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The Filled Prompts Post #1: Parts 1-23
Giggles at the Palace
Welcome to the Filled Prompts Post for Parts 1-23.
If you filled a prompt from Parts 24 and up, please use the FPP #2.
If you filled a prompt from the Spoiler-free post, use this FPP instead.

This is an archive created to make it simple for people to browse through both filled and unfilled prompts.

Let me explain how this works:

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1. Mycroft is shot on the doorstep of 221B, Sherlock is shocked to find out he cares.
2. Post Reichenbach, John gets amnesia. Mycroft promised to watch out for him and tells him they're brothers.
3. Molly is an omega female while Anthea is an alpha.
4. John bring Sherlock to celebrate Rosh Hashanah with him.
5. The last thing a dying Sherlock asks of John is to be allowed to taste a teardrop on his face.
7. Sometimes Lestrade and Sherlock escape London for a day and go for a walk on a beach.
8. The Room crossover.
9. Victor Trevor is John's friend from university.
10. Mike Stamford is cupid.
11. Victor Trever comes back to Sherlock's life again, as his brother's lover this time.
12. Mycroft pining after Mike Stamford.
13. Girl!John used to be a talented thief-for-hire, under the name Irene Adler.
14. Sherlock Holmes is John Watson's most prized possession.
15. D/s verse: sub!John’s body reacting to something that his heart and his head absolutely do not want.
16. Moran/Moriarty after the pool.
17. Mycroft and John get kidnapped together and put in a separated room.
18. AU in which Sherlock becomes a serial killer.
19. Mycroft is a closeted sub and John is a closeted dom.
20. In the past, John got in trouble with the police, and Lestrade was involved.
21. The two Holmes brothers taking over the world.
22. John finds Mycroft in the sitting room lying on the floor, barely holding onto his life.
23. Crossover prompt.
24. John is a serial killer. He kills only criminals and is very protective of Sherlock.
25. Sherlock teaches the Yard how to observe.

Sherlock Holmes is John Watson's most prized possession

Yours, Mine, Ours

1. At John’s wedding, Sherlock angsting over losing John.
2. John and Sherlock as test subjects at Aperture Science get separated from each other.
3. One character giving another character a blowjob in a semi-public place.
4. Sherlock and John start watching old detective shows on TV.
5. Luther crossover.
6. "I feel I was denied...critical...need to know...information."
7. Captive Prince crossover.
8. Quote prompt from The West Wing.
9. Mycroft has his very own Groundhog day experience.
10. When John comes back from having sex with multiple partners, Sherlock deduces what happened.
11. One night, as a thank you, Mycroft invites Lestrade and cooks dinner for him.
12. Sherlock realises that Mycroft has been married to Moriarty for the past few years.
13. Mycroft devouring his cakes, and making loud, downright dirty, sexy noises while doing so.
14. Reichenbach isn’t intentional.
15. John has a stalker.
16. In his spare time, Lestrade likes to build sex toys and furniture.
17. Look to your left. The first thing you see is now your prompt.
18. John tries really hard to accept Sherlock's new boyfriend.
19. Lestrade suffers terribly in the heat.
20. Consulting-criminal!Sherlock Holmes gets his favorite henchman, John Watson, to rape consulting-detective!Jim Moriarty.
21. Sherlock/John: Sherlock becomes a serial killer.
22. Sherlock/John: One of them has a vagina but identifies as male. The other finds it very arousing.
23. Thor or The Avengers crossover.
24. Moriarty is a were-horse or shifter of some kind.
25. Toby is Sherlock's massively old, but sweet-hearted dog who loves John.

(Deleted comment)
Prompt 19 (Anonymous) Expand
Fill #17 (Anonymous) Expand
Fill #10 (Anonymous) Expand

Filled: #25

Full Prompt: John doesn't just like jam: he HUNTS for it. He wil search through the cupboards in people's houses lookinng for the stuff, how does Sherlock and Co. solve this?

Fill: Glory

1. Kid!Holmes and adult!John have mysterious adventures in London.
2. A child asks John and Sherlock about Santa.
3. When they know they’re going to die, Sherlock breaks his hand so he can slip out of the restraints and hold John.
4. More Toby.
5. Sub!Sherlock sneaking in a stealthy, forbidden wank and having to face the consequences.
6. Mycroft hires Sherlock a bodyguard and Sherlock has trouble adjusting.
7. Anyone having Halloween fun.
8. John is Moriarty, when Sherlock is close to figuring it out, John has his way with him.
9. Moriarty hold Sherlock and John at gun point. If Sherlock doesn’t fuck John, Moriarty’s men will do it.
10. Kidnapping, sensory deprivation, and accidental sexiness.
11. Prompt inspired by Pretty Girls by Iyaz.
12. Uni-age!John and Mike being the shortest, most badass little shits ever.
13. Sherlock learned to delete things after he forgot a traumatic incident from his childhood.
14. During sex, Sherlock sounds like a gravely wounded man.
15. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia crossover.
16. Anthea fucking Molly with a strap-on in the back of a car.
17. After some disaster occurs in 221B that renders it temporarily unlivable, Mrs. Hudson offers them 221C at a reduced price.
18. John and Sherlock argue over which chemical element best represents the other's personality.
19. Sherlock is a coconut.
20. Mycroft/Anyone: "It's hard to overstate my satisfaction."
21. Sherlock comes back after Reichenbach falls and Lestrade persuades him to play the part of his nephew.
22. Sherlock starts cracking up over something and Cannot. Stop. Laughing.
23. Two characters walking on the street, one of them getting some nasty propositional comment from a jerk.
24. Sherlock and John meet through craiglist.
25. Winnie the Pooh fusion.

#22 Sherlock has a giggle fit

Fill at here:

2. Baby talk makes Sherlock literally sick.
3. A plagiarist turns John's blog into trashy detective novels.
4. Mycroft realises that Moriarty is his real, biological brother, not Sherlock.
5. Sherlock can't close his eyes during kissing or sex. Until John.
6. Sherlock can't come unless he has something inside him.
7. John Watson went missing after leaving for university. Twenty years later he's found in Jim Moriarty's custody by Sherlock Holmes.
8. Five times Sherlock didn't reveal what he knew, and one time he did.
9. The Yard goes to war over Sally. Lestrade is not impressed.
10. John/Sherlock/Mycroft/Lestrade: they have a game they like to play in the bedroom.
11. Captuded!slave!John experiences Stockholm Syndrome.
12. Errant comment.
13. John and the Yarders walk on Sherlock and Greg kissing/shagging/footmassaging/anything.
14. Errant comment.
15. Old school D/s dynamic.
16. Vampire!Sherlock or Vampire!John.
17. When Sherlock was doing drugs, Mycroft started carrying a drug OD emergency kit with him at all times.
18. Harry moves in with fem!John and fem!Sherlock. Sexual tension ensues.
19. John realizes that he is in love with or attracted to Sherlock, and he doesn’t take that realization well.
20. George of the Jungle fusion.
21. Mycroft/Sherlock/John.
22. Mummy thinks that Lestrade/Mycroft and John/Sherlock are happening. She’s wrong.
23. Molly adopts reincarnated!cat!Sherlock.
24. Sherlock has an ability to summon all kinds of vehicles (but he prefers taxis).
25. Picture prompt: Doctor Who crossover.

Filled #7

Full Prompt:
At the age of eighteen John Watson went missing after leaving to university. Two months later his bloody rugby jersey was found, case closed, John Watson was claimed dead.

Twenty years later Sherlock Holmes receives information that Moriarty is moving something valuable to him to a new location. Sherlock takes advantage of this and ambushes the transport and steals the car carrying the valuable 'item'.

When he's out of the thick of things Sherlock finally takes a moment to see what precious cargo is.

In the back seat of the car is a drugged and sleeping John Watson.

Later on, after arriving at his own safe house, Sherlock receives a text stating:

You have something of mine. -M

TL;DR: John Watson went missing after leaving for university. Twenty years later he's found in Jim Moriarty's custody by Sherlock Holmes

Fill: Finders Keepers (

(Deleted comment)
Filled #23 (Anonymous) Expand


Prompt: When Sherlock was young and very lonely, he wrote on a sheet of paper, 'I want a friend.' And then described all the things he wanted in that friend. Brave, loyal, shorter than him (because Mycroft is too damn big and he doesn't want another Mycroft!) someone who laughs with him and not at him, a doctor because doctors work with dead people, ect, ect, ect.

Slightly embarrassed by what he wrote, Sherlock tore the paper up and didn't think of it for years.

Enter John. =)

Fill here:

Re: FILLED #5 (Anonymous) Expand
"I'm done with you, Harry. No more. I'm done."

"Sure you are, John."

A pause and eye contact.

"When I say I'm done. I'm done. I won't wait here and watch you drink yourself to death."

"Well, aren't you the best big brother in the world."

"...Thanks for the phone and take care. Call me when you're ready."

4 months after the pool incident John get's a phone call.

"Hello, John Watson? I'm calling to inform you that your sister, Harriet Watson, passed away last night. Alcohol poisoning. I'm terribly sorry."

This meme needs more Watson sibling angst.

Fill: Here or in LJ.

(Deleted comment)
AU. Sherlock is a witch, and John must go to him for help. Sherlock is reluctant, because despite prejudice against witchcraft, he works for good, and John is a soldier.

Westmoreland (parent for additional parts)

The first time John and Sherlock sleep together they...

One night at the end of a very long, exhausting, marathon case John and Sherlock are both so tired that neither one is thinking clearly enough to keep up the mental barriers that normally keep them from finally admitting how they feel about each other and a confused and sleepy conversation takes place in which one of them just accidently blurts out "I love you" or something else that's unmistakably a declaration of love.

The other one returns the sentiment and maybe they kiss once or twice but then instead of having crazy hot sex like they had both hoped they might if this miraculous day ever happened, they just pass out in bed together all warm and cuddled up with each other and still wearing most of their clothes because they are too worn out to do anything but sleep.

I'd also love it if they woke up the next morning and there's some awkwardness before they remember how they wound up like that but when they do it's all just "well thank God we finally got that sorted so we can get on with the 'happily ever after' part of our lives". Crazy hot sex later on after they are all rested is totally optional.

TL;DR John and Sherlock are both so exhausted at the end of case that they wind up accidently sleepily admitting their feelings for one another. Then they fall asleep all cuddled up with each other.


Full Prompt:
When John gets carpal tunnel, Sherlock soon decides he can do better a better job than John's prescription... and so he offers John a hand massage.

It becomes a daily routine. Every time Sherlock works over John's hands, the massage becomes a bit longer. A bit more exploratory. And a bit quieter. John finds himself longing for the hush of these times, when all he can hear is the beat of his heart, their shared breathing, and the slide of Sherlock's fingers over his oiled hands.

He wonders whether Sherlock realizes how intimate all this is. Given the way Sherlock's gaze softens by the end of each session, it would seem so...

Sexytimes at end optional; I'm mainly looking for these two mapping out a deepening sense of belonging to each other. :)

WIP Fill:
Such a Simple Thing

1. Gossip Girl fusion.
2. Sherlock's eyes are the equivalent of mood rings and you can tell how he's feeling by the color of them.
3. Shy!Lestrade with confident!Mycroft or confident!John.
4. Mycroft and Molly comfort each other over drinks one night after they've dealt with snarky!Sherlock.
5. John loves the smell of the strawberry shower gel that Sherlock just started using.
6. Dragonheart crossover.
7. Victorian roleplay.
8. When he has something up his arse, John Watson turns into the screamiest screamer who ever screamed.
9. Mycroft/:estrade: omegaverse.
10. Sherlock and John’s epic friendship.
11. While pretending to be a couple for a case, Sherlock and John realize who they really want to be with.
12. John’s girlfriend tries finding a boy/girlfriend for Sherlock.
13. Evil!Sherlock first meets John when he kidnaps him.
14. Graveyard Book crossover.
15. Sherlock and Lestrade go to a local lovers' spot for a bit of quality time together. Mycroft and John are there too.
16. John getting off watching two men dom the fuck out of Sherlock.
17. Sherlock doesn’t want to act on his feelings for John in case it ruins their friendship.
18. Video prompt.
19. Mycroft, John, and Sherlock are all in the living room when Sherlock has a heart attack.
20. Someone sings ‘Striped Sweater’ to John.
21. Evil!John and Evil!Mycroft use the pseudonym 'Jim Moriarty' to play with Sherlock.
22. John and Sherlock are Furries.
23. Five-year-old John was adopted by Lestrade's family.
24. Sherlock wakes up feeling wrecked after a dream that he and John had broken up, but they’re not in a relationship.
25. After Reichenbach, Sherlock is clinically dead for a minute. He finds the experience boring.

John loves the smell of the strawberry shower gel that sherlock just started using because it is so unlike him. Cue cuddling, snuggling, fluffityfluffness. :D

Follow Your Nose

In a random bout of superior intelligence, John tells Sherlock that really, the only reason he's so hostile with Anderson is because of all the sexual tension. John proposes that Sherlock fuck the living shit out of Anderson to prove his theory. (In the name of science, Sherlock. It's of national importance. You must.)

Sherlock does, if only to prove that John is an idiot.

It's the best sex he's ever had.

(And we're just going to assume he's had a lot.)

For Science

#12 fill Sally/Mrs. Anderson.

# Fill Prompt: Sally/Mrs. Anderson

Sally and Caroline:

Being a man of science (and a bit of a snob) as Sherlock is, wouldn’t the Nobel Prize ceremony and the banquet be his world cup or olympic games? And wouldn’t Mycroft be able to give him a ticket? Maybe not at the royal table, but maybe a cheap seat reserved for the students?

I want science-loving!Sherlock!

Mini Fill:
Christmas came early

#16 "Blackbird" by the Beatles prompt


Re: Part 20 Page 42 #12 (Anonymous) Expand
(Deleted comment)
Fill # 11 (Anonymous) Expand
1. The parent!Holmeses dress tiny!Sherlock up in a bee costume.
2. Hollywood called. They're offering a movie/TV deal based on John's blog.
3. Lestrade and Sherlock meet through World of Warcraft.
4. Mycroft as Sherlock's fairy godfather with wings and pink smoke.
5. John is kidnapped and kept in an impregnable place. Sherlock assembles an army to rescue him.
6. A sub is about to break up with his/her dom. This is their last scene together.
7. John explores the joy of sex as a woman.
8. Moriarty kidnaps Sherlock when he’s young and trains him to be his protege.
9. John beating some villain up with a chair, please.
10. To prove Sherlock wrong when he says Lestrade has a crush on him, Myroft acts coldly, almost cruelly around Lestrade.
11. Mycroft beating some villain up with his umbrella.
12. Sherlock goes dark, John decides it's his duty to stop him.
13. Sherlock gains weight because he know John will really like it.
14. Sherlock sets himself up to be a rape victim (for a case!) and is shocked at how traumatized he is by it.
15. Moriarty is Sherlock and John’s fucktoy.
16. Tales of the Abyss crossover.
17. Mycroft hates his looks, he wears suits to make up for it.
18. Errant comment.
19. Sherlock and Mycroft: it’s not incest, it’s brotherly love.
20. Lestrade asks Sherlock to marry him in front of everyone.
21. John doesn't know he was kidnapped, he always thought he was legitimately adopted.
22. The reason Sherlock 'hates' Mycroft is because Mycroft was abused as a child and never told him.
23. Mycroft is buried alive with his mobile and a gun.
24. Letsrade’s belly covered in come.
25. Dark!Mycroft uses Moriarty's phobia(s) to scare the living shit out of him for meaning harm to his brother.

Errant Comment:

Mini Fill:

Sherlock has become something of a local celebrity in London, and has a small, rabid group of fangirls/boys that write RPF about him and Lestrade/John/whomever.

Mini Fill: (parent for additional parts)

1. Fables AU.
2. Sherlock/Lestrade: they take care of John when he’s badly hurt.
3. Five times Sherlock cockblocked John, and one time he didn't have to.
4. Sherlock is sexually assaulted.
5. John starts carrying a little furry critter around.
6. Moriarty blackmailing the shit out of Mycroft when he wants to help Sherlock.
7. Sherlock as the high-and-mighty priest and John as the unaware altar boy.
8. Moriarty makes John sign a marriage agreement.
9. Something involving starvation.
10. Brideshead Revisited AU.
11. Beauty and the Beast crossover.
12. Picture prompt: Sherlock’s tattoo.
13. Mycroft hugs Sherlock on his birthday every year without fail.
14. Teenage Sherlock goes through a period of solipsism.
15. John dies saving Sherlock's life, and he becomes a ghost/guardian angel.
16. John's blog is popular reading with his old army buddies.
17. Lyrics prompt: Man Out of Time by Elvis Costello.
18. Video prompt: Once In a Lifetime by Talking Heads.
19. Sherlock starts ranting about Mycroft, the Yarders are terrified there’s someone out there worst than Sherlock.
20. Pushing Daisies crossover.
21. The reactions of the MET team when they first met Mycroft.
22. Someone has found out they are dying.
23. Moriarty arranges for John to believe he has cancer. The treatment is killing him.
24. John discovers that if he puts his finger to the tip of Sherlock’s nose, Sherlock stops everything he’s doing.
25. Two characters doing a bit of D/s or bondage and there's something that sets off the sub and he uses his safeword.

Sherlock is given a baby bunny(or sometyhing equally cute) as a thank-you for a solved case. Sherlock doesn't want to keep it, so he gives it to John for disposal. John keeps the critter instead, and from then on, come hell or high-water, the little furry ball of cuteness resides happily in John's coat pocket, peeking out of the top to see the world at large from a relatively safe distance.

It could be a ferret, bunny, kiten, IDK, whatever you want, but I'd LOVE it is everyone, the yarders, Mrs. Hudson, Mycroft, all cooed ove rthe little angel. Even Sherlock eventually succumbing to the cuteness.



John discovers Sherlock owns a pair of jeggings, and while he finds it hard to resist the urge to mock him for it, he also desperately wants to see him in them.

Mini Fill:

Fill #6 (Anonymous) Expand
1. Sherlock is the result of a rape, and he hates his birthday.
2. Sherlock can't figure out why he stole John's dogtags before Switzerland.
3. I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream AU.
4. "Dr. Watson, you're trying to deduce me. Aren't you?"
5. The things John does to get on Sherlock's nerves on purpose.
6. John and Sherlock emigrate to America in the late 1800s and become pioneers
7. Things Sherlock feels in 10 words or less.
8. Someone has an entire list of emotions. Whenever they experience a new emotion they check it off on their list.
9. Sherlock and John play Oregon Trail.
10. John Watson goes to McDonald's and gets the last boytoy. His name is Sherlock Holmes.
11. Sherlock accidentally says "I love you" in front of John.
12. Sherlock and John at a Japanese bath house.
13. Sherlock is a zombie.
14. In the morgue late at night, people singing the ‘Mahna Mahna’ song.
15. Molly used to be in the army; her name was Sebastiana Moran.
16. Mrs. Hudson is Mummy.
17. John brings a man to his room and tells him to fuck him. Sherlock watches from the closet.
18. Everyone is attracted to Sherlock until he opens his mouth and starts talking. John is the exception.
19. John thinks Sherlock will be kinky in bed, but Sherlock really likes simple, passionate love-making.
20. Sherlock fucking Mycroft in the ass, slowly, thoroughly until Mycroft is a quivering mess.
21. To prevent Lestrade and Mycroft getting together, Sherlock lies to them that the other is a homophobe.
22. In order to save Mycroft’s life, Sherlock must hurt him as much as possible.
23. Someone reduced to full-on, nearly hysterical pleading and begging.
24. In a blog entry, John unknowingly substituted the letter "S" for the letter "D" each time he typed the word "deduce".
25. Video prompt.

Filled #13

Prompt: Zombie!Sherlock
Sometime before he meets John, one of sherlock's experiments goes horribly wrong and now he's a zombie. Those body parts? Not (just) for experiments. And he doesn't eat a lot of normal food because it does nothing for him. Nobody knows except Mycroft. But then, somebody finds evidence that he eats the body parts.

Fill: The Science of Decomposition
WARNINGS: gore, cannibalism

1. When Sherlock goes over to Lestrade's, he and Lestrade's cat get on very well.
2. Doctor Who crossover.
3. "Whose bed did you get out of the wrong side of this morning?" Asked Sally. "John's." Replied Sherlock.
4. Sherlock brings his child to the Yard on Take Your Kid To Your Work day. He’s surprised when the kid and Anderson bond.
5. G. Lestrade's first name is Gonzo, Gorgeous, Gigi, Gladstone or any name that he might feel embarrassed to use publicly.
6. Anderson winds up dead, and Sherlock is on the case.
7. Picture prompt: John just came back from the army and Sherlock is there to greet him.
8. A hugely endowed Sherlock and John with a definite size kink.
9. Parliamentary AU.
10. Sherlock is a very physically affectionate person; John is very much not.
11. Frotting.
12. John-Molly-Jim in a poly-amorous relationship.
13. Anthea sneaking some quick, trying-to-be-quiet sexy times to herself with her Blackberry at work.
14. Molly jamming out to Bohemian Rhapsody while at home while in her skivvies
15. Genderbend Lestrade.
16. Sherlock and John go all out for their first date, but realize that simpler is better.
17. Very forward!Sherlock molesting a blushing, dubiously consenting john in a public place.
18. Au where a first kiss tells you if you have met your soul mate.
19. Sherlock mussing Lestrade’s hair.
20. Sherlock starts using again. John is his usual caring self, but is also furious.
21. Anastasia crossover.
22. Sherlock’s POV during his first scene with Sebastian Wilkes.
23. Mrs Holmes is slowly poisoning her children.
24. John practically worships Sherlock's nice, pink hole before fucking him into the mattress.
25. Three reprompts.

(Deleted comment)
#3 (Anonymous) Expand
Full Prompt:
J/S: John and Sherlock, as a rule, choose not to have penetrative sex. It'd be interesting to see how they respond when someone assumes that's how they must "do it."

Prompted in the interest of sexual diversity, because not all men in m/m relationships do anal.


Need to Know

Promt: Can I get some bro-mantic winter snuggling?

Fill: In meme or in LJ.

1. Sherlock/John: Something October and/or Halloween themed.
2. John has a humiliation kink.
3. Sherlock has a phobia of dogs.
4. Sherlock on the receiving end of a very thorough and not-entirely-consensual physical.
5. When it gets really cold and he's tired, Sherlock tends to burrow into the nearest warm soft thing/person without thinking about the consequences.
6. Molly has never had a g-spot orgasm. Lestrade (or Anthea, or both!) rectifies this.
7. Wilfred crossover.
8. Romancing the Stone AU.
9. Sherlock refuses to top John because he’s afraid he’ll hurt him.
10. An AU where everyone is meant to be married by the time they're 35, unless they have a license card.
11. Sherlock is storm!sexual.
12. Mummy actually hates John and she believes he's not worthy of her little boy's attention.
13. John has DID.
14. Sherlock keeps his sexuality to himself, until he is accidentally outed.
15. Circus AU.
16. Doctor Who crossover.
17. After Reichenbach, Sherlock gets busted by Antiques Roadshow.
18. Lestrade/Angelo.
19. Sherlock is a molecular gastronomist. He scares people with his methods.
20. Everybody gets bored and plays D&D.
21. Mycroft shares old pictures of young Sherlock dressed as a little bee for Halloween with whoever wants to see them.
22. Charlie Manuel tries to hire Sherlock to investigate the mystery of the Rally Squirrel.
23. Picture prompt.
24. John can see the red string of fate that ties the left pinkie fingers of soul mates together. He can't however see his own and it worries him.
25. Mummy Holmes was emotionally abusive to her sons.

Full Prompt: John can see the red string of fate that ties the left pinkie fingers of soul mates together. He can't however see his own and worries that it means there's no in the world marked for him. He still dates, hoping for a relationship that might work out, but he constantly self sabotages because he feels guilty for making his partners settle when he can see that there's someone else out there for them who is their perfect match.

When he moves into 221B he notices that he can't see Sherlock's thread. He agonizes over whether that means he's John's soulmate or if Sherlock just doesn't have one, since he seems to be totally uninterested in people and is quite possibly asexual.

Bonus for scenes depicting his thoughts on other charas red strings. (Sally/Anderson/Anderson's wife comes to mind, which is his thread tied to?)

Inspired by this - (Left the art link over at the prompt but it's lovely you should go look).

WIP Fill: Better than Destiny

1. Sherlock and John go to the US for a case and wind up on an episode of 'COPS'.
2. Five ways Molly Hooper nearly died and one way she did.
3. Flower for Algernon AU.
4. Sherlock takes a rare bit of time off, and John is assigned to the full time task of deflecting Mummy's demands on Sherlock's 'free' time.
5. Sherlock fails to label his experiments, and as a result John ends up poisoned.
6. "I'm sorry." "I don't need or want your apology, but I'll accept it because it'll make you feel better."
7. Sherlock solves a case, from the POV of a newbie!NSY-er.
8. Dom!Sherlock blindfolding John, who has to obey his every order using only Sherlock's voice as his guide.
9. Sherlock/John arranged marriage.
10. Sherlock and John in an arranged marriage that doesn’t work.
11. Five times Sherlock had the gun when John needed it, and one time Sherlock paid the price for leaving it behind.
12. Lyrics prompt: Supergirl by Krystal Harris.
13. Sherlock has a case which requires investigating in a swingers club. He asks Molly to be his "wife" for the night.
14. Ghost AU.
15. Either Sherlock or Mycroft has Fatal Familial Insomnia.
16. Lestrade has been injured, and it leads to epic John/Lestrade snuggling.
17. Two prompts with aging!Lestrade.
18. After John is fed up and leaves, Sherlock deletes him.
19. Anderson and Sherlock 'bonding'.
20. Sherlock hacks into Mycroft's computer and takes over CAPTCHA.
21. Sometimes when they're not arguing, Sherlock and Sally team up to moan about and wind up their brothers.
22. Mycroft fears sex, because when he comes, he cries.
23. Edward Cullen's head is what John sees when he opens the fridge.
24. The only way to disarm the bomb is for the wearer to have an orgasm.
25. Song prompt: Don’t Shoot Me Santa by The Killers.

(Deleted comment)

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