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The Filled Prompts Post #1: Parts 1-23
Giggles at the Palace
Welcome to the Filled Prompts Post for Parts 1-23.
If you filled a prompt from Parts 24 and up, please use the FPP #2.
If you filled a prompt from the Spoiler-free post, use this FPP instead.

This is an archive created to make it simple for people to browse through both filled and unfilled prompts.

Let me explain how this works:

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Fill #10

Prompt: "I'd like to see Lestrade recovering from a painful injury at home (his own place or Baker St), with John taking care of him. A cozy bed on the couch, endless cups of tea, a gentle haze over everything thanks to some hefty painkillers, crap telly, soft jammies, and a doctor to stroke his hair when the painkillers start wearing off between doses."

(mini) Fill: "Thirty Minutes" -

Seeing as we are on page 42 and it's April Fool's Day, what's the most epic line/ sentence whatever that you could come up with (that relates to the show, of course!)


When Sherlock was a child, his parent(s?) were deemed unfit guardians. He was placed with a foster family. The Donovans.

Or the Lestrades. Or Watsons. Or even Hoopers. I'm not that picky. Perhaps Uncle Paul Slippery if you wanna go the crossover route. I just basically want Sherlock to have an unexpected familial bond with someone.

Fill: (parent for additional parts)

Give me some cock-sucking Lestrade. Deep-throating, getting his head held still and his mouth fucked hard, swallowing everything he's given. Bonus points if they're somewhere public, with the chance of being caught.

John or Sherlock, please. Or both, if you're feeling extra sassy.

Mutual Gratification

Mystrade prompt - Lestrade is handsome but nobody ever told him. Even as a boy he was super shy and self conscious, and not chasing tail at all. In old pictures he's always looking down and trying to hide his face.

Later in life he got some courage, the "sure I'm not handsome but I gotta get over it and do my job" kind. But in private, with Mycroft, he's still the super shy, "I don't deserve all this attention" boy.

And of course Mycroft has to prove him otherwise.

Nobody Told Him

Prompt: John and Sherlock and their lazy, dysfunctional Sunday mornings in bed.

Fill: Easy like Sunday Morning

I just posted the sickest fic I've ever written, so now I need a palate cleanser.

I'm looking for happy, maybe a bit fluffy. Sherlock accidentally calls John a pet name. He didn't mean to do it, maybe it's a little humiliating to Sherlock but John loves it. Nothing overly silly poppikins or snugglebunny. Just like.. "dear" or "love" or something. Make it somewhat believable, if you can, lol.

After the Case

Prompt: John realizes he has feelings for Sherlock just as Sherlock is kidnapped and it's up to John to save him.


Fill #25 (Anonymous) Expand
John goes back in time and meets kid!Sherlock and young!Mycroft who's very sweet and very very shy (yes Op is in love with shycroft) and falls in love with him. John finds out that Shdrlock wasn't always that resentful to Mycroft and also that Mycroft wasn't always that creepy and sly. Now this young!Mycroft blushes very often, shy, and maybe has some body image issues too. So John tries to help him cope with his problems and make him realize how beautiful/smart/etc he is. But one day John has to go back but before John leaves, he promises to Mycroft that he will never forget him and that they will meet again.

John has a tiny scar or a mole on his palm that only few people know about.

So when Mycroft checked John's hand at the warehouse? He was also checking the scar to make sure if this John Watson is the John Watson he fell in love with when he was young...

When John comes back, John goes straight to Mycroft's office, and the instance he steps in, Mycroft, smiling that shy, boyish smile, asks, "Now, you remember?"


1. Breakfast at Tiffany‘s AU
2. Buffy the Vampire Slayer Crossover
3. Sherlock Holmes: Girl Detective
4. The dreams John has when he‘s being woken up by a Sherlock BJ
5. Sherlock knows he shouldn‘t love his brother, so he decides to hate him
6.Sherlock breaks it off with someone; they don‘t even notice
7. Ever since the drugs bust, Sherlock and Lestrade have been attracted to one another
8. Young Mycroft and Sherlock getting caught in the rain
9. When Sherlock doubts himself, he has panic attacks
10. Fem!John being fingered by Sherlock with leather gloves
11. Sherlock and John go to see the 09 Holmes Movie
12. Sherlock or John bring home a Dug
13. Top!Moriarty/Seb
14. 221B in the summer with no air conditioning
15. Sherlock is a fob watched time lord and doesn‘t know it
16. Everyone cuddling in a giant bed
17. Sherlock is in a dark mood; John creates a murder scene for him
18. John laying on his back while Sherlock rides him
19. Sherlock and John go to the Midwest and chase tornadoes
20. What was the original conversation between John and Sherlock that led to the revelation that Sherlock doesn't know that the earth goes around the sun?
21. Sherlock asks vampire!Lestrade to bite him
22. Sherlock doesn‘t like women; he snogs Irene Adler in disguise
23. Sherlock sets Lestrade up with his “sister“
24. John/Sherlock; Jim Moriarty comes up with a plan to subtly convince one of them (or both) that his roommate is attracted to them in an attempt to tear them apart.
25. Sherlock characters as weather phenomena

Sherlock is a fobwatched Time Lord and does not know this. Can be either the Doctor, the Master, or just a random Time Lord named The Sleuth who escaped the Time Lord. Either way I would love for there to be TARDIS shenanigans with John.

Art Fill:

John is some flavor of supernatural being (werewolf, vampire, psychic, mage, merman, whatever), and has somehow managed to keep it a secret from the Holmes brothers... until he uses his powers to save Sherlock's life in a fight (either Moriarty, or a Sherlock getting in over his head on a case or both). While Sherlock is recovering in the hospital and Mycroft is busy looking for people responsible for hurtung his brother, John, panicking at the thought of being exposed, runs away. Sherlock has to track him down and convince him that they're still friends, no one else has been told and that he and Mycroft will protect him from the evil government scientists types.

How long/how well John was hidden can be up to you.


Prompt: Sherlock would be the worst if he got into fandom.

So! He gets into fandom. Of some sort.

Kink meme shenanigans would be great, too. Maybe he finds out that someone he knows (John? Lestrade? Molly? ...Anderson?) writes the pair he finds most appealing. Could result in sexy shenanigans or just crack (or John telling him to leave it alone already, someone's always wrong on the internet).

Minifill: Self-Insert


John wants to be more than just a 'brother's flatmate' to Mycroft. But Mycroft thinks that John is belong to Sherlock or something. So whenever John tries to make a move, Mycroft pushes him away. Until Sherlock is no longer be able to stand it anymore! "You two, just shag already! I don't care as long as John is still MY flatmate!"

Cupid has very blunt arrows


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