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The Filled Prompts Post #1: Parts 1-23
Giggles at the Palace
Welcome to the Filled Prompts Post for Parts 1-23.
If you filled a prompt from Parts 24 and up, please use the FPP #2.
If you filled a prompt from the Spoiler-free post, use this FPP instead.

This is an archive created to make it simple for people to browse through both filled and unfilled prompts.

Let me explain how this works:

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John is a fearsome viking who pillages a village and spots a peasant by the name of Sherlock and decides he's good enough for a prize, so he hoists him up on his shoulders and brings him back to his boat to have his way with him. Sherlock doesn't mind because this is the most interesting it's ever gotten in his village.


"No shit, Sherlock," and "Elementary, my dear Watson," in the same fic.


Fill #10

Original prompt:

Moriarty is still haunted by nightmares of Carl Powers.

Fill: Drowning

Full Prompt:
I heard this quote in a song and instantly thought of Sherlock. So, how about a 5 + 5 fic, or something like that?

5 people who decided they wanted to hate Sherlock, and 5 people who discovered they could love him. Could be platonic or familial or romantic love. The 5 people I was thinking of for loving Sherlock were Mummy Holmes, Mycroft, Lestrade, Mrs. Hudson, and John, but feel free to put whoever you want. And there's no shortage of people who hate Sherlock, so finding characters for that part shouldn't be hard.

Three People Who Hated and Loved Sherlock


Full prompt: alternate episode quote prompt
"So, you don't have a girlfriend then?"
"Girlfriend, no, not really my area."
"All right. Do you have a boyfriend? Which is fine, by the way."
"I know it's fine."
"So, you've got a boyfriend."

The Right Question

(Deleted comment)
1. Dead Like Me Crossover
2. Sherlock is a god; John is a worshipper
3. How Mycroft cheating on his diet in S. America led to Sherlock breaking his big toe
4. What if Jennifer Wilson wasn't going to meet a lover, and did not, actually have a string of lovers -- but was going to a revival?
5. First time John bottoms
6.John tends to Sherlock’s wounds and kisses him; Sherlock falls asleep
7. Torchwood Crossover
8. Institutionalized!Sherlock
9. Sherlock believes that moving in with John means they’re married
10. Sherlock thinks being in love with John is making him a bad detective. John sets him straight, without knowing it was him Sherlock's in love with.
11. Sherlock, John, Mycroft and Lestrade are the Ghostbusters
12. Jim loves cats
13. "I know it doesn't make any sense. I don't have an explanation. Every time I have an orgasm, my body changes sex. It makes things...awkward."
14. Lestrade/Jim from IT
15. Sherlock gets retrograde amnesia at the end of The Great Game, from the pool explosion. The last thing he remembers is shooting the semtex. John is really Moriarty
16. Mrs. Hudson is Mummy
17. Fill from the Rant Post
18. Lestrade saves Sherlock and John from the pool; Mycroft gives him everything he’s ever wanted
19. Fringe crossover
20. Yami no Matsuei crossover/fusion
21. John coming in Sherlock’s hair
22. Sherlock accidentally comes on Mycroft
23. John and Anderson become really good friends
24. "Mycroft, get out of my flat, I don't want any of your- is that John's jumper you're wearing?"
25. Sherlock has teeth in his arse


Sherlock is a god who has taken a human form because being a god just doesn't carry the same perks it used to. John is one of the last remaining members of a religious order who worship Sherlock.

What happens when they meet/move in together? Does John know who Sherlock really is? How does he find out?

Bonus for John worshiping Sherlock's body during sex. Really if you just want to write that bit I'd be much obliged. :D


On the meme. (Currently a WIP)

1. Picture prompt
2. Sherlock/Harry: Both of them thinking about John
3. After a long day, John likes to curl up in Sherlock’s lap
4. Sherlock punches Anderson for making him feel worse about getting John almost killed
5. John is kidnapped and tortured for a week; Sherlock doesn’t notice
6.Video prompt
7. John Wheatson and Sherloaf Holmes are on a roll, catching one villain after another
8. Sherlock runs into some Twilight fangirls who think he’s a vampire
9. Bad Romance Fusion
10. Sherlock tries to convince John to get a sex change so they can be together
11. Dear Jim, My younger son has decided that he doesn't need love in his life and refuses to acknowledge that he is in love with his flatmate
12. Sherlock/John: Size!Kink
13. The real reason Anderson hates Sherlock is because Sherlock once fed Anderson's pet t-rex cocaine (for science) and it's now hopelessly addicted and it's all very sad
14. Sherlock accidentally hits Mycroft while dancing with the riding crop
15. 5 times Lestrade thought Mycroft was dumb
16. Sherlock thinks Mycroft is suicidal; Mycroft lets him think that
17. John tries to get Sherlock and Lestrade back together
18. Sherlock vs. Watson the computer
19. Sherlock/John: The dom talks filthy to the sub
20. Norbury
21. Non-con: Anderson rapes John; Sherlock goes berserk
22. Prince Albert piercing on John, Lestrade or Sherlock
23. Lestrade hanging out at 221B
24. Sherlock/Lestrade/John get custody of Lestrade’s kids
25. Sherlock has really sensitive nipples; John likes to play with them

Anderson: Well would you look at that. The psychopath does indeed have feelings.

Sherlock: Anderson, this really isn't the best time-

Anderson: Best time for what? To finally realize that your little game nearly killed Jo-

Sherlock: *punches Anderson

td;lr: Sherlock punches Anderson for making him feel worse about getting John almost killed.


There has been some lovely fics about asexuality in which everything generally works out fine with minimal pain on both sides. Reality, as we all know, doesn't always work like that.

I would like to see something where it's not always that easy to be the sexual partner in that kind of relationship. For some sexual people sex is necessary to function properly and I would like a fic that deals with that, preferably with a happy ending of some kind, but I'll leave what kind up to you. Long heartbreaking discussions, the frustration you feel when you just want to touch someone all over and they don't want that and so on.

(prompt might be a bit based on personal experience...)

I'll Meet You Halfway, PG-13 because of the topic we're dealing with. Enjoy!

(Deleted comment)
Filled #2 (Anonymous) Expand

Re: Part 12 Page 24 - Fill #17

Prompt: Sherlock reading Keats

Crack Fill: Just a Precaution

#7 Filled

Prompt: "Characters of your choice get turned into sprinkles and shag, or at least attempt to seduce each other as sprinkles. The only thing that's required is that it's not sprinkle!character(s)/human!character(s) shagging, but sprinkle(s)/sprinkle(s)."

Fill here (

#22 (Anonymous) Expand
(Deleted comment)

Filled: #1

Full prompt: "Moriarty/Jim from IT. SOMEHOW, MAKE IT WORK."

Fill: (warnings: real or imagined torture, maiming, vicious child abuse that could be sexual)

Full prompt : Pick one of the Shakespearean sonnets. (If you need a resource:

Use that sonnet as an inspiration for...well, anything. Fic, art, video - you name it. It just has to be based on the sonnet and Sherlock-related.


Fill (Sonnet 130) :

Second fill #13 (Anonymous) Expand
And one more (Anonymous) Expand
1. Dear Jim, Would you fix it for me so I don't have to put up with my brother anymore?
2. John adopts little Sherlock and Mycroft
3. Psychosomatic Muteness
4. Lestrade receiving a compliment from Sherlock
5. John, if you liked it, you should have put your peen in it, oh uh-uh oh
6.John finds out that Sherlock‘s MP3 player is full of whale sounds
7. Standing-up-sex (or cuddle) with John's chest to Sherlock's back, John surround him, holding him
8. Song prompt: "I Don't Know How to Love Him" from Jesus Christ Superstar
9. John hears Sherlock mumbling his mental list of things he wants to do when he has sex
10. Pining!Dark!Lestrade, Oblivious!Watson, and Possessive!Holmes
11. Picture prompt
12. The boys have to investigate the underbelly of the black horticulture market
13. John/Sherlock, based on the fairytale "Heart of Ice"
14. Moriarty kidnaps John and gives him Stockholm Syndrome
15. Non-con: Jim/John and Moran/Sherlock
16. Mycroft is very complimentary and romantic to Lestrade; Lestrade thinks he‘s like this with everyone
17. “Stripper for Sherlock Holmes“
18. All of Martin Freeman‘s characters are John‘s half-brothers
19. John/Mycroft and Lestrade/Sherlock
20. John walks in on Mycroft masturbating or vice versa
21. Sherlock persuades John to visit a very exclusive sex club while he watches from a viewing area or by CCTV. It's then he finds out just how very experienced John is
22. Sherlock is blinded temporarily and he panics
23. Video prompt
24. John is getting married and Sherlock is the best man; Sherlock gives away his feeling during his speech
25. Sherlock inherits Child!Mycroft

Full prompt : I know this has been done before, but I just can't get enough of it...

I'd like to see Lestrade receive a real compliment or sign of approval from Sherlock. (After all, ACD's Sherlock does call him the very best of Scotland Yard.) This might be direct or in a backhanded fashion, or Lestrade might even find out about it second-hand (for example, from John, who thinks Lestrade should know). Thanks!

Fill :

Filled #23 (Anonymous) Expand
1. Moriarty is actually a little child; Moran is his guardian
2. When Mycroft doesn't bother Sherlock anymore, he thinks something is wrong and drags John along with him and breaks into Mycroft's house to find that actually nothing is wrong
3. Jim/Seb: Seb is a 17 year old rent boy
4. Mycroft marries Molly
5. Everyone turns into kittens, except Mrs. Hudson who takes care of them all
6.Sherlock is asexual but still enjoys BDSM
7. John eats something from the fridge that was “accidentally“ poisoned
8. Mystrade: It takes Lestrade‘s kids a while to adjust
9. Dark!Mrs. Hudson keeps drugging and hurting them so she can take care of them
10. John marries Sarah; Sherlock marries Molly or Irene; John and Sherlock still sneak around and sleep together
11. The Office UK Crossover
12. Mycroft acted as a human shield for Sherlock when their father was abusive; Sherlock called him a coward
13. John is a tattoo artist; Sherlock comes to him for a tattoo
14. John met Mycroft before when he was a secret agent
15. Sherlock and John are out in the middle of nowhere and Sherlock had been hurt
16. Non-con: Sherlock was molested as a child; his molester sang “Round and round the garden“ to him
17. Non-con: Molly has been raped; Sherlock cares for her
18. Lestrade loves Mycroft‘s body just the way it is
19. Erotic spanking
20. Mystrade: Queen Lyrics
21. Hearing Anderson bragging about his sex life makes Sherlock sick
22. John/Sherlock: Sex in a bath
23. Student!Sherlock/Teacher!John
24. Something about Mycroft‘s people
25. Emo, depressed Lestrade

Prompt: Everyone is turned into kittens, but retain their mental capabilities and they can communicate with each other. Except Mrs Hudson, who takes care of them (she can't understand what they are saying). Bonus points for kitty!Sherlock and kitty!Mycroft getting into a fight.

Prompt and Fill:


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