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The Filled Prompts Post #1: Parts 1-23
Giggles at the Palace
Welcome to the Filled Prompts Post for Parts 1-23.
If you filled a prompt from Parts 24 and up, please use the FPP #2.
If you filled a prompt from the Spoiler-free post, use this FPP instead.

This is an archive created to make it simple for people to browse through both filled and unfilled prompts.

Let me explain how this works:

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Prompt: sherlock has a furby. he talks to it.

john is worried.

Prompt and fill:


Sherlock has a HEADACHE (yes, that bad...) and no medicine or anything he does is helping against the PAIN. Please give me some Doctor!John trying to help in a sweet way : gentle kisses on the hand... soft caresses in the hair... etc. Yes... I want some tender h/c. And if Sherlock deduces John's feelings for him during or after, I'd explode with happiness (I'm such a sucker for relationship beginnings).


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Full prompt: Angelo lays siege to Mycroft's unnecessary diet, with fettucini and tiramisu. Mycroft will only eat if Angelo shares with him.

(Schmoop with comfortably-padded cuddly men caring for each other and falling in love over sinfully indulgent food, please.)

Fill here:


John/Jo is pregnant and doesn't know how to tell Sherlock/want him to know yet, and Sherlock deleted the signs if pregnancy earlier in life for some reason, and doesn't put two and two together until either on a case or due to complications John/Jo ends up in hospital.


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Somehow, Sherlock wets himself. Cue embarrassed!Sherlock and it's-all-fine!John. Bonus points for John cleaning Sherlock up.

Fill: (S/J, PG-13)

Full Prompt:
Sherlock becomes ill enough that he cannot leave the flat for quite some time. John splits his time nursing him with determinedly collecting information for a case.

The Problem of the Blanched Detective

John/Lestrade weddingfic! I have the feeling these guys would want as little of a fuss about it as possible, but their friends would definitely go all-out for them! And I suppose Mycroft would try to interfere on Sherlock's behalf, and Sherlock would try to interfere just because, and Sally would try to interfere because marrying John means that Scotland Yard has one more tie to Sherlock . . .

I think this could be very cute and fun! A surprise ninja assassination attempt on the big day is optional, but the glorious honeymoon sex is pretty necessary!

Why Eloping is Always the Best Option -

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Sherlock is kidnapped by evil scientists and experimented on for months... The original idea was to clone and grow a new body to adult age. They were rushed. The Sherlock clone's body, which they transfer Sherlock's mind into, is that of a very very young child...from three to six at most. (and to really make this not a death fic, the conscious transferred wasn't a copy; the old Sherlock left on the table, if he had lived, would have been basically mind wiped.)


I Am the Boy Anachronism (

(Deleted comment)
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Filled #22

Child abuse deja vu


I'd like to see more of Sherlock/Victor Trevor.
Preferably happy-ish. You know, Victor's not a skull, for one thing. And they have a relationships still going on. And sexing. Sexing is nice.


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Sherlock used to play the violin when John had nightmares in order to help John go back to sleep. It wasn't something they talked about; Sherlock deduced what John needed and gave it to him. Now Sherlock's gone (dead, in hospital, missing post-Reichenbach, whatever). John's nightmares are worse than ever, and he's exhausted. Lestrade discovers what's going on and makes some deductions of his own. He visits 221B one night with his guitar, and John finally sleeps.


Fermata Means as Long as You Need, Shortarse (One / Two)


At the pool, Jim figured out that Sherlock is head-over-heels in (assumedly)unrequited love with John. Whatever is an insane consulting criminal to do with such delicious information!

A while after the pool, after everyone has healed and mostly recovered, Jim begins harassing Sherlock and taunting him. Starts off with a few anonymous comments on his site along the lines of "how's your beloved pet? Been keeping an eye on him?"

As time goes Jim ramps it up, obviously stalking John and sending Sherlock texts and emails updating him on John's wherabouts, telling him who's flirting with the doctor, how his dates are going and oh isn't this new girl LOVELY, oh it seems it's back on with Sarah isn't that marvelous??
Then he starts sending pictures of John going about his life all oblivious, especially any pics of John kissing Sarah. It gets worse and the pics start being from inside 221B and Sherlock is getting more and more frantic but doesn't tell John anything to a)keep him from worrying, b) keep him from going after Jim himself, c) thinking he'd leave.

I have no idea how this would end but the idea has been flitting about for a while now...

-Jim starts hinting that HE might be seeing the value in John, I do love me some onesided scary-as-hell JimmyJohn
- Jim sends pictures of naked!John, Sherlock is freaked out/turned on/feeling guilty for saving said pics.
-Jim sends a video feed of John having sex with Sarah.

TLDR:Jim knows that Sherlock loves John and starts taunting him for it and stalking John.


10. Filled (TW for sexual assault)

I want to ask for a fic where John goes through the same thing in the prompt post, with the addition of Surprise!Comforting!Protective!Revengeful!Sherlock but I don't know how to word the thing without it coming out as a personal rant/pity post thing. And I also wonder if it makes me less of a person by wanting to read a fic about it.

Part One ( | Part Two ( | Part Three (

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Beauty and the beast prompt - John is the beast and Sherlock is beauty.

Fill WIP

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Re: Part 15 Page 22


Sherlock isn't gay, straight, asexual, bisexual, demisexual, etc.

He's storm-sexual.

Whether that means he only feels sexually attracted to people while there's a storm raging, or he only feels sexually aroused by storms themselves, or generates storms when he's sexually aroused, that's up to the filler, though some loving sex during a thunderstorm would be nice.


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1) John is a humble farmer who owns a slave.
2) John's shoulder wound.
3) Mycroft buys Lestrade a fancy tie, and the D.I. isn't happy about it. He doesn't trust ties.
4) It Could Happen to You inspired.
5) Sherlock finds out just how vicious a motivator love can really be.
6) Slow, sensual nuzzling and licking, even if no one takes their clothes off.
7) Sherlock/Ke$ha.
8) Sherlock is an eye sex slut.
9) Mycroft and Lestrade meet in a public bathroom known for homosexual activities, Lestrade is the undercover cop.
10) Durarara fusion with Sherlock.
11) Song prompt.
12) When they have to share a bed, John finds out that Sherlock gives hand jobs in his sleep.
13) Established Sherlock/John. Sherlock visits a super cold country, and takes John with him.
14) Sherlock is HIV+ from his years of drug use.
15) John has a concrit kink and really needs some good concrit on his blog.
16) When in "battle mode", all the characters develop an aura according to their spirit animal.
17) Sherlock giving commands during sex.
18) Girl!John finds out Sherlock has a kink for erect nipples showing through tops.
19) Poem prompt. 'Bodies are only a fraction of who we are.'
20) John is Sherlock's vibrator.
21) John has contracted something that will eventually kill him from his time in Afghanistan.
22) Sherlock is a sex doll who falls in love with his owner John.
23) John/Anthea (or Molly or girl!Sherlock). Medfet.
24) Girl!Sherlock has tiny breasts. John loves them.
25) Sherlock tries to cheer someone up by giving them a pep-talk.

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Sherlock is a sex doll who falls in love iwth his owner John.


Filled # 5

I really want John as some sort of were!tentacled monster. Maybe he only changes once a year or every seven years or whatever. But when he does, it's mating time. Partner up to whoever wants to take this madness on.

Two fills and a sequel:

1) 5 times Lestrade missed Sherlock's hint that he cared and 1 time the message went through.
2) Sherlock was dating Anthea and they were all good together but then Mycroft swooped in.
3) OFC/Lestrade with overprotective!Sherlock and John.
4) Making out on the couch like teenagers.
5) Any male character but as a woman in the damsel in distress position.
6) Solitary Cyclist Reboot.
7) "Harry" is John's middle name and his wife Clara's been gone for months.
8) The pain of reconciling the responsibility to live and take care of others and the desire to stay with the lover about to die.
9) Sherlock's the one who wants to stay in and cuddle, and John's reluctant.
10) John has healing powers with a price.
11) Eurovision.
12) Desperate to pee Sherlock, John/Sherlock relationship.
13) Holmes has an extreme, Indiana-Jones-style hatred of snakes.
14) Playing with a ball.
15) Other characters' Bond marathon.
16) Sherlock h/c, angst, implications of kidnapping.
17) Sherlock and John, in a bid to catch a criminal pretend to break up.
18) John is shot in the stomach. Sherlock can catch Moriarty or save John.
19) Non-con. Sherlock trying bondage, but the person in control doesn't stop when Sherlock says to.
20) Sherlock is afraid of clowns.
21) Possessive!Sherlock/John.
22) Mycroft was a mafia boss, John was the detective investigating his organization. John/Sherlock.
23) Either John or Sherlock breaks down and cries and the other hugs him.
24) Is it normal to want to lick your best friend?
25) Mycroft discovers TV Tropes.

OFC/Lestrade with overprotective!Sherlock and John
A young woman, either with a very small child or pregnant (I believe the term is "ready to pop"?) moves into 221C and Sherlock deduces that she's just escaped an abusive relationship. They become very protective of her when it's made clear her ex-partner wants to be involved in the kid's life, at her expense.

Super mega bonus points if established S/J somehow get her together with divorced!Lestrade, Sherlock of course insisting it's convenient for all parties (she and the child are safe and Lestrade's sexually and emotionally satisfied) and John just wanting to see his friends happy.

Little Bird (parent for additional parts)

Fill #2

Full Prompt: Biofeedback... of sorts. Sherlock's never given anyone a blowjob before, so he slips his fingers into John's mouth as he inches downwards. "Show me what you want. As we go."

Prompt Link:
Fill Link:

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Filled #6

Full prompt: Whenever Sherlock gets something wrong, he locks himself in his closet, hides under a pile of laundry and pretends he doesn't exist. He doesn't leave the closet until the feelings of failure, worthlessness and guilt are repressed enough to stop distracting him.

Fill: Enough Space to be Alone

Prompt:Part XV has an awesome amount of possessive kink prompts. I'm adding another one. becasuse possessive!Mycroft is common, but I like possessive!John.

Meme, give me some possessive!John/Mycroft please!


Fill: #21

Prompt: "The sonic screwdriver looks like this vibrator I once had."


Fill #23 (Anonymous) Expand
John Watson's Diary
'John Watson, wanton sex god, with a very bad man between his thighs.

...Harry. Hi.'

Mini Fill:

I've heard a few people refer to John as a "BAMF in sheep's clothing", and... I don't know, somehow I got the idea into my head that wouldn't it be awesome if there was a fic where John is an actual wolf in sheep's clothing, and he's rooming with Sherlock, who is also an actual wolf? And, I dunno, maybe Molly is a mouse, and Sarah is a bunny, and Moriarty is a rat who pretends to be a mouse, and Mrs. Hudson is an ermine, and Lestrade is a fox, and Mycroft is a badger...

I just want some crack where they're all talking animals. No sex or anything, just... crack.

Alternately, were-sheep John would be hilarious.

Picture Fill:

Filled #4

Full Prompt

John and Sherlock get into a heated argument, resulting in John calling Sherlock a 'Freak'. Sherlock is instantaneously and visibly hurt, replying that John was the only one who never called him that. John then has to go to great lengths to gain Sherlock's trust again (because he can't go back in time to undo his words).

preferably Gen, though it's up to the authoranon.



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