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The Filled Prompts Post #1: Parts 1-23
Giggles at the Palace
Welcome to the Filled Prompts Post for Parts 1-23.
If you filled a prompt from Parts 24 and up, please use the FPP #2.
If you filled a prompt from the Spoiler-free post, use this FPP instead.

This is an archive created to make it simple for people to browse through both filled and unfilled prompts.

Let me explain how this works:

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Full prompt: Everything is the same except Mycroft is the younger brother. I'd like an early 20s (or younger) Mycroft pestering his big bro to do investigations for him while trying to woo a what-the-hell-kid-I-could be-your-father!Lestrade


1. Sherlock likes to grab Lestrade from behind with one arm tight around the neck, and use his other hand to jerk Lestrade off.
2. John bring Lestrade off with a fleshlight.
3. Molly gives up on Sherlock and goes for John.
4. Mycroft decides to get Lestrade and Sherlock together, but instead he falls for Lestrade.
5. Jeeves and Wooster crossover.
6. Sherlock has to work for money.
7. Molly captures/arrests Moriarty.
8. Sherlock takes John to a Holmes family gathering; everyone hits on John.
9. John learns that the man who viciously raped him in University is no longer in jail. Sherlock unknowingly meets and likes him.
10. "This is obviously a case of murder by OMFG."
11. Lestrade/Sherlock: Sunday morning comfort.
12. Well, I was on my way to this gay gypsy Bar-Mitzvah for the disabled when I suddenly thought "Gosh! The Third Reich's a bit rubbish. I think I'll kill the Führer."
13. Molly and Jim roleplay Sherlock when they have sex.
14. Sherlock abandoned his and John's baby while John was pregnant years ago, now he's back and has to get John to forgive him.
15. Prisoner of war John recently rescued from Afghanistan in a feral state.
16. Thinking it’s what Lestrade wants, Mycroft starts acting like Sherlock.
17. John brings Sherlock over to meet his parents.
18. Fortysomething crossover.
19. Sherlock tries to further his knowledge of social interaction by playing Sims.
20. Post-Apocalyptic AU.
21. Dark and abusive John in a relationship with Sherlock.
22. Sherlock and Lestrade talk about how much they love each other’s bodies.
23. Sherlock/Molly dubcom.
24. Romantically Apocalyptic fusion.
25. Anthea/Irene.

Fill #21

Prompt: Can I get a dark!abusive!John in a relationship with Sherlock?

Fill here:

John makes a video of Sherlock playing, actually seriously playing his violin and posts it on Youtube so that he can link it to his blog. The next thing he know, it has over a million hits and has circulated all over the world.


Someone makes a video of Sherlock at a crime scene (some curious bystander with a camera) and posts that on Youtube. It becomes the next Youtube Sensation. Sherlock has no idea about it and is increasingly irradiated by the number of people who seem to be staring at him whenever he leaves the flat.


Picture Fill:

Non-sexual, non-kinky riding crop use
Inspired by this icon.

One day in the lab, Sherlock says something/does something/generally pushes too hard, and Molly loses it, and uses the riding crop to vent her frustrations on Sherlock.

Whether or not John witnesses this display is up to you. Totally gen is preferred, crack almost certainly required.


Mini Fill:

Dr. Molly Hooper Has Had Enough

Percussive Therapy

How about all the boy's get together and play some good old fashioned strip poker?

Bonus points if Lestrade whips everyone's ass. much to the consternation of the Holmes brothers.

Poker Night

Filled Prompt #2 - Arm!Porn

Prompt: Gratuitous Arm!porn

Text: Sherlock's always got his arms covered in long sleeves - dress shirts, jackets, coats, etc. One day John is shocked to find Sherlock engaged in an activity that requires only a tank top, leaving those long, strong arms uncovered. And also a little turned on.

Bonus points if said activity includes power tools and/or paint.


(actually 1 of 4 - can the mods fix?)

Filled 18

Prompt: Dark!Manipulative!John's list of things Sherlock can do if he need's to apologize to John, or if he need's to repay John in some way. Dark!John doesn't accept cash from Sherlock, friends obviously should apologize or repay friends through their actions.

Minifill here:

1. John has a squinty eye fetish.
2. Character A starts dating a character from some other show/film played by the actor who plays Character B.
3. Sherlock can't figure out the rules of Mornington Crescent.
4. Five ways Sherlock tries to get his brain to shut up so he can get some sleep, and one way that he (and John) actually manage it.
5. Sherlock is a single father to a four-year-old girl.
6. John and Lestrade are in an established relationship. Vampire!Sherlock suddenly decides he wants in.
7. Sherlock/John, bondage, gradual submission, fluff.
8. Moriarty and Sherlock label whoring.
9. Sherlock installs shimeji all over John's laptop.
10. Sherlock/Mycroft: they don’t know they’re brothers until they attend their mother’s funeral.
11. Sexual Mythbusters with Sherlock/John.
12. Mycroft becomes Moriarty’s personal slave in exchange for Sherlock’s safety.
13. Mycroft deduces Anthea is a virgin, and he makes sure her first time goes well.
14. Sherlock/John: Actors AU.
15. Sherlock likes it when people flirt with his John.
16. John has a great solider body and when Sherlock sees it for the first time he's unable to control his swooning.
17. Five ways in which Molly/Sarah/Anthea/Sally/Mrs. Hudson save the day.
18. Sherlock and John stage a fake wedding to catch a criminal.
19. He said stop. But John kept on going.
20. John sustains one of the worst knee injuries possible the 'terrible triad' in saving Sherlock's life.
21. Sherlock puts on weight because John's semen is so nutritious.
22. Bones crossover.
23. Sherlock doesn't like the implication that he uses his tools for science as sex toys.
24. After several days of absence, Sherlock comes back to Baker Street with amnesia.
25. Sherlock is a poodle; John is a corgi. They solve crime.

prompt: One night for an "experiment for a case", Sherlock convinces John to kneel on the floor with his hand tied (either in front or in back, whichever works best) next to Sherlock while they both watch television. John gradually goes more relaxed and pliant, eventually leaning fully against Sherlock with his head resting on Sherlock's knee and Sherlock hand on his head, in his hair. John is surprised by how he feels, how warm and safe, Sherlock is pleased, but not surprised

Not necessary, but bonus points Sherlock coaxing John up on the couch to cuddle him once John's all nice and subby.

fill: The Deepest Shade of Blue

Fill #14 (Anonymous) Expand
1. Shycroft plays strip poker.
2. Moriarty gets sentimentally attached to his "pet" Molly.
3. Sherlock realized he could put up with alienating everyone he's ever met by faking his death...except for John.
4. Dark!Mycroft blackmails Lestrade into entering a relationship with him.
5. Lestrade gets stabbed during a case and Mycroft goes a bit overboard on the care and comfort part.
6. Because he can’t bear the thought of leaving John, Sherlock takes a new identity: Mary Morstan.
7. Sherlock never says no to a dare or a challenge if it means he'll prove himself.
8. Mycroft notices his wife/husband is cheating on him with Jim.
9. Mycroft has to take care of Lestrade's kid for a day.
10. Sherlock and John spend the night cuddling before John moves in with his girlfriend.
11. Sherlock was in the army and got injured before he became a consulting detective.
12. Sherlock replaces John’s items that get ruined, with exact replicas.
13. John/Fem!lock lyrics prompt: She’s Not There, by The Zombies.
14. Sherlock’s weird oral sex habit.
15. Mycroft send Lestrade gifts to cheer him up.
16. Sherlock sneaks things into Lestrade’s pockets.
17. Character A has a chronic and painful health problem, and character B cares for him.
18. Sherlock made porn once, and someone finds it.
19. Mycroft/Mike.
20. Lestrade can’t believe someone in Mycroft’s position can he that shy.
21. John and Lestrade force their partners (Sherlock and Mycroft) to write apology lettes.
22. Mycroft was one of Jennifer Wilson's "string of lovers."
23. Tentacled!Sarah/Dimmock.
24. Jim/John dub-con romance and Stockholm Syndrome.
25. John Watson is a robot piloted from the inside by a kitten.

Fill #10

Prompt: One day John comes home and announces he's moving in with his girlfriend. The night before the big move, Sherlock and John spend the whole night cuddled up together, not talking, thinking how much they're going to miss each other.
It's at this moment that Sherlock realises he is completely and helplessly in love.

(happy J/S ending is optional but loved :D)


#16 (Anonymous) Expand
Prompt: John secretly knows how to play the violin. Sherlock somehow finds out by walking in on him or something and is turned on. ;D No established Sherlock/John please! I just want the violin to be the trigger to it ALL. *cackles madly*


Promt:I've seen some fic out there with demisexual Sherlock, but being demi isn't always easy.

I'd like to see something that deals with how it'd feel for a Sherlock that has always identified as asexual to realize that he's demi for one John Watson.

Would he be frustrated? Angry with himself for it? How about the people who always condescendingly told him that he just needed to meet the right person? How would he deal with the feelings when he's made it clear to John that this isn't his area?

If anyone chooses to fill this, please show respect toward asexuality. I'm not looking for a magical-cock-heals-Sherlock's-orientation fic.

Fill: In LJ

#9 (Anonymous) Expand
(Deleted comment)
Sherlock actually thinks that Sally went for a chat at Anderson's and scrubbed his floors.

Mini Fill:

Promt: John moved in with Sherlock quite quickly, and as he said at their first meeting, they didn't know a thing about each other.

After moving in, John finds out that Sherlock is a father. Not only is he a father, but he had gotten a girl pregnant when he was young (I like to
think Sherlock is about 30 in this scenario). Sherlock has a rebellious young teenager (14-15ish) son who has custody of every other weekend.

John is worried that Sherlock is a terribly irresponsible father, but finds out that Sherlock is just like any other father to a young teenager. When his son comes to stay, 221B is full of “And where do you think you're going, young man?” “Turn that music down!” “Is that alcohol I smell on your breath?” “Curfew is at 11. Don't be a minute late.”

His son is just like any teenager, full of “You're the wort father ever!” “Why can't I have a cool dad?” “You're not the boss of me!” “You can't
ground me. You're not Mom!”

Basically I want Sherlock having a normal father/son relationship with his rebellious teenaged son.

Fill: At the meme or in my LJ

#20 (Anonymous) Expand

Filled # 24: Extra-sensitive

Full prompt

John fulfills his fantasy of taking a riding crop to Sherlock's bottom and then puts Sherlock on his back, with his oh so sore bottom rubbing against the sheets, and fucks him. Hard.


Promt: Sherlock wears a black ring ( on his right middle finger, as a private declaration. John is the first person to ever ask him. Preferably ends in fluffy romance.

Fill: At the meme or in my LJ.

(Deleted comment)
FILL: 9 (Anonymous) Expand
All I'm asking for anons is a couple sentences for a rare-pair of your choice. And the more the merrier!

I have a theory that more rare-pairs would be written if there was a bit more fanon to flesh out the smaller character bits. So give me insights into bit!character's lives, pretty please and spread the rare-pair luuuuuuurve.

Mini Fill:

Mini Fill:

Mini Fill:
Lazy morning, Dimmock/Lestrade

Mini Fill:
Lestrade/Mrs. Hudson

Mini Fill:

Mini Fill:
Anthea/Soo Lin

Mini Fill:
implied Anderson/Sherlock (+ Anderson/Donovan)

Mini Fill:

Sebastian Wikes/Sherlock

John notices that somehow, all of Sherlock's shirts seem to have become slightly too small/too short for him. Whenever Sherlock raises his arms to reach for something, or stretches, John glimpses a strip of smooth belly or back...and it's driving him mad.
Art? Fic? Mini-fill where John lusts forever but nothing happens? Anything, please!

Mini Fill:
where John lusts forever but nothing happens


Full prompt:
Sherlock doesn't know how to say no. Basically he was abused as a kid or something and it messed him up. So when someone tries it on and keeps trying after he tries to say no, he just goes along with it to get it over with. Cue john helping h through it and convincing him that no means NO and that what the other guy did was rape and it wasn't his fault. Please let me have a happy ending and let him learn to believe it.


Full prompt: I find myself in desperate need of a Sherlock/Lestrade kiss. S/L kissing in the rain. S/L kissing in the sun. Kissing for a dare, kissing because they can't help themselves, sober kiss, drunk kiss, against the wall, by the door, under the shower, slipping on the tiles at the Yard and falling onto each other's lips, Sherlock mocking Lestrade's inadequately unplump lips, Lestrade embarrassing Sherlock to death with quips about his cupid's bow, plotty, cracky, I don't even know. Just... a kiss. I've been a passably good girl, Santa, I have.


Mycroft fakes his death, Lestrade falls back into his old habit and almost drinks himself to death every day. A few months later Mycroft shows up on the doorstep of Lestrade's flat, expecting his lover to warmly welcome him. However the first reaction when Lestrade sees Mycroft is, "Is this starting all over again? I thought I am sober now, well maybe not. I know you're not real, but since you won't just go away, you might as well come in."

Close To Me (parent for additional parts)


Part 19, Page 44 #9

Prompt: Someone proposes in an awkward, but sincere way.

Fill: Sherlock/John, "A Study In Honesty"

Alpha/Omega Verse AU
John has always kept kiddden that he was an Omega, so that he could do everything he wanted to do without predjudice. He stopped going into heat using pills. However, for some reason, his pills don't work, and he goes into heat when he and Sherlock are living together. Sherlock breeds him for the whole heat, and confessess to John how he feels about him.

Bonus points if you can also fit in some Mystrade.



prompt: Could I please have desperate, begging youngish-Mycroft-in-his-twenties-or-so getting thoroughly debauched by Lestrade? Bonus points for fingering and dirty talk.

fill: The Inexplicable

Fill #11 (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Multiple Fills #17 (Anonymous) Expand

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