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The Filled Prompts Post #1: Parts 1-23
Giggles at the Palace
Welcome to the Filled Prompts Post for Parts 1-23.
If you filled a prompt from Parts 24 and up, please use the FPP #2.
If you filled a prompt from the Spoiler-free post, use this FPP instead.

This is an archive created to make it simple for people to browse through both filled and unfilled prompts.

Let me explain how this works:

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Filled #1 + 11 + 20 (Anonymous) Expand
1) Sherlock is disturbed when he finds John jerking off
2) Sherlock offers Lestrade sexual favors for the chance to work on a case
3) Mycroft topping from the bottom, dirty talk
4) Old John visiting old Sherlock, or still living with him
5) Sherlock thinks everyone has sexual encounters with their siblings
6) For a case, Sherlock dresses up as a woman and pretends to be John’s ‘wife’
7) Mycroft has a secret
8) John thinks he needs a fresh start, so he leaves Sherlock and Sherlock tracks him down.
9) John learns how to look at people’s memories
10) Sherlock is dating Moriarty and very affectionate
11) Sherlock is bored and eyeing John. Amuse me, Watson.
12) Ghostbusters crossover. Sherlock meets Peter Venkman
13) It’s a Wonderful Life AU.
14) Sherlock hears what happens when a sleeping person’s hand is put in water experiments on John
15) John collapses from exhaustion at home and Sherlock realizes he works him too hard
16) Sherlock is a smoker
17) Mycroft puts John in a safehouse and Sherlock really is lost without him
18) Sherlock can’t think because of all the construction on the sandwich bar
19) John is a werewolf and very protective of his pack
20) Don’t tell Sherlock to act his age. He’s a Leap Year baby.
21) Sherlock deduces his life is a TV series based on a book series
22) Sherlock is an excellent cook with a food kink
23) A case from the bad guy’s POV, with Sherlock and John ruining everything
24) Mycroft slaps Sherlock after he does something risky. Lestrade, not knowing who he is, defends Sherlock
25) John, Sherlock, and a Rusty Trombone

Filled #1

Sherlock knows where babies come from, but he never thought about the technicalities that much and he has never seen an erection (he only gets mind-boners himself).

When he runs in on John taking care of his hard-on, he's well disturbed. John is disturbed by how disturbed Sherlock is.


Filled #19 (Anonymous) Expand
Filled #14 + 16 + 24 (Anonymous) Expand
1) Supernatural crossover. Sherlock and John are hunting a criminal that’s actually a demon and meet the Winchesters
2) Sherlock is attacked by a wolf and gains heightened senses
3) John has insomnia and Sherlock helps him sleep
4) Drugs are found in Sherlock flat. He goes to jail and Lestrade spends the night trying to get his help on a case
5) Mycroft tries to get closer to Lestrade to get info on Sherlock, but falls for him instead
6) Sherlock investigates marblehornets
7) Mycroft and Aussie politics
8) Mycroft is hurt and Sherlock is worried
9) Moriarty wants John and challenged Sherlock to impress him
10) John loves how tall Sherlock is
11) Sherlock/John/Violet Hunter Update on Copper Beaches
12) Somewhere That’s Green fic archive thread
13) John is an angel, Sherlock and Moriarty are demons. Sherlock takes John home and Moriarty protests the decision
14) Lestrade has to look after a sick Mycroft while Sherlock works on a case
15) John sucking Mycroft off in his office
16) John is in an emotional relationship with Sherlock and a sexual relationship with Mycroft
17) Anthea ships Sherlock/John and tries to play matchmaker
18) Great Mouse Detective crossover. Sherlock and John spy on Basil and Dawson, then work a case with them
19) Midsomer Murders crossover. Sherlock and John meet Barnaby
20) Round and round the garden like a teddy bear
21) Secret diary of a call girl crossover. Belle helps with an investigation
22) Moriarty/Moran, preferably crazy fluff
23) Sherlock upsets a Faerie
24) Sherlock/John snowball fights and kissing
25) Finding a babysitter for young Sherlock

Filled #14

We need moar dammit.

So, I have this idea that when either Holmes brother becomes sick they're probably hell to deal with and picky on who takes care of them. Sherlock only perfers John. Mycroft only perfers Anthea or Sherlock.

Well It's Sherlock's turn to take care of his sick brother, but just as he's leaving Lestrade arrives, desperately needing his help in this case that needs to be solved like NOW. He's desperate, like before mentioned, so Sherlock takes advantage of that.

He tells Lestrade that if he'll take care of Mycroft for his hours while Sherlock is busy he'll solve the case and save Lestrade's ass. He really has no other choice so Lesrade agrees.

He gets the address, goes to Mycrofts and yeah.

Obviously I don't want the sickness to be horrible. In fact it'd be hilarious if it was just the flu or cold and Mycroft is making a big deal about it.

Bonus for Mycroft/Lestrade cuteness at the end.

And if no one fills this I probably will myself. xD
Sorry for the length.... xD

Re: Part 2, Page 50 (Anonymous) Expand
1) Picture prompt: Animorphs, Time of the Dinosaurs
2) Everyone as children, watched over by a babsitter and sometimes big brother Mycroft
3) A Study in Emerald rewrite
4) Mycroft is in love with Anthea and goes on a diet to become more attractive. Anthea worries he’s not eating right
5) John has sensitive nipples and Sherlock uses that to his advantage
6) Art of Sherlock the cat and John the dog
7) John dies and Sherlock doesn’t cope
8) There’s a detective show about a pair of boyfriends and fangirls think it’s proof that Sherlock and John are together
9) Sherlock and John can sense everything the other feels
10) John gets jealous of Sherlock and Lestrade’s relationship
11) Wrinkle in Time crossover. Charles Wallace explains a tesseract to Sherlock
12) Sherlock spikes John’s drink with a paralytic, then has sex with him
13) Sherlock shows John that he can have an orgasm without touching himself or being touched.
14) Sherlock drinks one of his experiments and does a Mister Hyde.
15) Sherlock wakes up one day with a wet warm mouth enveloping his cock.
16) Sherlock constantly gets the answers wrong watching QI.
17) Sherlock will only have sex with John if he tries to beat/strangle him to death
18) Sherlock and John grow facial hair for a case
19) Sherlock is sexually frustrated and way in the closet about his sexuality
20) Dimmock is really Moran, Jim’s boy toy
21) Holmes and Watson from the 2009 movie have to work together with Sherlock and John
22) Sherlock finds porn on John’s laptop and tries to fulfill John’s Christmas sex fantasy
23) John misses Sherlock while he’s away on a case and bonds with Mycroft
24) Sherlock gets hard every time he sees John and every time it happens, he comes closer to realizing his feelings
25) My mustache brings all the girls to the yard

Prompt: Sherlock/John--John gets dead somehow. Sherlock... doesn't cope.

Fill: Dependency.

Filled #3 + 13 (Anonymous) Expand
1) John’s a proud badass that took a bullet for England and won’t hesitate to shoot if you mess with Sherlock
2) Mrs Hudson: There's another bedroom upstairs... if you'll be needing two bedrooms. John: Nope, we'll be fine.
3) Sherlock thinks John must be bad in bed since his relationships never lasts, and sleeps with him to see if he’s right.
4) After Reichenbach, Sherlock goes into hiding. Does he think about John or try contacting him?
5) Something about Mike Stamford
6) Sentinel crossover. John’s family is full of Sentinels and Sherlock is a guide
7) Sherlock’s skull is the remains of Mike Stamford
8) Someone tells Sherlock that Molly likes him and they have sex
9) One morning, John Watson found himself transformed into a horrible vermin
10) Sherlock admires John’s body
11) Sherlock standing under John's window, holding a stereo over his head.
12) John becomes Mycroft’s personal trainer
13) John listens to Sherlock sing in the shower
14) Sherlock opens up an advice column and gives out the shittiest advice ever.
15) Mycroft keeps a drawer of candy at work that he eats from when he's upset/stressed/bored.
16) John and Mummy Holmes get along so well that they're practically best friends. Mycroft and Sherlock are horrified.
17) After Sherlock and John start sleeping together, John discovers that Sherlock has some really bizarre sleeping habits.
18) In the middle ages, John is a goat herder returned from the Crusades and Sherlock is a gypsy thought to be a witch
19) Sherlock Holmes hates puppets because their eyes look too intelligent
20) Sherlock switches bodies with the dog and John has to watch over him
21) John feels unappreciated, so he pretends to be emotionless to give Sherlock a taste of his own medicine.
22) Anthea never recognizes John because Anthea is actually a set of identical triplets that all work for Mycroft.
23) People tell Lestrade he’s handsome, but he doesn’t believe them
24) John slowly adjusting to the idea he’s bisexual
25) Lestrade, Sherlock, and John are turned into kids. Anderson and Donovan look after them.

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Fill #16 (Anonymous) Expand
Fill #5 (Anonymous) Expand
Filled #23 (Anonymous) Expand
1) Sherlock is afraid of thunder and John soothes him during a storm
2) Bond crossover. John is James Bond and Sherlock is a Bond Boy
3) Sherlock doesn’t brush his hair and has to shave it off
4) Little Mycroft dreading the arrival of his brother, and then seeing him
5) Sherlock has sex in his sleep
6) Sherlock or John switches bodies with Gladstone
7) John is immortal, so at the end of TGG, Sherlock shoots Moriarty
8) Fortysomething crossover. Sherlock and Mycroft are related to the Slippery’s.
9) John is stuck in a time loop and keeps reliving the same day
10) Sherlock is a high-class prostitute and John is his client
11) Inception crossover. Saito and Mycroft
12) Sherlock was in an abusive relationship but he was not really aware of it. John finds out
13) Sherlock likes to fall asleep still inside of John.
14) John finds an embarrassing tape of Sherlock as a baby
15) Moriarty tricks Sherlock into sleeping with him by slipping him an aphrodisiac
16) Study in Pink alternative. Sherlock and the Cabbie swallowed the tablet and Sherlock won.
17) Mycroft develops an eating disorder because of his diet and Anthea figures it out
18) John and Sherlock get lost in the woods
19) Sherlock loves kissing John because he can figure out everything about him that way
20) Sherlock can't come unless John bites him hard on the neck
21) Sherlock as Iron Man and John as Captain America.
22) Mycroft is jealous of Sherlock’s friendship with John, so he keeps arranging meetings with John
23) Sherlock doesn't mind sex, but bodily fluids gross him out.
24) Sherlock is raped by Moriarty, but everyone thinks it was consensual
25) Sherlock and John are having sex on top of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's grave.

Full prompt:
Mycroft is jealous of Sherlock and John's friendship. So he keeps having John 'picked up', ostensibly to nag him about Sherlock etc., but increasingly obviously (and desperately) because he's trying to replicate what Sherlock has with John.

IDK, this is a really weird prompt but it won't leave me alone. I just need some messed up, emotionally stunted Mycroft, I think? I confuse myself.

Fill: "Disease that we crave", eventually John/Mycroft
Starting here at the meme with additional archieving here @ my fic-journal.

BTW, I just love this method for the filled prompts! <3 It's so much easier and cleaner for everyone! :D

1) Bones crossover. Mycroft meets Doctor Wyatt
2) Mrs. Hudson catches Sherlock giving John a blow job in bed
3) Five times Sherlock thought he was in control of his drug use, and the one time he realized he wasn't.
4) Sherlock overhears John talking to Jack, their Union Jack pillow.
5) Molly is Moriarty.
6) John’s mustache has been knitted into a jumper
7) A depressed Sherlock is given meds to help stabilize his moods and John wants him off the pills
8) before John runs into Stamford, he meets a different old friend who brings him in contact with Moriarty.
9) Sherlock and Mycroft are immortal and every time John dies, Mycroft finds a new one for Sherlock
10) Sherlock sees John naked
11) John and Sherlock marathon Jersey Shore
12) Sherlock’s father is involved in a case and seems to be the murderer.
13) John is always excited when he comes back from the shooting range so Sherlock always prepares himself
14) Mycroft's field notes of his observations of Sherlock and John.
15) The Holmes or Watson family get together for Festivus
16) Sherlock solves his problems with fire
17) Sherlock and John have sex on the floor in John's room while Mrs. Hudson and Mycroft are downstairs
18) Mycroft was a horrific older brother but grew out of it. Hence the current relationship.
19) Sherlock leaves crime scenes early because he does get off on it and doesn’t want John seeing his erection
20) Sherlock demands to borrow Mrs. Hudson's mobile and she pulls it out of her bra.
21) While researching gay porn, Sherlock finds a video with a young John Watson
22) Mycroft m-preg with John as the father
23) John plays the piano and performs for the Holmes family at Christmas
24) Sherlock’s father is Snape
25) John wakes up to Sherlock taking pictures of his naked body.

Full prompt:
Having sex on the floor of John's room while Mrs. Hudson and Mycroft are downstairs.

Impropriety Be Damned (NC-17). 2300 words.

FILLED #7 (Anonymous) Expand
1) Introduce Inspector Gregson, who has a crush on Lestrade
2) 5 times Sherlock thought about achieving sexual release with the aid of an inanimate object, and one time he did.
3) Sherlock is part water sprite
4) Bad guys attack. John, Sherlock, and Mycroft kick ass.
5) Sherlock goes undercover as a singer and everyone finds out he’s a lovely tenor
6) Using my extensive medical training from Afghanistan, I poked him in the eye. He’s dead.
7) The Holmes brothers are in school and Mycroft protects his baby brother from bullies.
8) Why Anthea and Mycroft both wear gold rings
9) Jonathan Creek crossover.
10) Sexually frustrated Sherlock and cocktease Lestrade. Power play.
11) Mrs. Hudson writes to Jim and he gives her Sherlock and John
12) Sherlock decides the only way to get John back from his girlfriend is to kill her.
13) Vesuvius club crossover. Sherlock and John meet a modern Lucifer Box
14) John breaks his foot, annoying Sherlock.
15) John is blown away by how gorgeous Sherlock looked on the rooftop in the pilot
16) John posts something about Sherlock in his blog that makes Sherlock feel betrayed.
17) John and Sarah run into each other and Sherlock, not wanting John to go on another date, kisses him in front of Sarah.
18) Sherlock is in contact with a child that asks a question he can’t answer, but John can.
19) Sherlock doesn’t know anything about dinosaurs, which infuriates Anderson when he finds out.
20) John finds Sherlock crying in his room.
21) Pilot Sherlock is what Sherlock was like when he was younger.
22) Fic based on a Sherlock/John fanvid
23) Sherlock or John being sad and walking in the cold
24) Moriarty kidnaps John again.
25) A Modern A. J. Raffles up against Sherlock

Re: Part 2, Page 55

Fill #13: by unfinishedfugue.

Filled #17 + 22 + 24 (Anonymous) Expand
Full prompt: I'd really love to see a Good Omens AU - imagine, please, John as Heaven's current agent on Earth, a la a much less fussy Aziraphale, and Sherlock as a socially maladapted Crowley - please? For me?
Or, alternately, vice versa - John's easily-camouflaged likeability is the perfect cover for a demon, and Sherlock is an angel with really bad press...fic?


#14 (Anonymous) Expand

Full Prompt

I've read in some fanfictions that BookWatson played Rugby for Blackheath. Can somebody write me a fic for BBCJohn playing and Sherlock coming along to examine the game, because he doesn't quite get why one would play, but ends up cheering for John?


Filled #10 (Anonymous) Expand
1) High school Sherlock and John cramming for a test
2) X-men/Daredevil crossover. Professor X discovers a mutant lives at 221B Baker Street.
3) Sherlock boxing
4) While undercover for a case, John puts his hand on Sherlock’s thigh
5) Reincarnation. One of them dies and comes back, or one of then is a reincarnation of someone.
6) Sherlock/Raz (Urban bloodlust frenzy artist)
7) Picture prompt
8) Someone is surprised at Lestrade giggling
9) Stargate Atlantis crossover. John Sheppard saved John Watson in Afghanistan
10) In between cases, Sherlock goes on week-long junk food binges
11) Mycroft/Everyone. He taps his umbrella and clothes come off.
12) John is Sherlock's Tyler Durden, or vice versa.
13) Sherlock double-penetrated by John and Lestrade.
14) Sherlock and John go undercover where they meet Stephen Fry.
15) Girl Sherlock. John puts a vibrator in Sherlock to see how many times she can come.
16) John asks girl Sherlock if she needs tampons. Sherlock says not for nine months.
17) John is the one to take down Moriarty
18) John marvels at the cause of Sherlock and Mycroft’s feud
19) Sherlock and John trying to work out a relationship
20) House crossover. Sherlock meets House
21) Sherlock has a stalker that keeps threatening John
22) Fanvid or fic based on the song ‘What is Love’ by Haddaway
23) Harry wants a baby and wants Sherlock to be her sperm donor.
24) Sherlock is led to believe that John is dead and is very affectionate when he finds him to be alive.
25) Sherlock meets Mary, and old ex of John’s, and becomes territorial

"Sherlock has a stalker. Presumably a man. He sends post cards, to John surprisingly. he threatens John to stay away from Sherlock. that John doesn't deserve Sherlock. Sherlock just ignores him, thinking that the stalker would soon lose his interests in him.
Then one day,the stalker breaks in their flat, and left a note that read, "I'm not going to stop untill Sherlock's mine."
John's all freaked out, and tries to contact Mycroft.
and Sherlock finally decides to start an investigation to find who the stalker is. They makes a list of suspects which includes Moriarty, Lestrade, Mycroft(!), Anderson, Sebastian. etc..
It's up to you to decide who the stalker is!

The stalker finally starts leaving kinky messages too. like how often he imagines Sherlock's naked body and how much he wants to be inside of Sherlock.
Sherlock doesn't seem to be affected by the messages at all, but John's certainly affected, maybe too much."

Fill (

Fill #2 (Anonymous) Expand
Filled #24 (Anonymous) Expand
1) Doctor Who crossover. Sherlock and the Doctor at a club, grinding
2) Sherlock and John are forced to have sex, but realize they want each other halfway-through
3) John gets hurt trying to protect Sherlock
4) John is being distracted by Sherlock doing things that require a lot of flexibility.
5) Sherlock and John go to a restaurant where you eat in the dark.
6) Sherlock and John sharing a bath
7) John tries to tell Sherlock about his previous sexual partners, but Sherlock doesn’t care.
8) Sherlock being taken from behind, leaning over or holding onto a table
9) Bruiser crossover, video prompt
10) Sherlock visits John at work, and is proud to see how dedicated John is to his job.
11) Graffiti messages in bathrooms
12) John’s curious when he finds out Sherlock doesn’t have any pubic hair
13) John drawing Sherlock lying on the sofa, à la Titanic.
14) Sherlock/Digimon crossover.
15) Five times John was injured because of Sherlock and the one time Sherlock was injured because of John.
16) Young Lestrade being impossibly sexy. Possibly with Mycroft
17) Jim Moriarty is a pseudonym. His real name is Artemis Fowl.
18) John gives Sherlock a prostate exam
19) Sherlock seduces all of Girl John’s dates
20) Mycroft paired with a more ambitious, goal focused version of John
21) Sherlock/Lestrade, post-sex cigarette.
22) 3 times John was too short to reach something and 1 time Sherlock was there to get it for him
23) John's sister dies, and Sherlock has to try not to be a complete jerk about it.
24) Lestrade wants a kid, but doesn’t want to be a single dad. He also doesn’t want a sexual relationship
25) Sherlock goes to Mycroft for emotional advice

Filled #21

Sherlock/Lestrade, post-sex cigarette.


Filled #3 (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Filled #3 (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Filled #3 (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Filled #3 (Anonymous) Expand
Full prompt:
How about some wake-up sex?
And here's the challenge: No established relationship beforehand.

Keep Me Close (NC-17). 1400 words.

Filled #10 (Anonymous) Expand
1) Sherlock diagnosed himself a ‘sociopath’ as a teenager after googling things.
2) Donovan hates Sherlock because he let her down in the past
3) John has a kink for Sherlock’s neck
4) Sherlock and girl!John are put in a fuck or die situation
5) Black Books crossover. Sherlock and Bernard are related
6) Watchmen crossover
7) Sherlock and John in suits, stripping each other
8) Sherlock leaves in the middle of sex for an important case
9) Sherlock walks in on Lestrade and John having sex
10) The pokemon of Sherlock and the gang
11) Mycroft goes undercover as a stripper
12) Something based on Pink Floyd’s ‘the Wall’
13) Sherlock rides horses
14) Sherlock is cloned and has sex with himself
15) Sarah suggests sharing John with Sherlock
16) Lestrade/Sherlock/John Lestrade fucks Sherlock while John blows him
17) Sherlock wants to get caught having sex with John so people will know John wants him
18) Sherlock is from Yorkshire and his accent becomes stronger when he’s angry
19) Arthurian Legeng. Lestrade is King Arthur, Sherlock is Merlin, John is Lancelot
20) Labyrinth crossover. Sherlock complains someone is acting like a teenage girl
21) Anderson is secretly a kick ass crime fighter. Sherlock is horrified
22) Sherlock finds out his intelligence is the result of genetic engineering.
23) John discovers why Mycroft worries so much about his younger brother.
24) John gets hurt and Sherlock freaks out and threatens the attacker.
25) Sherlock is really clumsy when he isn’t chasing after criminals

Full Prompt:

"Okay, we've had a lot of female!John prompts, and a fair amount of fuck-or-die prompts, so how about we combine them? Joanna (or Joan or Jenny or whatever you want to use) Watson and Sherlock Holmes get captured somehow, and get the fuck-or-die ultimatum from a villian.

Doesn't have to be Moriarty making them do this, but I can picture him as the sort. Forcing them together in the belief that they'll never be able to look at each other again...and of course, it backfiring spectacularly!"

Link: Not your Damsel

Filled #9 (Anonymous) Expand
#17 ac_123 Expand
Prompt: I want characters from Sherlock to masturbate to thoughts/images of Lestrade.

Fill: Symphonie Fantastique

1) Sherlock has been asked to help at a murder scene and all evidence points in the direction of John.
2) At the Chinese circus Sherlock gropes John in the dark while Sarah is around.
3) Sherlock never finished school.
4) Sherlock/John, Sherlock makes a spreadsheet of all the times/places he would like to have sex and then gives it to John.
5) Mycroft/Anderson, Sherlock hates Anderson because he's secretly dating Mycroft.
6) Time Traveler's Wife crossover with John as Clare and Sherlock as Henry.
7) Let the Right One In x-over. John Watson is the nerdy boy picked on at school all the time.
8) Anderson-actually-is-a-dinosaur + potential Torchwood/Who crossover.
9) Holmes family vacations.
10) Sherlock divides by zero.
11) Someone has Sherlock committed.
12) Sherlock/John, Lestrade being all "Hurt John and no more cases for you!"
13) Snape is Sherlock's father.
14) Sherlock is a violin soloist, but John doesn't know until he sees Sherlock on the TV.
15) Molly likes me who are what she doesn't allow herself to be. A sinister Molly/James Moriarty fic.
16) Inception crossover. Eames forges a painting in order to woo Sherlock.
17) Honour Amoungst Punks crossover. Sharon Ford finds strung-out!Sherlock on the street somewhere.
18) John takes Sherlock to see see Inception.
19) People are disappearing. Sherlock soon finds out the culprit is someone called "Candle Jack," but before he ca
20) John and Sherlock as street kids.
21) Inside Sherlock's mind.
22) Mycroft/Sherlock, Mycroft tries everything to keep Sherlock under his thumb and it all fails.
23) Little kid!Sherlock was normal emotionally until he was kidnapped by a serial killer that targeted little boys.
24) Sherlock is actually a very emotional person but has devised a way to keep his emotions bottled up.
25) John and Sherlock are both patients in a mental hospital.

Filled #3

Full Prompt:
Sherlock never finished school.


Re: Part 3, Page 1 (Anonymous) Expand
1) Lestrade/Mycroft, hurt/comfort with extra fluff
2) Sherlock is broken, put back together, then broken all over again
3) The Holmes patriarch and his husband, affectionately known as ‘Mummy’
4) Sherlock/John. Fucking in a supply closet at the police station.
5) Lestrade and John are captured as prizes by the fierce pirating Holmes brothers.
6) I made a snowman and my brother knocked it down and I knocked my brother down and then we had tea.
7) John hits his head and forgets everything, including his name and dating Sherlock
8) Sherlock, John and Moriarty are put in Witness protection.
9) Pent up sexual tension explodes into frantic
10) Male to female Sherlock or John
11) John notices a similarity of Sherlock to Sheldon (The Big Bang Theory) while watching shows with Mrs. Hudson.
12) Vampire Diaries crossover.
13) Sherlock is a crime lord and John is the undercover agent sent to bring him down.
14) Sherlock informs John he’s bisexual and Mycroft seduces him.
15) BAMF Lestrade gets Sherlock all hot and bothered
16) Mycroft and John. Sorry I annoyed you with my friendship.
17) Sarah and John go to Club Pedastal
18) Sherlock/Jim Orgasm denial to remove Sherlock's ability to think.
19) Sherlock hijacks a form of public transport
20) House crossover. John is actually Wilson's long-lost brother.
21) AU in which all the characters are members of the same guild in World of Warcraft.
22) Sherlock takes note of every time John doesn’t correct anyone about them not being a couple
23) John has dreams about a life in the 1800s
24) Mycroft proposes to Lestrade
25) John is kidnapped and Sherlock has to nurse him back to health after he’s rescued

#3 Fill: John/Sherlock established relationship

Picture prompt. On our left, the Holmes patriarch. On the right, his partner/husband, affectionately called "Mummy" by Mycroft and Sherlock (children from an earlier marriage? Or maybe a surrogate? Do what you will).

The fill in the comments thread - this one just...grabbed me!

Fills (Anonymous) Expand
^8 and 11 (Anonymous) Expand
fill #10 (Anonymous) Expand
#14 (Anonymous) Expand
Fill 1 (Anonymous) Expand
1) Someone is doing a documentary on the life of Sherlock Holmes and interviews everybody that knows him.
2) John loves rubbing the marks from the rope and Sherlock knows it.
3) Sherlock drools all over John's dick.
4) Sherlock and Mycroft are actually clones created by Moriarty, of himself.
5) Sherlock’s control snaps after listening to John being tortured
6) Sherlock and the group are kids in school. They solve mysteries.
7) White Collar crossover. Sherlock and John have to work with Peter and Neal
8) Mycroft is Sherlock's dealer because it's the only way he can be certain that Sherlock what listen to him.
9) Sherlock and John work their way through the seven deadly sins.
10) Jim ambushes Sherlock after killing Carl Powers
11) After a case, John puts Sherlock in a tub to clean his injuries, but passes out
12) Teenage Sherlock gets bent over a teacher's desk and caned.
13) Victor Trevor files a restraining order against Sherlock during uni
14) Sherlock, John, or Mycroft discovers crisp snap peas
15) Buffy crossover. Sherlock becomes Faith’s new Watcher
16) Moriarty becomes attached to his pet, Molly
17) The further adventures of Mycroft and his long-suffering assistant/personal trainer, Anthea
18) Sherlock/his violin teacher
19) Mycroft gets the flu while Anthea is on vacation. Sherlock and John take care of him
20) Sherlock is determined to solve the mystery of the murder of John Watson.
21) Ghost Sherlock must solve his own murder
22) When Molly fails to seduce Sherlock, she and her half-brother Jim decide Sherlock is gay, and Jim should attempt it instead.
23) Sherlock is supposed by how hot John is in uniform
24) Sherlock notices John is stressed. Solution - help John knock one out.
25) Jim wants nothing else but to be wanked off by Sherlock while he’s wearing his leather gloves.

Filled #10



Give me the past!fic in which Moriarty commits his first crime (killing Carl Powers) and when Sherlock goes to the police about the missing shoes, ambushes him on his way home. Make it dirty.


Crime Trophies, Stalking Your Enemy, and Other Habits Young Genius Sociopaths Should Avoid

#5 (Anonymous) Expand
#1 FILLED (Anonymous) Expand
Filled #18 (Anonymous) Expand
1) Sherlock is given an unsolvable Rubik’s cube
2) Mycroft/John, carsex.
3) Female!sherlock
4) Anderson insults Sherlock in German
5) Torchwood crossover. Sherlock can’t solve a case because it deals with aliens
6) Sherlock obtains an invisibility cloak
7) Sherlock meets John in a bar while disguised and they have sex
8) Lestrade/Mycroft, Happy ending
9) Five things Sherlock should have said to John...and one thing he shouldn't have said, but did anyway
10) John loses his voice and Sherlock freaks out
11) John discovers Sherlock’s musical side
12) Sherlock is almost killed, so he and John have slow, life-affirming sex on the couch
13) Sherlock is a mental patient and John is his doctor.
14) Lestrade and Sherlock are in a relationship and Sherlock decides to bring John in
15) John hates being tied up and/or restrained.
16) John is amazing in bed.
17) Lestrade/Sherlock/John, first time as a threesome
18) John loves Sherlock at first, but then Mycroft sweeps him off his feet.
19) There's a fly and Sherlock can't think because it keeps buzzing
20) John is snagged by a tentacle creature/plant thing that is attracted to his innate BAMFery
21) John is a guilt-ridden sadist and Sherlock has to convince him it’s okay
22) Mycroft is involved in a police investigation and plays the part of a lowly official.
23) Mycroft/Sherlock – I’d like to see you try
24) Teenage!Sherlock is forced into a clinic of some kind for antisocial behavior and drug abuse.
25) Lestrade is Mycroft and Sherlock's half-brother.

Prompt: Five things Sherlock should have said to John...and one thing he shouldn't have said, but did anyway.

FILLED #13 (Anonymous) Expand
1) Sherlock likes his sexual partners covered in bees
2) Highlander crossover. Sherlock meets mild-mannered librarian Adam Pierson.
3) Highlander crossover: Sherlock's a pre-Immortal, John a Watcher.
4) Mycroft Holmes. Like a boss.
5) John is obsessed with Sherlock’s hands and eyes
6) Sherlock rides in taxis because the tube overwhelms him
7) Anthea is Mycroft’s daughter
8) John and Moriarty are Sherlock's alternate personalities.
9) Sherlock/Jim. They did hook up, and Sherlock managed to knock him up.
10) Jim and Molly are the mirror image of Sherlock and John
11) Sherlock/Mrs. Hudson. You must feel deeply for someone to off their husband
12) Moriarty is Mrs. Hudson's son. He holds a grudge against Sherlock for getting his father executed.
13) Sherlock/Moriarty. How Moriarty finds out that Sherlock has a heart.
14) Sherlock starts walking around the flat naked.
15) Mrs. Hudson is Mummy Holmes after her second marriage.
16) John finds out he has a child and Sherlock has to decide if living with John is worth it
17) Mycroft is kidnapped and tortured and Sherlock has to find him.
18) Days in the life of Female!Watson
19) John is roped into meeting some of his "friends" from the surgery for a drink and talks about Sherlock
20) Mycroft dealing with the fact it can be hard to balance the role of brother and additional parent
21) Lestrade bending Mycroft over his desk
22) Lestrade/Female!Sherlock Everyone finds out
23) Torchwood’s ‘Adam’ episode, Sherlock-style
24) Moriarty is John's other personality and he’s trying to become dominant
25) Sherlock has a strong web of homeless people he can call on because he spent a few years homeless

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Filled Prompts (Anonymous) Expand
^1,4,7 (Anonymous) Expand
1) Mycroft thinks he’s too flabby for anyone to be attracted to him, but Lestrade is.
2) Torchwood crossover. Anderson captures Mwyfanwy and keeps her locked up
3) Sherlock pretends to be a woman for a case
4) John is asexual or demisexual
5) Sherlock is a surprisingly tactile touchy/feely person with John
6) Sherlock and John are attracted to each other, but afraid to make the leap.
7) Sherlock makes John list his best qualities in bed
8) Besotted!Sherlock and straight!John
9) Five times John and Sherlock almost met, and the one time they actually did
10) Castle crossover. The world's only consulting detectives meet each other.
11) Moriarty/Sherlock. Jim has a thing for necks and collarbones.
12) Sherlock and John come face to face with a question they can’t figure out
13) A picture of Lestrade kissing another man circulates around the office and Sherlock becomes aroused
14) Starfleet Crossover. Joanna McCoy is sent back in time and changes her name to Dr. Joanna H. Watson
15) Sherlock notices John has some lovely little lovehandles and is besotted.
16) Doctor Who crossover. John and Rory are kidnapped, Sherlock teams up with the Doctor and Amy to save them
17) Sherlock is a famous singer, Mycroft is his manager, and John is his new body-guard.
18) Mummy hires John to babysit her sons.
19) Mycroft/Sherlock/John, brandy butter
20) Sherlock/John watersports
21) Mrs Hudson becomes a criminal monster mind to spare Sherlock from boredom.
22) Sherlock killed a man for John. Everybody know, but nobody can prove it.
23) John finds out that Sherlock has never been kissed, and wants to chance that, but Moriarty gets there first.
24) Joanna’s sister Harry wants a baby, so she agrees to be a surrogate
25) Sherlock finds a teddy bear in a cuddly jumper on his sofa. It's John!

Filled #21 (Anonymous) Expand
1) Someone is a very good artist
2) Mycroft used to steal Sherlock's food as a child.
3) John finds hair dye in the bathroom.
4) Pilot version. Sherlock reacts to the drug the cabbie gave him and John takes care of him
5) John and Sherlock watch a sad movie, and John suddenly notices that Sherlock is crying
6) Sherlock gets a haircut and suddenly becomes nice and likes John
7) Sherlock is being turned into a teenager and John has to deal with his hormones.
8) John can see ghosts, and when he moves to Baker Street, he sees Sherlock Holmes
9) The reason we never see John's sister Harry is she's secretly Harry Potter!
10) Sherlock and John end up in a parallel universe and meet Joanne Watson and Sheridan Holmes.
11) John/Sally. With an extremely jealous Sherlock and Anderson
12) Moriarty infects John with a Mary-Sue/Gary-Stu virus
13) Anderson/Moriarty? Or Lestrade/Anthea? Or Mycroft/John/Sally?
14) By the time this Sherlock Holmes reaches retirement, all the bees have disappeared.
15) Sherlock likes touching, but can’t stand being touched
16) Sherlock had an experience with a woman that left him badly burned.
17) John tries to get Sherlock to be more active by teaching him football or rugby or something.
18) Sherlock really likes the way John smells.
19) Sherlock is always asking after Mycroft's diet because he's secretly sabotaging it.
20) Mycroft/John
21) Something forces Sherlock and John out of 221b. They stay with Mycroft
22) John and Sherlock get stuck in an elevator together.
23) Sherlock and John riding a tandem bike through London.
24) Sherlock likes to tackle John at inopportune moments.
25) Sherlock is like a cat. He clearly brings those body parts to the flat to impress John.

Filled Prompts

WIP #12) Prompt:

Moriarty knew he might not win against Sherlock Holmes, so he had a back-up plan. When he captured John and strapped him to the bomb at the pool, he also injected John with the dreaded Mary Sue/Gary Stue virus!!! Now, a month after the incident at the pool, it's starting to take effect.

Suddenly, everyone who so much as glances at John (male or female) is instantly in love with him, and he's slowly becoming perfect at everything! Even seeing clues that Sherlock misses at crime scenes!

Now, Sherlock needs to find a cure, using his awesome chemist skills, before some of John's more unsavory suitors do something drastic, either to each other or to John. But it's so hard to concentrate on chemistry when he can't stop thinking of John!

S/J or J/S, please. Super bonus points for John being all, "Sherlock doesn't really love me, it's this stupid virus making him think he loves me. I shouldn't take advantage, but I want/love him so much!!!" except, of course, Sherlock loves John anyway, without the influence of the virus.

#19) Prompt:

Sherlock is always asking after Mycroft's diet because he's secretly sabotaging it.

Filled #4 (Anonymous) Expand
20 (Anonymous) Expand
1) Sounding
2) Sherlock uses deduction. It’s super effective.
3) Sherlock is absolutely silent during sex. John takes it as a challenge.
4) John and Sherlock both get caught together in a hostage situation and Sherlock antagonizes their captors.
5) Mycroft is Sherlock’s guardian angel. John is also an angel.
6) Sherlock is a psychic that can see things from the past
7) Sherlock as the Wizard Howl from Howl's Moving Castle
8) John and Sherlock accidentally find each other's erogenous zones
9) Everyone from the show dancing to "Forever" at John and Sherlock's wedding.
10) Sherlock and John make a bet. Loser has to be the winners slave for a week.
11) Lestrade/Mycroft Mycroft loves not being in control in bed.
12) Lestrade/Mycroft Lestrade's handcuffs and Mycroft's umbrella kink!
13) Mycroft's umbrella is like Hagrid's and Sherlock’s a squib
14) A John & Sherlock vid to Living in the Fridge.
15) Sherlock squirming and trying to maintain control and John getting off on it
16) Sherlock breaks his neck and lives.
17) Sherlock enjoys the taste of John's blood.
18) Anderson and Lestrade are cheating on each other with the same woman!
19) Five people who figured out Sherlock has a heart and one person who always knew
20) Sherlock finding the prospect of rimming disgusting until John tries it out
21) Sherlock/John Role reversal/submission
22) John jerking off to thoughts of Sherlock's coat
23) Modern retelling of "The Adventure of the Illustrious Client"
24) Moriarty is the Master and Sherlock is the Doctor
25) Sherlock is empathic, but can’t deal with the input and blocks everything out

Filled Prompts

#4) Prompt:

John and Sherlock both get caught together in a hostage situation, a particularly dangerous one where the bad guys are extremely sadistic and are more than willing to beat or torture their victims for shits and giggles. Sherlock tries to antagonize them into focusing their attacks on him and not the more vulnerable hostages (maybe he teases them about putting their equally sadistic friends/relatives in prison?) John tries to bear with it until Sherlock devises a plan to get them out.

#8) Prompt:

I'd like to see John and Sherlock accidentally find each other's erogenous zones, I was hoping for something uncommon (I'd prefer ears, neck, hips, etc. but pretty much whatever you find easiest to work with). And not realizing the effect it's having on the opposite person until things have gone too far.

Maybe Sherlock deduces John's most sensitive spots by the way he stands or something. Maybe John is checking Sherlock over for some medical excuse.

Whatever. Please, just....Something!

#13) Prompt:

Mycroft's umbrella is like Hagrid's. It has pieces of his broken wand in it, and the reason Sherlock is bitter towards Mycroft is because Sherlock was born a Squib.

#25) Prompt:

Sherlock isn't a sociopath but rather the opposite, he has strong empathic ability. Unfortunately experiences in childhood left him unable to deal with them (emotional overload, unable to deal with the difference between what people are saying and what people's behaviour tells him, not able to differ between his own emotions and those of people around him, etc.) So Sherlock being Sherlock he decided he didn't need it and deleted it from his hard disk. And then he meets John.

I would love some Sherlock trying to deal with his emphatic abilities and John or Mycroft being supportive. (Slash, pre-slash, gen are all fine)


Fixed Links! My bad! (Anonymous) Expand
#15 - wee!fic (Anonymous) Expand
1) Lestrade/Sherlock Moriarty goes after Lestrade
2) Mycroft and Sherlock play games with real people as their pawns. John finds out.
3) Fic or vid to Florence + The Machine’s ‘Cosmic Love’
4) Sherlock hates Mycroft because Mycroft always protected him from their abusive Dad
5) Someone calls Sherlock out for always picking on Mycroft’s diet
6) Sherlock/John fic prompted by Texts From Last Night
7) Lestrade and Mycroft were together in The Blind Banker
8) Sherlock gave up on sex because he couldn’t figure out how to undo clothing
9) Sherlock diagnosed as a sociopath while a child by a doctor
10) Harry is pregnant with Sherlock’s baby, but dies giving birth. Sherlock and John take care of it.
11) John goes with Sherlock to visit his Dad in prison
12) Sherlock things he’s a freak because he enjoys inflicting pain. John assures him it’s fine.
13) The Great Game vid to Europe’s ‘The Final Countdown’
14) John is asked by Lestrade to go undercover to a leather bar/BDSM club and finds Sherlock
15) Sherlock is God. Or Satan
16) Lestrade walks in on Sherlock going down on John
17) Mummy Holmes falls for Lestrade. Mycroft and Sherlock have to convince her she can’t have him
18) Sherlock can’t have contact with his one true love without both of them dying.
19) John walks in on Sherlock dying his hair and teases him about it
20) Texts from Last Night prompt
21) Text prompt: It's like the only way I know how to apologize is by giving a blow job.
22) Moriarty: oh, Sherlock, you know that our romance would put Lady Gaga to shame
23) Text prompt: You were making dinosaur noises while jerking me off..
24) Teen Sherlock is depressed because he doesn't dare come out to his family
25) 5 Times Villains Used Sherlock or John's "Boyfriend" Against Them And The One Time They Got It Right

Full prompt:

Sherlock thinks he's a freak for liking inflicting pain on others, and controlling them. From a young age he learned that this was not considered normal sexual fantasy or behavior.

So he's tucked all this away, and doesn't even think of his sexuality, until he meets John.

John who doesn't think he's a freak for it. At all.

(Porn is great, but I'd like a BDSM love story, where John helps Sherlock understand that he's not a freak and it's okay. Plus John rather likes it.)

Ask and Ye Shall... -

Filled #7 (Anonymous) Expand
Filled #10 (WIP) (Anonymous) Expand
1) Dexter crossover. Sherlock and John take a case in Florida
2) Fic or song based on lyrics from Spring Awakening
3) Someone becomes so absorbed in something that they forget everything else
4) Moriarty/Anyone Bondage, with Jim subbing
5) John has a houndstooth hanky in his pocket and Sherlock takes action
6) John starts a new feature for his blog: LOLSherlock.
7) Narnia crossover. Sherlock and Mycroft ventured into the wardrobe, but came back to the real world
8) The development of a Sherlock/Jim/John/Molly foursome after The Great Game
9) Sherlock and John meet the Libertines
10) Anderson solves a case with his extensive knowledge of dinosaurs. Sherlock doesn’t react well.
11) Sherlock and John vs. Daleks.
12) Cabin Pressure crossover. Sherlock hires MJN Air
13) Sherlock bribes Anderson with dinosaur figures
14) Everyone gets annoyed when Sherlock says 'The Game is on.' It causes them to lose the game.
15) Cingular commercial. IDK, my BFF John?
16) Sherlock doesn’t step on cracks or lines because he’s superstitious
17) Sherlock and John get a cat
18) After The Great Game, John travels back in time to before he met Sherlock
19) Sherlock does whatever it takes to keep John by his side.
20) Genderbending. Sherlock gets female!John pregnant and is fascinated by the growing stomach.
21) Sherlock has an identical twin. Same looks, but not the same smarts. John falls for him.
22) The space between Sherlock's fingers are right where John's fit perfectly.
23) When Sherlock and Mycroft were kids, they shared a bedroom.
24) Sherlock's Belstaff coat is so awesome it has adventures of its own.
25) Sherlock and John team up to rid Lestrade of his virginity



The space between Sherlock's fingers are right where John's fit perfectly.

#24 (Anonymous) Expand

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