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The Filled Prompts Post #1: Parts 1-23
Giggles at the Palace
Welcome to the Filled Prompts Post for Parts 1-23.
If you filled a prompt from Parts 24 and up, please use the FPP #2.
If you filled a prompt from the Spoiler-free post, use this FPP instead.

This is an archive created to make it simple for people to browse through both filled and unfilled prompts.

Let me explain how this works:

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Doodling anon would like a story to go with her drawing. DOMESTICITY PLEASE? [Note from filler: CHECK OUT HER PICS IN THE LINK BELOW EVEN IF YOU DON'T READ THE FILL THEY'RE ADORABLE]


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Fill #23

Prompt: I know they're hard to do. I appreciate anyone trying!

Sherlock's POV that made him blurt out this un-Sherlockian sentence during this epic scene:

"That thing that you, uh, did, that you offered to do, that was, uh, good."

Short fill here:

Fill #24, Coitus Interruptus

Prompt: Mycroft/Lestrade

Mycroft just wants to get laid but every time he tries Sherlock interrupts either by getting in trouble or calling Lestrade about a case until , finally, Mycroft can't take it anymore and ties SherlOck to John's bed with a bow around his dick and a "please he keep occupied for an hour" sign.


Filled #19

Prompt: John moves in with Sherlock, and he starts developing feelings for the detective, which is good because it seems those feelings are returned...

And then Sherlock's husband turns up.

Fill: Red Sky in Morning:

#23 FILL (Anonymous) Expand
Death Prompt.
Reichenbach aftermath.

It's the end, and Sherlock stands watching himself die in a strange Swiss hospital; watches John sit pale and hollow-eyed next to his bed, eyes caught between the slow rise and fall of Sherlock's chest and the blip blip blip of the bedside monitor. There is a reaper standing nearby, kind and sympathetic, but still waiting. It's time to go, Sherlock. It's time to leave. Sherlock knows he hasn't got long, that he can't stay, but he needs to talk to John before he goes. He went away, defeated the Moriarty, and he hasn't had the chance to tell John how. Why. And, shit, it's just been THREE YEARS since they've spoken. Whether he has to shove his soul back into his dying body or start throwing things around the room, he's going to find a way to say thank you, I'm sorry, I love you, goodbye.

I'm coming


Following the events of TGG, Sherlock begins to off-handedly refer to John as mon coeur. Slash is fine, but if you want a real challenge go for gen. Either way, this idea will not leave me alone.


It's all fine, but for the explosions

Based on this fic:

John is *super*-unobservant in the mornings. One day, he walks into the kitchen, makes up his dear sweet caffeine, and once it's had time to kick in, he realizes that Moriarty and Moran are there, guns on Sherlock, jaws dropped, amazed at how long it took John to see them there.

I know this is a bit of a cracky prompt, but I would so love a non-crack fill. Not that I wouldn't take anything!

The Milk's Off

#3 Fill

Sherlock sometimes lets dark!Lestrade fuck him in exchange for cases. It's not as bad as it could be, but he really wishes that Lestrade was quick about it, instead of holding him down and fucking him slowly, talking the entire time.

WARNING: very dubcon

#24 Microfill (Anonymous) Expand
John and Sherlock are strippers. John often performs as a soldier or doctor themed stripper, very straightforward. Sherlock always thinks of the weirdest themes.

"Conulting detective? Is that a thing? And why would you need a scarf for that?"

Mini Fill:

Its a well know trope that John is bad with technology. but we see Mycroft is old fashioned, right, he could be bad with technology too.

My prompt is for them to be bad with technology together because that'd be oddly endearing. Gen welcome or slash if you can find a way to get bad-with-technology-John and bad-with-technology-Mycroft into bed together. Art'd also be grand! I'm not fussy when it involves technologically inept men <3


Fills #7

Prompt: "Sherlock/A cranberry or perhaps cranberry sauce."

Multiple short fills in this thread:

(long, detailed and horribly clichéd prompt ahead)

Sherlock is desperately, hopelessly, painfully in love with John, but he knows that they can’t be together because Sherlock is too dangerous, has too many enemies that could use John against him and he doesn’t want to take that risk. One night, Sherlock finds a genie/wishes on a shooting star/experiments with mysterious chemicals/whatever, and the next morning he wakes up in bed next to alternate!John, who runs a practice in the town they live in. In this alternate world, Sherlock and alternate!John met after Sherlock graduated university and before he got into drugs, alternate!John went to Afghanistan but was never shot, they settled down in Sussex and have been married for years.

Meanwhile, alternate!Sherlock wakes up on an unfamiliar couch in an unfamiliar, strangely decorated flat, with a skull on his mantelpiece, and a John who is scarred and very much bewildered when Sherlock tries to kiss him. Alternate!Sherlock is clearly very miserable and wants to get back to his universe, with his John, but normal!Sherlock isn’t so willing to pass up the chance to find out what wedded bliss with John is like – it doesn’t matter that it isn’t his John, but it’s a version of him, and Sherlock is so lovesick that he’ll take anything he can get.

Alternate!John is originally oblivious that Sherlock isn’t acting normally, but normal!John cottons on right away. Eventually Sherlock realizes that he wants his John, and both Sherlocks have to figure out how to get back to their proper universes. I want lots of angst from John and alternate!Sherlock, as they both wish they could get their respective partners back, and John eventually realizing why he misses his Sherlock so much. Happy ending, please.

Fill: (parent for additional parts)

#22 Minifill

Someone kidnaps John and Jim. Sherlock is forced to choose which of them lives. How long does it take him to choose?

Could be cracky or angsty!


Fill #3 (Anonymous) Expand



Fill : Two of a Kind

#16, Part 15 Page 46 (Anonymous) Expand
For some reason, Sherlock and John are arrested by the Yard (probably something not serious like the drug bust in A Study in Pink).

However, when they try to put John in a holding cell, he has a flashback to his time as a POW and immediately goes into soldier mode, beating the crap out the surprised Yarders as he escapes custody.

(Bonus points if Sherlock notices the initial signs of the breakdown (clenching fists, muttering in Farsi) and warns people.)

Mini Fill:


Sherlock gets turned into a black swan. John has to jump through the traditional fairy tale hoops to get Sherlock back. (or maybe Sherlock is just a were-swan, that would be cool too)


At the Shore

Filled: #3 (Anonymous) Expand
Prompt: I would love to see an asexual!Sherlock fic where Sherlock treats John's sexuality with kindness, affection, and enthusiasm. No martyrdom, no disgust. Kinda like "no, I don't like to drink myself, but I'll go to the pub with you because I like seeing you have fun and you're an adorable drunk besides."

Yeah. An asexual!Sherlock/sexual!John fic where neither one of them acts like the other is wrong/broken/inconvenient. PLEASE.


Fill #17 (mini-fill) (Anonymous) Expand

Mummy is Sherlock and Mycroft's step-mother. She met and married their single father when Sherlock was in primary school, and loved them both despite not being biologically related.


Wicked Stepmother (Trigger Warning for mentions of suicide)

Fill: #24

Full Prompt:
"Um... I really don't know what to say for myself... but...

Not-Anthea + "That's Not My Name" by the Ting Tings.

I'll just go away now."

Fill here:

Full Prompt:
Anderson is actually terrified of dinosaurs. Why does everyone in the Yard think otherwise?

Bonus points for a dinosaur-themed birthday party!


(2nd Fill) #21 (Anonymous) Expand


Mycroft/John, angst and h/c, where Mycroft tortures or otherwise harms John, because Sherlock is missing and Mycroft is convinced that John had something to do with it. So he turns his considerable intellect and abilities towards breaking John, only to find out that John is innocent and Sherlock is fine (or mostly fine). Then Mycroft has to put John back together.


Break His Fingers, He Won't Play the Piano No More

Full Prompt: Let's face it. He's just so abductable. Look at that sweet wholesome face, that compact body, those demure clothes. He just walks around with an "please abduct me" sign on his back.

So my prompt is: Have someone who hasn't already abducted him abduct John for some reason. Maybe Molly ties him up all sweetly and helps him drink tea. Maybe Sarah decides John will do his paperwork much better if his ankle is manacled to his desk. Maybe Mrs. Hudson decides he doesn't get to leave the flat until he repapers her wall -- and she's got the shock collar to keep him in line. Or Sherlock can kidnap him for SCIENCE or whatever.

fill here:

You were there for me when no one else was. When my life was collapsing around me, you picked me up and pulled me through. I don't know where I'd be without you.

S/L with Sherlock trying to show, verbally or non-verbally, how much Lestrade does mean to him.

Bad Habits

Crossover blend - Supernatural
John Watson is a prophet.

The Moriarty at the end of this Book

I want a small fic depicting a scene in John and Sherlock's loving, trusting, and very grown-up relationship. I'm tired of seeing nose kisses and sappy nicknames in what would otherwise be fantastic fics. These are two grown men, for heaven's sake.

Mini Fill:
Tea & Toast

OMG MORE NITPICKY *whacks self* For this prompt, it's specifically not kisses & sappiness. Also for prompt #7, it's John who develops the fear. Sorry, just thought it was important to mention. *runs and hides*


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