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The Filled Prompts Post #1: Parts 1-23
Giggles at the Palace
Welcome to the Filled Prompts Post for Parts 1-23.
If you filled a prompt from Parts 24 and up, please use the FPP #2.
If you filled a prompt from the Spoiler-free post, use this FPP instead.

This is an archive created to make it simple for people to browse through both filled and unfilled prompts.

Let me explain how this works:

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1) Sherlock/Cat People crossover. Sherlock turns into a giant panther after having sex.
2) Songfic: Poisoning pigeons in the park.
3) John/Sherlock. John talking Sherlock through, logically, why they should be together.
4) Jim kidaps Sherlock (or John) and tries to give him Stockholm Syndrome.
5) Sherlock is diagnosed with cancer.
6) Sherlock and Sally were childhood friends.
7) Pegging. Molly/John, Sarah/John, Molly/Sarah/John whatever combination .
8) Needleplay.
9) Mycroft/Lady Gaga.
10) Sherlock is out of it and John helps him into bed. John says goodnight, Sherlock responds with "Love you."
11) Sherlock attempts to adopt John as his brother and chuck the preexisting one.
12) Double m-preg. Lestrade and Sherlock get pregnant at the same time.
13) Sherlock uncovers Lestrade's secret past as a rent boy.
14) Sherlock/Leverage crossover.
15) Sherlock doesn't like being touched and therefore gets his first back massage from John.
16) More sex pollen.
17) Well-adjusted I-already-know-I'm-bisexual John, who's annoyed at claims that bisexual men don't exist.
18) John was beaten by a previous partner. Now afraid that with Sherlock, (consensual) beating and bondage may be difficult.
19) Video prompt.
20) 1960s counter-culture, fighting-the-system Sherlock/John.
21) Dark!Sherlock really goes over the other side and even John can't stop him anymore.
22) John loudly corrects someone's poor grammar. Sherlock is quite turned on by this.
23) Sherlock/Lestrade, phonesex.
24) John worries that Sherlock is underweight and tells him off-handedly that he could put on a few pounds.
25) DI Lestrade has a meeting with one Mycroft Holmes on the subject of younger brothers.

John loudly corrects someone's poor grammar.

Sherlock, it turns out, is quite turned on by this.

I know. I'm sorry for this prompt.

Fill: Keep Calm and Speak Well

FILL 24 (Anonymous) Expand
1) Lestrade/Sally, in a more romantic/healthy relationship than Anderson/Sally. And Sherlock's like "Finally!"
2) Harry/Anthea.
3) Sherlock has to seduce a (male) suspect. John decides Sherlock's first time is going to be with him.
4) Sherlock and John go undercover in a primary school. John is put in charge of running the nativity.
5) Sherlock/Shadow of the Templar crossover.
6) Mycroft/Donna Noble.
7) Mycroft.
8) John wants to know why he's never seen Sherlock eat.
9) Lestrade/Mycroft and John/Sherlock in a double date.
10) Sherlock/Big Bang Theory crossover.
11) Anderson vs Donovan going at it about who gets to ask John out. Sherlock/John.
12) Mycroft sabotaging John's dates with women because he knows Sherlock and John are made for each other.
13) Lestrade's a drinker. Has been for years, and he handles it just fine, no really. He's fine.
14) An old school bully of Sherlock joins the police force. John and Lestrade (Donovan?) stick up for Sherlock.
15) John Watson is a grumpy bunny.
16) Anderson secretly requests (and fills) the cracky prompts.
17) Moriarty/Sherlock. Gun kink.
18) During a fight John snaps and hits Sherlock, he is instantly sorry, but the damage is done.
19) Sherlock asks John out on a proper date, with a lot of awkward shifting and stuttering.
20) Sherlock discovers that Mycroft and Lestrade are in a relationship and is angry.
21) Sally steps in and tells someone mocking Sherlock to back the hell off (think big sister).
22) Sherlock is scared of sex, but wants it.
23) Sherlock/Inception crossover.
24) 5 ways in which Sherlock almost proposed marriage to John and 1 way he actually did propose.
25) The grudge Sherlock bears for Mycroft isn't as petty as Mycroft makes it sound.

Full Prompt:
i want anderson vs donovan going at it about who gets to ask john out.
and sherlock at some point at the end walking by hand in hand with john saying something along the line of "too bad, bitches, the boy is mine"


Filled #12 (Anonymous) Expand
First fill for #7 (Anonymous) Expand
#7 - Fill number 3 (Anonymous) Expand
Fill #13 (Anonymous) Expand
Fill #8 (Anonymous) Expand
1) Sherlock gives John a blowjob and enters Desperate!Sherlock mode, he loves it so much.
2) Food porn.
3) Lestrade/Sherlock, first time(s), Lestrade convincing Sherlock that sex is good.
4) Sherlock is brought home to meet Mr and Mrs Watson and acts normally.
5) Non-con. Jim ties John and Sherlock to chairs, and gives a hand-job to Sherlock.
6) Revengeful Mycroft captured Moriarty.
7) Sherlock/Torchwood crossover.
8) Asexual!Sherlock going through a phase of intense research about sexuality, pleasure and sexual attraction.
9) Sherlock cheats on John. John finds out. Sherlock refuses to understand why John is so pissed off.
10) A thief in London got stuck in a tiny bathroom window through which he intended to enter.
11) John: "You may not know it, but this BAMF is gonna charm the trousers and pants offa you." John/Sherlock
12) Realistic anal sex Sherlock/John.
13) Sherlock as the mellow almost-retired Holmes in his late 40s.
14) Girl!Lestrade, with Sherlock flirting, to convince her to let him do what he wants in crime scenes.
15) Different foods make Sherlock have different sex dreams (variously disturbing in nature).
16) Dom!Mycroft, Mycroft/Anthea.
17) Stephen King 'The Doctor's Case' Rewrite.
18) Sherlock gives John a lap dance (while he's drunk).
19) Lestrade and co barge into 221B, walking in on Sherlock and John, who are cuddling.
20) Sherlock is anxious that a cock will fit in his anus.
21) John likes to drink milk in his underwear but won't do when Sherlock's around.
22) John is blinking out S-O-S to Sherlock at the end of The Great Game.
23) Lestrade/John.
24) Moriarty gives Sherlock a birthday present: a naked and bloody John.
25) John's military training.

Fill #19

Full prompt: Lestrade and Anderson and Donovan barge into 221B, accidentally walking in on Sherlock and John, who are...
cuddling. On the couch. Either asleep or watching telly.
Because, honestly? Cuddly!Sherlock would probably be a hell of a lot stranger to witness than havingsex!Sherlock.
Cue amusing reactions from Lestrade and Co.

Fill: Quiet night in:

Fill 8 (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Part 2, Page 10 (Anonymous) Expand
#25 (Anonymous) Expand
1) Sherlock doesn't understand why Afghanistan's a touchy subject for John until he applies his deductive skills.
2) 5 times Sherlock showed the wrong emotion, and 1 time he showed the right one.
3) Genderswap.
4) A girl asks John and Sherlock if they'll have a threesome with her. Cue awkwardness.
5) John and Sherlock are both werewolves.
6) Sherlock starts his beekeeping hobby.
7) John and Sherlock as soldiers.
8) John's new password is 'inlovewithmyflatmate'.
9) No one ever fills Jim's fic prompts on the meme.
10) Bad men kidnap John and leave him trapped in a body bag.
11) Mycroft and Lestrade go around being the government. Mycroft/Lestrade.
12) Sherlock and John meet in Afghanistan where they are both stationed with the military.
13) Sweet Dreams lyrics prompt.
14) Epic-I'm-still-alive-HUG...then life-affirming sex. Sherlock/John.
15) Sherlock develops a medical condition which can be controlled but has the potential to be life threatening.
16) **
17) Sherlock/John see each other naked for the first time. Lots of touching.
18) Sherlock/John. Making out in the pouring rain.
19) Sherlock pining away something awful for John.
20) Sherlock decides to play an epic game of hide and seek with Mycroft, dragging John all over London.
21) John comes home to find Sherlock slumped on the floor in the kitchen, crying, because he can't open the pickles.
22) Mycroft/Lestrade, taking a bath together.
23) Donovan/Mycroft, Donovan has no idea that Mycroft is Sherlock's brother.
24) Picture prompt.
25) Mrs. Hudson and her boyfriend have crazy loud sex.

Filled #18

Prompt: Sherlock/John making out in the pouring rain.


#1 Fill (Anonymous) Expand
Full Prompt: Sherlock/John fluff somehow involving a trampoline.

Take This Moment

FILL #15 (Anonymous) Expand
Fill # 25 (Anonymous) Expand
Fill #23 (Anonymous) Expand
1) Moriarty sets up an elaborate Alternate Reality Game with clues to his whereabouts.
2) "Well in my lucid moments I could see Oh that the heart may be The weakest part of me."
3) [errant comment]
4) Girl!John, fantasizing about girl!Sherlock, wanking.
5) Sherlock/Merlin crossover.
6) Mycroft calls Sherlock his son by mistake.
7) John feels as though life is passing him by somewhat. Sherlock makes him feel better.
8) Teacher/student, John working at a posh prep school and being seduced by 16-17 year old Sherlock.
9) Being too close to a massive explosion leaves Sherlock temporarily without hearing.
10) Sherlock talks John and Lestrade (and Mycroft?) into a game of strip poker.
11) Sherlock was born hermaphrodite and John finds out.
12) John and Sherlock visit other European countries.
13) Sherlock and John enjoy rough sex. Others see bruises on John.
14) John and Sherlock start cuddling, but not really noticing it.
15) Non-sexual crossdressing.
16) Picture prompt.
17) John/Sherlock, consensual bondage, Sherlock trying to break free.
18) Sherlock self-harms when bored and sober. Drugs help.
19) Sherlock damages his hands and is worried about violin-playing.
20) When Mycroft loses a bet, he and Sherlock are forced to switch lives for a week.
21) "I say, Watson, would you be afraid to sleep in the same room with a lunatic."
22) Irene Adler is actually John's little niece.
23) "Knowing your own darkness is the best method for dealing with the darknesses of other people."
24) Anthea's real name is Irene Adler.
25) Living together, even John is able to observe and deduce things about his flat-mate. Taylor Swift song-fic.


#4 - Full prompt: Girl!John, fantasizing about girl!Sherlock, wanking.

Like a Candle, Hot and Bothered:
Cleaned-up version:

1) Anal beads - for a case! John/Sherlock.
2) Moriarty fic, Spiderman inspired.
3) Sherlock invites himself into John and Sarah's relationship - every part except the sex.
4) Sherlock/Ender's Game crossover.
5) John saves up and buys Sherlock something really classy as a present. Sherlock wanted a jumper or something.
6) The reason John wears such fugly jumpers is because he doesn't have any other clothing.
7) Sherlock keeps requesting Sherlock/John on the kink meme, and John keeps unwittingly filling Sherlock's requests.
8) Sherlock sleepwalks.
9) John or Sherlock go temporarily blind.
10) Mycroft takes unholy vengeance upon those who fuck with his precious baby brother.
11) Wigs is actually Mycroft's son.
12) Wee!Sherlock/Supernatural crossover.
13) Sherlock meets the BAU.
14) Sherlock keeps barging in on John at random times.
15) Sherlock/John, dry humping.
16) Sherlock and Mycroft's parents are really, really dumb.
17) Lestrade had a younger brother once. Had. Now he has Sherlock.
18) Little Sherlock uses his deduction skills to figure out that he's adopted.
19) Sherlock/Dexter crossover. Sherlock witnessed his mother's murder when he was very young.
20) Established Sherlock/John. Sherlock tries to give John compliments and just fails epically at it.
21) Sherlock is cold.
22) 5 utterly bizarre things that Sherlock absolutely needed to know. Plus 1 that he really, really didn't.
23) Sherlock/John, 5 Times Mrs Hudson had to add damages to their rent because of their bedroom habits.
24) Asexual!Sherlock/straight!John -- they know they love each other but just don't desire each other.
25) Girl!Moriarty.

Full prompt: Sherlock is cold.

Make it as angsty/silly/gen/slashy as you want. Anything from Sherlock forgot his jacket on a nippy day to Sherlock has a high fever to Sherlock fell into the Thames in the middle of January.

John warms him up.

Unless you chose the fever option, in which case he'd probably cool him down, but that doesn't sound nearly as suggestive. And if John were to be, say, Lestrade instead, I wouldn't complain.


Re: Part 2, Page 14 (Anonymous) Expand
Prompt #2 (Anonymous) Expand
Filled #1 (Anonymous) Expand
1) Non-con. Moriarty is raped, Moran takes care of him afterwards.
2) John and Sherlock + green eggs and ham.
3) Sherlock with pokemon.
4) Sherlock *needs* his morphine/cocaine fix. John administers it and watches over him.
5) Sherlock/White Collar crossover.
6) Moriarty is Mycroft's puppet to keep Sherlock entertained and out of trouble.
7) Sherlock/Bioshock crossover.
8) Sherlock and Mycroft need to work together to save John.
9) Girl!Moriarty pretending to be Molly's friend, or her girlfriend.
10) Sherlock mistakenly thinks John is planning to find a new flat.
11) 5 lives that John and Sherlock never lived, and 1 that they wouldn't trade for anything.
12) If Moriarty treated John just like any of the other hostages -- Sherlock receives that phone call.
13) John is missing, WorriedSick!Sherlock and Comforting!Lestrade.
14) Sherlock/Death Note crossover.
15) Sherlock gets Guitar Hero as a gift from John.
16) Sherlock has two penises.
17) Moriarty messages Sherlock about random things, telling him how awesome and better Moran is then John Watson.
18) A modern war fic. With slash. So John/Guy Who Saved His Life.
19) Sherlock's a lousy lay. John teaches him how to be a better lover.
20) 5 Times Sherlock Questioned His Asexuality and 1 Time He Decided to Stop Trying to Define Himself.
21) Sherlock is turned on when John helps in a medical emergency.
22) Mycroft did something really horrible to Sherlock in the past.
23) Sherlock/Beauty and the Beast crossover/fusion.
24) Sherlock tries to cook and fails.
25) John and Mycroft need to work together to save Sherlock.

Full prompt: I so want Sherlock to think John is going to leave him because John is unhappy. John keeps spending the night at Sarah's, his internet search history has stuff like ads for flats, he stops buying milk, I dunno, just a lot of things that, on the surface, look like John is getting ready to leave. Cue Sherlock trying to be a better flatmate, like actually buying groceries, making meals, cleaning up, letting John sleep in, etc. John is creeped out and eventually draws the line at something so out of character for Sherlock that's it's ridiculous. It turns out that John, of course, isn't leaving, just staying with Sarah who is scared of being alone after being mugged on the street, finding her a new place to live, and stopped buying milk because, damn it, it's an experiment to see how long Sherlock will go without it before getting it himself.

Here it is....

Fill #22 (Anonymous) Expand
Filled: #23 (Anonymous) Expand
#11 (Anonymous) Expand
1) Nothing gave Sherlock as much pleasure as ordering John around.
2) Sherlock mentions to John that he sometimes sleeps with Mycroft.
3) John + teddy bear.
4) When Sherlock is tired/overwhelmed he sucks his thumb.
5) John/Mycroft, ways in which they're alike.
6) Sherlock/John, Sherlock blows John away with how good he is.
7) 5 times Sherlock fake-cried for a case, and the 1 time he actually did cry.
8) Girl!Sherlock. Being hit on by pretty much everyone.
9) John Watson in love: "Sherlock once told me he can say the word 'murder' in three hundred languages?"
10) Sherlock/Due South crossover.
11) Sherlock suffers from dyspareunia (pain during sex).
12) Keeping secrets from Sherlock is an exercise in futility for John.
13) When Sherlock gets doused by cold water he turns into a female.
14) Sherlock shifts into a beautiful black wolf.
15) Due to head injury or other trauma, John is reduced mentally to a childlike state.
16) Sherlock's father comes back into his life.
17) Sherlock hasn't had a panic attack in nearly 20 years, but once he finds John he cares again.
18) John is way busy and not around much, Sherlock starts dating a guy who treats him really badly.
19) Sherlock and John, traveling somewhere via train, with hidden-beneath-blanket handjobs.
20) Sherlock getting carjacked in S. Africa, and tied up and thrown on the ground.
21) John was sent home from Afghanistan because his behaviour towards some of his fellow soldiers was scaring the shit out of everyone.
22) Sherlock constantly texting John for unimportant things...cry wolf.
23) Sherlock/Supernatural crossover. Irene Adler was one of Bela Talbot's aliases.
24) John finds severed penis in the refrigerator.
25) John dominating the hell out of Sherlock.

(Deleted comment)
1) John steals Sherlock's coat and sells it on Ebay.
2) Sherlock's mind while John is away: Week one; I'm okay with this, two; I seek companionship, three; just come back.
3) John cheats on Sherlock.
4) 5 Times Mrs. Hudson Takes Care of Her Boys and 1 Time They Take Care of Her.
5) Sherlock and John travel. John devotes time attempting to get Sherlock to wear sunblock.
6) John refers to Sherlock as his best friend. In public. Sherlock must witness this.
7) Sherlock and Mycroft's parents are the Master and the Rani.
8) Sherlock/skull. Skullfucking.
9) John amused over Sherlock's frustration as he tries to train Gladstone.
10) Moriarty paints the explosion as proof of Sherlock's criminal insanity.
11) Reflections upon trading a psychosomatic limp for a sociopathic imp.
12) 5 times John said no to Sherlock but did whatever he wanted anyway, and 1 time he said no and meant it.
13) John ends up wearing Sherlock's coat for whatever reason and is adorable.
14) Sherlock is afraid of dogs, but doesn't want to ever admit it. Even when John brings home a puppy.
15) Sherlock likes chubby!John, so he keeps tricking him into eating really unhealthy food.
16) Sherlock has a new girlfriend named Mary Sue.
17) John/Sherlock. Intercrural sex.
18) Sherlock's foot keeps finding its way to John's crotch.
19) Sherlock/Inception crossover, Sherlock's mind is a steel trap.
20) Pyrophilia.
21) Sherlock purposely says horrible things to John because he likes fucking him while he cries.
22) Down and dirty Mycroft/Lestrade sex.
23) Mrs. Turner's "married ones" next door are Arthur and Eames from Inception.
24) Hand jobs or blow jobs while riding in the black cabs.
25) One-sided "I give Sherlock riddles to solve so maybe he'll pay attention to me" from Jim Moriarty.

Edited at 2010-08-25 03:23 am (UTC)

Fill: #13


John wears Sherlock's coat for whatever reason and is adorable. Sexytiems possibly ensue. That is all


Fill: #15 (Anonymous) Expand
FILLED #17 (Anonymous) Expand
1) John gives Sherlock concert tickets as a gift, Sherlock makes John come with him.
2) John Watson is a teacher who is fortunate to have Sherlock as his prodigy of a student. Sherlock/John.
3) Moriaty would do anything to spoil Sherlock and John's wedding.
4) Life after the Sherlock/John sham marriage.
5) Sherlock is very into PDA and constantly touching, hugging, kissing John.
6) John-and-Sherlock-are-being-turned-into-children.
7) John is on his way home from...whatever. And is kidnapped by these really evil guys.
8) The boys having to dress in full Victorian attire.
9) Song prompt for a vid.
10) Body swap.
11) John, Sherlock and Lestrade in Lestrade's car - one watching from the driver's seat, two going at it on the backseat.
12) There's a portal leading to Sherlock's brain and someone finds it.
13) The experience that is Christmas at the Holmes residence.
14) One of John's Army buddies visits him. He's interested in John, Sherlock is not amused.
15) They go skinnydipping. John fucks Sherlock in the swimming pool.
16) From TGG: "I am on fire!" Literally.
17) Sherlock on skates, loosing his balance and John helping/holding him.
18) Sherlock isn't asexual, he has Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder.
19) 5 kinks Sherlock and John thouroughly enjoy and 1 they don't.
20) Richard O Brian's Mumsy from The Crystal Maze is also Mycroft and Sherlock's Mummy.
21) Mr and Mr Jones are as ordinary a couple as they come. Exactly the way Moriarty planned it.
22) Sherlock is actually a woman, she's been masquerading as a man most of her life.
23) John and Sherlock at the pride parade.
24) Sherlock fucks John bareback and they both love it.
25) Don'ttouchme!Sherlock is healed through bondage and John's healing!cock of love.

(Deleted comment)
1) Waffles.
2) Sherlock the dragon.
3) Mycroft and Sherlock have a brotherly conversation.
4) 5 of the most ridiculous places they ended up by accident during a case, and 1 they ended up in on purpose.
5) Sherlock fucking John against the window of 221b.
6) Female!Watson dealing with street harrassment because it's been one of those days.
7) We already know Sherlock's cross-dressing abilities. And I need to see John and Sherlock do disco.
8) Mrs. Hudson loses her shit.
9) Anderson steals a jumper from John during the drug raid.
10) Sherlock and John celebrate Rosh Hashanah.
11) John, a trained soldier, decides Sherlock needs some combat training. John/Sherlock.
12) Instead of another bomb, Moriarty challenges Sherlock to a fencing duel.
13) John and Sherlock remember their past lives in an almost movie format.
14) John or Lestrade? The answer is Lestrade/Sherlock/John.
15) Sherlock playing or designing computer games.
16) It's movie night at 221b Baker Street and John picks Hot Fuzz.
17) Sherlock/Jeeves fusion. Jeeves!Lestrade, with Wooster!Sherlock.
18) Sherlock/The Office crossover.
19) Bite!kink, with Sherlock wanting desperately to be bitten by John.
20) Sherlock watching the lovely girls competition, I mean The Rose of Tralee.
21) Sherlock H/C w/on site triage from John.
22) Sherlock/Alice In Wonderland Crossover.
23) Snuff Fic Where Sherlock Fucks Watson & Kills Him While Fucking Him.
24) 5 dates John had with random people that Sherlock interrupted + 1 date John had with Sherlock that other people interrupted.
25) Sherlock is a vampire, but not the typical kind that drinks blood. He's a cum vampire.

Fill:#3, 4, 5, 11, 24

#3 Prompt: I want Mycroft and Sherlock to get abducted by a criminal who's plan isn't very well thought out, no serious "we're gonna die" situation, just more or less waiting for the police cos sherlock has a gps transmitter and they're gonna get rescued sometime in the forseeable future.
but it's cold so they sit together and eventually mycroft gets sherlock talking.

Fill: Chanson de Geste

#4 Prompt: Five of the most ridiculous places they ended up by accident during a case, and one they ended up in on purpose.

reliving childhood: five places sherlock and john ended up in that they were too old for

#5 Prompt: Sherlock fucking John against the window of 221b.

Fill: Against the Window [John/Sherlock]

#11 Prompt: After Sherlock got his ass kicked by the Golem, John, a trained soldier, decides Sherlock needs some combat training. Cue the lessons!

Fill: "Mortal Kombat"

#24 Prompt: 5 dates John had with random people that Sherlock interrupted + 1 date John had with Sherlock that other people interrupted.

Fill: Five Reasonably Well Dates

1) Crime scene sex, Sherlock/John.
2) Under the woolly jumpers John is very toned. possessive!Sherlock/John.
3) **
4) Mycroft and Sherlock's parents are unrepentant aging flower children/stoners.
5) Mycroft has Gregory House abducted and brought to London to diagnose seriously ill/dying Sherlock.
6) John (or Mycroft) gets into Sherlock's calender function on his laptop and phone and programs reminders to eat, sleep, etc.
7) **
8) Sherlock Holmes is Benedict Cumberbatch's stunt double.
9) When dirty-talk doesn't work on Sherlock, his lover switches over to science-y talk.
10) Something exploring Mycroft's issues.
11) John punches Anderson in the face.
12) John and Sherlock meet Dirk Gently.
13) ftm Sherlock.
14) Mycroft has had enough of people bullying his little brother, he kidnaps Anderson.
15) John/Sherlock. The boys make love without touching, in almost complete silence.
16) Between Jim and Mycroft AND Sherlock's texts John might as well get over the idea of personal liberty.
17) Sherlock has a height difference kink, but for being the smaller partner. Enter the Golem.
18) John/Sherlock fic based on Why I Can't Stand One Night Stands by Catatonia.
19) Sarah is the *real* Moriarty, and "Jim" was just acting on her orders.
20) Come here rude boy can you get it up...John/Sherlock.
21) Watson/Mycroft H/C. Watson is hurt and Mycroft cares for him.
22) Sherlock's father is Voldemort.
23) AU. Sherlock, an up-and-coming brilliant scientist laments about how he 'needs an assistant'.
24) After TGG Mycroft shows up to rescue and give Sherlock a brotherly hug.
25) Cal Lightman, Gregory House, and Sherlock Holmes walk into a bar.

Full Prompt:
You know, for all the BAMFness and awesomeness of Mycroft's omniscience, when you get down to it, is it just me who thinks the guy probably has some fucking issues?

So. Something exploring that lovely, vague idea please?
maybe with the lights out we can be bad

Fill #11 (Anonymous) Expand
1) Sherlock/John John’s been kidnapped and Sherlock tries to comfort him once he’s found.
2) Sherlock is a criminal and John tags along for the ride.
3) Someone hurts Sherlock. Mycroft and John bond over threatening the perpetrator.
4) Lestrade is kidnapped. Anderson, Donovan, John and Sherlock band together to find him.
5) fem!Watson/Lestrade. Sherlock’s reaction to their relationship.
6) Sherlock falls over a cliff and John watches in horror.
7) Sherlock/Moriarty, no prompt.
8) Sherlock/John discussing their relationship and holding hands at Angelo’s.
9) John has to come in a jar if he swears during sex.
10) Jim posts prompts to the kink meme and never fills them.
11) Sherlock is a prince and John is his knight.
12) Sherlock/John someone wearing high-heeled oxfords.
13) Sherlock goes to wrockstock.
14) Sherlock spreads rumors about John’s sex life and eventually begins calling himself John’s lover.
15) Lakehouse crossover, either Sherlock/John or Sherlock/Moriarty.
16) Lestrade/Sherlock. Lestrade is kidnapped and tortured until Sherlock finds him.
17) Sherlock becomes emotional at any mention of Fiona Apple. John tries helping him with this.
18) John punishes criminals using his knowledge as a doctor.
19) Moriarty kidnaps and tortures Lestrade to hurt Sherlock. He lets Lestrade go and Sherlock comforts him.
20) Sherlock and John get married for platonic reasons. Sherlock assumes they’ll have sex and has to convince John.
22) John compliments Sherlock during sex to raise his esteem.
23) Sherlock’s teen rebellion, as inspired by the Misfits poster on his wall.
24) Why and how Sherlock learned to shoot a gun.
25) Sherlock doesn’t understand oral sex and experiments on John.

Full Prompt:
The Lake House x-over
Could Sherlock/John but maybe it's Sherlock/Jim and instead of *romance* it's all evil plots and deductions and such.


Reposted due to assistant archivist error.

1) Sherlock makes a new friend and brings him/her along on cases. John gets jealous.
2) Sherlock burps, sneezes, and hiccups at the same time. John is amused.
3) Sherlock is kinky and enjoys doing things to a blushing vanilla John.
4) Sherlock and John call each other by pet names.
5) Sherlock gives John a back rub.
6) Sherlock wears his coat all the times because he’s really ticklish.
7) John has an embarrassing kink he tells someone about.
8) Sherlock uses the Irregulars to spy on John and make sure nothing happens to him.
9) Sherlock hits on Lestrade while high, but doesn’t remember the next day and gets clean.
10) Sherlock goes undercover for a case as a substitute sex ed teacher.
11) Reenactment of the Fire Swamp from Princess Bride. Sherlock and John fight ROUS
12) John is an artist and uses Sherlock as his model.
13) Mycroft stole Sherlock’s boyfriend/girlfriend and that’s why they feud.
14) Sherlock becomes aroused easily and tries to hide when he comes in his pants from John
15) Mycroft is slowly turning into Xellos from Slayers
16) After TGG, Sherlock tortures Moriarty until John recovers
17) Moriarty makes John choose between Sherlock and Sarah
18) John becomes protective/possessive over Sherlock
19) Sherlock cuddles in his sleep
20) John and Sherlock take a relaxing bath together
21) Lestrade gets hurt and John takes care of him
22) Sherlock gets cancer
23) There are multiple people named John Watson
24) “Quick, Watson, to the cabmobile!”
25) John starts drinking when his nightmares get worse and Sherlock notices.

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