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The Filled Prompts Post #1: Parts 1-23
Giggles at the Palace
Welcome to the Filled Prompts Post for Parts 1-23.
If you filled a prompt from Parts 24 and up, please use the FPP #2.
If you filled a prompt from the Spoiler-free post, use this FPP instead.

This is an archive created to make it simple for people to browse through both filled and unfilled prompts.

Let me explain how this works:

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1. Lyrics prompt: You and I by Lady Gaga.
2. Labyrinth fusion.
3. Somehow, someone is Sherlock/fem!John's future child who's travelled back in time to get his/her parents together.
4. Before he dropped out of uni, Sherlock studied violin.
5. Sherlock has a secret boyfriend.
6. Sub!Lestrade on his knees, begging to be used and abused, at the complete mercy of a dom.
7. Fem!John/Lestrade.
8. Alpha!Sherlock/Beta!John/Omega!Jim.
9. John starts a fashion blog.
10. Naked Mycroft with a plug up his ass rocking gently back against his partner's clothed thigh.
11. Video prompt: John playing chopsticks on the piano.
12. Sherlock and John pretending to vacation as a couple at the moors so they don't arouse suspicion as they investigate.
13. Mycroft has been attracted to Anthea for years, but he's too shy to make a move. Sherlock seduces her just to piss off his brother.
14. Something about Lestrade’s adorable child-like smile.
15. Bees have a much better sense of smell than dogs. Sherlock experiments this with Gladstone.
16. "BBC news at midnight," said the voice from the radio. "This is Sherlock Holmes."
17. Protracted, luxurious finger-fucking.
18. "Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will. To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield".
19. Doctor Who crossover.
20. The moment Sherlock realizes John loves him, John tells him he doesn’t anymore.
21. Someone attempts to subvert the slave AU thing in a verse.
22. Lestrade is touch-starved. John notices.
23. xxxHolic crossover.
24. Picture prompt: glasses porn.
25. John being made to have sex with Jim because of mind control and Sherlock being forced to watch.

reprompt from part 12(not Op)
I want naked Mycroft with a plug up his ass rocking gently back against his partner's clothed thigh (preferably John or Lestrade but WOULD NOT SAY NO TO SHERLOCK, JUST SAYIN') it's sweet and soft at first, and he makes the most exquisite noises and he blushes prettily while they trade kisses but after a while it's not enough and he needs to rock harder and pretty soon he's grinding himself down on his partner's thigh so hard and he's almost there and oh god oh god sexy porny times, am I right?


Mycroft fucking himself on someone's thigh, going from slightly embarrassed sexy gentleman to shameless sexy slut.

It doesn't even have to be Mycroft, (please oh please let it be Mycroft) if someone else suits your purposes better then by all means, I just want to see this happen.

Under Your Skin Feels Like Home

1. Sherlock kills Moran.
2. John doesn't care for being dominated. He just wants Sherlock to tie him up so he can let go physically.
3. Moriarty kidnaps John and makes him believe that he's in love with Moriarty, hates Sherlock, and sends him off to kill Sherlock.
4. "Suddenly there she was, less than a foot away, all wide eyes and messy hair"
5. Sherlock noticing John's coping mechanisms and being worried by them.
6. In TGG, Mycroft texted because he was attacked by Moriarty’s men.
7. Lestrade has a daughter and was happily the stay at home parent.
8. Any exploration of Sherlock and strangling.
9. Lestrade watching Sherlock in the shower without his knowledge.
10. Moriarty sticks John in the easiest to break into facility on the planet. No one comes to rescue him. Angst ensues.
11. Sherlock/John: daddykink focusing on the non-sexual aspect of the relationship.
12. Sherlock "deduces" that John would love to be tied up and blindfolded during sex. He is wrong.
13. Sherlock and John have to join in with a D&D group, and they end up revealing more than they mean to.
14. Peter Pan AU.
15. John and Lestrade are secret Kung Fu masters.
16. Sherlock wrapping himself around John.
17. John is killed, and the investigating detectives are convinced Sherlock did it.
18. Lestrade/Jim where Lestrade doesn't know he's Moriarty.
19. One day you will kill him. It will break your heart. But you will still do it.
20. John is an orphan with living parents. One day they come to visit.
21. John's a slave and petulant. Sherlock approves.
22. Sherlock can speak Yiddish.
23. Sherlock learns to love his small weight gain.
24. Gentle, slow, patient, successful fisting between 2 female characters
25. Artemis Fowl fusion.

Peter Pan AU. Sherlock is Peter, John is Wendy. But instead of a story of growing up (since they're already adults) John would much rather stay in Neverland and fuck Sherlock. Sherlock approves of this plan.

Captain "Jim From IT" Hook
Smee Moran
Tinker Mycroft Bell
NSY Lost Boys (and Girls)

Crack would be loved and expected. (To pull off non-crack would be impressive.)

Mini Fill:
To love would be an awfully big adventure...

1. John Watson is a joined Trill (or something similar); John is a doctor, an army officer and a host; Watson is a long-lived symbiont that he's bonded with.
2. Lestrade's children are like the ones in Outnumbered.
3. Mycroft/Lestrade War-Time AU.
4. Write a case-fic in 100 words or less.
5. When things get too much for Sherlock, he just disappears.
6. Sherlock picks a fight with Molly while she's PMT. Molly wins for a change.
7. Lestrade (or Sherlock) has a well-guarded secret that the other knows, but no one else does. Something that upsets him.
8. Sherlock would stay silent and rapt to the screen every time he watched the tape his mother'd made of Yellow Submarine.
9. "I have the two qualities required to see absolute truth. I am brilliant, and unloved."
10. Lestrade has a teenage son or daughter, and he introduces them to Mycroft. It doesn’t go well.
11. Mycroft gets kidnapped by criminals. To rescue him from them, Lestrade goes undercover.
12. Sherlock has a child, Lestrade helps him take care of him/her.
13. Titanic AU.
14. Vampire AU.
15. V For Vendetta fusion.
16. John wins a big teddy for Sherlock.
17. Sherlock and John fight in a Time War.
18. Lestrade is diagnosed with a fatal disease.
19. John has a bit of a makeover. Sherlock is jealous of all the attention he gets from men.
20. Avatar fusion.
21. Moriarty does love Molly, as destructive and twisted as he is.
22. Inappropriate things people say in bed.
23. Victor Trevor has always been the one to get Sherlock through the very worst of times.
24. Victor Trevor shows up one day on the doorstep of 221B in a hell of a state. Sherlock takes care of him.
25. Sherlock and John, individually, make videos of themselves masturbating, and then they trade.

Fill #16

#16 Full Prompt

At a carnival, John sees a shooting game and decides to show off or test his army-honed skills. And what do you know? He wins the top prize.

Sherlock turns around and sees John barely able to hold on to a big teddy that's almost bigger than him and looking abit flustered. Sherlock thinks that John looks extremely adorable and huggable and blushes at the thought.

To make matters worse (or better!), John goes up to him, pushes the teddy in his direction and says "I won it for you."

Schmoopy coma-inducing fluff please?


Carnival (

1. Supernatural crossover.
2. Jim/John fic search.
3. Sherlock has motion sickness.
4. The Holmes brothers having lovely threesome sex with their slave; John.
5. Sherlock has a tattoo.
6. Mycroft and Sherlock decide to put their feud aside and scheme together to get John into a threesome.
7. After getting drunk at a party, Sherlock wakes up next to Anderson.
8. John still gets flashbacks from when he was at war but decides to just ignore them.
9. "Is it true that you tried to assault Sherlock once?" "W-wha... where the hell did you get that information from?!"
10. Doctor Who crossover.
11. John's a Mod, Sherlock's a rocker.
12. Sherlock uses pain to stop thinking. John becomes his dom to make sure Sherlock stays safe.
13. Sherlock and John on a double date with Rory Slippery and Tim Canterbury.
14. John gets hired as a mercenary to guard a beaten-down, amnesiac Sherlock.
15. Lestrade is a sorcerer.
16. Mycroft and Sherlock are actually the same person divided in two bodies.
17. Moriarty is Arthur Conan Doyle.
18. John gets beaten up. He comes home and locks himself in the bathroom so that Sherlock won't see him.
19. Sherlock starts planting flowers. When they're done growing, he gives the bouquet to John.
20. Quote prompt.
21. John is sent back to Afghanistan to oversee the opening of a new hospital. Sherlock is worried.
22. Sherlock is a soldier who's recently gotten discharged due to getting wounded. John is a doctor and, in his spare time, helps the police.
23. Angelo's take and point of view on Sherlock and John's relationship.
24. Sherlock and John end up having to look after a de-aged Lestrade.
25. Kushiel’s Dart AU.

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Promt: Write somethind about Carsick / Seasick / any kind of motionsick Sherlock and I'll love you forever! Caring and adorable John is a plus!

Motion sickness on train

1. Song prompt: Use Me by Bill Withers.
2. A villain makes Sherlock and John have sex. Sherlock is the one who topped, and he gets no support afterwards.
3. Yu Yu Hakusho crossover.
4. Sherlock has been looking for a new flatmate. But, instead of John, Moriarty takes up the offer.
5. Umbridge is the Pink Lady.
6. Sherlock is the “flower girl” at John’s wedding.
7. Just because Sherlock thinks he's the only consulting detective in the world doesn't mean that he actually is.
8. What would have happened if on the first day John and Sherlock meet there was no case.
9. John was sexually abused when he was a kid.
10. Sherlock is secretly a wizard. John staunchly refuses to believe in magic.
11. Sherlock and John have sex on a train.
12. Sherlock and John get lost in Walmart. Shenanigans ensue.
13. Sherlock/Moriarty: every time they have sex, Moriarty reacts differently.
14. Years ago Harry and Sherlock spent a few days together, young Sherlock became infatuated and was heart-broken.
15. Sherlock is asexual. But somehow, he still enjoys sex with John.
16. John is a dragon slayer.
17. John becomes a genius sociopath on par with Sherlock and Moriarty, changing the nature of their game.
18. Any quote from any other Sherlock Holmes source, adapted somehow to fit the BBC interpretation instead.
19. Sherlock is stunned and furious by John's parents.
20. Sherlock/Lestrade with a time travel twist.
21. Sherlock’s insults hurt John so deeply that he packs his things and leaves.
22. Sherlock has narcolepsy.
23. Sherlock is shot, and he tells John he know exactly how John must have felt. John loses it and tells him exactly what happened.
24. Anthea whump.
25. Mycroft/Lestrade: mpreg.

1. Sherlock and Moriarty planning their marriage while John and Seb devise various ways of preventing said marriage.
2. Sherlock asks Lestrade to be his best man, and not just to piss off Mycroft.
3. Sherlock: "Your face is gay" John: "So?" ... and then they had sex
4. The man who raped John and has come back to gloat about how wonderful his own life is and how pathetic John's is.
5. Sherlock’s demands remind John of a very abusive partner was with. It frightens him how easily he falls into the "yes man" role, so he leaves.
6. One day John writes something in his blog that seems ok to him at the time, but has more repercussions than he expects.
7. Sherlock went missing when he was a child. Mycroft recruits John and Lestrade to help find him.
8. What happens when Sherlock tries to flirt with someone very much not interested?
9. Dancing.
10. Doctor Who crossover: Sherlock and John travel with the Doctor together.
11. Pregnant!Mycroft freaks out about getting big and develops an eating disorder.
12. Sherlock gets injured at a crime scene. Sally is the one there with him, and she’s tempted to let him die.
13. Molly's been sent to a self esteem course in Ipswich.
14. Sherlock wants John, who has a crush on Mycroft, who is in love with Lestrade, who fancies Sherlock.
15. Doctor Who crossover: Sherlock was The Doctor.
16. Sherlock and John were cursed in a previous life. Sherlock remembers, John doesn't.
17. Sherlock meets young!ghost!John while investigating old!John’s death.
18. Sherlock doesn’t answer his phone because he’s dead.
19. Sherlock understands John better on what he went through when Sherlock faked his death once the same thing happens to him.
20. Moriarty begins a new game with Sherlock. He has 24 hours to get John to move out of the flat, or John will die.
21. Sherlock and John dancing tango.
22. Irene Adler wears the Rubix cube bra.
23. Wild Target AU.
24. Sherlock is called in to investigate The Grifter.
25. Sherlock at a sci fi convention.

Original prompt: Sherlock and John. Dancing tango. I need this like burning.

Fill: The Tango Irene

1. Sherlock Holmes and the Half Blood Prince.
2. Sherlock and Jim forced to work together against a common enemy.
3. Mycroft is both Sherlock’s half-brother and father.
4. After arresting Moriarty, Sherlock becomes famous.
5. Sherlock and John are con artists.
6. John is surprised to discover Sherlock has an ex-wife.
7. Sebastian tells John that Sherlock was sexually abused while he was at university.
8. The married ones next door start making a LOT of noise. Cue Neighbor Wars.
9. Sherlock and Moriarty die at Reichenbach and come back as ghosts.
10. Molly starts tanning leather out of decomposing human flesh.
11. Someone must design a chair out of cardboard.
12. John is a rentboy, Sherlock fids him through his homeless network.
13. Sherlock is terribly unstylish, when gets a makeover, people start falling all over him.
14. Something involving Star Wars.
15. Sherlock and John watching the stars.
16. Sherlock and John on the swings.
17. Drunk!Sherlock comes onto Lestrade, and Lestrade can’t forget the incident.
18. Sherlock was abused as a child, he reverts to a child-like state when a bad guy hurts him.
19. John has a multiple personality disorder.
20. Heist movie AU.
21. Sherlock has a tattoo of the word "Norbury".
22. Molly is pregnant but she doesn't know who is the baby's father: Sherlock or Jim?
23. Sherlock/John omegaverse hurt/comfort.
24. Sherlock is very seriously injured and in terrible pain. John has only one solution to end Sherlock's pain: his gun.
25. “Analyze however you like, we’re not friends any more.”

#24 Fill


AU, Age Difference, Virgin!Sherlock, Potential Dub-Con
John Watson is a down-on-his-luck soldier just returned to London after being injured in war. He doesn't know anyone and there doesn't appear to be any real opportunity to make an honest living.

Until, that is, he is contacted by Mrs Holmes, who is the matriarch of the aristocratic Holmes family. Mrs Holmes is looking for a tutor for her younger son, Sherlock, who has just turned 18 and is officially on the marriage market.

She's not looking for just any sort of tutor, though; she's looking for someone who can tutor her awkward, emotionally and sexually naive son in the ways of pleasure, since he'll be expected to have extensive knowledge by the time he gets married (and it would be quite the scandal if Sherlock was still a virgin on his wedding night). And John's "Three Continents" reputation has definitely preceded him.

Sherlock himself is embarrassed and angry at the situation and wants nothing to do with John at first. He's much more interested in his puzzles and solving crimes and plans to never get married if he can help it. John, however, begins to change his mind--understanding and praising Sherlock's genius, encouraging him and never belittling or patronizing him--to the point that Sherlock is considered John as a marriage partner. Which would be a completely different sort of scandal...

To any potential filler, I'm thinking this is an AU where arranged marriages are still the norm (at least for the upper classes) with a different view of sex and sex outside of marriage from our own world (perhaps in this world, sex is only sanctioned outside of marriage in certain circumstances). Also, I would prefer there be no non-con, but a little dub-con is fine. Double bonus points for an S/J ending.

tl;dr In an AU where arranged marriage is normal and being a virgin on one's wedding day would cause a major scandal, Mrs Holmes hires John to be Sherlock's 'sensuality tutor'.


1. Sherlock/John omegaverse: When John goes into heat, Sherlock’s abusive side comes out.
2. To get Sherlock’s attention, John kisses him. They both enjoy it more than they would have thought.
3. Sherlock gets a new phone and doesn't turn Autocorrect off before using it.
4. Sherlock and John being normal and cute, but with a few quirks.
5. Sherlock's the 50-something year old consulting detective. Lestrade's the 28-30ish detective.
6. John and Lestrade having their first kiss.
7. Sherlock is 19 and Lestrade is nearing 40. They are together.
8. John blacks out and rapes Sherlock. Sherlock refuses to press charges or let him move out.
9. In case of Zombie Apocalypse, break glass.
10. Sherlock has an eating disorder, and John helps him through it.
11. Sherlock and John breech those awkward relationship firsts regarding bodily functions.
12. John saved a young Sherlock from himself. Years later, Sherlock returns the favor.
13. Star Wars crossover.
14. Quote prompt: small penis.
15. Mycroft/Lestrade: omegaverse.
16. AU in which everyone has the ability to transfer what they’re feeling to another person.
17. John helping Sherlock through a black period.
18. John and Lestrade share war stories.
19. Sherlock/John omegaverse: they plan for John’s next heat.
20. There used to be another with whom Sherlock got along great. The new one is nowhere near as awesome.
21. Long ago, John was granted a wish, and he uses that wish to save Sherlock, but there’s a price.
22. Sherlock/Molly: doggy style.
23. Someone gets together their group of friends to announce that they are bisexual.
24. A young doctor named Arthur Doyle writes a blog about a consulting detective.
25. They died like they lived. Together.

Sherlock doesn't eat not because it slows down the thinking process, but because he's very self conscious about his body image (the "thinking process" is just a cover-story). Eventually John figures out the tell-tale signs of this disorder and tries to help Sherlock.
Fluffy and cute, awkward/shy Sherlock, and loving John :)
Sexytiems is optional.

Fill: In meme or in LJ

1. Sherlock’s client greets him by saying, "Wassup homes?"
2. Picture prompt: Sex tips from Sherlock.
3. ...and then John was a zombie.
4. Sherlock finds a device that allows him to jump realities, and he uses it search for a new John after John’s death.
5. Sherlock realizes that more and more space in his hard drive is being taken up by memories of John.
6. ***
7. Jim Moriarty is somehow knocked out of commission, and Sebastian takes care of him.
8. Harry Potter crossover.
9. Anderson's son is being bullied. Sherlock gives him some good advice.
10. John Watson doesn't exist and never did. He is Sherlock’s hallucination.
11. Sherlock just saw The Lion King and wants to know whether Timon and Pumbaa's distraction would actually work.
12. Sherlock/John: eroticized birth scene.
13. Silence of the Lamb crossover.
14. Sherlock’s fans vs. Moriarty.
15. Sebastian Moran, is none other than Harry Watson.
16. An omega goes into heat and the only one around is another omega.
17. Sometimes Sherlock thinks too fast for his mouth and gets tongue-tied.
18. The Hardy Boys crossover.
19. Star Trek AU.
20. Sherlock and John are on a case when it becomes apparent that a death/threat/attack is fandom-related.
21. The Walking Dead prompt.
22. Sherlock starts to mansplain something. One of our lovely women shuts him down and tells him what's what.
23. Moran starts blogging about Moriarty, and he and John get caught up in a blogging war.
24. John and Sherlock are the ambiguously gay duo.
25. Sherlock getting bent over by a tentacle creature as he slowly critiques it's performance.

#12 Fill

Prompt: MPREG Sherlock/John: eroticized birth scene


Write a fic based on your favorite nursery rhyme.

Poem Fill (last prompt on Page 62):
Hey Sherlock Sherlock

Fill #23 (Anonymous) Expand


Minifill: Sherlock eats Smarties Systematically for Science.

#8 filled


Re: Part 20 Page 65 (Anonymous) Expand
I need any kind of sick Sherlock, seriously, I can't get enough of that!



1. Top Gear crossover.
2. Five times the height difference between Sherlock and John is an issue and one time it's not.
3. Mycroft/Lestrade: Mycroft is comfortable with his body; Lestrade loves it.
4. Dialogue prompt: self harm/suicide.
5. After TBB, Sherlock addressing his feelings for John.
6. Heavily scarred from an accident Sherlock has a problem with showing the scars, even if it's entirely innocent.
7. Hospital beside comfort fic between Sherlock and Lestrade.
8. What the police have confiscated from Sherlock when he attempted to access the Palace of Westminster.
9. John was a prankster that happened to pull a lot of pranks that were technically felonies.
10. Priest AU.
11. Sherlock thinks the only thing that defines him is his genius.
12. John and Mrs Hudson are away; Sherlock is perfectly capable of looking after himself.
13. Five times Sherlock planned out his retirement, and one time his plans came true because the person didn't leave.
14. John shoves Sherlock into the corner of an alley and does the whole "pretend we're making out" thing.
15. Molly masturbating thinking of Sherlock.
16. Sherlock has been masturbating to thoughts of John since the first night he moved in to 221B.
17. Mycroft/Lestrade: Lestrade uses his safeword.
18. Supernatural crossover.
19. John and Sherlock go their separate ways. After Reichenbach John is stricken with remorse.
20. John goes out of town for a week or so. Sherlock decides his lack of John is intolerable and so goes off to stalk him.
21. Dialogue prompt: Cuddles.
22. Sherlock and John start having sex. It takes Mycroft an embarrassingly long time to deduce this.
23. Sherlock nosing into an online flame war or something and correcting everyone's spelling and grammar and punctuation.
24. Dom!John tops sub!Sherlock from the bottom.
25. Kindergarden AU.

Prompt: Wanna know why Sherlock is so desperate to keep himself occupied? Because when he has nothing to do then he thinks about a deal he made 8 or 9 years ago with a strange man named Crowley. Doesn't really matter what the deal was for (his deduction skills?), but the main point is that he has a few hell hounds on his heels.

However, unknowingly to him, Sherlock happens to be living with a Prophet, which just happens to come prepackaged with an archangel. An archangel that is just itching to smite anything that comes near dear Dr. Watson, like a Hell Hound for instance, with the wrath of a few thousand suns. Now whether Sherlock and John are aware of this is up to the author, I would appreciate it either way. (Error: understatement, replace "appreciate" with "love and revere.")

tldr; Sherlock promised his soul to Crowley, but any Hell Hounds after his soul are deterred by Prophet!John's archangel.

1. Crowley of any kind. Or any appearance of the Supernatural cast, but mostly Crowley.
2. Sherlock/John, not required, but would be "appreciated."

Fill: As long as forever is

1. Escalator frottage.
2. Mycroft and Sherlock discover that their biological mother is one Valerie Frizzle.
3. Sherlock pinning John up against a wall with his legs wrapped around Sherlock's waist.
4. Too Kinky to Torture Molly.
5. Moriarty/John arranged marriage.
6. Clara never understood why people like to drink alcohol. Her 'ignorance' is one of the reasons she and Harry separated.
7. John is the one who "dies" at Reichenbach instead of Sherlock.
8. John hysterically crying while Sherlock tries (and fails) to comfort him.
9. John needs cuddles, but it's not that easy.
10. Video prompt: Green Wing.
11. Just silliness about Sherlock being a Mean Girls fan.
12. A desperate, slutty Sherlock getting topped by multiple Johns.
13. Lestrade arresting a young Mycroft, and the latter having to do certain...things in exchange for freedom.
14. Kirk and Spock are Mrs Turner's married ones.
15. Lestrade/Sherlock: Lestrade is a great actor.
16. Sherlock imperiously announces that he and John are now in a romantic relationship. John resists, at first.
17. Dialogue prompt.
18. John is a complete blushing maiden during sex.
19. Mycroft gets stuck on a dessert island.
20. Sherlock is a bitch to play hide and seek with.
21. Sometimes, Sherlock thinks, he might be in love. Yet, he’s not truly satisfied.
22. For some reason Sherlock and Mycroft have to go undercover and audition as a 'group' for X-Factor.
23. Pink Panther crossover.
24. Cabin Pressure crossover.
25. John being a professor and falling in love with his most gifted student Sherlock.

#6 Harry/Clara (clara's distaste for alcohol)

Prompt #6

Biscuits and wine

1. Mycroft knows the Doctor, and they have a rather close friendship (whether it's gen or slash is up to you, but I'm aiming for gen. Though I don't mind slash c:) You're free to use whichever Doctor you want, though preferably nine-eleven, because - sadly - I haven't seen the classic series. I'd just like a nice fic where Mycroft has a friend he very much cares for, and how he acts then.

2. John dies. How I do not know, but he'd only known Sherlock for about five/six years. I'd like to see how each character deals with that, and how they comfort (or perhaps they don't) each other.

3. Any one of the Endless (from Neil Gaiman's Sandman) interacting with any one of the BBC Sherlock universe. If you write more than just one meeting between two persons* you get bonus John's creepy cat jumper.

* As in you don't just write a meeting between f. ex. Lestrade and Desire, but also Sherlock and Dream, John and Destruction and so on. If you use all the characters in each universe you get both John's creepy cat jumper and a year of jam supply.

Three sandman ficlets.

1. Sherlock/Moriarty: significant glances.
2. Sherlock gives himself injuries and exposes himself to cold viruses on purpose, just so John will take care of him.
3. Lingerie.
4. An American soldier who fought with John in Afghanistan shows up at the steps of 221B Baker Street and asks John out on a date.
5. Sherlock is the Prince of Bees. John is the Prince of Bears.
6. John and Sherlock are actors who have just met each other and hit it off quite well, becoming platonic life partners.
7. Something about rugby.
8. John ends up keeping both Lestrade and Sherlock safe/well/alive after he finds out they're very happily together.
9. The Lestrade family.
10. John’s father used to abuse him.
11. Sherlock/John: changing room sex.
12. Dark Angel crossover.
13. Mycroft/Lestrade: experiencing with toys.
14. Something about John and Seb Wilkes.
15. Sherlock used to have a teenager crush on John.
16. 1979 AU: Sherlock is a big fan of Freddy Mercury and wants to go backstage.
17. Sherlock and John, who are platonic friends, making slightly inappropriate jokes about marriage/fucking/families/etc.
18. AU in which John is a dancer in a entertainment bar.
19. Sherlock gets married to his boyfriend and John gets upset/jealous/realises his feelings for Sherlock too late.
20. John/Sherlock over the TARDIS console.
21. John has the Perfect Cup of Tea. Sherlock somehow manages to spoil it.
22. John says "Oh my God, this is better than sex!" about something, Sherlock must experiment.
23. Five times Mycroft nearly met Lestrade, and the one time where he finally did and Lestrade recognizes him for who he is.
24. John starts dating Carmen Sandiego.
25. Sherlock/John Christmas fluff.


"An American soldier who fought with John in Afghanistan shows up at the steps of 221B Baker Street and asks John out on a date."



1. Sherlock and John et al get invited to some major costume party.
2. When he was young, Sherlock read a book about a consulting detective and his assistant.
3. Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) fusion.
4. If Sherlock falls in love, his brain rots. He has to choose between Work and John.
5. The Big Bang Theory crossover.
6. Sherlock calls John 'My dear Watson'.
7. In a moment of a complete elation, Sherlock kisses John. He feels awkward about it and asks Lestrade about it.
8. X-Files crossover.
9. Everyone who has ever hurt John has invariably called him "Johnny" or "Johnny boy" immediately before/after doing so.
10. John is a contestant on one of those shows where the contestants have to eat weird things and do scary things.
11. Explain how John was kidnapped.
12. Art prompt: Moran/Moriarty.
13. "...I winked at him... Stupid!! Why did I wink at him!?"
14. Sherlock and John are Dom and Sub. When Sherlock comes back after Reichenbach, John has a new Dom.
15. When Sherlock was a kid he used to 'translate' what the Clangers were saying.
16. John discovers that when Sherlock is bored, he asks Molly to come over to have sex.
17. Angelo and Mrs Hudson meet weekly to discuss the next step in getting John and Sherlock together.
18. Once John realises that Sherlock and Lestrade are together he wonders why it took so long to spot.
19. When Molly meets Mycroft, her crush shifts.
20. Diaogue prompt.
21. Life Size crossover.
22. After he hit rock bottom during his drug addiction, Sherlock deleted everyone from that time in his life. Moriarty never forgot.
23. Android!Sherlock/John.
24. New Tricks crossover.
25. Asexual!Sherlock keeps a list of things that are - in his opinion, anyway - literally better than orgasm.

Sherlock and John et al get invited to some major costume party. (Maybe Mummy Holmes has a costume party every year...?) Whatever the reason, everyone is at this costume party, and I wanna know what they're dressed up as!

Totally up to filler. Seriously, I just LOOOVE wearing costumes and seeing/reading about other people wearing costumes. (Do I need help for this?) Anything is fine, I don't care about pairings, I am easier than Holmes five seconds after he finishes a case and Watson calls him 'Brilliant!'

Mini Fill:
Sherlock and John are cheaters

Mini Fill:

1. Jasper Fforde's Thursday Next (Bookworld) crossover.
2. Sherlock/Luther.
3. Mycroft has some pretty extreme sexual kinks. Lestrade is surprised and doesn't know how to ask for vanilla sex.
4. Picture prompt.
5. Nightmare on Elm Street fusion.
6. Mother is asexual. Father is very much sexual. They have an open marriage and love each other very much.
7. Soo Lin/Anyone.
8. With Sherlock being able to deduce almost everything, how he and John negotiate disclosure.
9. Sherlock Holmes is John Watson's Tyler Durden.
10. John convinced himself he didn't care.
11. Supernatural crossover.
12. Lestrade and Mycroft become best friends, but one of them does/says something wrong and they stop talking.
13. Sherlock/John song prompt: Talking to the Moon by Bruno Mars.
14. Sherlock's eating disorder that is not in any way related to his body image.
15. Harry is actually John's brother, but John tells Sherlock Harry's his sister because Harry's transsexual.
16. A scene in which Sherlock is having one of his 'black moods' and feeling extremely tired.
17. Black Books crossover.
18. Sherlock as a TV show contestant.
19. Quote prompt.
20. Sherlock comes to in a hospital after the explosion at the pool. He can hear others' thoughts.
21. One day, John collapses from lack of food. How does Sherlock get him to eat again?
22. For the last five years Sherlock and Lestrade have been flirting, negotiating, courting etc. John teams up with someone to get them together.
23. A bad guy threatens Sherlock by bending one of his fireplace pokers, and then Sherlock unbends it.
24. Someone curses Sherlock and John so they fall deeply in love, but they already have partners.
25. Sherlock/Lestrade: magical AU.

Is a prompt concerning depression a triggery one?
Those of you who have seen Lars von Trier's film Melancholia probably remember the scene in which Justine is feeling so powerless that she can't get into the bathtub, not even with Claire's help.

I'd like a similar scene with Sherlock and John - a scene in which Sherlock is having one of his 'black moods' and feeling so tired that, for example, getting into a bathtub feels like something he just cannot do.

Mini Fill:

1. Dialogue prompt.
2. Sherlock and John are together, but Sherlock loves Victor more.
3. John dies at the end crossover.
4. Sherlock doesn't think of Mycroft as his brother, but he thinks of him as his mother.
5. Third Star crossover.
6. AU where not being normal is more normal than being normal.
7. John does not like sweet tea.
8. John Watson is a pensioned soldier who started writing stories about the fictional consulting detective Sherlock Holmes.
9. In Afghanistan, John found an old lamp in which there’s a genie: Sherlock.
10. Dr & Mrs Watson help Sherlock stave off the periods of self-destructive boredom by keeping him as their shared pet/sex-toy.
11. Sherlock heard John farting in his sleep and found it really ridiculous to the extent of laughing till he cried.
12. Felching.
13. Lestrade discovers Sherlock can ride.
14. Sherlock occasionally returns to crime scenes to masturbate.
15. When Lestrade dies, he dies he ends up in Gene Hunt's 70's version of purgatory.
16. Sherlock has decided that when he grows up he's going to marry John Watson. One problem: Sherlock is in primary school, and Mr. Watson is his teacher.
17. Sherlock is part of an asexual community.
18. Sherlock gives John jam for his birthday. He got the idea on the Internet.
19. Sherlock and Moriarty discuss how their lives may have gone if they'd somehow met before Carl Powers.
20. Sherlock and John go to a gala at a museum. John tries to cheer Sherlock up with mischief.
21. Lestrade and Sherlock find out that Lestrade is Sherlock's biological father.
22. Sherlock desperately trying to chemically formulate the tears of a phoenix to save John's life.
23. Sherlock is Siri and falls in love with John. The feeling is mutual.
24. Sherlock tries to comfort John with porn, but it’s cuddling that eventually make him relax.
25. Weird super powers.

"Do you have any idea what it's like sitting up in bed waiting for the crashing and the banging and the screaming because your dad went and got himself shit-faced again and now he's come back home to take it out on you and your mum and your brothers?! Do you know what it's like to genuinely fear that your little brother, theBone you're supposed to protect with your life, isn't going to make it through the night because of something that bastard did?! Do you know what it's like when you're only consolation for all of that, the only thing that you can tell your brothers, your bloody kid brothers, is that 'someday we'll be bigger than him'?! Go on Mycroft tell me - do you know how any of that feels?!"

"...Gregory, I know how all of that feels."

Fill (on Page 72):

Full Prompt: Based on this movie:

That's it. Just give me a vignette with two characters (up to anon who) sitting around drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes. What they're talking about is totally up to the filler; it could be completely random or hugely significant. Let's bring some avant- garde awesomeness to this meme.


1. Sherlock's first text.
2. Sherlock snores. Adorably.
3. Sherlock robs a bank.
4. Moran is very competent, but he's quiet and almost nerdy.
5. Mycroft has had a serious illness all his life. Sherlock was born for the express purpose of donating tissue to keep him alive.
6. Moriarty and Lestrade's section of Scotland Yard was just created to give Sherlock something to do.
7. Granada!Holmes/BBC!Holmes.
8. John to dyes Sherlock's hair.
9. The coat is missing.
10. John has to explain to Sherlock what "say what you see" is all about after it is reportedly the last words a victim was heard to shout.
11. Sherlock has to solve a case involving a dead ex-army doctor. After watching his video blog, he falls in love with him.
12. John and Lestrade are immortals. They meet up every few decades are so to catch up.
13. A BBC!Sherlock spin on The Dying Detective.
14. Sherlock/Moriarty: awkward first kiss.
15. Sherlock and John in space.
16. Everyone was supportive when Sherlock and John were just starting out, but the excessive PDA is getting out of hand.
17. Jim develops a school girl crush on John.
18. John comes back from a date with Sarah, and possessive!Sherlock pretty much attacks him. Rough sex ensues.
19. Five murders John got away with, and one he didn't.
20. John is transported into the D/s world and meets Dom!Sherlock.
21. John roleplaying a naïve, inexperienced person while Sherlock overwhelms him.
22. Daddy/boy with Lestrade as the boy.
23. A character is sexual with someone, and it's the first time they weren't afraid while doing so.
24. Picture prompt.
25. “But Sherlock is a puzzle. He’s impossible, and infuriating, and astonishingly ignorant, and brilliant, and sometimes very, very sad.”

Full prompt: Sherlock is called in to solve a case involving a dead ex-army doctor. During the course of his investigations, he finds the video blog the victim recorded for therapy purposes. Sherlock watches the blog, and falls in love with the late John Watson.


1. John and Sherlock take a case in Texas.
2. John's hair starts to turn grey prematurely.
3. John teaches Sherlock how to drive, or Sherlock teaches John how to ride a horse.
4. Sherlock wears a fur coat a la Cruella de Vil and pulls it off.
5. Fem!John/Fem!Sherlock: fingering.
6. John’s DNA gets mixed with another specie’s.
7. Supernatural fusion.
8. Moriarty/Moran based on a quote by Orson Welles.
9. Sherlock discovers that he sleeps fantastically when John's lying on top of him.
10. Picture prompt.
11. “All my enemies are just like me their fatalist mistake.”
12. Just hours after they first meet, John and Sherlock are kidnapped by Moriarty and taken to a remote island to be hunted by Sebastian Moran.
13. Sherlock finds out that Molly holds an Unrestricted Grandmaster ranking from the FIDE.
14. Sherlock leaves John for a normal relationship-ending reason.
15. Pregnant Jim.
16. Sometimes Sherlock secretly loves to strip down and make love to his coat. One day John walks in on that.
17. Sherlock forgets that the rest of the mortal world can't survive without food and sleep until John passes out one day during a crime scene investigation.
18. Shy, nervous, bottom!Sherlock experiencing his first time.
19. John shoots Mycroft to save Sherlock's life.
20. Dialogue prompt.
21. Sherlock has a switch.
22. John comes home and finds Sherlock post orgasm after a fantastic wank. Sherlock says to John "Oh I was just thinking about you"
23. John's and Sherlock's minds become altered.
24. Licking. Growling. Biting. Scratching. Howling. Needing. Taking.
25. Sherlock has a suit made for John. Sherlock makes John wear the suit. Sherlock then fucks John's brains out.

Filled #17

It was only a mini-fill though.

Full prompt: There's just not enough exhaustion/sleep deprivation/dehydration h/c fic around here IMHO, for a meme that revolves in part around a man who can supposedly go for days without eating or sleeping and not get sick/start hallucinating/etc.

And Sherlock forgets that the rest of the mortal world can't survive like that until John just quietly passes out one day during a crime scene investigation...

Fill: Same place as the prompt, link is ^^^ up there.

1. Dialogue prompt: John loves Sherlock like a brother.
2. Harry Watson is Seb Moran.
3. Character B walks in on character A dipping their fingers into batter/icing while moaning. And then they have sex.
4. John with nipple piercings.
5. Jim starts tormenting John, but grows fond of him in the process. Moran is jealous.
6. Molly is a single mom.
7. Sherlock is visited by the ghost of Jennifer Wilson.
8. Picture prompt.
9. John makes Sherlock a nice, home-cooked meal.
10. Discworld crossover.
11. John teases Sherlock by sliding into him only half-way, then running his fingertips around the edge of where they're connected.
12. Mycroft falls down the stairs, Sarah is there to help him.
13. Lestrade/Sherlock: the first time after they’ve not be able to see each other for a while.
14. Sherlock and John progress from friends with benefits to an actual relationship.
15. Sherlock fakes his own death so he can get a new identity and marry Mycroft
16. Dialogue prompt: Mycroft has a criminal record.
17. Moriarty's previous career was as a host and gigolo to little old ladies.
18. Sherlock is a Dom. John, a Sub has been arrested for murdering his Dom.
19. Lestrade/Sherlock/John: Lestrade is retiring.
20. Mycroft/Lestrade: Lestrade is an omega, Mycroft an alpha.
21. Prompt inspired by Kipling’s The Brushwood Boy.
22. Lestrade saved a fortune teller’s life, who tells him he’ll one day fall in love with Sherlock’s flatmate.
23. "Why are you dressed?" "Because I think you are about to leave me, and I didn't want to be wearing a dressing gown."
24. John's mouth says no, but his body says yes. Sherlock gags John and fucks him.
25. Sherlock watches Twin Peaks.

#23 - Filled and Complete

Original Prompt and In-Community Fill link:

Completed and Cleaned-Up Link in my personal journal:

Note: It's sort of a mini-fill, at about 945 words.


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