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The Filled Prompts Post #1: Parts 1-23
Giggles at the Palace
Welcome to the Filled Prompts Post for Parts 1-23.
If you filled a prompt from Parts 24 and up, please use the FPP #2.
If you filled a prompt from the Spoiler-free post, use this FPP instead.

This is an archive created to make it simple for people to browse through both filled and unfilled prompts.

Let me explain how this works:

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Battle Royale Crossover :

Fill #8 (Anonymous) Expand
1. It appears as though the people associating with Sherlock are committing crimes.
2. Poem prompt.
3. Sherlock and Mycroft being fucked by John and Lestrade at the same time on the same table.
4. Moriarty poisoned John with botulinum toxin.
5. Twilight fusion.
6. Dark Ages AU.
7. Moriarty rapes John, and Sherlock wrongly deduces John cheated on him, so he kicks him out.
8. Possessive!John marks Sherlock.
9. Jim teaches Molly the fine art of being evil in the cutest manner possible.
10. Sherlock and John are getting married. On John’s stag night, Sherlock is the stripper.
11. It's through Mycroft that Sherlock starts in on the detecting business.
12. Lestrade/Sherlock: cuddles on the couch.
13. Sherlock and Mycroft's mother is a well to-do Conservative MP.
14. Sherlock worries John will get bored.
15. The epic Moriarty vs. Sherlock feud started when they were childhood frienemies and has since gotten a bit out of hand.
16. John cheats on Sherlock.
17. Lestrade is in trouble; dark!Mycroft can make it all better, in exchange of sex.
18. Lestrade/Sherlock: Lestrade helps Sherlock deal with the fact that John’s moving out.
19. Sherlock/John: John is the one who has an issue with being touched.
20. Sherlock is impossible and even though John wants to tear his hair out, he can't help but grin and go along with it in the end.
21. Sherlock and John are perfect for each other because they both have a very short refractory period.
22. Scooby-Doo encounters Sherlock Holmes.
23. Someone is caught cheating.
24. Black Swan fusion.
25. Sexual!John is surprised to find out asexual!Sherlock is very affectionate.

Full prompt: Sherlock/John, Dark Ages AU. Sherlock is interested in logic and science and that does not go well with the Church of that time. John could be a priest or something (oh dear, my priest kink is showing).


#7 mini-fill (Anonymous) Expand
1. Hunchback of Notre-Dame fusion.
2. Fem!Lestrade is insulted, and Scotland Yard jumps to her honor.
3. Moriarty birthday fic.
4. Whenever Sherlock disobeys a rule, John and/or Lestrade have to punish him.
5. Sherlock/John in a world where the myth of the three sexes is accepted as fact.
6. Lestrade finds out that Sherlock feels closer to him than to his own father, so he sort of unofficially adopts Sherlock a little bit.
7. Gladstone and Sherlock vie for John's affections.
8. John is given a makeover on the Connie Prince Show.
9. Dark!John turns Sherlock into a head-in-a-jar in an ill-attempted display of love.
10. Sabrina the Teenage Witch fusion.
11. AU in which Sherlock is a little kid.
12. Mycroft/Lestrade: breathplay.
13. John and Sherlock, sucking each other in 69 position, and both with blindfolds on.
14. John has an armpit kink. Sherlock has flawless pits.
15. Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition… Not even Sherlock Holmes.
16. Sherlock/Sarah: dub-con.
17. Sherlock and John are being very quiet when they’re having sex because they don't want to wake up the kinkmeme.
18. When he's ill, the only person Sherlock lets near him is Lestrade.
19. Android AU.
20. In Sherlock’s laptop, John finds a file of love-emails between Sherlock and Lestrade, all carefully saved.
21. Mycroft is the Spanish Inquisition.
22. Lestrade, fully clothed, getting sucked off through his open fly.
23. Modern!Dracula is in modern!London to try and take over the country.
24. Mycroft's crush on Stephen Fry is getting out his hand.
25. AU in which John, instead of letting Mycroft examine his hand, pulls his hand up and licks his fingers to taunt him.

#16 FILL

BAMF!Sarah and slutty!Sherlock have an adventure in a bathhouse, courtesy of John and someone else. Warning for D/s and slight dubcon (but only slight!)

FILL: She's the Boss

1. Vampire!Sherlock doesn't feed during cases. When he collapses, human!Lestrade pulls his head into his lap and feeds him from his wrist.
2. Five-year-old John was adopted by Lestrade's family.
3. John always carries a towel on his person.
4. Sherlock/Watson/Mycroft trying out 'mate', which is an argentinian/uruguayan drink akin to tea.
5. John and Sherlock fight in a Pokemon battle.
6. Jim pretends to be an important witness in a murder investigation Sherlock's involved in.
7. The married ones next door are Jim and Moran.
8. Sherlock has a teddy bear which he calls Greg.
9. Sherlock keeps stealing John's jumpers.
10. Mycroft can make people do anything he wants with his mad sex skills.
11. Master/Slave Flip-Flop is an actual term in Computer Science. Put it into a fic.
12. Character A loves spankings but hates the usual roleplay associated with them.
13. Someone has emetophobia.
14. Back in the day, Pa Watson cut a deal with a Faerie. Whatever it was he got, the price was, as usual, the first-born son.
15. John and Clara are following the steps to an intervention for Harry and help Harry through her ups and downs while she goes in and out of rehab.
16. This meme needs more cthulu.
17. Disney fusion.
18. John and Sherlock double-teaming Lestrade in a warm, fuzzy way.
19. John can heal anyone by touching them, but he takes on whatever injury/illness he’s healing.
20. John ends up in the hospital because of a broken wrist. Sherlock keeps on and about how it’s not serious.
21. Sherlock can't stand being fussed over when he's ill/hurt.
22. Sherlock is in love with John, John doesn’t return the feeling. At first.
23. The characters were touched by Weeping Angels.
24. Someone finds Molly's notebook which contains love poems, erotica, some sketchy drawings... all about them.
25. John diagnoses himself with cancer.

Full prompt: The reason why there is a modern Sherlock, even though we know of the Victorian Sherlock?

The characters were touched by Weeping Angels.


fill here:

#1 Filled (Anonymous) Expand
Filled #2 (Anonymous) Expand

#13 FILL

Original prompt: Dark!John (or Mycroft or Lestrade) auctions off Sherlock's virginity online.

FILL: Priceless Treasure (Currently WIP, but will have finished within the day!)

1. Possessive!Sherlock and John.
2. Sherlock is not just a virgin but has never experienced orgasm.
3. Doctor Who crossover.
4. Sherlock and John, kissing on the stairs.
5. Sherlock's a Yard slave assigned to Lestrade's team.
6. MTF!Sherlock.
7. At some point Sherlock says... "All right team. Let's take these mothers out."
8. Donnie Darko crossover.
9. John and Mary Watson. John and Mary Winchester.
10. John's rather possessive of Sherlock, but they’re not together.
11. Picture prompt.
12. Silly of me, to think that you could fall in love with someone like me.
13. And all the Holmes' unite to take Moriarty down, and the world will never be the same again.
14. MTF!Victor is Mary Morstan.
15. Sherlock writes a mystery novel. It attracts a crowd he didn’t expect.
16. Werefolf!John is kidnapped, tortured, and drugged until he turns.
17. Sherlock comes back after Reichenbach to find out John has died.
18. Someone takes Sherlock on a date, and he gets really into it.
19. John becomes possessive when he learns Sherlock was a virgin when they first had sex.
20. John and Victor's childhood imaginary friend, Sherlock, has either killed Victor to become real or he has traded places with him.
21. Sherlock being fisted until he's boneless and incoherent from repeated orgasm.
22. A family dinner turns bad when the Holmeses find out both Sherlock and Mycroft are dating men.
23. While apprehending some criminal, Sherlock is tranquilized. John takes care of him.
24. Mycroft says something hurtful about Sherlock, and John punches him.
25. Anthea is not just Mycroft's assistant, she's the government's insurance policy.


height reversal?

Sherlock and John, kissing on the stairs.
...with John standing on the higher step.


On my journal: High Ground

Or on the meme: High Ground

Filled #8

Full Prompt: Sherlock/1984 crossover. In whichever way you do it, I'll worship you eight days a week.


1. BAMF John based on a Tumblr discussion.
2. John is immortal though he tries his hardest to hide it from Sherlock.
3. Magic School Bus crossover.
4. Moriarty dies. In his will he requests that Sherlock and John raise his son.
5. Pleasantville AU.
6. Though not in a relationship, John agrees to share a bed with Sherlock if it means for Sherlock to finally have a regular sleep schedule.
7. Sherlock temporarily loses his voice.
8. Sherlock's life is actually an elaborate lucid dream, only he's forgotten that he's dreaming.
9. John carrying Sherlock bridal-style.
10. John is the owner of a small tea shop.
11. John rather abruptly discoverers he has a sensitive prostate and a massive thing for getting fucked, hard.
12. A non-consensual tanning situation.
13. Sherlock's first sext.
14. Omegaverse where Moriarty puts an in heat Omega and Alpha where they can see and smell each other, but can't touch.
15. Omegaverse where both male and female Omegas require breast and nipple stimulation in order to trigger the hormonal release which allows mating to take place.
16. Moriarty and Mycroft were lovers in the past.
17. When Mycroft is bored, he...?
18. Batman: Under the Red Hood crossover.
19. Lestrade/Sherlock: secret marriage.
20. John and Sherlock get caught under a mistletoe.
21. The reason why Mycroft is always spying on Sherlock is because he doesn't like the idea of his little baby Sherlock having sex.
22. John unjustly punishes Sherlock.
23. John/Mycroft.
24. Sherlock connects with someone through music.
25. Sherlock and Mycroft like to roleplay at being strangers.

#20 Filled and complete!

Full prompt:

John and Sherlock get caught under a mistletoe.

Bonus: for this to happen in front of the Yarders/at the police station.



1. Sherlock gives birth prematurely and falls ill.
2. Albator crossover.
3. After getting his happy ending with John, Sherlock starts giving unsolicited relationship advice.
4. Wthout A Clue AU.
5. Sherlock comes home and finds John drunk, shirtless, and doing push-ups.
6. Mycroft is pregnant; Sherlock promises to be a good uncle.
7. Someone hears Sherlock speak and think it’s Alan Rickman.
8. College!Mycroft and college!Lestrade
9. 20-something years old Mycroft tries his hand at drugs then gets caught by a young copper named Lestrade.
10. What would our favourite characters dress up as for Halloween?
11. John is a gentlemanly criminal/vigilante and Sherlock needs to catch him.
12. Sometimes, Mycroft decides to make some posts go errant.
13. The day before John’s wedding, Sherlock breaks into John and his fiancée’s flat in the middle of the night and admits to John that he's always loved him.
14. Doctor Who crossover: John gets sucked into a crack in the universe.
15. Beatiful Thing AU.
16. Dark!John gives Sherlock an enema before putting his arse to use.
17. The Yarders find John's gun and think it's Sherlock's. As they get after Sherlock, John admits that the gun is his.
18. Character A is having an awful day. Character B does or says something nice to Character A. Character A bursts into tears.
19. Any AU.
20. Sherlock/John: forced feminization.
21. Poetry prompt: A Shropshire Lad by A.E. Housman.
22. "I can't believe Anderson saved my life........."
23. Doctor Who crossover: Rory and John are cousins.
24. Mycroft is always there when Sherlock goes into heat, and he makes sure Sherlock doesn’t hurt himself.
25. John and Sherlock have mated, and had kids. What next?



Dark!John gives Sherlock an enema before putting his arse to use.


1. John is a spy.
2. Fusion with Detective Conan/Cased Closed.
3. Sherlock does something and John ends up being hurt. John is angry.
4. Sherlock in Alan Rickman roles.
5. Sherlock and Moriarty duel with fancy violins.
6. Anything at all to do with Horrible Bosses.
7. "I'm back on the magical RPing drug!"
8. Ghost prompts.
9. Sherlock would have been back from the great hiatus much sooner, if he hadn’t been pregnant.
10. Hound of the Baskervilles.
11. Mycroft getting ready to into his first job interview for a position within the government.
12. Sherlock as Rainbow Brite and John as one of the Color Kids.
13. Sherlock ends up in hospital and the first thing he sees when he wakes up is a teddy bear.
14. Sherlock and Mycroft are the sons of the Doctor and River Song.
15. Lestrade (or John) comes across Sherlock, high nearly to the point of OD.
16. After being knocked unconscious, Sherlock starts seeing chibi versions of people he knows.
17. Dialogue prompt.
18. Sherlock or John saving the other from a situation they don't actually need to be saved from.
19. Non-con/dub-con where the victim slowly surrenders and enjoys it.
20. Mycroft and Lestrade broke up because Lestrade is bi-sexual and Mycroft doesn't believe they really exist and still doesn't.
21. Whenever Sherlock is interested in someone he struts around with flair, being brilliant and basically displaying like a peacock.
22. Good!Jim-from-IT becomes the #1 most subscribed on YouTube in a matter of days.
23. When Sherlock starts in about fem!John’s sex life and choice of partners, etc. she shuts him down with extreme prejudice.
24. When John dreams he dreams of his past lives/ alternative selves.
25. While helping John move in, Sherlock sees his box of sex accessories.

Prompt: AU wherein John and Sherlock did not meet at Bart's. Instead, they meet in a seedy studio for a bit of gay-for-pay amateur porn. John is doing it because he genuinely, desperately needs money and he'd heard an old army buddy say it paid well for almost nothing; Sherlock's doing it for a case, of course.

Bonus if the idea is that the more they're willing to do, the more they get paid — so John spends the whole time warring within himself over the dignity vs. money thing, while Sherlock's still trying to figure out if the cameraman is a murderer or something.

Fill: Amateurs

1. Mycroft getting fucked on the sofa (or a chair) in a kilt.
2. Sherlock proposes to Lestrade in Latin.
3. "I grow wings when I ejaculate."
4. John being a sex god and everyone (including Sherlock) being shocked.
5. Doctor Who crossover.
6. John is a new biology teacher who meets chemistry teacher Sherlock.
7. Everybody works in a supermarket.
8. What has Sherlock got that really belongs to Lestrade?
9. Mycroft and Sherlock's powers of deduction reside in their hair.
10. Every time Sherlock insults someone he get's a spank.
11. The most ridiculous thing you can come up with that Sherlock might ask someone to help him with "for a case," that basically translates into sexytimes.
12. Sherlock-themed "1000 Blank White Cards" cards.
13. Sick!Sherlock.
14. Video prompt: Sherlock is the lonely puppet consulting detective, until he meets John.
15. "I never meant to hurt you. You have to believe me. I wasn't thinking about you at all."
16. John/Lestrade: watersports.
17. Saving Grace AU.
18. Sherlock has coulrophobia.
19. BAMF!John and BAMF!Sherlock, BAMFing around like a couple of BAMFs who BAMF.
20. Virgin!Sherlock and Lestrade’s first time.
21. It was a dark and stormy night and Mycroft was alone in the house. He was sitting by the fire when he heard a mysterious ticking noise...
22. "If a thing loves, it is infinite."
23. Magic is fed by belief. But the world grows colder and more cynical by the day, and John can feel the power in him dwindling.
24. Sherlock gets mehndi body paint.
25. Mrs. Turner's married couple are actually Future!Sherlock and Future!John.

FILL #13

Prompt: I think I probably have read almost every fic including sick!Sherlock out there, and I'm desperate for more! Seriously. Anything you want, just including sick!Sherlock!

Fill: Cold Case (Sherlock/Lestrade, PG-13)

Fill #6 (Anonymous) Expand
Fill: #21 (Anonymous) Expand
1. Sherlock/John fanvid: Lovers in Japan by Coldplay.
2. Mrs Turner's married ones next door are Victorian!Holmes and Victorian!Watson.
3. Sherlock/John by way of Daniel O'Thunder.
4. Comic prompt.
5. Picture prompt.
6. Sherlock/Mycroft: sharing underwear.
7. Sherlock throws his friends at his brother.
8. Sherlock and John are transported back to the Victorian era.
9. Sherlock always dreams of a certain historical period.
10. John is in a slightly co-dependent and fucked up relationship with Sherlock when he meets and begins an affair with Mary Morstan.
11. John is turned into a toddler/young child.
12. Neil Gaiman's "A Study in Emerald" in the BBC Sherlockverse.
13. Established relationship!John and Sherlock ask Harry to bear their child. She accepts, but then John dies.
14. Brett!Holmes and BBC!Sherlock hanging out together.
15. Mycroft’s umbrella is secretly a giant Pez dispenser.
16. Migraine hurt/comfort.
17. Sherlock was a penniless junkie with below-average intelligence and no hope for any sort of future. Desperate, he made a deal with a crossroads demon.
18. When Sherlock and John start a relationship, Sherlock decides to turn the extra bedroom into his own secret lab.
19. Doctor Who crossover.
20. Magical!John story and all his magical adventures.
21. Anything with a woman's menstrual cycle.
22. John's blog develops an avid fandom. Sherlock trolls it.
23. John is a kept pet.
24. an·o·e·sis [an-oh-ee-sis] a state of mind consisting of pure sensation or emotion without cognitive content.
25. Mycroft hypnotizes Sherlock. Sexytiems ensue.

Child!John "Parent!"Sherlock
John is turned into a toddler/young child. He doesn't remember who he was, but he does know that he trusts and loves Sherlock. He likes Mrs. Hudson and Lestrade and, much to Sherlock's annoyance, he even likes Mycroft.

Sherlock becomes rather the Overprotective!Helicoptor!"Parent". He is also shockingly....good at being a caretaker(headcanon has Holmes' parents as very good, kind, affectionate and supportive).

However when John gets a cold, Sherlock becomes "New Parent" worried and scared...especially after he learns from a drunk harry that John once died because a cold turned to Pneumonia(it's not until later, when Johnnturns back, that he learns this happened because Johns parents were abusive/neglectful).

Lots of Jam Too

Series of Drabble Fills:
A Messy Business

1. John saved the life of a wish granter, and he uses his wish when Sherlock is wounded, but there are consequences.
2. Sherlock's latest case involves the supernatural.
3. Mycroft getting topped, hard. Filthy dirty talk required.
4. Dialogue prompt.
5. John mpreg het, with some jealous!Sherlock/John thrown in.
6. Jim starts sending Sherlock videos on how to woo John.
7. Flowers for Algernon AU.
8. John's brain has been wired with a sort of device that sends electrical impulses to stimulate his pain receptors.
9. When patching Sherlock up after chasing some criminals, John discovers a microchip under Sherlock's skin. Mycroft is at the door minutes later.
10. Sherlock coming in his pants.
11. John singing Sherlock a lullaby.
12. Rocky Horror Picture Show crossover.
13. John is so good at pretending to be harmless that even Sherlock is fooled sometimes.
14. John, balls deep inside Sherlock, while Sherlock operates the remote to the vibrator which is buried inside John's arse.
15. Big Brother farted again tonight. I. Fucking. Hate him.
16. After John returns from Afghanistan, he gets turned into a young child but keeps his mind and memories.
17. Mycroft goes back in time and lands in Victorian era London, he meets Victorian!Sherlock who falls in love with him.
18. Mycroft had cancer, and his parents had another child for a ready made donor.
19. John is the author of popular mystery/detective/crime/ novels.
20. Sherlock and John as fathers.
21. Sherlock/Victor reunion.
22. Your prompt: What's to the right of you.
23. What would the characters carve pumpkins as?
24. "Sherlock, stop taunting Torchood."
25. The Little Mermaid AU.

Full Prompt:What would the characters carve pumpkins as?

(OP prefers no S/J or M/L, but go with it, anons)

Fill: I really don't even know.

#3 Fill (Anonymous) Expand
#22 - Rarepair Minifills (Anonymous) Expand
1. The man that sexually abused John as a child is not only free, but has been harassing John.
2. Sherlock warned Lestrade about Mycroft before Mycroft kidnapped him. Lestrade accepts the money from Mycroft and shares with Sherlock.
3. Morticia and Gomez are Sherlock and Mycroft's parents/aunt and uncle.
4. Sherlock always believed John's parents must have been wonderful. John always believed Sherlock’s parents must have been as abusive as his. They are both wrong.
5. One of the characters has Borderline Personality Disorder.
6. Sherlock can't go on a case for some reason, so he sets up a camera/headset for John to wear.
7. Mycroft is Sir Humphrey Appleby.
8. Sherlock has a small/average penis, just as John likes them.
9. John winds up in the d/s verse, but instead of being dom'ed by every dom out there, he stands his ground and no one gets to dom him.
10. People start verbally abusing John. Sherlock terrifies and shames the group.
11. Someone is brought low. Crawling, kneeling, forced orgasm, humiliating orders, begging, etc.
12. John likes to put something different in Sherlock's arse every morning.
13. John is exhausted, but he has sex with Lestrade anyway.
14. The kidnappers tell John that they won't release him and Sherlock until he has made Sherlock orgasm.
15. Mycroft/Lestrade: piss!kink.
16. John and Sherlock get separated on a case, when they see each other again, they run towards each other and kiss.
17. Something about a female character.
18. John experiences a traumatic event, and starts talking through a puppet in order to cope.
19. After quitting drugs, Sherlock needs something to give him the same rush. He tries suspension.
20. John loses his ability to feel emotions.
21. John is a were!kitten.
22. Sherlock dies and he comes back as a ghost trying to pull John into the afterlife with him.
23. Video prompt.
24. Sherlock being oblivious to sexual innuendo.
25. Pirate AU.


prompt: Mycroft's so dapper and smart, no one would ever guess how dirty he is in bed.

It certainly comes as a surprise to Greg Lestrade, when he gets fucked into the mattress, then feels Mycroft take a nice long piss still inside him. It's even worse when Mycroft orders him to crawl to the bathroom without spilling a drop...

fill: Filthy

Fill: #11 (Anonymous) Expand
#2 Filled (Anonymous) Expand
1. When Jim woos Sebastian Moran, he gets them moves like Jagger. Literally. And Seb responds by getting them moves like Bowie.
2. John Watson is a Blues singer. Sherlock is a world (in)famous producer with the ability of making any song sound exactly as it sounds in the mind of the artist.
3. Sherlock won't do anything that risks a relapse of his cocaine addiction.
4. John is afraid of Mycroft because he's worried that Mycroft will think he's not good enough to live/protect/with Sherlock.
5. Sherlock believes that John reminds him of a bee, based on his loyalty and dedication.
6. Psychic!Sherlock spent five or six years in captivity being experimented on before Mycroft managed to secure his release.
7. A Halloween story.
8. When Mike saw John again, he knew immediately that he was meant for Sherlock.
9. Sherlock and John have a baby.
10. The first time John says "I love you" is when he's shouting at Sherlock.
11. For Sherlock's birthday, John arranges for them to spend the night in an allegedly haunted mansion.
12. Avatar: The Last Airbender fusion.
13. Sherlock set in ancient China or Japan.
14. Five times Sherlock called John his friend, and one time John called Sherlock his.
15. Mummy Holmes is, in fact, a mummy, as in a mummified human.
16. First time John/Sherlock sex happens in a haystack, at night, either in a barn filled with horses or just outside one.
17. AU verse. Instead of working at the clinic, John got a job at the yard. Lestrade notices John has OCD.
18. John used to be John Oldman from The Man from Earth.
19. The Holmes brothers are a pair of demons.
20. Futanari porn.
21. Mycroft's version of "ordering" Sherlock involves a knock-down drag-out fight.
22. The reason we haven't seen Sebastian Moran yet is because he's pregnant with Jim's baby/babies.
23. Video prompt.
24. John is an omega who loves to top.
25. Sherlock and Loki united against their older brothers.

Prompt: First time John/Sherlock sex happens in a haystack, at night, either in a barn filled with horses or just outside one.

Fill: You and I in an Imperfect Place

1. John de-virginizes Sherlock because they're both probably going to die soon anyway.
2. Texts, letters and emails Sherlock and Lestrade send to each other when they can't see each other.
3. This time when she calls him "Freak" she doesn't sound angry or disgusted. She sounds tired and sad and maybe even a little weirdly affectionate.
4. Sherlock and John discuss survival cannibalism.
5. Image prompt.
6. Sherlock says that he loves John in any conversation where he finds it remotely relevant.
7. Generarion Kill crossover.
8. Lestrade finds John's profile on Fetlife, and is quite pleased. Except it was Sherlock who made the account for John.
9. Sherlock and John try being boyfriends, but it's a spectacular failure.
10. Sherlock gets a photo through of Victor, beaten/tied up/burnt/trapped in a bomb/unconscious/bloody/up to author.
11. John goes to a Holmes Christmas dinner and is surprised by how big Sherlock’s family is.
12. Sub!John being a BAMF and refusing to be Dommed.
13. John is perfectly capable of realising he needs food and rest on a case.
14. Sherlock wants Mycroft. But Mycroft refuses him even though he also loves Sherlock too.
15. Machine!Sherlock vs. Doctor Watson.
16. Sometimes, before going to work in the morning, dark!John is in the mood for a quick rough shag.
17. Weak-and-sickly!John moves in with shaky-withdrawing!Sherlock at Mrs. Hudson's insistence.
18. Moriarty makes Mycroft agree to fake his death for three years on the condition that Moriarty won't touch Sherlock ever again.
19. John is out shopping when he meets Marvin.
20. John and Sherlock on a long journey for hours.
21. John has a dentist phobia. He needs minor oral surgery after Sherlock accidentally punches him in the mouth.
22. Prince!Sherlock will marry whoever successfully passes his series of difficult tasks.
23. Someone ties up and tickles the hell out of Sherlock.
24. The reason Lestrade trusts Sherlock is because he is an empath.
25. Song prompt.

Fill 24

Prompt: The reason Lestrade trusts Sherlock when all the other Yarders don't, is because he is an empath. When he's in a busy area the signals get all muddled and mixed together and he can't place them with the people they are from, but one on one he can learn a lot about a person from their emotions.

Run wild anons. How do his perceptions of Sherlock change after the first time he gets to talk to him alone? What happens when empath!Lestrade gets kidnapped for a one on one meeting with a certain shadowy government official? How does he deal with finding things out in interrogations that he can't possibly know? etc. etc.

Reposted from here: because part 16 is full.


Fill #16 (Anonymous) Expand
1. Moriaty is not evil, he's just misunderstood.
2. Sherlock loves John. John loves women. Sherlock begins to seriously consider getting a sex change operation.
3. John rimming Sherlock.
4. Character A spots Character B, falls in love, and immediately sets about murdering all of Character B's friends and family in order to get more chances to see them.
5. When he was younger, John gang raped a drug addict with his friends. That drug addict was Sherlock.
6. Mycroft hires John to spy on Sherlock and protect by posing as a man looking for a flatmate.
7. Merman!Sherlock.
8. Sherlock has erotophobia.
9. House crossover.
10. The first time Sherlock says "I love you" to John is at John and Mary’s wedding.
11. When Lestrade where a newsboy cap, John wants to snog him silly.
12. Sherlock deducing/finding out about Lestrade's past as an abused child.
13. One-sentence stories.
14. John is Sherlock’s father.
15. John learns that Sherlock is on an important daily medication when they are kidnapped and Sherlock starts getting sick.
16. John has a teenaged son, but they don’t like each other much.
17. Sherlock is forced to marry against his will.
18. The King’s Speech crossover.
19. Sadomasochist Lestrade wishes he had someone to consensually hurt him. John Watson might fit the bill.
20. Lyrics prompt: Andrew Bird’s “Why?”
21. "What do you want to marry me for anyhow?" "So I can kiss you anytime I want."
22. Video prompt.
23. Sherlock never had an orgasm. John sees this as a challenge.
24. AU in which Sherlock is John’s physical therapist.
25. The NSYers are secretly running a DIY macro website a'la I Can Haz Cheezburger dedicated to shocky!Sherlock.

Edited at 2011-10-27 05:48 pm (UTC)


Original prompt: John rimming Sherlock

Warning for slutty!Sherlock and fireside sex....


1. Mycroft has tentacles hidden under those expensive suits.
2. Five times Lestrade thought Sherlock was going to kill someone, and one time he wouldn't have stopped him if he'd tried to
3. Sherlock/Molly: The Nightmare Before Christmas.
4. John and Lestrade are participants in a charity man-auction.
5. John had badly chapped lips. Someone kisses him and it hurts.
6. Anthea is Sherlock’s best friend, they only communicate through texting.
7. John and Anthea team up to get the Holmes brothers jealous.
8. Vampire!Sherlock/John: sex dreams.
9. A perky nurse or a blasé doctor tell Sherlock or John they should cut up a perfectly good body part just in case.
10. Picture prompt: the skull gets a makeover.
11. "I'm going to make sweet love to you until you start coming rainbows."
12. Sherlock has a fear of small holes in things.
13. Sherlock turns up at a crime scene too late. The case has already been solved by 4 teens and their dog.
14. Sherlock is unexpectedly freaked out by a haunted house.
15. Sherlock dislikes having to explain himself, but he absolutely hates when he doesn't have to.
16. Lestrade is a vampire. As far as he is concerned, this has no effect on his life or who he is. How do others react when they find out?
17. Lestrade/Sherlock: Lestrade has kids.
18. John/Sherlock: Ancient Rome or Ancient Greece AU
19. Lestrade/Sherlock: Class differences.
20. Sebastian Moran has no idea he's dating a criminal mastermind.
21. Lestrade and John taking awesome stealth-naps together.
22. Five times someone teased John (good-naturedly or not) about his height, and one time it came in handy.
23. Five kinks John and Sherlock tried, and one that stuck.
24. Take your favorite Chuck Norris joke/fact and change Chuck Norris to John Watson.
25. After years of exposure to Sherlock, Anderson moves to another city and realizes he’s picked up a lot of deducing skills.

Prompt: Sherlock actually has TWO best friends. One is John, obviously. The second is not!Anthea- have been for years now- but they only ever communicate entirely through texting. In fact, they've never spoken one word to each other, though they chat all the time.

Fill: Here.

1. John's not the first person to say 'It's all fine' to Sherlock about his sexuality.
2. “There’s an understanding and a balance there, now that they’ve been at it for about nine months.”
3. Sherlock is a vampire, Lestrade is human, and they have been together since Lestrade was in his early 20's and Sherlock was in his mid-several-hundreds.
4. Sherlock tells Mycroft : "You are a virgin who can't drive."
5. There once was a man from Nantucket...
6. Sherlock trying to seduce Mycroft, Mycroft trying to resist.
7. Mummy demands some grandchildren, cue for the Holmes brothers to find an available uterus.
8. Continuation of "Catastrophic Mechanical Failure".
9. John answers an ad for a flatmate, and ends up sharing a posh Pall Mall flat with a very lonely, minor government official.
10. After mummy and daddy Holmes die/leave, Mycroft starts acting as Sherlock’s dad.
11. Sherlock is asked to investigate. When he arrives, the first thing he notices is that Mycroft has been crying.
12. After Reichenbach, John becomes friend with Victor, but he doesn’t know Victor is Sherlock’s lover.
13. Sherlock likes Lestrade’s new flatmate, John.
14. Supernatural crossover.
15. John/Sherlock & Lestrade/Mycroft in the same motel bed at the same time. Sex ensues.
16. Someone is delirious with fever, and says something to reveal his feeling for someone.
17. Anthea and Sally Donovan.
18. Mycroft can pick pockets better than Sherlock.
19. Five times Sherlock arrived in time to save someone's life and one time he was too late.
20. Sally moves in to 221C, and she finds out it’s not too bas living close to Sherlock.
21. Sherlock playing a metal/hard rock song on his violin.
22. The comedy Threesome transposed into the Sherlock 'verse.
23. In school, John dares Sherlock to seduce their teacher, Lestrade. He succeeds. Later, when they meet again, an epic threesome commences.
24. RDJ!Holmes and BBC!Sherlock fucking their respective (or each other's!) Watsons, face to face.
25. Mycroft/General Shan.

Edited at 2011-10-28 08:18 pm (UTC)

"Mummy demands some grandchildren, cue for the Holmes brothers to find an available uterus."


Fill #12 (Anonymous) Expand
1. Jim selects and trains Moran as his 'pet.'
2. Image prompt.
3. Moriarty loves Sherlock for his enormous...brain. He's less than impressed with the size of the rest of his attributes.
4. John has a huge kink for Sherlock's feet but is extremely embarrassed about it.
5. The married ones next door are Dan and Michael from Agents of Cracked.
6. Sherlock and John: platonic back scratching at a crime scene.
7. Cutting Edge fusion
8. The Sentinel crossover.
9. A character is freaked out by CCTV and Mycroft potentially seeing everything.
10. Sherlock goes insane; complete psychosis, beyond all doubt, and has to be sectioned.
11. Sherlock/Moriarty.
12. Molly wants to be someone’s “little girl”.
13. Sherlock knows who put Bella in the witch elm.
14. With long arms Sherlock threw his dressing gown behind him like a cape and declared, "My body is ready."
15. Anthea goes out with Molly, thinking she’s a shy girl. She isn’t.
16. Up fusion.
17. Growing up, John & Harry, Sherlock & Mycroft, Anthea, Molly, Clara, Jim, Moran, Sarah, Greg, Sally, and Anderson all lived on the same street.
18. Rewrite TBB into a better case fic.
19. Sherlock or Mycroft have a crush on Lestrade that gets found out about, they try to hide/deny it, but it ends up working out.
20. Sherlock and John are sent away on a case and wind up in a shitty hotel in a small room with a single squeaky queen-sized bed.
21. John is always getting kidnapped, Sherlock is always running to the rescue. Thus John is Sherlock's prince(ss).
22. Take your favorite slash porn themes and make it het.
23. Rebecca fusion.
24. Jim from I.T. has a love/hate relationship with H.O.L.M.E.S.
25. John and Sherlock meet through online video gaming.

Prompt: Sherlock knows who put Bella in the Wych Elm.

WHO PUT BELLA IN THE WITCH ELM is a graffito that started appearing soon after a 1941 unsolved murder. The graffiti was last sprayed onto the side of a 200 year-old obelisk on 18 August 1999, in white paint. The obelisk known as Wychbury Obelisk is on Wychbury Hill, Hagley near Stourbridge, in Worcestershire, England.

On 18 April, 1943, four boys (Robert Hart, Thomas Willetts, Bob Farmer and Fred Payne) from Stourbridge were poaching in Hagley Woods near to Wychbury Hill when they came across a large Wych Hazel, a tree often confused by local residents with a Wych Elm. Hagley Wood is part of the Hagley Hall estate belonging to Lord Cobham.[1][2]
Believing this a good place to hunt birds' nests, Farmer attempted to climb the tree to investigate. As he was climbing, he glanced down into the hollow trunk and discovered a skull, believing it to be that of an animal. However, after seeing human hair and teeth, he realized that he was holding a human skull. As they were on the land illegally, Farmer put the skull back and all four boys returned home without mentioning their discovery to anybody.
On returning home the youngest of the boys, Tommy Willetts, felt uneasy about what he had witnessed and decided to report the find to his parents. When police checked the trunk of the tree they found an almost complete human skeleton, a shoe, a gold wedding ring, and some fragments of clothing. After further investigation, a severed hand was found buried in the ground near to the tree.
The body was sent for forensic examination by Prof. James Webster. He quickly established that the skeleton was female and had been dead for at least 18 months, placing her time of death around October 1941. He found taffeta in her mouth, suggesting that she had died from asphyxiation. From the measurement of the trunk he also deduced that she must have been placed there "still warm" after the killing as she could not have fit once rigor mortis had taken hold.
Since the woman's killing was in the midst of World War II, identification was seriously hampered. Police could tell from items found with the body what the woman had looked like but with so many people being reported missing during the war, and people regularly moving, the records were too vast for a proper identification to take place. The current location of her skeleton is unknown.
In 1944 the first graffiti message related to the mystery appeared on a wall in Upper Dean Street, Birmingham, reading Who put Bella down the Wych Elm - Hagley Wood

Fill: Who put Bella in the Wych Elm? parts 1+2/?

1. Moriarty kidnaps Mrs Hudson so she’ll help him make the perfect quiche.
2. Five times Sherlock ruined a complete stranger's day, and one time he made it 1000x better.
3. Bromance that turns into a gay relationship.
4. Mycroft, Sherlock, and John play a board game.
5. John's blog and his life with Sherlock are actually a man's fantasy world. That man is Arthur Conan Doyle.
6. Take something cracky and turn it serious.
7. Professor Moriarty/Jim.
8. Lestrade overhears Sherlock and John discussing him.
9. Lestrade works out that Sherlock's still alive after his final confrontation with Jim, simply by noticing Mycroft’s reaction.
10. During a serious situation between Sherlock and Jim, John does something totally adorable and breaks the tension.
11. Jim Moriarty is actually Sebastian Moran.
12. Sally Donovan/Irene Adler.
13. Sherlock is Frankenstein's immortal creation.
14. When John moved into 221b with Sherlock, his husband good!Jim moved in with them and the three slowly become a crazy, non-conventional family.
15. Sherlock leaves. John forms an epic bromance with Sally, and becomes head of forensics .And then they find each other again.
16. John doesn't jump into relationship with Sherlock as soon as Sherlock expresses a desire to have one with him.
17. Sherlock overdoses on cocaine and is brought into Bart's. John is his doctor, and Sherlock falls for him.
18. What would happen if Sherlock made a conlang (constructed language)?
19. Something like Erica Bauermeister's The School of Essential Ingredients.
20. When Sherlock is asleep, John likes to twirl around in Sherlock's coat.
21. Sherlock catches John doing something silly.
22. John is not on antidepressants, he’s on speed.
23. A mate from an established mated pair kidnapped by Moriarty and held hostage for whatever reason.
24. Sherlock found out the hard way that darks things lurking in the night don't haunt old houses or abandoned ships. They haunt minds.
25. Sherlock and John in a masquerade party.

Fill #8

Original Prompt: Lestrade overhears Sherlock and John discussing him.

Take it any direction you like - angst, fluff, gen/friendship, family, slash, threesome, crack... your choice.

Whether John and/or Sherlock are aware that Lestrade is listening or totally oblivious to the DI's presence up to author.


Can I get some bitter-sweet Sussex/retirement fluff, please, anon(s)? ♥

For your inspiration:
Ya'aburnee; Arabic - Both morbid and beautiful at once, this incantatory word means "You bury me," a declaration of one's hope that they'll die before another person because of how difficult it would be to live without them.

(No actual character death strictly necessary, of course. Just something sweetly sombre would be lovely.)


1. Sherlock discovers John has a bit of a leftover military kink, particularly when spoken to like a subordinate.
2. Lestrade thinks they are now going on their 3rd date, Mycroft doesn't even know it's a date.
3. Sherlock acquires the ability to read minds. It’s a curse, not a blessing.
4. The perfect Bucket List.
5. Sherlock and John take a case in Tokyo.
6. When they have sex, Sherlock says John's name over and over and John says Sherlock's name only once.
7. Sherlock promises one of his informants a date with John for information.
8. Sally/Irene, Imagine Me And You style.
9. I like Fidel Castro and his beard.
10. Errant comment.
11. John is a were!Sherlock and Sherlock is a were!John.
12. Two prompts in one go.
13. Sherlock and Victor Trevor were cursed so that they can only see each other once a year, at Halloween.
14. Mike Stamford introduced Sherlock and Lestrade.
15. Sherlock dressing up for Halloween for Lestrade's children.
16. When John has sex with his girlfriends/boyfriends he always yells out Sherlock's name.
17. Sherlock bought the Union Jack cushion for John just after they met.
18. John “dies” momentarily while on a case, and it shakes Sherlock to the core.
19. Good Luck Chuck fusion.
20. John and the Chocolate Factory.
21. The flat across the street is rented by someone known to 221B only as Fat Ugly Naked Guy.
22. Poem prompt: No Sense of Direction by Vernon Scannell.
23. Sherlock feels sick - He has eaten too many éclairs.
24. John and Lestrade kiss in a platonic friend way. Mycroft and Sherlock freak out.
25. Wall-E crossover.

fill #6

original prompt: "When they have sex, Sherlock says John's name over and over and John says Sherlock's name only once."


1. The boys in a slumber party.
2. Sherlock fucking Tony Shark and John being jealous.
3. NSY figures out that John's pretty great.
4. Mycroft is horrible/hurts John, Sherlock threatens him to never come near them again. Mycroft brushes it off until Sherlock disappears with John.
5. Mycroft is a were!Moriarty.
6. John has a son who usually lives with his Mum. For some reason or another, he needs to live with John for a while.
7. Sherlock and Mycroft are both responsible adults, well over the age of consent, when they decide they've been denying each other for far too long.
8. Lestrade/Sherlock: slow, close, intimate dancing.
9. Moriarty goes back in time to kill John.
10. Moriarty/Moran, sexing it up.
11. John is Gladstone.
12. Mycroft with a Prince Albert or even a ladder, and nipple rings.
13. Sherlock cheats on John, John knows, but he does nothing about it, because he deeply believes it's okay as long as Sherlock's happy.
14. Sherlock has a chastity piercing.
15. Five times Sherlock was able to find a wounded John in time for him to live...and one time Sherlock was too late and John died in his arms.
16. Mycroft hires a body guard for himself: an ex army doctor, John H. Watson.
17. John marries Mary, Sherlock is okay with it.
18. Sherlock seriously contemplates suicide.
19. John enjoying a sandwich. An epic sandwich. A sandwich so epic he moans, "I love you," to it. Sherlock thinks it's being said to him. "I love you too, John."
20. Shroedinger's Cat? Shroedinger's Sherlock, more like.
21. Lestrade is pulled up on charges/discipline for the illegal drug busts.
22. Inexperienced John being seduced and shown the ropes by someone else, preferably Sherlock or Mycroft.
23. Asexual-Homoromantic!Sherlock never had anyone in his life worth coming out to until John.
24. John knows that Sherlock is asexual early on, but later, falls in love with him anyway.
25. Sherlock asks John to get his phone out of his pocket, but the only thing in his pocket is a ring box.

triggers for suicide
I feel kind of...odd asking for this, but can I get a legit, in-depth fic in which Sherlock seriously contemplates suicide (the reason, of course, is left up to the author)? Maybe on the outside he's completely fine, and he takes plotting his own death in stride just as he does with everything else.

I would love it if John-came-to-the-rescue, but not before Sherlock's harmed himself, physically and mentally. H/C to the ends of the Earth.

No intention


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