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The Filled Prompts Post #1: Parts 1-23
Giggles at the Palace
Welcome to the Filled Prompts Post for Parts 1-23.
If you filled a prompt from Parts 24 and up, please use the FPP #2.
If you filled a prompt from the Spoiler-free post, use this FPP instead.

This is an archive created to make it simple for people to browse through both filled and unfilled prompts.

Let me explain how this works:

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Five times TMI ruined the mood, and one time it was a massive turn-on.
S/J, if possible.

Five times TMI ruined the mood, and once when it didn't...

Fill #2

Prompt: Sherlock makes semen!jam.

Fill here - warning for non-consensual semen feeding:

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Fifth fill #2 (Anonymous) Expand
Prompt: S/J: John gets a black eye and everyone assumes Sherlock did it

Fill: Fact and Fiction

Filled #14 (Anonymous) Expand
Full prompt : Is it still S/L partytime? I'd really love some Sherlock/Lestrade with hand holding, and not because somebody's just been seriously injured.

Fill : Manacled

Fill #7 (Anonymous) Expand
1. In Lestrade's neighborhood the houses are packed together so tightly that it's almost awkward to look your own window
2. Little Prince Fusion
3. High school AU: John is a jock, Sherlock is a lonely violin player
4. Sherlock/Lestrade: Lestrade ends up leaving Sherlock alone in his flat for a day, making him promise not to go outside
5. After Afghanistan, John has trouble falling asleep alone, so Sherlock offers to watch over him.
6.A pair of girls deduce S/J
7. John‘s gambling addiction gets out of control
8. Jim/John: consensual
9. Girl!John completely naked with her fully dressed partner standing behind her, cupping and fondling her breasts
10. John gets kidnapped from an exploded restaurant and thinks Sherlock is dead
11. John has an episode of staring and zoning out
12. Sherlock loses his voice and phone in the same week
13. Sherlock uses "thailand breast slap"-style massaging techniques on John
14. Hike naked: It‘ll put colour in your cheeks
15. John is very competitive
16. Loki is a sex worker who helps John through his trust issues
17. Sherlock and John: Platonic kisses on the mouth
18. The American guy was lined up to be the sixth murder in ASiP
19. Living across from a kindergarten made Moran a sniper
20. Lestrade/Sherlock: Sherlock keeps falling asleep on Lestrade‘s couch
21. Mycroft loses his job and becomes a homemaker
22. Sherlock is forcibly sedated
23. Someone makes a rude remark about John
24. Sherlock tells John he loves him as John lays dying
25. Sherlock telling John to “keep breathing“

Prompt: Sherlock telling John to "keep breathing"


Fill #8 (Anonymous) Expand

#18 Fem!Sherlock & John, gen

Prompt: Five men fem!Sherlock slept with and the one she didn't (John).


prompt: Mycroft/John. Break my heart and put back together again?


Full prompt: Bad week. :( Can I get some sweet, gentle, almost painfully tender S/L sex? Life-affirming sex, that kind of thing. DROWN ME IN EMOTION PLEASE. <3

Fill on my journal or on the meme.

prompt: I would like to see angry, borderline-violent sex. Mutually consensual, if only because both parties are way too busy shagging each others brains out to bother asking- it's a foregone conclusion. Possibly the culmination of weeks and weeks of tension, irritated outbursts, the constant awareness of each others movements when in the same room. Loud, unbridled, up against a wall, in a back alley, whatever you like. Just give it to me. NOW.

fill: Intervention

Filled #24

Prompt: John is a jar of jam, Sherlock is a pot of Bovril, together they're an unlikely couple.

Filled here:

Fill #13

Prompt: Sherlock remembers the way people treated him as a teenager; John comforts him

Fill here on the meme (

1. Professor!Sherlock/Med Student!John
2. Mystrade and S/J: Sherlock and Mycroft were both sexually abused
3. After Reichenbach, Mycroft makes Jim and Sherlock team up for something
4. Mismatched in a Soul Mate AU
5. John continues consulting with the MET after Sherlock disappears
6."Right. You're lovely. I'm gonna share a girly drink with you."
7. Sherlock comes back from his Great Hiatus with a permanent, noticeable injury
8. Jim and Sherlock makes a bet that Jim can‘t make Sherlock come
9. S/J: Non/dub con Piss kink
10. S/J: Girl!Sherlock researches the best time to tell someone you love them
11. The drug squad punishes John while Sherlock goes on a case
12. All I want is someone to hold onto while we sleep…
13. Sherlock gets Stockholm Syndrome
14. Sherlock gets molested/raped in public transportation
15. Jim‘s random hobbies
16. Sherlock doesn't retire and keep bees. He and John keep solving crime from their futuristic underground lair in Sussex
17. Mycroft meets Lestrade a few months before he‘s planned to die
18. My dear doctor, I assure you, the only difference between my brother and I is that I handle disappointment more gracefully
19. S/J: Established relationship and unprotected sex
20. Sherlock gets brain damage and lacks impulse control
21. Lestrade/Sherlock: Empty House Rewrite
22. Moriarty kidnaps Sherlock and sends a film of first-time S/J
23. Dark!Lestrade asks Sherlock for John in exchange for cases
24. The reason Sherlock has custom-made clothing
25. Someone gets addicted to K-Pop


Prompt: Someone gets addicted to K-pop (and K-pop fandom).


Fill #11


The Yarders often tease John and Sherlock about them secretly shagging. Not genuinely cruel teasing or anything, just biting but kind of funny jabs at them about it to try to get on Sherlock's nerves and make John flustered. John and Sherlock ARE in a relationship, but Sherlock's got a "cold, detached" reputation to maintain and John is intensely private, so rather than confirm the gossip they always just ignore the comments or deflect them with snarky comebacks.

Then John almost dies on a case. He's not injured, but something happens and he just barely escapes getting killed right in front of everyone. Sherlock is visibly shaken and rushes to John, they're both kneeling on the ground and Sherlock touches his face and presses his forehead to John's and they're totally focused on each other and muttering reassuring words to each other. There's no crying or declarations of "OMG I love you!", it's just quiet and intense and a bit breathtaking to witness, and the Yarders are all "Whoa, not only are those two totally shagging for real, but we just saw someone almost lose the love of his life"

TL;DR The Yarders find out John and Sherlock are in a relationship when John almost dies on a case.


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Fill #2 (Anonymous) Expand

Re: Part 16 Page 37

Filled #7(more parts possibly)

I'd like to read Sherlock encouraging (rather than bashing) a young violinist.

The Students Sonata

Sherlock/Monsters Inc. fusion
John is the monster under young Sherlock's bed.

Sherlock is Not Impressed.

Mini Fill:

Full prompt:
Molly's been more than patient with a rather giddy-frantic Sherlock who is using the morgue almost daily. One day, Molly gets a a call from her doctor informing her of some bad news health-wise. She's been holding her feelings at bay all say. Then, sherlock flounces in and makes some biting remark about her.

Molly lets loose. She tells Sherlock how much he hurts her, how she feels worthless in his presence, how she is smart...and then she lets slip that something is wrong and how scared she is. She's about to leave in a devestated mess when sherlock stops her.

Fill: Breaking Point


J/S METEOROLOGIST AU! Yes, meteorologists!

Sherlock is a genius forecaster, John's an adrenaline-junkie professional storm chaser. Weather and love ensue!

Fill: here.

Re: Part 16 Page 41 #1

#1 Kind Of, Sort Of Fill Link, Not By Me, At Your Prompt Link. Please Don't Yell At Me.

Not at all related to your pen pal interests so I should shut my piehole but Little Jim and Little Sherlock meet over the Power's case.

While Jim is the bullies new kid who flipped out, Sherlock's hoity-toity personality is near fully formed.

When I was 12 I was severely burned in a housefire. Only 10 percent of my body was untouched. The only reason I am alive today is because of a handful of extraordinary doctors. I moved awhile ago and eventhough most people just stare or look out of the cornere of their eyes, I had an experience several days back that I still am so angry about. This man kept following me, snapping photos and making gagging noises. I told him to stop taking my photo but he just smirked. No one did anything. I made my purchases, drove home and just sobbed like a baby. I am not a confrontational person. But god how I kick myself for not saying anything.

I would appreciate a fic where John is the target of a random strangers horrific abuse of some sort. Something that deeply hurts him to the point he can't say anything.

You can choose to have one more than one character defend John. Your choice

Some serious reassuring comfort would be wonderful.

I'm likely to regret writing such a indepth prompt tomorrow. But I am extremely angry and the surgery I had this afternoon has left me rudderless. Thanks for reading and sorry for such a rambling prompt.

What Friends Do

A Personal Interest

Full Prompt: Five times John Watson's aim was perfect. And one time it just wasn't good enough.

Fill: Call to Arms

Re: Part 16 Page 43 (Anonymous) Expand
yeah, I don't either

but yes, I can't stop thinking about it and I really really want a Sherlock/John Parent Trap AU

(plot paraphrased for those you haven't seen the Parent Trap)

so Sherlock and John were married, adopted two beautiful twin girls and then everything went tragically awry and they separated. Years later, the girls meet at a summer camp (I can't escape the idea of band camp and feel so horrible for the thought) but the girls piece together what happened and switched places for their trip home, hijinks ensue.

Father Trap

Sherlock seduces John via post-it note.

It starts off questionably innocent, but then by the end of it...

Mini Fill:

Filled #22

Prompt: Not enough fingerfucking on this meme. Lestrade fingerfucking Sherlock till he comes, please? (Don't want any extra kinks, though.)


(Also de-anoned and posted at AO3, here:

Re: Part 16 Page 47: #20 John in a kilt

Fancy Dress (

22 (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Part 16 Page 47 (Anonymous) Expand
"I think I'll do just a touch of murder tonight."

"A... touch of murder?"

"Mmmyes. Just a bit. Helps me sleep, you know."

A Bright Hot Light


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