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The Filled Prompts Post #1: Parts 1-23
Giggles at the Palace
Welcome to the Filled Prompts Post for Parts 1-23.
If you filled a prompt from Parts 24 and up, please use the FPP #2.
If you filled a prompt from the Spoiler-free post, use this FPP instead.

This is an archive created to make it simple for people to browse through both filled and unfilled prompts.

Let me explain how this works:

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Filled #23

Full prompt: Jim Moriarty sends Sherlock Holmes a human heart on Valentine's Day. Sherlock thinks it's very romantic and walks around the flat with a pleased look about him. John is possibly horrified.


#24 (Anonymous) Expand
Fill #10 (Anonymous) Expand

1. John brings home a stray dog
2. During Sherlock’s hiatus, John moves on—to Mycroft
3. ”You do realize that if you walk out that door you’ll die.”
4. How I Met Your Mother/Dr. Horrible Crossover
5. Anderson can’t stop his erotic dreams about Sherlock from happening
6.Sherlock as a Pretender
7. Mass Effect AU
8. Every person in the world is born with supernatural abilities
9. John is killed by Moriarty; Sherlock goes back in time to save him
10. John is flattered when he realizes Sherlock is the cause of his breakup
11. Sherlock starts using again and John gets the benefit of sex
12. Anderson keeps getting hit in the balls all day
13. Sherlock version of the classic sketch
14. Sherlock and John’s unconscious understanding
15. Non-con: Moriarty drugs and rapes John at a bar
16. At the pool, John realizes that he’s got some Jaffa cakes in his pocket
17. According to Wikipedia, the relapse rate for cocaine is 94-99%.
18. When Sally first met Sherlock, he reminded her of her abusive partner
19. Sherlock starts murdering people; John helps pick the victims
20. Absurdist/Existentialist Sherlock
21. Reichenbach AU where Mycroft does not know that Sherlock survived
22. Sherlock's first high was when he was 15 with cocaine he found in Mycroft room
23. Video prompt: He’s a dinosaurus
24. A mysterious modern St. Valentine gives everyone small, personal notes and trinkets when they're depressed. Sherlock ends up the only one who hasn't gotten anything on Valentine's Day, and it drives him nuts that he can't figure out who Valentine is.
25. Moriarty's ring tone for Moran is Opportunities by Pet Shop Boys.


Prompt:Sherlock's first high was when he was 15 with cocaine he found in Mycroft room........
This got him hooked on drugs and this also made Mycroft quit using drugs.



Sherlock asks Lestrade if they should get married. Lestrade thinks about it for a while, and realizes, they are like, the least conventional couple ever.

"Can you imagine the wedding vows, Sherlock? 'In sickness and in health, in the throes of drug withdrawal'? 'To love and to cherish till death or a serial killer or your own tendency to do stupid things do us part'?"



Fill #16 (Anonymous) Expand
1. Sherlock's wit, intellect and unmatched deductions skills are a drill
2. Transall Saga (Blue Light) fusion.
3. Sherlock gets addicted to WoW
4. Sherlock creating recreational drugs from old Nyquil.
5. Professor Layton Dialogue
6.Mycroft hires the A Team to get rid of Moriarty
7. Sherlock is Dr. Horrible. Moriarty is Captain Hammer. John is Penny.
8. Sherlock grew up as an apprentice to a serial killer and targets John
9. John is a priest suffering a crisis of faith. Sherlock is the altar boy who makes said crisis worse
10. Non-con: Everyone thinks Sherlock cheated on his partner, but he was actually raped
11. Sherlock finds John's secret porn stash. All of it features slender, pale, dark-haired men being fucked roughly in submissive positions.
12. John works at a food mart; a dark haired man keeps buying cucumbers and lube
13. Ultraviolet Crossover
14. Sherlock's reason for the brotherly feud is the most petty reason EVER.
15. Mor(st)an
16. Sherlock is older than everyone assumes
17. Uni!Sherlock figuring out what are in the care packages that Mummy/Mycroft/whoever sends him, and the sender(s) putting progressively weirder things in there to try and stump him.
18. Sherlock is the lone rose in John’s garden
19. John is an otter pop. Sherlock licks him all up. Slurp slurp slurp.
20. Sherlock and the Hardy Boys team up for a case
21. Non-con discipline: Sherlock gets spanked by everyone
22. Lestrade calls Anderson his sniffer dog because he sniffs at everything he touches.
23. Girl!Sherlock is so tiny that it's completely easy for John to lift her up against the side of a building at a crime scene and shag the living daylights out of her.
24. John/Lestrade: Lestrade moves into 221C
25. Before he got introduced to John, Sherlock was close to asking Lestrade to move in with him

Full prompt : Sherlock is the lone rose growing in John's garden. No other flowers will grow near it, and it's a dark, dark violet, almost black, and it's covered with thorns, but it's John's favorite flower out of all his tulips and begonias and peonies. He sits and talks to his rose for hours and he could swear, almost, that it's listening.

Fill :

Fill #16 (Anonymous) Expand
Original prompt: It's very late, and Mrs. Hudson's worried about the three men upstairs who are working so terribly hard.

Lestrade's over at 221B with stacks of files on a most worrisome case. He's totally stressed, John's totally exhausted, and Sherlock's totally manic. None of them seems likely to get rest anytime soon.

So Mrs. Hudson serves up some tea with her own special added ingredient. Maybe that will help those lovely men relax a bit...


Fill #19 (Anonymous) Expand


Meet Moriarty.

He's a criminal mastermind about to kidnap and hold hostage a Dr John Watson in order to lure Sherlock Holmes to a swimming pool, where they will all potentially lose their lives.

This could've been avoided if he had a sassy gay fr...


Let’s Have A Gay-Off (Criminal Masterminds and Their Snipers Are Frequently, Secretly Fond of Each Other)

Filled #24 (Anonymous) Expand
Fill #3 (Anonymous) Expand
Prompt: I had the sudden urge to see clubber!Sherlock.

Let's say there's a massive wave of boredom washing over Baker Street - no cases, no mysteries, not even experiments can cheer Sherlock up. So he disappears, and John goes searching after him and finds him one night in one of the sleaziest dance clubs in London, higher than a kite, owning the whole dance floor and looking abso-fucking-lutely ravishable.

Fill: Spin Into Darkness

(Deleted comment)
#18 nejem Expand
Someone unexpected commits suicide. How does everyone react? Does Sherlock insist on inspecting the body, because it surely must be murder, and thus a puzzle he could solve and something he could do? Does John bite back the memories from Afghanistan, then hate himself for 'making it about him'? Does Lestrade go back to smoking, because goddamn it he needs one and this is two things he didn't see coming? Does Anderson and Donovan kick up a fuss because they sure as hell don't want Sherlock deducing deceased person's last moment as emotionless as he always does? Does Mycroft obsess over his video footage, absently noting all the little signs he missed before? Does Molly stare at the body in the morgue and even though she's done this before she feels like this might as well be her first body ever? Does Mrs. Hudson throw out her herbal soothers because her hip pain gives her some distraction? Does Anthea keep typing away at her blackberry because she can't sleep and staring at the tiny screen is better than laying there in the dark? IDK who, just... I don't know, make everyone else lost and beautiful.

Mini Fill:

1. Non-con: Moriarty rapes John as part of the game; Sherlock doesn’t see how damaging it is
2. John needs a spanking from Sherlock or Mycroft
3. Sherlock has to help injured!John take a shower
4. John adores southern American accents
5. Lestrade has a fetish for Sherlock’s hands
6.Mycroft anonymously writes Sherlock/John and posts it to John’s blog
7. Sherlock was an artist's model, briefly, after uni. John finds yellowed sketches of him in a dead painter's apartment during an investigation.
8. Mummy is dating Moriarty
9. Emo Sherlock is emo, gearing up for one of his full-out, melodramatic angst-fests. Lestrade and John intervene.
10. Sherlock's ex-wife is Irene Adler. He is still madly in love with her and with John's help, tries to win her back.
11. Sherlock has to solve a crime before Mycroft gets murdered
12. 5 People Moriarty Pretended To Love
13. "By Jove, I think I've got it!" exclaims Sherlock.
14. Sherlock has a fever. And the only prescription is more cowbell.
15. Sherlock gets bored and changes everyone's ringtones.
16. Sherlock and Moriarty have a common enemy they must band together to face: Orville Redenbacher.
17. John is a shapeshifter
18. Sherlock and John are hiding in a tight alcove within a narrow alley. Sherlock is erect.
19. John confesses his love for Sherlock during an argument; Sherlock laughs at him
20. Everyone thinks Sherlock tried to kill Mycroft
21. John has a Scottish accent
22. Misfits Crossover
23. Bad-fic
24. Through some act of sex, John accidentally comes on Sherlock's coat. John then gets rather told off for this
25. Sherlock and John go camping; Sherlock is prissy, John is butch

Fill #3

I want John horribly incapacitated for some reason or another -- serious illness, injury, something serious that isn't just him being pissed -- and Sherlock has to help him with every day things, like taking a shower. Gen Sherlock and John, in the shower. As IC as possible.

1. Moriarty uses something on Sherlock that makes him fall in love with his most hated enemy; it turns out, that is Anderson
2. Sherlock has deleted the names of the planets, so when people discuss the seventh in front of him, he gets a bit confused
3. Harry and John once swapped boy/girlfriends
4. Sherlock is a male prostitute and John helps him
5. Sherlock is a slave sold to John
6.Non-con: Sherlock is gangraped and videos are sent to John
7. Errant comment
8. Platonic John & asexual!fem!Sherlock being all BAMF best friends and solving crimes and being generally awesome
9. Sherlock lets someone be with him, because he can’t have John
10. FemLock defends John against a straw feminist on her blog, after thinking she would never care
11. Magic School Bus Crossover
12. Very few people have managed to make Sherlock Holmes laugh. John Watson can make him laugh until he cries.
13. Sherlock crying in John’s arms
14. Sherlock/John, D/s fic with John the submissive one who has trouble coming to terms with it
15. Sherlock is a pwca
16. Sherlock and John pretending to be gay because someone is being a homophobic asshole and they want to make the person nervous/disgusted
17. Someone teases John cruely about his height. John is annoyed but let's it go. Then this person witnesses John go all BAMF on someone, and develops a bad case of hero worship.
18. Two partners: one doesn’t like oral sex, and the other doesn’t pressure them
19. Sherlock wants a rocketship
20. Sherlock and John getting busy while Sherlock is actually busy
21. When John was in the army, Freak was his nickname
22. Sherlock had a one night stand with Anderson, and is still upset
23. Mpreg where the character gets an abortion
24. Dub-con: When Dark!John has a bad day, he makes asexual!Sherlock give him head
25. Sherlock/Sarah Bodyswap

Fem!Sherlock has an ordinary person-fan that comments occasionally on her blog, constantly praising FemLock and she seems to enjoy insulting the cops with her. Everything is fine, and Sherlock sort of likes having someone she can trade insults with (but not a friend- she doesn't have friends), and just in general be awesome to.

Then Male!John shows up.

Sherlock notices that her old friend has vanished for a while, especially after her and John's blogs start getting linked together. She wonders if John=her friend until one day she gets a long diatribe about how Sherlock is "betraying her gender". FemLock is all like "meh, whatever. Boring" until her "friend" starts to insult John, implying all sorts of things, including that he's attempting to rape Sarah because he's male, she's female, and John wouldn't mind having sex with her.

Sherlock goes off on this anon, pointing out how that's ridiculous, and if any group wants equality, it should be about equality, and not about revenge for real or perceived wrongs.

...Pretty please?

And, um, please no wank? If possible? I know that now all feminists are like what I'm describing- I mean, I'm a feminist for Mycroft's sake! But people like what I'm describing... They make me cry. P_P

tl;dr FemLock defends John against a straw feminist on her blog, after thinking she would never care.


Filled #6 (Anonymous) Expand
1. Moriarty’s sing-along blog
2. Criminal Minds Crossover
3. Sherlock and John get a chick and a duck
4. Sherlock is an agoraphobic who lives at 221b; John is the new neighbour in 221c
5. Mycroft saying “Semen is such a persistent stain!”
6.Anderson and Sally stand up for Sherlock and John against an officer who says something homophobic
7. Sherlock/John fluff
8. Sherlock is supportive of in-love John even though it breaks his heart
9. Moriarty was Moran. He inherited the name from Mycroft
10. 5 times Sherlock turned dark
11. Non-con: Sherlock/Golem
12. Sherlock meets Stephen Colbert
13. Sherlock’s POV after John comes back from his row with the chip n pin machine
14. Sherlock and Mycroft fight over Lestrade
15. Errant Comment
16. Lestrade and John are abducted and treated to tap-out torture
17. Mycroft is an investor on Dragon’s Den
18. A female character gets an abortion; her partner fully supports her
19. Sherlock is sick, so John reads him “The Princess Bride”
20. Sherlock and Lestrade are into each other but don't know the other's interested. Lestrade's about to ask Sherlock out but then he starts living with John and Lestrade assumes that means he's missed his chance. Turns out John and Sherlock have no intention of becoming romantically involved, so when Sherlock finds out Lestrade fancies him back, he's like, ":D :D :D"
21. Sherlock decides to seduce Moriarty to save John
22. Sherlock/John first time: Sherlock has never had an orgasm
23. He just wants to be held down and tied up and fucked sideways so hard he doesn't know if he's coming forwards or going backwards.
24. Sherlock puts a spell on John so no one else can see him
25. Raffles Crossover


Full prompt: A female character gets pregnant. She decides to have an abortion. Her partner fully supports her decision.


1. When he's not busy running the country, Mycroft has a part time job maintaining other Captchas.
2. Sherlock. Having a tantrum.
3. Video prompt: Sherlock accidentally blurts out “I love you”
4. While hunting down some crazy criminal, John picks up a red rose and puts it into that red buttonhole on the collar of Sherlock's coat
5. The "rose monologue" from the Naval Treaty
6.John didn’t survive TGG, but Sherlock did; Molly begins to visit him regularly
7. 5 times when characters sought out John's doctoring skills "off the record"
8. Mrs. Hudson puts on a pleather catsuit and domino to beat Sherlock with a strip of wet silk for shooting her walls.
9. Moriarty orchestrated the meeting between Sherlock and John
10. Secretly psychopathic secondary character
11. Leverage Crossover: Sherlock/Parker
12. Got milk?
13. Unexpected rope-climbing orgasm
14. Ace!Sherlock/John: "I'm not coming on to you or anything, I just want to hold your hand and watch them stare."
15. Jim becomes Molly’s sassy gay friend
16. Mystrade: First time everything
17. Someone proposes to Mycroft with a ring-pop
18. Sherlock popping candy up his arse
19. Sherlock, high on cocaine, propositions young!Lestrade as a bribe
20. Sherlock gets slipped an aphrodisiac
21. Sherlock/Rose Tyler
22. John dies; Sherlock brings him back with help from other fandoms
23. Sherlock and John at a masquerade ball
24. Sherlock is one of those guys who you pay to hang out with you (like an escort) and flirt with you like he's your boyfriend (as seen in Japan).
25. BAMF!Lestrade/Sherlock: Sherlock fought the law and the law won

#5 filled

Full prompt:

Canon prompt ! The "rose monologue" from the Naval Treaty :

"What a lovely thing a rose is!

He walked past the couch to the open window, and held up the drooping stalk of a moss-rose, looking down at the dainty blend of crimson and green. It was a new phase of his character to me, for I had never before seen him show any keen interest in natural objects.

"There is nothing in which deduction is so necessary as in religion," said he, leaning with his back against the shutters. "It can be built up as an exact science by the reasoner. Our highest assurance of the goodness of Providence seems to me to rest in the flowers. All other things, our powers our desires, our food, are all really necessary for our existence in the first instance. But this rose is an extra. Its smell and its color are an embellishment of life, not a condition of it. It is only goodness which gives extras, and so I say again that we have much to hope from the flowers."

Fill: (

Anons, I'm having a crap day. I injured myself recently, and I'm very uncomfortable. I woke up this morning to find Mother Nature had brought me my monthly gift nearly a week early, along with the accessories of a back ache, cramps, exhaustion and a generally sour attitude. I got to work this morning to find icky problems on my desk, bad tempered answers from my supervisors and all around frustration.

On my way home, I decided to cheer myself up by listening to some music that I knew would improve my mood. (The Proclaimers, if anyone was interested.)

So, anons, here is my challenge to you. What do our favorite characters listen to when they want to cheer up? Or, what do they listen to when they really want to wallow in their misery? Or rock out? Or get their groove on?

Does Sherlock curl up in a ball and listen to Rachmaninov when he's blue? Would John have a playlist of sex music always at the ready? Is Mrs. Hudson a secret fan of My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult? Does Molly have Bieber fever?

TL;DR What are our favorite characters listening to when they need cheering up? want to wallow? eager to rock out?


1. Sherlock starts an experiment which requires him to hug people
2. Sherlock/John: Romeo+Juliet
3. John finds that opening up to strangers on the internet is helpful for his psychological issues
4. Sherlock gets himself vajazzled because he's heard it's attractive to men
5. John is a soldier
6.Song prompt: Over the hills and far away by Nightwish
7. Dr. Who Crossover
8. Harry and John were both alcoholics
9. Molly has a stalker; Sherlock is a BAMF and helps her
10. Sherlock/John: John is an escort
11. Watership Down AU
12. John’s limp and hand shaking come back, so he goes to Mycroft for help
13. Art request: Harry Watson
14. A Very Sherlock Musical
15. Lestrade ties Sherlock down in front of a fucking machine and goes off to New Scotland Yard with the controller in his pocket.
16. Mycroft was adopted; when Sherlock deduced it, he was so happy
17. After TGG, Sherlock and John wake up in a Colourless World
18. Mrs. Hudson’s son dies; Mycroft comforts her
19. Personality wise, Mrs. Anderson is Femlock. Looks wise, she's Ms. Jean Watson.
20. John is a stripper; Mycroft is amused
21. Sherlock is out of it, John agrees to do anything to save his life and deals with the consequences
22. John is lost in cyberspace. Sherlock must find him
23. According to official government records, Doctor John Watson was shot and killed while on duty in Afghanistan. But official government records can be fabricated if need be
24. Sherlock and John are trapped in 221B during an ice storm
25. Sherlock takes care of John’s widow and their son

#11 Filled

Prompt: BBC!Sherlock in the context of the world of Watership Down. Everyone is a rabbit -- Lestrade is in the Owsla, Mycroft is the Black Rabbit of Inle. Looking to keep it strictly gen, the rest is up to anon.


1. Mycroft whump/John comforting
2. Sherlock finds out that Mycroft's his dad, and Mummy is actually his grandmother.
3. Picture prompt
4. Non-con: John using and abusing Sherlock
5. John shoots himself to make a point about how BAMF a doctor he is
6.Mycroft all teary eyed, barely holding back his tears
7. John finds Mycroft’s hit list
8. Non-con: Sherlock raped by Victor Trevor
9. Lestrade and the others burst into the flat to see Sherlock walking out the bathroom in a towel.
10. Dom!John getting off on ordering both Holmes brothers around in the bedroom
11. Sherlock is the most gentle lover John has ever had
12. In a cafe tucked in the folds between universes ACD Lestrade, RDJ! Lestrade and Commissioner Gordon are meeting for an interdimentional police conference and start to discuss the amateurs detectives assisting them in solving their cases.
13. Lestrade goes to Moriarty to beg him not to be too rough with Sherlock
15. Sherlock grows a tail. The tail is in love with John and likes to shows its affection with no input from Sherlock's brain
16. The whole cast on Wipeout
17. Tim Drake exists in the same universe as Sherlock
18. What kind of pet names does Sherlock have for John?
19. John or Lestrade face-fucking Sherlock from Sherlock’s POV
20. Sherlock is touch-starved; enter John
21. Birthday fic!
22. John and Sherlock at Uni taking a dip in the school’s swimming pool
23. Dark!Molly puts GHB in Sherlock’s coffee
24. Sherlock and John have to do something time-consuming and boring together
25. Sherlock/Mycroft ridiculously soppy romance

Prompt: Since it's my birthday, I request a birthday fic! Doesn't matter whose!

Bonus it's a sweet couple celebration! (Sherlock/John, Sherlock/Lestrade, Mycroft/John, Mycroft/Lestrade), not that picky really I just noticed XD

Fill: Real Romantic

#15 (Anonymous) Expand
Prompt: Molly discovers that Sherlock doesn't only have a big brain.

Fill at my journal:

Filled #4 (Anonymous) Expand

Filled #20

Full prompt: "I've just realised that I'd probably find Sherlock hot as fuck even if he was humping a bloody rock. So.



Fill here:

Prompt: Based on a conversation I had with my friends on skype last night (well, I was spacing out at the time):

Catie: holy fuck audio post of sherlock on my dash and my sound was all the way up and my headphones are in and i am pregnant instantaneously
Melissa: LOL
Catie: "what shall we name her?" "elementary, my dear watson."

Fill: Fill: Elementary, My Dear

Minifill #6 (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Minifill #6 (Anonymous) Expand
1. John/Lestrade: Sex with a full bladder
2. Anthea riding behind Lestrade on a motorcycle
3. Sherlock hates Anderson because he deduced that if he ever met Mycroft, they’d really hit it off
4. John/Lestrade established; Lestrade gets beaten up by a gang
5. Mike Stamford also set up Moran and Moriarty
6.Mycroft is Sherlock’s handler; John is a special agent
7. Victor Trevor supposedly died on a secret mission, but then comes back
8. Sherlock falls in love with Molly; Molly is a lesbian
9. Lestrade helping fem!Sherlock through withdrawal
10. Sherlock/Molly established: Domestic life
11. A fangirl of John’s blog comes in complaining of a gyn problem so he’ll touch her
12. Sherlock is bored so John disappears for an epic game of hide and seek
13. John has a new hobby: Photobombing
14. Sherlock used to date Sally’s brother
15. What happened between ASIP and TBB?
16. During sex, Sherlock answers John’s phone
17. Mycroft passes out in the kitchen at 221B from breathing chemicals
18. Mrs. Hudson tells John about Sherlock's new boyfriend and John ends up being jealous and angsty because he doesn't realize that Mrs. Hudson is actually talking about John.
19. Sherlock comes to a crime scene high on cocaine; Lestrade deals with it
20. Mrs. Hudson consistently misuses the verb, 'deduct.' Sherlock would tear down the self-esteem of anyone else making the same mistake but cannot bring himself to correct her.
21. John devises a scavenger hunt for Sherlock
22. 5 times Sherlock’s purchases raised eyebrows
23. Sherlock wants to have a sexual relationship with John, but he can’t stand to be touched
24. "Today we were kidnapped by hillfolk never to be seen again. It was the best day ever."
25. Sherlock and John are kidnapped out in the country; Sherlock is accused of being a witch

Filled #21

Original prompt: Inspired by a prompt above.
Sherlock is bored. BORED. Things are looking grim for Mrs. Hudson's wall.
John devises a Scavenger Hunt.
But not just any scavenger hunt. The clues are all from pop culture, films and crap telly. All the things Sherlock knows nothing about. It's going to kill him to clutter up his hard drive with all this useless drivel. Even if he will delete it all later.
Why would Sherlock even go through this? The John.

WiP Fill (10 parts as of this post):

You know how kids sometimes dress up in their parents clothes and pretend to be 'grown-ups'? Sherlock was no different when he was young.

Except he preferred to wear his mummy's clothes. Of course, there are photographs.

Mini Fill:


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