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The Filled Prompts Post #1: Parts 1-23
Giggles at the Palace
Welcome to the Filled Prompts Post for Parts 1-23.
If you filled a prompt from Parts 24 and up, please use the FPP #2.
If you filled a prompt from the Spoiler-free post, use this FPP instead.

This is an archive created to make it simple for people to browse through both filled and unfilled prompts.

Let me explain how this works:

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Original Prompt: Mycroft has prescient dreams. They're not very dramatic most of the time, sometimes helpful, but more often only confusing flashes of random stuff that happens during the day. And sometimes he has nightmares...

Fill: or

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Fill #3 (Anonymous) Expand
Sherlock finds out he has lung cancer, advanced stage.


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So, imagine John and Sherlock are in a relationship. And imagine that they *really* do all the kinks posted on this meme when they have sex. Yes, all of them... Okay, so, maybe not the penis slicing one. But the others, yes.

Anyway, one day they break up, and then Holmes finds himself another boyfriend. Only John was his first ever lover, he's only had sex with him... so he thinks all those kinky things are normal and even required when you're having sex.

Poor New!Boyfriend.

(Mycroft says Hot Ndullo. idk what it means but it seems relevant.)

Mini Fill:

Mini-fill for Prompt # 7

Original Prompt: Molly and Sherlock trapped alone together in a broken lift.

Original prompt:

Courtesy of hehangs on Tumblr:
"The short version of how we met."
Some Dark!Lestrade please?

(or cleaned up here)

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filled #20 above (Anonymous) Expand

Re: Part 17 Page 35

Prompt: "(no anon did not just read fic where this happened srsly. why do you ask?) OH SHERLOCK, WHY DO YOU CRY WHEN WE'RE MAKING LOVE?!"

Fill here:

#8 Fill

Prompt: John relaxingly ruffling Sherlock's hair.

Fill: The Ghastly Marvellous Day (

Fill 22 (Fill No. 2)

Full prompt

So here’s my dilemma. I love top!John I do, but they do tend to come across as overly romantic. And when compared to like-themed stories in top!Sherlock fics I never get the same sense of roughness and/or possessiveness. I’ve seen a lot of BDSM ones lately with Sherlock topping. And when I find one in the reverse John’s like the nicest, most gentle and giving top in the history of tops.


So that is my challenge. Gimme rough. Gimme dark. Hell, dub-con A-OK.

Could be set in one of those slave or Dom/s AUs or maybe just in prison (seen a few now with John the sub). Really anywhere John doms the shit out of Sherlock. *g*

Oh, and would love to see something greater than a short fill, too. But obviously I wouldn’t kick one out of bed. *g*
I wish you well

Sherlock and John are in a relationship that's slowly but surely turning sour. They have lots of rows, Sherlock says some nasty things, John feels he isn't good enough for Sherlock, and this time says something so hurtful back that renders Sherlock speecheless. John walks out angry, not looking back. He spends the next couple of hours in bars, trying to get utterly pissed so he'll forget Sherlock entirely.

A black car arrives, and John is driven to a nearby flat to sleep it off. When he wakes with a killer headache and a bad case of guilty conscience, he finds a text on his cell: 'This is ruining us both. Forget me. SH'

John rushes home, to discover Sherlock sitting quite calmly on the couch, reading the morning paper. He looks up at John and says, "Ah. I assume you must be my flatmate of... what, six months, is it? Sorry about deleting you, I tend to do that sometimes, but then I think you already knew that. And I hate to repeat myself, but... Afghanistan or Iraq?"

I just realised this is almost like a minifill...please, someone do a real fill anyway?

Unnecessary Data (parent for additional parts)

Full prompt
S/J please. Sherlock gets turned into a Borrower. Need I say more?


John decides to help Sherlock become more popular - for a case or just for the Yarders sake. John really gets into it:

You'll get first born if you can keep it in character - no idea how, that's your challenge!


Prompt: Sherlock tells a joke and nobody thinks it's funny.
Two fills, click prompt to see:

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Fill #2

OP: ( Someone is actually an Elder God, and they've been chilling in human form for the lulz, or possibly in preparation for eating the Earth. Is it Sherlock? Moriarty? Mrs. Hudson? How does everyone else react?

Fill: (

I've been basically up all night and in my oh-gosh-it's-5-in-the-morning-and-still-no-sleep-in-sight state of mind I started pairing Sherlock characters randomly and working on how could I make them work.

So what I want from you is bring forth all your secret rare OTPs/OT3s etc. (and by rare I mean rare like Sally/skull or (my secret OTP of doom) Mycroft/Anderson rare) and tell me how could a scenario of them falling in love (or, just becoming BFFs if that's more your area) work out.

So mini-fills, micro-fills, one sentence fills or just scenarios of how rarest of rare pairings would work.

Micro Fill:
Rare pairings

Fill #1:
Mrs. Hudson/Lestrade: Not your step-parents, dear

Mini Fill:
John/the flatmate of the assassinated astronomer guy

Mini Fill #2:

Fill #2:

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Filled #3

Full prompt:
"You are Jim Moriarty...
And you're writing slash about yourself and Sherlock. WHAT WOULD IT LOOK LIKE?"

Minifill: "Jim Marysueiarty"

#9 Minifill

Prompt: John is Moriarty's horcrux.

Heart and Soul, Divided (

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(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)

Re: Part 17 Page 47n no.10

Kid!Sherlock and kid!John are friends who solve a case together.

A Speckly Band Thing WIP

1. Sherlock and John arguing over names for their children
2. Teen Sherlock angst: Fanart prompt
3. Sherlock can‘t tell John how he feels because he hates being imprecise
4. D/s Universe with a female Dom
5. Someone is a haiku writer
6.Elderly!Sherlock caring for Frail and Old!Mycroft
7. Sherlock is a were!idiot
8. After John tells Sherlock he's getting married to _______, they both put on a brave face and pretend that the idea of separation isn't killing them, until something happens that puts everything to light
9. Moriarty‘s been keeping his criminal work from his mom
10. Sherlock and John fall asleep and wake up on Satellite 5
11. When Mycroft and Lestrade get together, Gregson starts behaving extra mean and borderline homophobic towards his colleague
12. Jim kidnaps and seduces John to get back at Sherlock
13. S/J: John topping Sherlock from behind while Sherlock controls the vibrator that’s inside John
14. Lestrade/Sherlock established: Sherlock meets Lestrade‘s kids
15. S/J Song prompt: Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls
16. Moriarty has a kid that he loves very much
17. John feels useless next to Sherlock‘s boyfriend; Sherlock builds back his self-esteem
18. Sally and Sherlock were in a relationship. Sherlock fucked it up. Sally's bitterness is completely called for
19. Sleeping with the Enemy AU
20. Sherlock, show me everything or I‘ll bring out the speculum again
21. Moriarty had a goldfish once
22. Moriarty‘s kid hates Sherlock and John because they make Jim stay away from home too much
23. John‘s dreams get really bad; Sherlock finds his old teddy bear for him
24. Couples movie night: Mycroft and Anthea have "Watch 'Best of' Footage From 221b's Surveillance Feed" Night
25. Mycroft has to convince Sherlock that aliens are real

A character in Sherlock (or several) writes haikus as a way to relieve their stress. Or vent their frustration. Or code their secret feelings for another. Or... just writes haikus as a hobby. Instead of fishing.

Any pairing and/or genre welcome!

Mini Haiku Fill #1:

Mini Haiku Fill #2:

Mini Haiku Fill #3:

Filled #11

Full Prompt: Adjustment Bureau Crossover with a twist: John is 'meant' to be with Sarah. Sherlock, John's caseworker, is supposed to ensure they end up together. But something goes terribly wrong. John falls for Sherlock.

Fill: Path of Most Resistance: WiP:

1. Jim from IT and Moriarty are identical twins
2. Sherlock/Union Jack pillow
3. How do John and Sherlock cope with jealousy
4. 5 times Sherlock drove Lestrade to drink
5. The things I do for Love: Moriarty pushes John out of a window
6.Mystrade: Pretty Woman AU
7. Jim kills John; Sherlock becomes a Batman-like avenger
8. Twenty years after the death of her father, Moriarty's daughter wants to play a game with Sherlock
9. Sherlock comes to his brother for help after the Falls; Mycroft hugs the crap out of him
10. Sherlock and John retire to beekeeping; Sherlock loves John‘s flaws
11. Sherlock/Martin Crieff
12. Someone sings loudly and badly in the shower and keeps interrupting their partner's thoughts/activity/sleep
13. Lestrade calls confused to Sherlock; John and Sherlock try to figure out what‘s wrong with him
14. S/J: They find out unexpectedly that Sherlock likes being silenced
15. Picture prompt
16. Sherlock needs an organ; someone on the kink meme says “I would give a kidney“
17. Emily Dickinson Poetry Prompt
18. Fanart request: Sherlock dancing flamenco
19. Sherlock good-naturedly manipulates John into letting him take over his life
20. Sherlock and John discussing Irene and jealousy
21. S/J: Mrs. Hudson laces Sherlock‘s tea with truth serum
22. Hitchhiker‘s Guide to the Galaxy Crossover
23. Sherlock is an injured bird that John nurses back to health
24. Oblivious!Sherlock and Oblivious!John pining for each other
25. Sherlock and John think they are keeping their relationship a secret; they aren‘t

Full prompt: Sort of re-prompt, the original prompt was posted during the freeze and has been deleted. Not the same anon who originally posted this, but I'd love to read it: Sherlock/Union Jack pillow.

Fill: here

Original prompt:
Five things Lestrade can do that Sherlock can't and the one thing they both can't do.


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Fill #6: Filk Songs

Prompt: Filk! Bring me filk! Filksongs!

Fill: "People Will Say I'm Your Date" S/J

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Full prompt: Holmescesty fun with CCTV.
Mycroft has a bit of a voyeurism kink and Sherlock is all too ready to indulge him... in his own way. So Sherlock seduces a random man (or someone we know from the series if you want to go that route) and gets them to fuck him somewhere he knows Mycroft has a camera. And in the midst of the fucking, when Sherlock is seconds away from coming... he locks eyes with Mycroft through the camera and winks.

Fill: here

Prompt: John is the Doctor's son.

Fill here.


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