. Mike Stamfort/Sherlock from John’s POV.
19. Dialogue prompt.
20. Sherlock knows some music because Lestrade does and vice versa.
21. Mycroft has an embarrassing tattoo. Someone finds out about it.
22. Weredog!Gladstone turns human during full moon.
23. In his boredom, Sherlock builds a John Watson shrine.
24. Wild Wild West fusion.
25. Sherlock loves flying, it's just the airports he can't stand. John doesn't mind being at an airport, he just wishes he wouldn't actually have to get on a plane.

Prompt: Art/Manip request! I'm looking for a wallpaper to use on my Android phone (960X800 resolution). I would adore forever and bake ecookies for and promise firstborns to anyone kind enough to create something!

Also very much looking for RTYIs!

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1. Moriarty is a werewolf and he was very surprised when his wolf recognized Molly as his mate.
2. You prompt is the two words your last Captcha provided.
3. John and Mycroft are forced to bond/marry/something. Sherlock is exceedingly irritated.
4. Sherlock pining for John and attempting to woo him.
5. Unlikely het pairings.
6. Errant comment.
7. Straight!Mycroft dates gay!Lestrade to not be alone anymore.
8. Sherlock performs onstage while John is in the crowd and finds the whole thing unreasonably hot.
9. Sherlock is kidnapped, and afterward he is completely broken and traumatized.
10. Moriarty/Moran.
11. John, hospitalized and in recovery based on the song One More Time With Feeling by Regina Spektor.
12. Moriarty ends up being a frog.
13. John fucks Sherlock bareback, comes, and licks his come out of Sherlock's arse.
14. Sherlock was in an abusive relationship, and as a result he’s wary of John.
15. Sherlock has been cursed by Moriarty, and John rescues him.
16. AU with a painfully self-conscious and insecure Sherlock.
17. Sherlock Holmes does not approve of these shenanigans.
18. Harry is also a “Three Continents Watson”.
19. Lestrade/Sherlock: drugs bust angst.
20. Anything based on that joke where the boys run out of lube and use lemon curd instead.
21. John has a rape fantasy, Sherlock indulges him. Moriarty gets the wrong idea and thinks he’s playing them, while it’s the other way around.
22. The Walking Dead: the outbreak was only the beginning.
23. Character A and B have never gotten along, but despite what other people think, it has nothing to do with UST.
24. Sherlock's gay and he's in a happy relationship with John. Molly is upset about this and becomes obsessed.
25. Sherlock meets John's parents, and they adore him.

prompt: Sherlock Holmes Does Not Approve of These Shenanigans. Make of it what you will.

fill: too much time + tablet + photoshop = t-shirts!

1. John dies, Sherlock has to deal with the aftermath.
2. Everyone in the Watson family has the title of "doctor".
3. Sleepy Hollow crossover.
4. Sherlock goes out of town, and when he comes back Sherlock meets him at the airport.
5. John/always a girl!John.
6. Mycroft and Lestrade gets completely wasted and wake up married to each other.
7. John is a sex god. Literally.
8. House of Leaves crossver.
9. Song prompt: Still Alive from Portal.
10. Sherlock did something stupid when he was in uni. There’s video evidence.
11. Community crossover.
12. Sherlock and Lestrade (or Victor) watching fireworks together.
13. There’s a roomful of dynamic duos, and someone decides kidnapping all the sidekicks is a good idea.
14. "Fools have the habit of writing their names everywhere".
15. Mycroft writes Victorian erotica. About himself. With...?
16. Sherlock and John attending a family reunion of the Watsons and getting involved in the Watsons’ “Game Day”.
17. Sherlock/John penis fencing. Loser must carry the couple's child.
18. Les Miserables crossover.
19. Sherlock is cursed. He can't help adding "in your pants" at the end of every single sentence he says.
20. Mycroft moves his office into 221C.
21. Challehnge prompt.
22. Sherlock is madly, desperately in love with John. John doesn’t notice. Everyone does.
23. On the first of each month, Sherlock is groomed, courtesy of Mycroft.
24. Sherlock shows unexpected kindness without ulterior motives, preferably to a complete stranger.
25. Sherlock likes the feeling of possession and the security of being 'owned' when John makes him wear chastity belts.

filled #5

original prompt: "Since we've already had an AU where Sherlock meets Sherlock...

One day, Joan Watson trips and falls through a door that lands her in 221B. Except this 221B does not house the eccentric, madwoman Sherlock Holmes and her esteemed associate, Dr. Watson. No, this one has a very male Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson.

How will she cope in this universe? And how will she get home?

Things I would very much like:
- John and his female counterpart discussing their flatmates
- And subsequently finding each other quite attractive, even if it's a bit narcissistic.
- To hell with it, if given the chance of course you'd have sex with yourself.
- Threesome for science.
- Fem!Sherlock never appears, but Joan gets home safely to her."


Fill #1 (Anonymous) Expand
Fill #6 (Anonymous) Expand
1. Mycroft as a baby.
2. There’s a red button in Mycroft’s office. Sherlock pushes it.
3. Dark!John proposes to Sherlock over the body of the recently murdered Moriarty.
4. Dialogue prompt.
5. Mycroft/Sherlock: Mycroft will do anything for Sherlock, and Sherlock knows it.
6. John and Mary use to live across the street from one another. They have a very brother/sister relationship.
7. League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Crossover.
8. Befor his departure for 3 years, Sherlock leave a note behind written in a language that he and Mycroft invented together.
9. Video prompt.
10. Now that Sherlock and John are marries, John refuses to be the wife in the relationship.
11. The day before his wedding, Sherlock learns that John is in love with him.
12. Sherlock and John watching porn together. For a case.
13. Sherlock is cursed. It causes him to fall madly in love with whomever he sees.
14. Mycroft in drag.
15. Sherlock sends a text that says "I'm madly in love with you" to random people in Mycroft's contact list. Lestrade responds.
16. Mycroft and/or Sherlock deduce that everybody, including them, is actually living in a videogame.
17. Sherlock is actually the second part of Moriarty's split personality.
18. The Darkangel trilogy fusion.
19. Mycroft gives John to someone. John likes it.
20. John has the ability to 'read' people's memories when he touches them skin-to-skin. Sherlock keeps touching him.
21. Sherlock/John: domestic bliss.
22. Slutty sub!Sherlock.
23. Five moments Mycroft witnessed leading up to one instance that changed John and Sherlock's relationship.
24. Leverage crossover.
25. Somebody visits Sherlock while he's in a coma. He can hear everything they say.

Sherlock goes to Mycroft's office to yell tell him something but he's not there and is told by not!Anthea to get comfortable and wait for him while he's finishing an important meeting.

Sherlock doesn't sit down, looks around and sees a shiny red button by Mycroft's desk. He does the only logic thing anybody would do: he pushes it.

What did the button do?

Of Course He Pushed It

1. Sherlock gets addicted to Katamari Damashii.
2. Someone has an IBS flare-up on their wedding day.
3. DI!Sherlock/forensics!John.
4. Castle crossover.
5. "An integral part of any relationship is knowing that you could be killed in your sleep at any time." -Trent Reznor
6. Mycroft had Sherlock vasectomized.
7. Sherlock and John meet in a marriage market.
8. Sherlock starts being more and more reckless so John will love him.
9. Sebastian's side job is bar-tending.
10. Sherlock in leather pants.
11. Non/dubcon feeding fetish and weight gain fetish.
12. Dialogue prompt.
13. Sherlock, on his bed, legs spread wide, fucking himself with a variety of toys while John is listening outside the door.
14. In a competition to see who can speak in the most foreign language, John tells Sherlock he adores him.
15. Mycroft is James potter II, Sherlock is Albus Severus.
16. John believes that he and Sherlock have missed their moment to start a relationship.
17. Someone is trying to get Sherlock and Lestrade together. They already are.
18. Sherlock and John have to share a bed. One waked up hard and takes care of it.
19. Sherlock used more than three nicotine patches when he couldn’t solve the conundrum on countdown.
20. Thinking Sherlock is dead, Mycroft decides to off himself too. He almost succeeds, but Lestrade saves him.
21. John (and others) finds out about Sherlock's relationship with Victor.
22. Romance between fem!Mycroft and fem!Lestrade.
23. Mycroft and Sherlock share a connection: whatever one feels (physically), the other does too.
24. John gets slave Sherlock.
25. "Wow, apparently I pushed your ramble button."

FILL #20

Original prompt: Thinking Sherlock is dead, Mycroft decides to off himself too. He almost succeeds, but Lestrade saves him.

Warning for major depression and suicide attempts. WIP.

Fill: Act of Love

Prompt: I've seen some prompts and fics where Sherlock watches John sleep. They're all adorable, of course. But I would like to see John watching Sherlock sleep, not in a creepy way or anything.
Just, like, John waking up in the middle of the night, and when he doesn't fall asleep right away, he just lies there and watches Sherlock or a while. Not Dark!John, just normal John watching his odd darling at rest :).

Fill: Wee Dark Hours

1. Sherlock as a come whore.
2. While fucking John, Sherlock mentions Mycroft has an ever bigger cock; he knows because he’s taken it.
3. Futanari or newhalf.
4. Somone riding John, while John is leaning back against Sherlock who’s fully dressed and texting.
5. "You've come all over my umbrella!"
6. F!John ends up pregnant. F!Sherlock is devastated while F!John swears she never cheated.
7. Post your WIPs.
8. Sherlock is raped, and Mrs Hudson is the one who figures it out.
9. Make a fanvid.
10. Mycroft hurt/comfort.
11. Mycroft has Crohn's disease.
12. Sherlock has never slept with anyone without the aid of drugs; his first time with John is awkward.
13. Jim has completely forgotten about John Watson after he killed Sherlock Holmes.
14. Mummy abused Sherlock as a child and even occasionally as an adult. No one but Lestrade knows.
15. An AU where corporal punishment still exists.
16. The most important gift each character ever got and how it effected their whole lives without them even knowing it.
17. Sherlock get hits in the head and wakes up madly in love with Molly.
18. Lifeguard!John saving Sherlock from drowning.
19. Sherlock raises the best dogs, and he nurses them with his own breast milk.
20. Sherlock wakes up to find himself inside Moriarty's body.
21. Sherlock and Victor’s first meeting.
22. Sherlock and Sally become friend in a hospital waiting room after John is hurt.
23. Sherlock likes watching them; John and Lestrade like to be watched.
24. Non-sexual love/marriage.
25. John cries bullets (and other BAMF John facts).

fill #13 (Anonymous) Expand
1. Sexually oblivious Sherlock.
2. Sherlock's favorite movie happens to be The Great Mouse Detective.
3. Anderson is Sherlock's and Mycroft's brother.
4. Sherlock usually doesn't want anything to do with sex because the intensity of it all gives his brain a temporary shut down.
5. Molly/Sarah: medfet.
6. John takes a bullet/knifing for Mycroft who was wearing bulletproof vest.
7. Sherlock and Lestrade are a couple, and they want John to join in.
8. Labyrinth crossover.
9. Moriarty is feeling Shakespearean.
10. John's mum makes him a dressing gown like Bilbo’s. Sherlock is extremely jealous.
11. Moriarty thinks he and Sherlock would have fantastic children, so he kidnaps him/her and tried to impregnate him/her.
12. Sherlock is injected a drug that paralyses him, and people think he’s dead.
13. A child is left on Sherlock’s doorstep, and Sherlock wants nothing to do with it.
14. When they finally found Sherlock, he was remarkably unhurt, considering. But he doesn't speak.
15. Five times Lestrade got wet, and the one time someone shared their umbrella.
16. John takes care of some villains with a value size can of beans and a loaf of crusty French bread.
17. Moriarty wears a pendant that means a lot to him. One day, something happens to it.
18. Sherlock has a stuffed animal he can’t sleep without.
19. Mycroft is turned into dark!Mycroft.
20. Sherlock, John, Mycroft, and Lestrade are locked in a room together, and they will die in 24h.
21. Sherlock deduces that Mycroft is not 'a minor civil servant' but a door to door umbrella salesman who gets off with stay-at-home dads.
22. Moriarty kidnaps Sherlock.
23. John is struggling to reach Sherlock while Sherlock is in the process of being drowned or strangled.
24. Something meant as a prank leads to Sherlock being severely injured, and his friends alternately taking care of him.
25. The Office crossover.

You know how Sherlock calls Sally by her first name but then calls Anderson...well...'Anderson'? Well, he isn't calling him by his last name. 'Anderson' is just the sort of name the Holmes thought appropriate for one of their sons.

Anderson is Sherlock's and Mycroft's brother. His wife is Sherlock's sister-in-law. So when Sherlock disapproves of Sally and Anderson sleeping together, he has good reason. All their bickering and refusing to work with each other is largely sibling rivalry. But beneath that, there really is care.

This comes out when something happens to Sherlock. Like an allergy attack, and Anderson has the right meds on hand. Or some other medical thing. Or an injury. Whatever...I prefer Sherlock to be the injured one but you can bang Anderson up a bit too and have Sherlock and/or Mycroft know what to do. Or have Anderson's kids show up and be excited to see Uncle Sherlock. Whatever. Just basically, Anderson and Sherlock are brothers, and everyone finds out.


1. Sherlock takes care of John just to see what it's like.
2. One day, John wakes up and realizes he has a vagina.
3. Supernatural crossover.
4. Sherlock wrongly deducing that John is cheating on him.
5. Sherlock on his knees, staring up at someone with wet eyelashes and tear tracks on his cheeks.
6. Mycroft gets really angry.
7. Athens AU.
8. Jim uses a latex vac bed on Sherlock.
9. John owns a restaurant, and he makes the only food Sherlock accepts to eat.
10. Some good hard, over-the-knee, bare hand on bare bottom spanking.
11. John’s shoulder stiffens up, and he’s too proud to as for Sherlock’s help. Sherlock helps anyway.
12. Sherlock’s wife is about to give birth, and he’s the most annoying father-to-be ever.
13. Sherlock cheated on Lestrade.
14. Someone has an earache.
15. Sherlock has never had sex, but he reads a ton of porn. He has a lot of misconceptions.
16. Mycroft has a BAMF wife.
17. Jim and John are brothers and they got separated when young but over the years, they still meet up from time to time.
18. Sherlock lands in Middle Earth.
19. Sherlock and John meet through a case regarding John's reputation as a doctor.
20. After he and John have sex for the first time, Sherlock is already thinking long-term commitment.
21. Mycroft is the world best Yenta.
22. Lestrade and Donovan’s first meeting.
23. Dark!John doing (or threatening to do) some kind of body modification on Sherlock.
24. It’s Bonfire night, and John hates fireworks because they remind him of gunfire.
25. Sherlock gives John the missing Doctor Who episodes as a present.

Fill #22

Fill #22

Prompt: I'd like to see Lestrade and Donovan, how they first came to work together - an "origin story" of sorts.

Fill: "Promising Start" (

Fill #16 (Anonymous) Expand
1. Dark!Sherlock rapes John.
2. John has to choose between saving Sherlock's life or Sarah's.
3. "You don't like yourself. But you do admire yourself. It's all you've got so you cling to it. You're so afraid if you change, you'll lose what makes you special."
4. Sherlock must do the shopping, in exchange, John is forbidden from drinking tea.
5. Anything written in the style of a Taranatino movie.
6. John saves Sherlock from school bullies and they become mates.
7. John tries to do NaNoWriMo on his blog. His readers are not amused.
8. Moriarty engineers a situation in which Sherlock must rape Lestrade while John and the Scotland Yard team watch.
9. Sleeping Beauty quote.
10. Lestrade and Mycroft bodyswap.
11. John knows all along that Sherlock's death was fake, but no one else knew that he knew, not even Sherlock.
12. Portal fusion.
13. College students make A Very Sherlock Musical and post it on YouTube. It goes viral.
14. John is a member of one of the SG-A teams
15. "You're confused, as usual. Annoying you are and will in all probability keep on being. But boring? Never to me."
16. Sherlock goes undercover at a life drawing class as the model and John as a student.
17. A relationship between Ace!Sherlock, John, and Lestrade.
18. You know that scary "hnn hnn hnnn" -laugh? Moriarty is afraid of it.
19. John acting Tsundere.
20. John has tattoos.
21. Sherlock is an hysterical deducer.
22. Sherlock and John in a tight space, WAY too close for comfort.
23. Sherlock/Molly: slow dancing.
24. Harry is dead, but John just can't deal with it and so he acts out Harry's life.
25. Sherlock/John: intercrural sex.

Prompt: Warnings for non-con:

"You're the only person who's ever cared for me, John," Sherlock whispered, and lowered himself onto John's cock.

Dark!Sherlock (or genuinely believes he's sociopathic!Sherlock) rapes John. Ties him up, drugs him, and rides him. He knows it's rape, and John doesn't care for him like that, but it's the only way he knows how to show his affection. John tries to get Sherlock to stop, but he's slowly resigned to Sherlock doing what he wants, so he eventually just tries to make sure Sherlock won't hurt himself.


1. "Sherlock... when you look at me like that, I feel naked." "You are naked, John."
2. Sherlock has a humiliation kink.
3. Fem!Sherlock/Harry.
4. Five things that make Sherlock go "?!???!!," and one that makes him go "......."
5. John tries to bake a cake for Sherlock's birthday, but ruins it. Sherlock comes home and they bake a cake together.
6. John and Sherlock skinny dipping.
7. Sherlock and John start buying each other t-shirts.
8. Sherlock starts baking, and John brings the excess to the folks at NSY.
9. Hogwarts romance.
10. Sherlock meets Arsène Lupin.
11. The first assignment Moriarty gives any new minion is always the worst thing they will ever have to do.
12. Old!Sherlock is diagnosed with dementia.
13. Sherlock and John pretend to start a physical fight to trick a suspect into coming closer.
14. A popular magazine names John one of London's most eligible bachelors.
15. Lestrade is sick, John takes care of him.
16. Any character as a single parent.
17. Sherlock is experimenting one day when he accidentally creates three super-powered little girls.
18. Any character is able to go back in time to one precise moment in the past.
19. Sherlock gets himself and John a heart-shaped "Best Friends" necklace.
20. John dies, leaving Sherlock to raise their child alone.
21. Something based on the pleasant dizziness report.
22. Five times Sherlock and Lestrade shared a bed and there was no sex, and the first time there was.
23. Sherlock has Schizoid Personality Disorder.
24. Anthea is Mycroft's chaperone. Mummy's order.
25. Zero Effect crossover.

Prompt: Any character in the show is able to go back in time to one precise moment in the past. They can change this moment however they wish. To take back cruel words. To turn left instead of right. To study for that one exam. To snog senseless that boy from the corner shop. Anything, from the mundane to the exceptional. How does this one disturbance in time change the present? I'll take anything: be as cracky/angsty/sexy/drama-y/adventure-y as you want!

Prompt filled here:

#12 nejem Expand
1. Sherlock/Victor: Reichenbach letter.
2. When Lestrade's ill he normally stays with Sherlock.
3. Sherlock believes in the paranormal and decides to solve mysteries and cases related to that.
4. When he was very young, Sherlock was kidnaped and ended up as a slave. Lestrade rescued him.
5. Sherlock/Mycroft: sex pollen.
6. Lestrade/Sherlock/Mycroft.
7. John waits patiently for Sherlock to catch up and realise that he, Sherlock, is in love with him, John.
8. Sherlock and John wake to find themselves as Spock and Kirk.
9. John/Molly, but not romantic and fluffy.
10. Meta fic.
11. Moriarty kidnaps John and kills him. Then April Fools Day rolls around. Turns out John's just fine, but he won't be if Sherlock can't find him before April 2nd.
12. "Come now. Stockholm Syndrome? Really? I thought you were better than that." "It's not something I can help!"
13. Victor is actually Victor Frankenstein.
14. Cabin Pressure crossover.
15. Sherlock 'Ace' Holmes vs. Jack 'Omni' Harkness.
16. Scent of a Woman AU.
17. School AU.
18. Sherlock and John walking arm in arm.
19. Someone tries to get Sherlock's attention by staging crime scenes into things from Sherlock's past.
20. Doctor Who crossover.
21. John and Sherlock run a sweet shop together.
22. Sherlock starts acting like Benedict Cumberbatch in flashes.
23. Most of the people who deal with Mycroft don't realize that his notions of any history before 1930 are somewhat less accurate than 1066 And All That.
24. John starts to sleepwalking and Sherlock know it and observes it.
25. At the Yard, Sherlock calls Lestrade either Greg or Dad.

John waits patiently for Sherlock to catch up and realise that he, Sherlock, is in love with him, John.

When he does realise...

Sherlock: "What gave me away?"
John: "I believe your exact words were 'That er, thing that you uh, that you did, that um, you offered to do that was... erm... good'"

Playing catch-up

Fill: #23

Mycroft and 500 liters of custard.

Any context, any rating, any partner/s or none, could be an important diplomatic catering order gone awry, could be someone trying to bury him in it, could be a very sticky weekend for him and [partner of choice]. The only thing that can't happen is Mycroft cannot eat any of it. Besides that, just Mycroft and 500 liters of custard, any context at all.

(Quantity may vary a bit if required.)


Damn it Mycroft I can't type Greek. ... "greaker the" Very funny Mycroft.

Fill #11 (Anonymous) Expand
1. John finds out he's in love with Sherlock, and he's pissed about it.
2. Sherlock/John: P.S. I Love You style.
3. Sherlock is kidnaped, raped, and heavily drugged. Mycroft decides to cover up the rape.
4. Mycroft gets a little overprotective over Sherlock especially once he hears about his and John's new relationship.
5. John walks in on Sherlock to see him in a wedding dress, asking John if he looks pretty enough.
6. John helps deliver Sherlock's child.
7. Someone fucks a plot-hole.
8. Sherlock's a hit with little kids.
9. Sherlock and John first meet when Sherlock "wins" John at a charity bachelor auction.
10. John and Sherlock get matching tattoos of some sort.
11. Sherlock and John tango.
12. Sherlock doesn't apologize often. When he truly does, he kneels and offers the person he's apologizing to something to beat or hurt him with.
13. Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers crossover.
14. John or Sherlock have to go about their daily business with an object up their arse.
15. Harry-on-John non-con.
16. Sherlock doesn’t slash anyone. They slash themselves.
17. Lestrade/Mrs Lestrade/Mycroft.
18. Someone has a broken finger.
19. Sherlock is de-aged physically to a teenager, but is mentally the same. His hormones go wild, poor John has no defense.
20. Sherlock deduces that John wants to be spanked.
21. Sherlock realizes that John touches himself while thinking of him.
22. John thinks about taking a holiday, and he’d like Sherlock to come.
23. Mycroft has body dismorphic disorder.
24. Soldier John surprising his loved ones back home.
25. When Sherlock asks Mycroft to find a suitable partner with whom he can lose his virginity, Mycroft finds John.

Fill: #25

Prompt: "I have decided to take care of my virginity.Please arrange for a suitable partner.

That's good to hear.
Tomorrow 8 p.m.

Sherlock of course expects some exotic youth trained in Kama Sutra, because Mycroft is nothing if not thorough. Cue a middle-aged army doctor in a cuddly jumper appearing at his doorsteep, smiling and asking for a cuppa. Because yes, Mycroft is very, very thorough at everything he does."


1. !!!
2. Mycroft tying Sherlock face-down to his desk in his office and topping the fuck out of him.
3. Sherlock is freaked out by a film. Cuddling ensues.
4. Mycroft and his oh-so-loyal little pet DI.
5. Errant comment.
6. Sherlock trying to impart a message to Lestrade with his violin.
7. Someone is possessed by Moriarty.
8. Gilmore Girls crossover.
9. Moriarty is Lestrade’s son.
10. Errant comment.
11. Five things Lestrade taught Sherlock and one that Sherlock taught Lestrade.
12. What happens after John says the wrong name at the altar.
13. Sherlock/John omegaverse: they discover each other, breed, and go through the pregnancy.
14. Harry and John were abused as children. One day, it's so bad that they fight back and accidently kill their abuser.
15. Hair-pulling and nipple torture.
16. After Reichenbach, Moriarty didn’t die, he spent three years torturing John.
17. Any of the characters doing NaNo, but not for the first time.
18. Mycroft is in his mid twenties when first meets Lestrade who's in forties going on fifteen. So to seduce Lestrade, Mycroft pretends he's gotten a new boyfriend.
19. Well, the reason Mycroft never admits he's the government is because he isn't.
20. Demon!Sherlock and Angel!Watson.
21. Sherlock and John are holding hands and running through a field of daisies.
22. Sherlock, John and Mycroft on a road trip.
23. Growing up, Sherlock and John hated each other.
24. Before going out in very cold weather, Sherlock piles up layers and layers of clothes on John.
25. Supernatural crossover.

#1 - Text msg fill

Original prompt: !!!


1. Whatever MycroftCaptcha says, that's the prompt.
2. Quote prompt (John loves him, but sometimes, Sherlock can just be so... Sherlock.)
3. What would Study in Pink have been like if Matt Smith had gotten the role of John Watson instead of Martin Freeman
4. Sherlock finds himself feeling unable to describe in words how he feels about John, so he composes a song instead.
5. Victor turns up, still in love with Sherlock after all these years, but Sherlock and John are in a happy, established relationship.
6. Lestrade goes to the funeral of a family relative. During the rosary he realizes he's never felt so alone in a room full of people.
7. Sherlock is a kleptomaniac.
8. Mycroft kidnaps Lestrade and John for a Sherlock-free holiday.
9. John snores really loudly.
10. Sherlock is really sensitive and can have many orgasms in one night, which works out for John because he can last without coming for hours.
11. John spends the day helping other people, until he’s done mentally and physically.
12. Moriarty lighting a cigarette for Sherlock.
13. Lestrade completely accepting and desirous of sugardaddy!Mycroft.
14. Mycroft or Sherlock is dying and his dying wish is to have sex with Lestrade.
15. John likes his embarrassing pet name.
16. Clue crossover.
17. When vampire!Sherlock needs to feed, John offers himself.
18. Moriarty kidnaps Mycroft and makes Sherlock and other people believe that Mycroft's dead, for three years.
19. Vampire Sherlock refuses to drink John's blood, even in the direst of circumstances.
20. Sherlock is surprised to find out that John loves him.
21. Either Lestrade or Victor has been sent to protect Sherlock.
22. Victor left Sherlock because he couldn't accept the fact that Mycroft and Victor were in love with each other.
23. Sherlock actually has 11 brothers.
24. Sounding.
25. Sherlock loses memories of Mycroft after receiving a nasty blow to his head. When they grow closer, Sherlock develops feelings for him.

Filled #14

Full Prompt:
Mycroft (or Sherlock, your choice) has never revealed his passion for Lestrade. But now M (or S) has been poisoned and has just 2-3 hours to live. Dying wish: sex with Lestrade. Would literally like to be fucked unto death. Any mood is okay: h/c tenderness; angst (oh, I always fancied you too, says L--why did we waste all those years?) or cracky humor (gotcha! not really dying--all a ruse to get laid)


Filled #23 (Anonymous) Expand
1. Mycroft is Big Brother. Literally.
2. Holmes and Watson from Granada series and 2009 movie adaptation are transported to the BBC universe.
3. Lestrade is Sherlock and Mycroft's half-brother. Genetic Sexual Attraction occurs.
4. Sherlock has been reliably informed he doesn't have a heart. This is because he is a Space Master.
5. Mycroft is Blackadder, Anthea is Baldrick.
6. Mycroft is sapiosexual.
7. Asexual Lestrade/Sherlock
8. John is something Sherlock fully intends to keep.
9. Mycroft diet is failing. But Lestrade loves it because it means he can nuzzle Mycroft's plush belly.
10. I want to be shocked by smut
11. Errant comment.
12. To annoy Sherlock Mycroft and Anderson pretend they are in a relationship with each other.
13. Mycroft/John/Lestrade.
14. "John, I'm sorry, but I like you as a friend, nothing more."
15. Neverwhere crossover.
16. Lestrade/Moriarty.
17. Song fic about Harry Watson, to the tune of 'Margaritaville'.
18. Mycroft and Lestrade both think that they are too inadequate for the other.
19. Sherlock learns politics for a case, in the process/afterward uncovers tons of secrets, scandals, and conspiracies.
20. Sherlock's life goal is in fact seeing Mycroft begging, on his knees preferably.
21. Game of Thrones fusion.
22. Poem prompt: Fire and Ice by Robert Frost.
23. Change something fundamental about the Sherlock show and write about it.
24. Sherlock realises he's going to have to delete a whole load of stuff to make room for this interesting DoNotDelete Folder titled Dr. John. H. Watson.
25. Sherlock's phone keeps accidentally pocket calling out to John. What kind of things does John hear in these snippets?

John is something Sherlock fully intends to keep.
Just that. Wherever you want to take it.

(Prompt paraphrased from the end of entanglednow's Undercurrents.)

Mini Fill:
John is something Sherlock fully intends to keep.

Prompt: Can I have a Harry Potter AU? Where John is the boy who lived? Maybe he lives with his drunk, abusive, slightly older than canon sister and has never heard of Hogwarts?

I would love if he's sorted into Gryffindor and Sherlock is a Slytherin, but they're still total bros from the moment they meet. Basically they have exactly the same relationship while everyone around them sees it like the divide between Montague and Capulet. Sherlock would probably sneak into Gryffindor tower whenever he wants. I can also see Sherlock being a complete social pariah in his own house because he calls out half the Slytherins for their blood mania, considering most of them have some ties to muggles or are part muggle-born I'm sure he'd have a lot to say.

Bonus if Snape sees John, Sherlock, and Sarah/Mary whoever and thinks of his own past, only to have Sherlock tell him that he only wants John and to call him out on projecting.

Fill: The Forest Again/After the Battle

Fill #20 (Anonymous) Expand
1. ASiPAU: Groundhog's Day doesn't end for Sherlock until John agrees to be his flatmate.
2. Inception crossover.
3. Supernatural crossover.
4. John is hired as Sherlock's chauffeur.
5. During many sleeping positions, John presses his face to Sherlock's neck. Sherlock tells him he resembles a sucker fish.
6. Sherlock comes to the conclusion that his self-harm is no longer tolerable, but it's an addiction he's not sure how to overcome.
7. BAMF!John & BAMF!Lestrade save Mycroft and Sherlock, guns blazing.
8. John should just adopt Sherlock since he's such a child!
9. Meta!Android!Sherlock and Human!Spy!John team up to fight crime in the future.
10. John is Moriarty's fiance. He finds out about Jim's job, testifies against him, and is put into protective custody under the alias Victor Trevor.
11. John and Sherlock are getting married. John is cool about it, but Sherlock freaks out.
12. Sherlock is changed back into a child, he goes to John, but doesn’t tell him who he actually is.
13. Sherlock must solve a case of theft and possible forgery of a classic comic book at London Comic Con.
14. Sherlock can't deduce everything.
15. During his free time, Morarity loves to write fanfiction about John being a strapping big tall hunk of a man who saves his damsel in distress Sherlock.
16. Mrs Hudson is a fob-watched Time Lord.
17. I want some cute little Sherlock and John as kids.
18. Luther crossover.
19. John utterly lust-addled at first sight and unable to hide it. Sherlock is confused and/or jealous.
20. Sherlock idolises Dita Von Teese.
21. "Anyone who makes John cry will suffer the consequences."
22. Sherlock uses John's phone to take naked pictures of himself.
23. Sherlock and John go to see a more contemporary music act in a crowded music venue.
24. Gravetender AU.
25. Hobbit AU.

Original prompt: John should just adopt Sherlock since he's such a child!

Fill: Meddler

Fill #4 (Anonymous) Expand
1. The Holmes brothers are normal in bed. This surprises their partner(s).
2. Sherlock feels the need to be perfect. One day when he badly messes up a case, Sherlock has a total breakdown.
3. John's not the only one Sherlock knows who went to war. Victor Trevor did too.
4. Poetry prompt: Alone by Edgar Allan Poe.
5. Mycroft/Stamford.
6. A story with as many Shakespeare quotes as you can possibly work into everyday conversation and/or narration.
7. John can’t have an erection. He and Sherlock work around it.
8. Everyone's reaction when they found out Sherlock has a photo a John in his wallet.
9. Pride and Prejudice crossover.
10. When Sherlock is gone post-Reichenbach, John begins to tattoo his body.
11. Waiter!Sherlock and waiter!John.
12. Five times their first date (or what one of them planned as such) resulted in disaster, and the one time it ended gloriously.
13. Mycroft is lonely and suicidal. Someone comes to his aid.
14. Misery fusion.
15. When they're post-coital, dark!Sherlock asks John to say that he's his, and promise to be his forever.
16. Sherlock hasn't seen Victor Trevor for years, until during a case Victor is the only witness.
17. Sherlock keeps ravishing John at random times and John is wondering why Sherlock keeps doing this.
18. Fem!John goes into labour. She didn’t know she was pregnant.
19. Professionals crossover.
20. John finds out Mycroft has a crush on Mike, and decide to play matchmaker for him.
21. Mycroft/Mike: cuddling with each other in bed wallowing in the afterglow of sex.
22. Mycroft has a pet snake.
23. Avengers fusion.
24. Sherlock has a terrible fear of dogs.
25. Sherlock and John meet in a club and have a good time, but John is to be married with Jim Moriarty.

Fill #19

Prompt: Has there been a Sherlock crossover with The Professionals? I'm thinking Bodie and Doyle by now might be in Cowley's and Macklin's positions in CI5, or sharing Cowley's role. I bet they've had to work with Mycroft on occasion, maybe often.

Anyway, I'd love to see how older versions of the Lads would interact with anyone from the Sherlock-verse.


Title: Forgive Us Our Trespasses, Father and Son
(Mycroft, Lestrade, Sherlock, Bodie/Doyle)
Sherlock/Professionals crossover

1. Sherlock meets modern!Poirot.
2. John is pregnant with Sherlock’s child. They really want the baby, but there are complications and they need to abort.
3. The first time he meets Sherlock, John is working part-time as a bouncer at a bdsm club, and notices that sub!Sherlock keeps going to abusive Doms.
4. Sherlock has a penile fracture. He’s in pain and fascinated.
5. Sherlock fucks John against a wall.
6. The adventures of detective sheep Sherlock and his awesome and cuddly companion healer/fighter sheep John.
7. John/Jim: John knows what Jim actually does for a living because he knows if he leaves Jim could have him killed.
8. Sherlock serenades John by playing the violin.
9. The characters are children.
10. Sherlock on his knees sucking John off.
11. Sherlock messes with procedure once too often and this time the tabloids catch on.
12. Image prompt: pokemons.
13. Sherlock belly dancing.
14. Despicable Me fusion.
15. Dark!John thinks John is about to leave, and he decides to tie him up. He is surprised by John’s easygoing reaction.
16. Sherlock/John image prompt: I wanna do boring things with you.
17. John or Sherlock sneaks into the other's room in the middle of the night and performs sexual acts while the other appears to be sleeping.
18. Mycroft is John Steed (It's the umbrella). Lestrade is Mrs Peel. Sherlock is an impossibly sulky Tara.
19. A bad guy captures and tortures Sherlock. It hurts so bad that he gives the bad guy what he wants. Someone dies or gets seriously injured as a result.
20. Sherlock/John: Zombie apocalypse.
21. Mrs. Hudson, Mrs. Turner and Molly ship Sherlock/John.
22. Sherlock and another character flirt with quotes from Shakespeare.
23. Titanic AU.
24. Sherlock puts his name in the English Name Generator, and he gets ____ Watson.
25. Sherlock gets a Segway.

Prompt: The adventures of detective sheep Sherlock and his awesome and cuddly companion healer/fighter sheep John


1. Star Trek crossover.
2. Sisterhooves Social Sherlock style.
3. Dialogue prompt.
4. Every day, John sees the same young man in the park. One day, the man stops showing up, and John waits for him.
5. Sherlock used to model when he was younger to support his drug habit. John finds some old photos.
6. Sherlock has a smart!John kink.
7. Make Sherlock as OOC as you can. Everyone else is IC.
8. Someone who has been cut off from Sherlock’s homeless network is now stalking him.
9. Post-Reichenbach John/Moran.
10. Graphic non-con, but not in a porny way.
11. John/Lestrade/Mycroft.
12. When John gets REALLY drunk, which happens rarely, he acts like a baby.
13. Mushi fusion.
14. Find any two prompts on the meme, and write something that fills both of them.
15. Sherlock sometimes needs to stop thinking until there is only John, because John is safety.
16. Sherlock has a knitted bee that his grandmother made for him as a small child.
17. Sherlock is a secret Ginger.
18. Mycroft (or Sherlock) getting irritated by fellow bus users.
19. Mycroft/Lestrade and Sherlock/John confusion.
20. A serious take on Mycroft/Sherlock, with John finding out and having a hard time saying it’s all fine.
21. Hurt/comfort fic.
22. After Reichenbach, Mycroft tells John that Sherlock is alive, and he hires him to help take down Moriarty’s network.
23. Someone assumes John is Sherlock's boyfriend. Sherlock's real boyfriend puts them right.
24. Song prompt: The Drugs Don’t Work by The Verve.
25. Sherlock tries to change who he is to fit in, but John just wants him to be himself.

Prompt: Mycroft is in love with Lestrade but think Lestrade is in love with Sherlock. Sherlock is in love with John but think John is in love with Lestrade. Lestrade is in love with Mycroft but thinks Mycroft is in love with John. Everything is messed up. Someone must step in.


Fill: #18 (Anonymous) Expand

Art!Fill Prompt #1

Prompt #1:
John takes a tumble down some stairs. He gets back up, a little bruise and sore, but fine.

Sherlock, who sees or is at the top of the stairs, freaks out and then proceeds to carry John up any and all stairs they come across.


1. Animal Crossing crossover.
2. Younger!Mycroft gets into trouble and is punished by getting topped hard, spanked, and gangbanged.
3. The Scotland Yard gang reinvent "Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock", using hand symbols to represent items relating to Sherlock and John.
4. Take the nearest book to you and write something with it in.
5. St Trinian’s crossover.
6. Lestrade goes into death gently, surrounded by his friends' affection.
7. Sherlock uses John’s computer; John left porn tabs open the previous night.
8. John, adrenalin junky, plays a dangerous game: He lets his love for Sherlock show in small moments, without been discovered.
9. Tiny Titans fusion.
10. John is going deaf, but he hides it from Sherlock.
11. Someone dresses up in a uniform, someone else is turned on.
12. The first time Lestrade saw Sherlock in clothes other than a suit and vice versa.
13. Sherlock starts dreading what John will post on his blog.
14. Mycroft takes the bad guy apart after he hurt Sherlock.
15. Sherlock/Jim.
16. AU in which John is a victim to the cabbie.
17. Monsters, Inc. crossover.
18. Sherlock or Mycroft is John's father.
19. Old!John meets Sherlock while the detective is undercover for a case and they become close.
20. Sherlock waking up in the early hours of the morning shaking violently, feeling indescribably awful, crying, and trying not to scream.
21. Quote prompt from St. Josemaria Escriva.
22. Mycroft and Sherlock had an abusive father, Mycroft vowed to protect his baby brother.
23. John leaning back against the wall, watching Sherlock do his best to keep his balance as he fucks himself on John's cock.
24. I feel like my heart has fallen through my ass and my tear ducts are going to explode.
25. Sherlock and Jim get high together.

fill #4

Prompt #4:
The challenge- Take the nearest book to you and write something with it in. Crossovers, fusions, or just someone is reading it or it is the murder weapon, or the title or a quote could be your prompt.
Bonus: no S/J (only because of my pairing preferences, feel free to ignore)

Abhorsen Trilogy by Garth Nix fusion.

Fill #22 (Anonymous) Expand

and sherlock.
and sex.
entertain me...

Mini Fill:
Failure to Entertain

Fill #21 (Anonymous) Expand

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