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The Filled Prompts Post #1: Parts 1-23
Giggles at the Palace
Welcome to the Filled Prompts Post for Parts 1-23.
If you filled a prompt from Parts 24 and up, please use the FPP #2.
If you filled a prompt from the Spoiler-free post, use this FPP instead.

This is an archive created to make it simple for people to browse through both filled and unfilled prompts.

Let me explain how this works:

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1. Sherlock or John gets cancer
2. Sherlock and Lestrade first meeting
3. Sherlock adopts a Mogwai, and completely disregards those two important rules.
4. Image prompt: Poly angst
5. Criminal Minds Crossover
6.5 times Mike Stamford was completely flummoxed by John Watson
7. Hellblazer Crossover
8. John cheats on asexual!Sherlock
9. Midsomer Murders Crossover
10. Lestrade barges into Mycroft's office and does naughty things to him and draws out hot, sexy loud moans out of him.
11. Sherlock wonders what the function of a rubber duck is
12. Sherlock rents a place from Mrs. Watson, whose son died in the war
13. Shy!John being shy and adorable
14. Mycroft is a crack shot too; John is impressed
15. Firefly Crossover
16. It‘s Lestrade‘s turn to find out about honey
17. On their first date, Lestrade asks him to help him solve his case and Mycroft thinks Lestrade only agrees to go out with him to get him solve the case so Mycroft just ends their relationship. But it's a misunderstanding. Lestrade likes him too.
18. John‘s childhood home is to be demolished, and Mycroft saves it
19. Jim wears Space Invader socks
20. Non-con: Sherlock is raped and there are watersports involved
21. BAMF!John/Captain Jack Harkness
22. Sherlock and John are both so ridiculously controlling/pushy in bed they have to take turns on who gets to call the shots
23. Dialogue prompt: “On your knees, now!”
24. Burn Notice Crossover
25. John's a pet from Count D in Petshop of Horrors, a rule is broken and ANGST ensues, followed by a happy ending

Sherlock adopts a Mogwai, and completely disregards those two important rules.

Mini Fill:

Fill #23 (Anonymous) Expand
1. Sherlock is secretly affectionate about Mycroft through drawings
2. One character is dying in the arms of another and asks, "What happens after we die?"
3. Molly drags Girl!Sherlock to the gynecologist
4. Sherlock makes John dance with him
5. Someone is dying and quotes their favorite fictional character's last words.
6.Sherlock isn‘t jealous; he wants to own John
7. Sherlock wakes up one morning, announcing that he‘s going after Moriarty, even though he told everyone he died two years before
8. Donovan/Martha Jones
9. John accidentally wins Sherlock in a charity auction
10. Possessive!John doesn‘t want to share Sherlock
11. Moriarty‘s minions kidnap Lestrade and Mycroft is furious
12. For Mycroft‘s 17th birthday, she buys him Sherlock
13. Sherlock is injured by a criminal and makes John promise not to kill the criminal
14. John is a ghost haunting 221B and he and Sherlock become friends
15. Were!John is in the habit of sniffing Sherlock‘s crotch
16. Molly is a witch
17. Someone getting glomped
18. An abundance of Sarahs
19. Sherlock tries everything and everybody at least once
20. Mycroft and John are lost, alone and on the run
21. When Sherlock gets a bit older, the slightest, tiniest, almost inconceivably little bit of paunch starts showing... he's horrified and blames John for making him eat
22. John likes it when Sherlock slaps his arse
23. Beforethe pool, Moriarty left Molly for dead at her apartment
24. “I wonder if they‘d let Watson and me dissect your brain“
25. Sherlock and Lestrade having sex in the back of a car

Filled #23

Prompt: Before the pool scene, Jim had already attacked Molly (maybe she had discovered what is was up to). He left her for dead at her appartment.

Sherlock and John managed to escape the pool unharmed. Thinking that Moriarty could be targetting the people they know, they try to call them (Sarah, Harry, Mycroft...). Molly is not answering so Sherlock goes to check on her. He finds her very badly injured and has to talk to her while waiting for the ambulance.


Filled #9 (Anonymous) Expand
Prompt: John grabs Moriarty and yells "Sherlock, run!"
Sherlock does. Just fucking bails.
Crack or angst.
I haven't seen this prompt before so forgive me if it's been done already.

Comic fill:

Prompt: Sherlock and John find the kinkmeme. Not as in, they have fans in their world; they find their way onto THIS kinkmeme.


#4 filled

Full prompt: Between cases, John is fed up dealing with bored!Sherlock. So John introduces Sherlock to Dungeons & Dragons in an attempt to keep him occupied. He will live to regret this decision.

Link: Things Sherlock Holmes Is Not Allowed To Do In An RPG (

1. The first (and only) time John saw Sherlock and Anderson work well as a team without complaint, they were performing CPR on Lestrade.
2. Sherlock joins a drama group for a case and is cast in their play
3. ***
4. Part 5 Fill
5. Errant Comment
6. ***
7. Lestrade has given up on relationships; along comes the British Government
8. Sherlock accidentally deletes something important. Like how to walk.
9. Anderson covering Sherlock in a shock blanket when he really needs one.
10. Sherlock is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder
11. John finds that sex with Sherlock is like the man himself - often annoying and frustrating, very stressful and utterly addictive.
12. The reason Anderson decided to shave and get contact lenses.
13. Retired!Sherlock and John: Sherlock wakes up to find John has died
14. Lyrics: The City by Patrick Wolf
15. Lestrade has to arrest his long lost twin as a murder suspect
16. If you attempt to distract me from this case I will break into your tasteless neoclassicist bedroom and force feed you crisps until you cry. SH
17. Mycroft and the Judi Dench M
18. Moriarty is actually Ratigan in a robotic human suit he had Flaversham build for him.
19. John and Anderson bonding at a pub
20. "Loveless" AU, where the characters have cat ears and a tail until they lose their virginity, at which point they disappear.
21. Lestrade/the entire British government
22. Sherlock is afraid to moan or make any noise during sex, and doesn't like his partner to see his face while they're doing it.
23. Sherlock starts to notice that John has some weird habits
24. Black Books Crossover
25. Mystrade: Mycroft talks dirty in the most refined way ever

Re: Part 11 Page 22 (Anonymous) Expand
1. Sherlock is afraid to be in a relationship because he changes himself to suit his partner
2. Lestrade and his team become the unwitting subjects of a Cops-like reality TV series
3. Sherlock/Moriarty Consensual cuddling with hair-petting
4. The person on forensics who will work with Sherlock
5. Sherlock gets shrunk to the size of an average pen
6.Something angsty involving Sherlock that would go nicely with the song Blake Says by Amanda Palmer.
7. Anne of Green Gables Mix
8. Mycroft collapses on the steps of 221B and is found by John
9. Public sex and camera phones
10. Dr. Who Crossover
11. F Scott Fitzgerald inspired
12. John finds Sherlock doing something weird in the middle of the night; Sherlock tries to convince him it’s a dream
13. M/M Watersports
14. Lyrics prompt: Mika’s Toy Boy
15. Mycroft dresses according to the hanky code
16. Sherlock/John: Double-headed dildo
17. Sherlock fucks John, fills him with his come, puts a plug in to keep his semen inside of John, gives him a good spanking and then makes him go on a case with him.
18. Daddy Holmes' little secret was discovered by one (or both) of his sons when they were young. He tried to bully them into silence
19. Non-con: Moriarty makes John give him a blowjob
20. Mycroft rescues John, thereby rescuing Sherlock by proxy
21. Lady Mycroft naked and wet
22. Video prompt: My whole family
23. Brave Little Toaster Fusion
24. John discovers something terrible about Sherlock that no one else knows
25. John figures out that Sherlock has a crush on Mrs. Hudson

Filled #3

Full prompt: Sherlock/Moriarty: cuddling. Consensual cuddling. Non-creepy, non-sexual cuddling.

With hair petting.

Fill here:


Sherlock fucks John at a crime scene, in front of the Yarders. Sex pollen, drugs, Moriarty, slave au, dark!Sherlock - make it happen, anon.

Fill - NON-CON!

On the Meme

Full Prompt:
Lestrade:Sherlock: "I cried for you/now it's your turn to cry over me"

Fill: At meme or at journal

Minifill #7

Original prompt: "I was just rewatching 'A Study in Pink' and was rather taken aback with how freakin' awkward Lestrade was at the press conference in the beginning. Seriously - he should have some experience with public relations. What was going on?

Surprise me, Anons! Does he find it a struggle to speak in public? Did something happen right before the conference? Did he have somewhere more important to be? What do you think? "


#23 (Anonymous) Expand

Filled #13


So, Sherlock enlists John to flirt with a guy for a case. Maybe he's expressed some interest in John and they need information, or Sherlock just doesn't want to go to the trouble, but it works surprisingly well. So well, in fact, that Sherlock deduces he's done so before. John admits he's bisexual and although just having deduced as much, is in a bit of shock; he truly thought John was straight. Sherlock asks why he didn't tell him, and John says it didn't seem relevant...and plus, he's had horrible experiences with men in the past and decided to stick to women for the time being.

(For the sake of the fic, Sarah and John aren't together anymore, k?)

Cue Sherlock playing matchmaker and trying to set John up. He doesn't really want to, but after all the trouble Sherlock went through he does so reluctantly. The dates, as expected, are awful. But Sherlock being Sherlock, this is a matter of pride.

Blah blah blah, unexpected jealousy, blah blah blah feelings - Sherlock is the last date John has.

Five Disaster Dates Sherlock Arranges for John and the One That Turns Out Well (parent for additional chapters)


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