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The Filled Prompts Post #1: Parts 1-23
Giggles at the Palace
Welcome to the Filled Prompts Post for Parts 1-23.
If you filled a prompt from Parts 24 and up, please use the FPP #2.
If you filled a prompt from the Spoiler-free post, use this FPP instead.

This is an archive created to make it simple for people to browse through both filled and unfilled prompts.

Let me explain how this works:

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# 24 - John goes back to war; he doesn‘t come back

Prompt: John went back to Afghanistan to fight for everything he loved: including Sherlock. This time, though, he doesn't come back. Sherlock gets a box in the mail of Johns things.

Fill: Looking from a Distance (

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I want the kind of desperate hugs, long and painful, bone-crushing, those I-can't-breathe-but-it-doesn't-matter-because-I-need-to-hold-you hugs. (if that makes any sense) Maybe someone almost got killed, maybe someone is leaving...

(would love if it was Mycroft receiving that kind of hug preferably from Sherlock or Lestrade, but go wherever the inspiration takes you)


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FILL: #3

Sherlock is trapped in an unhappy marriage (to Seb Wilkes? I was always fascinated by how subdued Sherlock was around him in TBB). He enters into an affair with a charming former-Army doctor named John Watson.

Bonus if Sherlock is especially hesitant about the affair because his partner is the only person he's ever had sex with, and frankly hasn't enjoyed it all that much.

Fill: WIP

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Mycroft dies and he reincarnates into a tree in the garden of Sherlock's retirement cottage in Sussex.




Sherlock barges into Lestrade's shower because he can't wait for Lestrade to read his texts... but the only one to get flustered is Sherlock. Now every time he sees Lestrade, Sherlock pictures him naked and dripping wet and it is very distracting.

Would give cookies, internets and first borns of your choosing if this ends with shower sex!


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Prompt: Eclipse of Sherlock's heart. "Turn around, bright eyes."

Fill: The Path of Totality Is Narrow

Fill #7

Prompt: John somehow has access to Sherlock's criminal record and discovers that he has not only been arrested for drug possession but also for prostitution. Ensues an akward conversation... Sherlock is embarassed but its past, but John understands and doesn't judge him.
I'd prefer if it was only J/S friendship.


Filled #16

Prompt: Sherlock or John tied to a chair, naked. Legs tied to the arms of the chair so they're splayed wide open. Whichever one isn't tied up does any combination of buggering/fellatio/teasing you like.

Please no non-con or dub-con.

Fill: Exposed

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Prompt: You gotta spend some time, love. You gotta spend some time with me. Jim will possess Sherlocks' heart. Inspired by I Will Posses Your Heart by Death Cab For Cutie (

Creepy mini fill: here

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Prompt: Lestrade has always enjoyed being a submissive partner on occasion but rarely has had a partner who was comfortable fulfilling this need, so he does without. Not that he doesn't enjoy sex without power exchange, but lately he's been very tired and stressed and just really, really wants to let go with someone he trusts

I just want a story where his wife/girlfriend realizes the importance of his submissive needs and takes steps to fulfill them. And I just really like femme domme stories, I don't think there are enough of them.

genderswap welcome but I don't see this story working in a D/s AU

Fill-in-Progress: The Devil's in the Details -

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Filled #15

Full Prompt: Sherlock/Fullmetal Alchemist crossover? Anyone? Yes? Yes?

Fill: here (

Mini-fill: here (



At a crime scene one day, Sherlock turns around and says “Oh! By the way, John, before I forget. I should tell you we’re getting married on Saturday.”
John just goes. “Oh. Ok. Do I need to do anything?” and just takes it all in his stride. Everyone else is gob-smacked, they didn’t even know the two of them were together.

(having an actual marriage fic would be cute but ULTRA BONUS COOKIES if this is actually nothing like what it sounds like and there’s actually some sort of bizarre context that makes it mean something completely different)


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17. Molly being comforted by Sherlock

17. Molly being comforted by Sherlock

Part 1/? Fledgling writer. Hope my prose isn't too purple. Me and Sebastian Wilkes, we like the purple.

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Filled #10

Full prompt: I want to see Mycroft having something he can hold over Sherlock (blackmail?). I want him to make Sherlock come to his office for a little "appointment" where he gets to use Sherlock sexually and humiliate him. (Anything goes! Especially spanking, feminization, infantilization.)

Sherlock keeps acting bratty and sulky and almost-defiant the whole time, but he's actually terrified, close to tears, and unwillingly turned on.

*feels like a bad person*

Filled on the meme:

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Ending their texts with "<3 you" is the only way Lestrade/Mycroft can show how they feel about the other, because they're too shy to say it out loud.

I don't mind who it is, but i'd like the author to keep in mind that if they choose Mycroft, he doesn't like to text if he can help it. Which, you know, could be part of the plot!



Reprompt from XV: After watching François Truffaut's adaptation of Fahrenheit 451 for the umpteenth time, I began to wonder...

If the Sherlock characters fled the censorship of the dystopian state to live on the outskirts among the Book People, each committing a book to memory to preserve it for future times (okay, maybe Sherlock and Mycroft could commit more than one), which book would each Sherlock character choose to become?

Sherlock? Mycroft? John? Lestrade? Mrs Hudson? Etc.?


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1. John speaks fluent Polish
2. Mycroft teases the wrong person under the table
3. Video prompt: Push the button by Sugarbabes
4. The only time Sherlock tried composing his own music on the violin, it was at Victor's request
5. Clueless!Mycroft doesn‘t realise he is on a date with Lestrade
6.Dimmock doms the hell out of Mycroft
7. Matchmaker Mycroft wows John with deductions and involves him in a case without Sherlock so that Sherlock will finally get jealous enough to make a move on John
8. Moriarty arranges for Sherlock to choose between John and the work
9. Mycroft knows something Sherlock doesn‘t: their father was a homophobe
10. Lestrade gets Mycroft to be his wingman
11. Moriarty/Moran fluff
12. Sherlock and John love the smell of smoke
13. How I Met Your Mother Crossover
14. Picture prompt
15. Jim loves Sherlock to tie him spreadeagled and ride him slowly
16. Alien probing goes sexy
17. Everyone in the world swaps bodies
18. The first time Sherlock cries since he was 9 is at Mycroft‘s funeral
19. Mycroft, Sherlock and Moriarty work together to take down a super villain
20. John, Lestrade, Moran, Moriarty, Mycroft and Sherlock go on a triple date
21. Mycroft and Sherlock manage to openly express their concern and love for each other as brothers only over the phone
22. Mycroft and Sherlock allow themselves to indulge in the temptation and attraction they have for each other only over the phone
23. Someone is haunted by jackhammers
24. Sherlock and John play matchmaker to bring oblivious&pining!Molly and oblivious&pining!Dimmock together
25. Lestrade and/or Sherlock on the internet, pretending to be thirteen year old girls. To lure pedos in


Full Prompt:
False leads in New York mean that Sherlock and John have a week left there with nothing to do. They end up in a pub and meet a guy who likes to play a game called "Haaaave you met John?"

Cue Jealous!Sherlock.

Bonus points for Lily trying to make conversation with Sherlock.

The Ninja Report ( (WIP)

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Prompt: Lestrade: "I know you have my private number already, you seem to know everything about me, anyway... but just for the record, this is me giving you my number officially. Call me, Mycroft."

Fill: here

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"C'mon John, let's go."

"Is that a crossbow?"


"Why do you have a crossbow?"

"Shut up, let's go" --

"Is that the one from the museum?"

Crossbows and...

Original prompt:
"All through the Hiatus, Lestrade keeps a diary in which each entry is addressed to Sherlock. He doesn't write in it every day, rather on anniversary dates (their first meeting, their first case, birthdays, etc.). The last entry is written by Sherlock."


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"You are in a trade where it is unsafe to love anybody or anything. They strike at that."

(Any situation, any circumstances, any pairings, any characters, any anything -- just, please, a realization that the said character is in a much more grave situation than they initially realized.)


Prompt: I am ALL about Jim in fic at the moment. I'd love some fic in which either Sherlock (consensual) or Moran and Jim engage in breathplay, preferably with Jim as the sub/recipient.

Fill: Partial Pressure

Full Prompt: I just spent an embarrassingly long time reading Texts From Baker Street, and I feel like something productive should come out of that. I decided it would be fun to post one of them here as a prompt, but then I wanted to post them all.

So my prompt is... write a fic (mini-fill, dialogue only, epic length fill, anything!) based on one of the TFBS macros (or directly from Texts From Last Night) and post it here with a pic or link to the inspiring macro. Make me laugh or make me cry, nonnies!

Fill: Also, I think I might be gay


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