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The Filled Prompts Post #1: Parts 1-23
Giggles at the Palace
Welcome to the Filled Prompts Post for Parts 1-23.
If you filled a prompt from Parts 24 and up, please use the FPP #2.
If you filled a prompt from the Spoiler-free post, use this FPP instead.

This is an archive created to make it simple for people to browse through both filled and unfilled prompts.

Let me explain how this works:

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Everybody knows this Sherlock, intelligent, cool, not exactly beautiful but not ugly either but with his vinegar-like personality and aloof character, he doesn't attract many flies. And then he falls for John. Hard. He leaves clues but they're so damn subtle it takes a genious to understand them. Cue Mary Mortan/Lestrade/whomever you like and John is interested in them. Interest is reciprocated. Who do you turn to for some advice on romancing John?

I want love letters, florid style, maybe sciency style but utterly romantic. Happy ending/angst up to the author.

tl,dr: Sherlock as unknown author of love letters to John on behalf of someone

and stand there at the edge of my affection

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Sherlock knows the basic facts about animals, but he does not know pet psychology. At all. As in, he could tell you from a bit of fur what kind of animal it was and where it came from, but he thinks a cat's purr is a sign of aggression or something. John is amused. Could be Gladstone-related or not.

A Man's Best Friend

Filled #16

Title: Gone Is My Past

Prompt: John is an army bomb detection dog who has been turned into a human.

Filled #6: excruciating orgasm denial

Prompt: I'm talking about a character being stroked and molested until he is dripping and so close to coming he can't think, and then holding back, not letting them come. Maybe keeping him tied up so he can't masturbate, or icing him down until his penis fits into a chastity sheath, and then repeating the process again in a few hours, or a day. Forcing them to watch porn and give blow jobs and bottom, to keep them on edge in between. Until he is past blue balled and actually sobbing with need, and willing to beg, plead and degrade himself in any way just to come.

Fill (on AO3):

After TGG, John has disappeared: no body found in the wreckage of the swimming pool, but no Doctor either. Sherlock knows something has happened and scours London for an answer, but he doesn’t expect, two months later, to find John standing on the steps of Baker Street waiting for him.

This John is different though. He seems happy enough and can understand and follow simple orders (get dressed John, make me a cup of tea John) but he becomes anxious whenever he’s not with Sherlock and he doesn’t say much. It appears that Moriaty has given Sherlock a pet.

Eventually, it resolves itself and John is BAMF again, but it takes longer than it should because, as Moriaty knows, Sherlock quite likes aspects of the new John (he’s always available for cases, he’s stopped this ridiculous dating lark, he doesn’t mind the experiments, he doesn’t mind being experimented on.)

Sherlock has to deal with the moral implications of having John prepared to do anything he says, and the practicalities of having to be the one to remind someone else to eat, sleep.

TL:DR Moriaty brainwashes John in a way which appeals to Sherlock’s dark side.

Moral Discord (parent for additional parts)

Fill #4 (Anonymous) Expand
Lestrade and Sherlock enlist John to work undercover at the surgery in the hopes to capture a serial killer targeting doctors.

It works a little too well as John is captured and brutally tortured.

Despite all their efforts, including those of one can locate John.

Moriarty learns of Johns capture/torture. He has his own men free the Doctor(who is near death) and return him to Sherlock and company.

For he is the only one that will ever have the privledge of killing John watson.

No crack.

All Your Fairy Tales are Lies (parent for additional parts)

Don't Have a White Horse
Different Kind of Knight
Ain't Gonna Look for them Roundtable Boys

Sherlock suffers cocaine withdrawal. Three days later, despite his best efforts, he realizes he can't do it alone, so he texts Mycroft.


Full Prompt: Sherlock keeps hurting himself so that John will keep fixing (touching, being close to) him.

Fill: Any Way the Wind Blows

At my journal

On the meme

Errant Comment:
"Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!"

Mini Fill:
Wrong x5

# 14

Prompt: I listened to the movie soundtrack today and could not get the Sherlock/John-ness of it out of my mind. So Sherlock, but Moulin Rouge style: Sherlock as Santine, John as Christian? Y/y? Or even a fic inspired by the songs, I'd love anything inspired by it really.


filled #10 (Anonymous) Expand
This song has been in my head for DAYS now ( and it inspired a prompt.

Especially by these lines:
"You've got blood on your hands
And I know it's mine
I just need more time
So get off your low and let's dance like we used to
But there's a light in the distance
Waiting for me, I will wait for you
So get off your low and let's kiss like we used to."

I would like something inspired by this song. Perhaps death fic/ghost fic? Could be gen, het or slash (in which case John/Sherlock is my fave, but I don't mind if Lestrade gets action, het or slash).

Mini Fill:
One Last.....

Fill #7 (second fill) (Anonymous) Expand

Comfort after a long day. Sherlock may call, but that's ok, he's pillowed between her warm breasts.

2.30 Siren Song


PROMPT: John/Lestrade established relationship.

Lestrade really doesn't mind that his boyfriend's best friend is a crazy loon who interrupts their dates, walks in on them shagging, or occasionally just steals John when Lestrade had plans for him. But occasionally, just sometimes, he feels just that wee bit possessive, and he likes to let Sherlock know that John is also his. By shagging John senseless and marking him with very obvious love bites.

FILL: Territorial

Filled #8

Prompt: Mycroft worries about his brother's lack of relationships. What's the obvious step to take? Why, send newly recruited spies to seduce him, of course! They think they're supposed to be sexing state secrets out of him for some kind of final test. Sherlock just thinks it's all tedious.

... until new minted spy and former army officer John Watson takes on the assignment!

Fill: Operation: Leopard

Fill # 7 (Anonymous) Expand
Filled #24 (Anonymous) Expand

Fill: Number 10

Prompt: Seb Moran received a letter at Reichenbach Falls, too.

Dr. Molly Hooper solves a case on her own!
Somebody dies, seemingly by natural causes. Molly notices something that causes her to suspect foul play. She then changes roles from medical examiner to detective, by refusing to release the body and sign off on the cause of death, to her supervisor's disapproval. Her supervisor gets upset, believing Molly is seeing evidence that doesn't exist, and urges the doctor to speedily conclude her investigations and accept the obvious. Lestrade's (or Gregson's) feathers are ruffled too as Molly "shoulders-in" on police territory. Molly argues quite loudly with some bureaucratic individual impeding the case. Molly solves the murder.

And, yes, I know that this is how every episode of Quincy M.E. is, but whatever. Also, it would be a total win, if one of the characters comments on that.
"Oh're turning into a Quincy."
Also, be another total win if Sherlock/John makes a brief cameo/appearance.


Fill #19 (Anonymous) Expand
I'd like a fic that focuses on someone, preferably but not essentially John, writing a suicide note. Whether you want to include the attempted/successful suicide or not, or anyone else reading the note, is up to you.

Mini Fill:

Sherlock giving the "if you ever hurt her I'll find you, come after you and end you" talk to Anderson about Sally.

Mini Fill: (parent for additional parts)

# 15

Prompt: One morning John wakes up to find London empty, except for him and Sherlock. No people, no pets, no traffic. Just him and Sherlock.

They go out further and though they find some life — birds, insects, roaming sheep and ponies — they find no more people.

The world stays like that for a year, just him and Sherlock. And then he wakes up to the roar of life again.


# 5 (Anonymous) Expand
Willy Wonka AU
AU or crossover, fic or art fill... it's all good. OP prefers Wilder!Wonka over Depp!Wonka (no comparison).

Art Fill:

#13 filled

Full prompt: "Seb got Jim ribbons" + a macro:


#11 Fill (Anonymous) Expand
# 1 (Anonymous) Expand


Full prompt: "Sherlock/Moriarty. Forced feminization, D/s, painplay, spanking, begging, toys, orgasm denial, however much you can fit (ha ha). I'm not entirely opposed to dub-con/non-con fantasy PLAY, but I'd rather focus on it being consensual. Sherlock as the bottom, please. Errrrr my id and I will be over here."

Partial fill here:

Full Prompt: The first (and only) time John saw Sherlock and Anderson work well as a team without complaint, they were performing CPR on Lestrade.

Fill: "Not Dying Today" on LJ here:

21. Sherlock remembers why he loves John


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