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The Filled Prompts Post #1: Parts 1-23
Giggles at the Palace
Welcome to the Filled Prompts Post for Parts 1-23.
If you filled a prompt from Parts 24 and up, please use the FPP #2.
If you filled a prompt from the Spoiler-free post, use this FPP instead.

This is an archive created to make it simple for people to browse through both filled and unfilled prompts.

Let me explain how this works:

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Filled #18

Full Prompt:

John: Sherlock, where did you put the-?

Sherlock (in front of the tv): Go away, John! I'm... researching!

TV: My little pony, my little pony...

John: ........................

Sherlock: I was changing the channel!!!


Part one -
Part two -

Fill #18 (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Fill #18 (Anonymous) Expand
Filled #25 (Anonymous) Expand

Filled: #4

Full Prompt:
John knows every major prayer in every religion- Christian, Judiasm, Muslim- not because he's overly religious but because when you're holding a dying man's hand in yours, John finds a prayer eases their way.

(but my fill is a bit different: John learnt the major islamic prayer when he almost died in Afghanistan.)


prompt: sometimes, when they are having sex, john and sherlock like to role play that they are actually siblings.

fill (on meme):

(off meme in one complete post):

Fill #18 (Anonymous) Expand
Filled #10

Full prompt: "You are utterly the stupidest, most self-centered, appallingest excuse for an anthropomorphic personification on this or any other plane! An infantile, adolescent, pathetic specimen! Felling all sorry for yourself because your little game is over, and you haven't got the-- the balls to go and find a new one!"

Sherlock is Dream, Mycroft is his brother Death.

Do with it what you will.


Filled: Part 20 Page 7 No. 25

Mycroft shaving Anthea's pussy. NC-17. Dub-con.

Prompt: J/S. Either John or Sherlock wakes up in the past after they both die (maybe against Moriarty, or during another case). When he finds the other, it turns out both of them remember the future and each other.

Up to the author whether or not the main character holds off on finding the other because he thinks they won't remember, or if he sets out to find them immediately. I just want some focus on the realization that they already know each other, and the utter relief that 1) it was real after all, and 2) they haven't lost the relationship they spent all that time building between them.


#2 Fill (Anonymous) Expand
1. Sherlock likes to sleep on top of John. John doesn't mind.
2. Virgin!Sherlock’s first time.
3. Sherlock and John get caught having sex in an alley.
4. Sherlock’s reaction when Mycroft and Lestrade tell him they’re dating.
5. John is forced to carve Moriarty’s name into Sherlock's chest.
6. Sherlock walks into John's room and finds John jumping on his bed.
7. Doctor Who crossover.
8. John catches Sherlock playing the violin naked.
9. Dark!John telling everyone that Sherlock is on holiday for six months, and shattering him completely.
10. Dark!John rapes Moriarty to warn him away from Sherlock.
11. Phone sex, plus one.
12. Sherlock didn’t have an abusive boyfriend, he had a girlfriend.
13. Tony Stark is Mycroft and Sherlock's cousin.
14. Five times Harry tried to very unsubtly get Sherlock to ask her brother out.
15. Jim gets drunk and marries an also drunk Clara.
16. Mycroft and Lestrade were a couple when Mr Holmes died, which is why they both look out for Sherlock so much.
17. Five times Lestrade successfully lied to Sherlock, and one time Sherlock figured out the truth.
18. Sherlock has had a crush on John for years, but the first time John ever noticed or spoke to him was when Mike introduced them that day at Barts.
19. Sherlock talks in his sleep
20. If John was paying the price for Sherlock's inattention, would Sherlock notice?
21. Sherlock and John get a case, but in order to solve it, they have to go undercover as a married couple.
22. Sherlock and John go to New York City.
23. Poem prompt: Emily Dickinson.
24. After hearing what the ‘childish feud’ is about, John punches Mycroft.
25. Mycroft comes over while Sherlock is sleeping, and instead of waking him up, he leans over him and kisses him.


Sherlock walks into John's room and finds John jumping on his bed. John explains that it helps him think. Sherlock tests this theory by joining John.

Bonus: Mrs. Hudson and/or someone else hear the bed squeaking think Sherlock and John are having sex.


On my journal: Squeak

On the meme:

Fill #9 (Anonymous) Expand
1. Lyrics prompt: Chloroform Girl by Polkadot Cadaver.
2. On Sherlock’s birthday, John through most of the day without mentioning it once because he doesn’t think Sherlock will want to celebrate.
3. Lestrade and John smoking a doobie.
4. Lestrade says something that hurts Mycroft's feelings.
5. Mycroft and Sherlock are evil brothers with psychic powers who kill their classmates.
6. Picture prompt.
7. John ends up as part of Sherlock's homeless network.
8. Picture prompt.
9. Lestrade and Sherlock/John: dub-con double penetration.
10. Lyrics prompt: Setting Yourself Up For Sarcasm by Get Scared.
11. "I swear if you don't stop talking, I'm going to punch you in the throat."
12. While pregnant, John gets hit in the stomach and starts freaking out.
13. Sherlock stole his nicotine patches from Mycroft, who stole them from Lestrade.
14. Dark!Lestrade is actually Moriarty.
15. Sherlock’s first kiss in 100 words.
16. John and Lestrade pretend to date to get Sherlock and Mycroft jealous.
17. One of the characters has erectile dysfunction and is afraid to let their new partner know.
18. Sherlock never uses deodorant.
19. Sherlock likes to suck on an unexpected part of John's body.
20. Sherlock loses it with a suspect and kills him, John covers up the incident so it looks like self defense.
21. Sherlock’s reaction to eating something very spicy turns John on.
22. Tumblr prompt.
23. John discovers cassettes of a university-age Sherlock singing his own songs.
24. Someone licks John's bullet wound.
25. "Go on. Make your mess all over Daddy."

Sherlock's first kiss... 100 words, and not with the first person who comes to your mind.

Mini Fill:

Mini Fill:

1. John travels back to Victorian times, and when he meets Sherlock, he calls him by his first name.
2. John ties Sherlock to the bed, blindfolds him, puts a gag on him, and uses ear plugs on him.
3. John likes to be choked.
4. John makes a threatening move toward Mycroft, and Mycroft’s security guard subdues him.
5. Sherlock and John are held captive, but naked. Their escape involves touching that continues after they are free.
6. Someone is amused when Sherlock says something that reminds them of lolcats.
7. When John and Sherlock have sex for the first time, Mycroft's goons bust into the bedroom.
8. Doctor Who crossover.
9. Awkward touching leading to awkward first kiss.
10. Buffy the Vampire Slayer crossover.
11. Sherlock is turned into a girl, and experiences his first period. John helps him through it.
12. Dom!John and sub!Sherlock are in the middle of a scene when the Met burst in on a drugs bust.
13. Sherlock/John based on Edgar Allan Poe's 'Annabel Lee'.
14. Anthea has inverted nipples, Mycroft reassures her that he finds them beautiful.
15. Donovan is ‘anonymous’, Anderson is ‘theimprobableone’. Together they troll.
16. John and Lestrade try to make Sherlock and Mycroft jealous by pretending they got together.
17. Mrs. Hudson showering John and Sherlock with condoms as a not-so-subtle hint.
18. Sherlock's having one of those days where lots of little things go wrong.
19. John's a demon, and he becomes attracted to Sherlock because of his sociopathic tendencies.
20. Because of some miscommunication, Sherlock and John don’t get together.
21. John and Sherlock or Sherlock and Lestrade have a row and vow never to speak to each other again.
22. Sherlock spends months pursuing John. The day John caves in is the day Sherlock realizes he wants Lestrade.
23. Moriarty acquires a time machine and decides to go back in time to kill Sherlock.
24. Mycroft meets someone who can make him turn his back on his brother.
25. Mycroft has never allowed himself to fall in love with anyone.

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Prompt: Either John and Sherlock or Sherlock and Lestrade have a gigantic row and vow never to speak a word to each other again. Meanwhile, there's a crime scene to investigate.

How do they proceed? Sign language? Using a third party as a go-between? Monologuing aloud bitterly? Idek, people. I'm just looking for some crime scene humour.

Bonus points if it ends up in a spectacular reconciliation. (Still on the crime scene.)

Filled here:

It has an effect on Jim when John Watson calls him Mr.Moriarty.


Fill #17 cuddly, BAMF, assassin John courting Sherlock


"Sherlock learns that a spat of recent killings was done by a professional assassin. A man so feared that the criminal underworld is afraid to whisper his name. Sherlock goes off on his own to track him down, and is captured.

Sherlock braces himself for a cold-blooded killer, with nerves of steel and no remorse, with a reputation for ruthlessness that makes several hardened criminals check their closets before they go to bed - and meets John. Easygoing, good-natured, cuddly jumper-wearing John. Who thinks he's brilliant and hilarious, and can he take him out for a coffee?

Cue the weirdest courtship ever. Like, dates being crashed by Russian assassins, epic gunfights in the middle of London, Lestrade and the Yard going WTF, Mycroft questioning his brother's taste in men, etc."

Filled on the meme: (

Or in one part on my LJ: (

#3 Fill Re: Part 20 Page 14

Prompt: Sherlock masturbates to a graphically imagined rape fantasy involving someone he knows. (

Fill: The Other Road. ( (TW: Non-con fantasy, prostitution, drug use, mild violence, self-harm) 2 parts, complete

#20 FILL (Anonymous) Expand
#24 nejem Expand

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
1. "Go on, spread your legs wider, Sherlock... yes, that's it......... is... is that what I think it is?"
2. After they retire to the country side, John realizes he’s allergic to bees.
3. When Mycroft dies of a heart attack, Sherlock becomes an emotional wreck.
4. Song prompt: Oh no! by Marina and the Diamonds.
5. John is holding Sherlock in one arm and his gun in the other.
6. Drunk John picks up Sherlock in a bar thinking he's a woman.
7. Sherlock thinks of the Yarders and John as his family
8. Scotland Yard is bewildered by Sherlock's seemingly-normal boyfriend/husband/best friend.
9. John in a breeding station; whoever knocks him up gets to keep him.
10. Psych crossover.
11. Sherlock trains John to react in a specific way to certain words or situations or touches.
12. John wakes up to find Sherlock sucking his nipple.
13. Sherlock goes into labor, and he freaks out when he realizes giving birth can be unpleasant.
14. Video prompt: John charms Sherlock.
15. Harry and fem!John are identical twins.
16. John astral travels sometimes when he goes to sleep.
17. John gets fucked with Sherlock's riding crop.
18. Any character saying, "I don't always ______, but when I do, (I prefer) ______."
19. John is surprised when Sherlock wants to completely plan their wedding.
20. Mycroft doesn't realize how much Athena means to him until she takes a bullet for him.
21. Someone is handsy with Sherlock, John intervenes.
22. Anastasia AU.
23. When Sherlock reaches a particular stage of frustration, he does something mundane and boring.
24. Doctor Who crossover.
25. When he is sick, Sherlock becomes quiet, sad, and he wants to be left alone.

Full Prompt
John and Sherlock knew each other before the series began. Quite well, actually. In fact, they're currently dating/married/epic, epic bros. When Scotland Yard hears about this, they're either horrified or completely disbelieving ('The Freak's married? a human?')

Theories about this mysterious partner abound: he's a saint. He's a serial killer. He's a cyborg, an alien, a rent boy, severely misguided, God.

And then John shows up, and he is so, so very normal. A two-legged, two-armed, ten-fingered-and-toed army doctor who looks at Sherlock with affection and warmth and is rewarded with the same.

Waiting For John

Prompt shamelessly stolen from MSN homepage:
Holmes a 'slutty pumpkin'

Mini Fill:

Fill # 2

Prompt: Sherlock Holmes is the brattiest boy in the school: won’t listen, won’t do as he’s told, lounges at the back of the classall curled lip, insolent eyes and sarcastic comments until even calm, rather weary, jumper wearing Mr Watson snaps and sends him to the head master.

The Headmaster: stern, firm but fair Captain Watson might the one person who makes Sherlock a little bit nervous and he’s had about enough of Sherlock’s bad behaviour - if Sherlock is going to act like a naughty boy, he’ll be treated like a naughty boy and he is given a sound over the knee spanking which continues no matter how much he squeals and struggles.
Only when Sherlock is pink, gasping and, outwardly at least, repentant is he released and sent to Doctor Watson – the school medical officer.

Dr Watson is kind and concerned, although his gentle hands on Sherlock’s hot, sore skin do nothing to quell the flood of confusing sensations. Sherlock finds himself quite moved and when pressed confesses his erotic, confusing feelings centring for the most part on Mr Watson his long suffering form tutor.

By the time Doctor Watson’s finished with him, Sherlock is thoroughly aroused and rather chastised and goes to find Mr Watson to ‘apologise’ for his bad behaviour which, being Sherlock, he does in a way which neither Cpt nor Dr Watson foresaw...


1. Sherlock/Lestrade, long tender loving sex.
2. My Fair Lady AU.
3. Sherlock accidentally goes online and spoils the most recent episode of Doctor Who for himself.
4. Firefly crossover.
5. Artemis Fowl crossover.
6. Donna Noble meets Sherlock and John, and totally calls them on the UST.
7. Supernatural crossover: Someone becomes the new vessel for Castiel.
8. Sherlock and John are extremely noisy in bed.
9. Prince Sherlock sneaks away from the castle. John, thinking he’s homeless, offers him a place to stay.
10. John naked, wrapped in Sherlock’s coat.
11. John desensitizes Sherlock to touch.
12. Errant comment.
13. Either Mycroft or Sherlock comforting a crying Lestrade.
14. Supernatural crossover: Molly is a hunter.
15. Dark!Sherlock breaks John into being his.
16. Sally outs Sherlock and John at a crime scene.
17. John has to wear his dress uniform, everyone is stunned by how incredible he looks.
18. Moriarty is a werewolf, he bites John.
19. After the pool, Mycroft drugs John and asks him to spy on Sherlock again.
20. John’s tarot knowledge is helpful during a case.
21. Teen!John tries to teach Teen!Sherlock how to drive.
22. "I'm just going to put this out there, I'm not afraid of getting naked. [gestures towards their body] It's all good under the hood."
23. Sherlock turns into a merman when he gets wet.
24. John takes the rare opportunity for rest to take care of Sherlock and spend time feeding him up.
25. Lestrade, Sherlock and John are in an established, stable triad. The others freak out when one is injured.

Fill #16

Prompt: I would really like to read Sally giving Sherlock a taste of his own medicine for that deduction about the state of her knees, and pretty much publicly announcing the relationship between her and Anderson. She would've probably picked up a few little things about Sherlock's technique by now, so obviously when she realises just what he's been doing on his knees in the company of his...flatmate, I like to think she'd take it upon herself to broadcast it to the room by way of payback.

TL;DR Sally gets her own back and outs Sherlock and John at a crime scene, using Sherlock's own techniques to figure out what they've been up to.


(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)

(Possibly triggery for illness or depression or death, depending upon how you choose to interpret this (I leave that entirely up to reader/filler), happy endings entirely optional)

On Sherlock's good days, John leaves off work to run around London with him and watch him be brilliant. John will make them stop to eat at their favorite places and in the evening they'll go out to concerts.

On Sherlock's mediocre days, John will go on errands, perhaps put some hours into work, leaving Sherlock to hang around the flat doing experiments, play the violin or whatever. They'll order out for food and in the evening they'll stay in and cuddle on the sofa. John will run his fingers through Sherlock's hair and Sherlock will pretend to enjoy whatever show John chose to watch on the telly.

And on Sherlock's bad days, they'll both stay in. John will clean or read and try his hand at cooking something that might entice any sort of appetite out of his friend. In the evening John will crawl into bed with Sherlock and just hold him.

John doesn't know what he'll do if they should ever run out of days.


Re: Part 20 Page 22

Filled #19 at

Full prompt:

Something happens (maybe on a case, maybe in the supermarket, wherever) that causes John to inadvertently use his Dom voice. It brings someone unexpectedly submissive to their knees. Who and what happens after that is up to the filler.

Nonnie!Filler chose Sherlock to be the one that gets John's Dom voice.

Re: Part 20 Page 22 (Anonymous) Expand
1. Doctor Who crossover: picture prompt.
2. Sex. Run with it.
3. Mrs Hudson brings home a new boyfriend; Sherlock and John are protective.
4. "Of course I'm in love with you! Why do you look so surprised?"
5. A character who is so painfully self-conscious they can't "let go" and be physically intimate.
6. Everyone is shocked to learn John's ringtone for Sherlock is Soulja Boy's Kiss Me Thru the Phone.
7. Sherlock secretly loves Kylie Minogue.
8. Sherlock trades himself for Lestrade in either a hostage type situation or by jumping in front of a bullet.
9. Mycroft started the feud between himself and Sherlock because of a misunderstanding.
10. A man who's trans and does not engage in any frontal penetration.
11. John bumps into a casually dressed, grocery buying Moriarty in the only local 24 hour store.
12. Sherlock lying with his head in John's lap, while John gently uses his fingers to probe and caress Sherlock's mouth.
13. Sherlock is a de-aged Mr. Hudson.
14. Doctor Who crossover: Sherlock had a conversation with The Doctor that changed his life.
15. Shower sex.
16. Sherlock catches John singing along to Moves Like Jagger.
17. Sherlock has a tail; John wants to touch it.
18. Howl’s Moving Castle fusion.
19. In a misogynistic-society AU, fem!John is a woman disguised as a man, and Sherlock finds out.
20. After a severe blow to the head, Sherlock forgets how to speak English.
21. It appears as though Sherlock cheated on John with a criminal, but he was forced.
22. Detective Conan crossover.
23. Sherlock and Moriarty sexually experimenting with each other.
24. Mycroft is a property of the Diogenes Club.
25. Dark!John fulfills Sherlock’s fantasy of being fucked by two guys.

prompt: unconventional kissing; I would love to see Sherlock lying with his head in John's lap, completely passive, while John gently uses his fingers to probe and caress Sherlock's mouth--basically kissing him with his fingers. Sherlock looks so beautiful with his eyes closed and his lips parted around John's knuckles...

Bonus if Sherlock's gone unexpectedly pliant after John giving him a head massage.

fill: "Fingers on Lips"

(Deleted comment)
1. Sherlock has a tail; Lestrade finds out.
2. Moriarty kidnaps 3 characters of your choice and plays a game of shag, marry, kill with Sherlock.
3. Sherlock starts a conversation in horrible French accent and everybody jumps in, with horrible French accent.
4. All John has to do is look at Sherlock in a certain way for him to drop to his knees.
5. Sherlock starts dragging John to various lectures and demonstrations about possible hobbies.
6. Mycroft tests John’s loyalty.
7. When John dies, Sherlock doesn’t break down until someone treats him with kindness.
8. Sherlock and John start exchanging letters detailing their fantasies. Someone finds out.
9. A serial killer is going around killing asexuals, and Sherlock is the net target.
10. Sherlock is a big Doctor Who fan.
11. When he’s drunk, Sherlock likes to cuddle.
12. Song prompt: The Only Exception by Paramore.
13. Sherlock is convinced to have a car boot sale.
14. Mycroft Holmes took cocaine. Once.
15. After Reichenbach, John finds a way to travel, and he tries to keep Sherlock from dying.
16. Sherlock dreams of an awful fate for John and has to stop it.
17. Sherlock and the Yarders travel the Multiverse, and in each new world they keep running into different parallel!Johns.
18. Sherlock is so pleased about something that he's literally pink and grinning, and John just finds it adorable.
19. Even though Sherlock is the master of disguise, he's really bad at sexy roleplaying.
20. Deadpool is Sebastian Moran.
21. Picture prompt: Dark!Mycroft with his little pet DI.
22. Moulin Rouge crossover.
23. The Moriarty brothers are the criminal version of Mycroft and Sherlock.
24. Picture prompt: Doctor Who crossover.
25. Prompt freeze.

tw: character death?
When John dies (or "dies") Sherlock doesn't grieve at all, and everyone treats him like a callous ass as a result. The first person that treats him with some kindness and understanding despite his demeanor shatters him completely.

I'd love it if that person was Moriarty (who wasn't involved in John's death).

Mini Fill Series:
One, Two, Three

1. Prompt freeze over.
2. Sherlock fucks Lestrade while John fucks Sherlock.
3. Smitten!Sherlock with oblivious!John.
4. Mycroft's teenage daughter and Lestrade's teenage daughter meet and become best friends.
5. Mycroft and Lestrade fall in love while rescuing John.
6. Moonstruck fusion.
7. Moriarty or Sherlock becomes a pirate.
8. Moriarty reinvents himself every day, but his multiple selves are finding it harder and harder to cope with each other.
9. Sherlock likes to suckle and nibble/chew on John's hands/fingers.
10. John unintentionally hurts Sherlock during sex for the first time.
11. Mycroft's trousers have been unbuttoned/zipped all day because no one has bothered to point it out to him.
12. John and Seb Moran are kidnapped together.
13. Sherlock receives a sizable inheritance that includes a supposedly house in the country.
14. Not your grandmother’s fairytale.
15. John sees Sherlock's body lying halfway on the couch asleep and decides to carry him to bed without waking him.
16. Sherlock and John play Russian Roulette.
17. John own a bakery below 221B.
18. "No! You two mustn't kiss! You're brothers!"
19. John gets down on his knee and proposes to Sherlock... on top of a corpse.
20. Jim/Anyone: Rimming, with Jim receiving.
21. Sherlock running to Mycroft and breaking down in his arms.
22. The things Sherlock has deleted in the past.
23. Sherlock/John based on I’m Your Man by Leonard Cohen.
24. Sherlock realizes that his longtime boyfriend is actually married.
25. John looks like the person who assaulted Sherlock when he was younger.

Filled #22

Prompt: The things Sherlock has deleted in the past

Fill: Chronology: A Series of Firsts in the Life of Sherlock Holmes


1. Sherlock loves serial killers. John is happy to oblige.
2. Sherlock suffers from mirrored-self misidentification.
3. Amoral!Mycroft/Stockholm Syndrome!Lestrade.
4. Mommy wants her boys to join her in family therapy.
5. Mycroft/Anthea: he makes her sit on a dildo chair.
6. John/Raz.
7. Sherlock/John based on When You Are Old by W.B. Yeats.
8. Molly Hooper is a code name, and her real name is/was Irene Adler.
9. Raz has to stay in 221B.
10. Sherlock has feelings for Moriarty, and he tells John.
11. John is embarrassed about how much noise he makes during sex.
12. Mycroft/Lestrade, after Sherlock’s funeral.
13. Omegaverse: "Sherlock is in heat, Dr. Watson, what more consent do you need?"
14. John fucks Jim. Sebastian has to watch to make sure John doesn't strangle Jim.
15. Lestrade takes in dog!Mycroft and confesses to him he's in love with Mycroft.
16. Picture prompt.
17. John is the offspring of an incubus.
18. Sherlock asks John to marry him, but he can’t; he’s already married.
19. Sherlock loves bees because they remind him of John in his stripey jumper.
20. 'Jim from IT' and John were friends, Moriarty finds a conscience and John feels betrayed.
21. Sometimes Sherlock likes to walk around looking fabulous in a pair of high-heeled boots.
22. John becomes convinced that Sherlock has a crush on Harry, and he tries to save him from a future heartbreak.
23. Fruit Basket fusion.
24. John has a teddy bear made out of an old jumper.
25. Because he thinks John will eventually miss women, Sherlock tries to be more feminine.

John fucks Jim.

Sebastian has to watch to make sure John doesn't strangle Jim or something once they're done.

So basically: Sebastian sulks while watching John fuck Jim. Jim can be doing the fucking if you'd prefer.

OPTIONAL: Sebastian has to escort John back to Baker St. afterwards

Fill: (parent for additional parts)


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