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The Filled Prompts Post #1: Parts 1-23
Giggles at the Palace
Welcome to the Filled Prompts Post for Parts 1-23.
If you filled a prompt from Parts 24 and up, please use the FPP #2.
If you filled a prompt from the Spoiler-free post, use this FPP instead.

This is an archive created to make it simple for people to browse through both filled and unfilled prompts.

Let me explain how this works:

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Complete Prompt: John returns home to be faced by Mycroft who's strecthing out on the sofa, smoking. When he asks what's wroing, Mycroft says, "Whatever. I'm fed up."

Fill here: "Bitch bitch bitch."

Fill #12 (Anonymous) Expand
1. Anderson shocks everyone by doing something heroic
2. John and Sherlock are pirates. And they have sex.
3. When Molly dies, Jim feels guilty
4. Sherlock doesn’t call her Mummy because he misses her so much
5. Sherlock gets scurvy from not eating a balanced diet
6.Sherlock has a secret; Harry figures it out before John does
7. Sherlock dies a little death everytime Moriarty touches him
8. John had been expecting to find bruises and torn muscles. He hadn't been expecting to find this
9. When bored and weaponless, Sherlock goes on Omegle or Chatroulette and deduces random people
10. Chuck Crossover
11. Mycroft IS the Illuminati
12. Sherlock and John find themselves in a sepia-toned heavily stereotyped 'LOL!Victorian' world, and must encourage the denizens of this world to shake off their repressive roles and self-actualise to become real people, so they can return to 2010.
13. John finds Sherlock’s hand in the rubble and holds onto it until help can arrive
14. Sherlock and John play text roulette
15. Lestrade is not alone on a bittersweet Valentine’s Day
16. Sherlock and Sarah fighting over John
17. Sally porn
18. Lestrade is shot in the line of duty and dies. Mycroft becomes plagued with visions of Greg, begging him to join him.
19. Het Titty Fucking
20. The POV of someone going senile
21. Moriarty goes after Mycroft
22. Lestrade and Mycroft are friends attacked by ninjas; in all the excitement, Lestrade kisses Mycroft
23. A Single Man Crossover FILL
24. Mairelon the Magician and Magician's Ward Crossover
25. ***

(Deleted comment)
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(Deleted comment)
Re: Fill 22 (Anonymous) Expand
Fill # 15 (Anonymous) Expand
Filled # 15 (Anonymous) Expand
PROMPT: Sherlock lets slip in attendance of Scotland Yard that John likes knitting, which causes embarassment. When everybody departs, Lestrade stops John.

"So you knit, then?" - "Yes, yes, I know, not a typical past time for an ex-uniformed man." - "Yeah, yeah.... I just wanted to ask..." *gets out a magazine* "I quite like this cable pattern here, but the instructions are all in some sort of code. I only really do basic patterns...."


Fill #11

Original Prompt: Most of the one-sentence fills make awesome prompts. There is one, however, I have a BURNING NEED for.

Art-fill of this please: Sherlock stepped over John's unconscious body and activated his light saber as Moran drew closer.




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Fill #24 (Mini-fill) (Anonymous) Expand
1. Sounds are too distracting for Sherlock to come during sex; so just suggest earmuffs!
2. This Mycroft stalks Lestrade, who finds this neither cute nor charming
3. Sherlock is one hell of a consulting detective (and Moriarty is a consulting criminal to die for)!
4. Sherlock/Sebastian: The Bodleian Library
5. Anderson/Donovan: Sally reports to Mrs. Anderson whether Anderson was a good boy or not
6.It’s Mother’s Day and Mrs. Hudson receives a little present from Sherlock
7. Post-Reichenbach: The 5 times Sherlock visited John in disguise
8. Donovan and Anderson have to guard Sherlock and walk in on an incredibly unexpected and private moment between him and his distressed mother.
9. Sherlock is crying; John comforts him
10. The Boat that Rocked AU
11. Sherlock and John take care of 5-year-old Mycroft
12. Molly in a skirt/Jim in a suit
13. Mycroft’s overweight causes Sherlock to be anorexic
14. Sherlock meets John’s family, who are accepting of his eccentricities
15. Mycroft married Irene Adler, which is why Sherlock hates him
16. Mycroft is always watching over Sherlock so closely because he still hasn't caught the man who murdered Mycroft's first wife
17. Sherlock and John get a dog
18. All the guys having a girly sleepover
19. Sally/John. She keeps telling John to get a hobby. She doesn't expect to become his hobby
20. Teenage Sherlock and twenty-something Mycroft arguing about who gets to hold their baby sister.
21. Mycroft is Sherlock’s father, but won’t admit it
22. Sherlock and John go to a gay bar; Sherlock is gay candy
23. Sherlock donated sperm once and now has a kid
24. Sherlock/John lyrics: Only exception by Paramore
25. Sherlock is a tsundere

Fill #8

Original Prompt: After TGG John and Sherlock are sent to hospital (understandably) and Moriarty's men - if not Moriarty himself (seeing as they never found his body) are still after them.

As such - they are put in police protection whilst they remain in hospital.

Good cause or not - Donovan and Anderson are livid when they are called on to act as guards for the freak. Unfortunately they are left with little choice and so it is with clenched fists and gritted teeth that they march to the detective's private room - ready ti make it abundantly clear that they will not run and fetch, come and beg at his will and he can just stick that little inevitable power-trip right up where the sun-don't-shine.

However when they get there - they are surprised to find that the 'freak' isn't alone.

"No - Mum, pl-please don't cry. I'm fine - really. Mum don't cry."

Turns out the freak's not all that heartless after all.

tl;dr - Donovan and Anderson have to guard Sherlock and walk in on an incredibly unexpected and private moment between him and his distressed mother.


Fill #25 (Anonymous) Expand
1. Video request for Perfect by P!nk
2. John/Sherlock: Sherlock squeaks when he’s touched
3. Jim impregnates Molly while she’s sleeping
4. Before he was a cop, Lestrade was a cop-themed stripper
5. Mycroft hurts his back in the shower; Sherlock sends John over to help him
6.John/Sherlock Afterglow fic
7. Sherlock blushes when John compliments him
8. Mycroft started his career as a police officer, where he met Lestrade
9. BBC!Sherlock and RDJ!Holmes switch places
10. Even though Sherlock isn’t attracted to John, he still appreciates the view
11. This Sherlock/John sharing a bath for cuddles
12. Sherlock on a caffeine high
13. The backstory of Jim saying “That’s what people do!”
14. John/Sherlock: Dysfunctional snuggling sessions
15. Moriarty kidnaps John to study why Sherlock likes him and decides to keep him
16. Young!Sherlock on serious drugs calling Mycroft for help
17. Sherlock and Jim sometimes pause their game for angry sex
18. Texts from last night prompt
19. John has horrific scars from childhood abuse
20. When Lestrade is angry, his underlings get fearful like children of a cross dad - also, they know they're in trouble when Lestrade adresses them with their full title rather than just their last name.
21. John invites Sally to a fancy event
22. Anderson is a bitter wizard who keeps trying to jinx Sherlock ala Quirrell from Harry Potter
23. Pregnant John barely fitting in his jumpers
24. Sherlock is Sherlock; John is a priest
25. Sherlock deduced the existence of the Matrix and that John is The One

Fill #14

Original Prompt:
Just, Sherlock/John cuddling. They have totally dysfunctional snuggling sessions on lazy mornings, or John will be sitting on the sofa typing on his blog, and Sherlock will just come over and sit inside his legs or on his lap, and John will be totally fine with it and snuggle up and play with Sherlock’s hair while he types.


Fill #21 (Anonymous) Expand
1. Sherlock plays Benedict is Much Ado About Nothing
2. Molly is a heterosexual transwoman. Sherlock is the first bloke she dares to make a move on.
3. John is Sebastian Moran
4. John/Sherlock hurt/comfort: Sherlock has an inner ear problem which causes him to faint when dizzy
5. Sherlock knows about Mycroft’s cameras and puts on a show for him
6.Sherlock is a summoned spirit bound to obey his summoner’s wwishes
7. Lestrade in disguise with mad acting skills
8. Jim goes back in time and gets with young!Mrs. Hudson
9. Anderson sleeps around because his wife is asexual
10. ”Dear Jim, please will you fix it for me to get rid of my lover’s nasty sister”
11. John fits a serial killer’s profile and doesn’t have a good alibi
12. Mystrade or Sherlock/John: Anniversary
13. 5 times someone tried to prove to Sherlock he wasn’t really asexual
14. Dr. Who and Life on Mars Crossover
15. Sherlock’s work is jealous of John
16. Sherlock is asexual and awesome!
17. Sherlock/John cuddling
18. Anderson fighting for awareness among the crowds of London
19. Lestrade and John trapped in a prison riot
20. Mycroft and John having super-hot intercrural sex
21. Sherlock/John cannibalism: Sherlock wants to eat parts of John
22. Molly’s cat is catnapped and she goes BAMF
23. John’s facebook status says he’s single; Sherlock’s says he isn’t
24. Moriarty forces John to put a gun to his temple over live feed as he verbally degrades him.
25. Young Sherlock and Mycroft experimented with one another until Mycroft pushed it too far, shattering Sherlock’s trust

Full prompt: My needs are quite simple

Mycroft and John having super-hot intercrural sex

Fill here: Variations on a Theme.

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#21 (Anonymous) Expand
FILLED #19 (Anonymous) Expand
Fill #9 (Anonymous) Expand
Fill #23 (art) (Anonymous) Expand
1. Sherlock subtly manipulating John into a relationship
2. Molly is Irene Adler
3. Sherlock as Snow White and John as one of the Dwarves
4. Sherlock has bad scars which are revealed when he is injured
5. Sherlock drove Sally away and is terrified of doing it to John
6.Sherlock gets on with the other forensics guy-Victor Trevor
7. Sherlock vs. Dirk Gently
8. John tickles the crap out of Sherlock when he’s being annoying
9. Every times Sherlock and Mycroft reach a certain age, they are flung back to childhood
10. Nobody messes with Mrs. Hudson. Nobody.
11. Characters break out into tears when out on their own
12. Mrs. Hudson gets pregnant, and it’s Lestrade
13. Sherlock kicking someone’s arse
14. John is Prince Charming in every Disney Movie/fairy tale
15. Sherlock loses a bet and has to be the winner’s bitch for a week
16. Torchwood Crossover
17. Jim Moriarty goes to the animal shelter and gets Sherlock a kitty cat. He lets him fall in love with that kitty cat. Then on some dark, cold night, he steals away into 221b and punches Sherlock in the face.
18. Shrek AU
19. Donovan and Anderson are actually married
20. John is a gift Mycroft gave Sherlock
21. John gets over his crush on Sherlock, never knowing Sherlock crushed on him back
22. Dick Grayson and Mr. Spock are part of the Holmes family
23. Irene and Sherlock are friends who bond over music
24. John and Sherlock are hipsters in love with Indie mix tapes
25. "It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single consulting detective in possession of an up-and-coming business must be in want of a blogger."

Fill #4

Original Prompt: Sherlock hates hospitals. He is always fully clothed, doesn't let anyone see him naked or let anyone get close to him. It is because his body is covered in scars. How he got those scars is up to you. Mycroft knows and that is why he is so protective of Sherlock and why he worries constantly. Sherlock is injured badly during the incident at the pool and the paramedics that respond have to cut off some of his cloth reveling his scars. Now everyone knows something very, very bad happened to Sherlock. How does everyone react? How does Sherlock react to everyone knowing about the scars?

Bonus: John/Sherlock first time, preslash

Fill link:

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Fill #14 (Mini-fill) (Anonymous) Expand
Fill #17 (Anonymous) Expand
Fill #21 (Anonymous) Expand
1. Grease Crossover
2. Moriarty and Sherlock faked their death at Reichenbach so Moriarty can force Sherlock to join him
3. Sherlock and Sally commiserating over Lestrade and John
4. John cheats on Sherlock and fears the wrath of Mycroft
5. The top 10 reasons Sherlock will never let Mycroft be his best man
6.Jim tries to surprise Molly after TGG; she surprises him with a scalpel
7. Julian Assange Vs. Mycroft
8. Sherlock will never remember because it was ten years ago and he was high as a kite at the time, but Moriarty and he have already fucked each others brains out.
9. When John gets too stroppy about Sherlock interfering with his personal life, Sherlock breaks out the straps, crop and toys, and reminds him who is in charge
10. Lestrade is stalked by someone obsessed with him
11. Picture prompt: John kisses Sherlock first
12. Sherlock and John are captured, and John cannot move lest he get a bullet to the brain
13. Black Swan Crossover
14. Labyrinth Crossover
15. Sherlock makes (and wears?) 'I survived Anderson' shirts.
16. When John breaks Sherlock's heart and marries Sarah, Sherlock gives up trying to fight it and joins Moriarty.
17. 5 times Sherlock or John’s brain gives him wet dreams of someone he is totally unattracted to
18. Mystrade: Lestrade started going out with him because he has a huge dick
19. Mycroft takes John on a very extravagant, lavish date
20. Sherlock and Lestrade used to get high together
21. John, Sherlock and Lestrade, in bed together. Naked. Aroused. No slash, please.
22. John/Sherlock: University professors AU
23. Mycroft as a dom
24. Mycroft collapses from sympathy pains
25. Star Trek Fusion


The top 10 (or more) reasons Sherlock will never let Mycroft be his best man.

I'm looking for crack.

Silly little fill

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Filled #5 (Anonymous) Expand
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fill #24 (Mini-fill) (Anonymous) Expand

FILL #23


Lestrade go undercover to catch a killer or drug dealer or whatever.
And Mycrof shows up randomly while Lestrade's working.

Mycroft is on the verge of saying "Hello, DETECTIVE INSPECTOR" in front of the killer and Lestrade has to stop him!

So what should he do to stop him??


Mycroft, oblivious to what's happening, freaks out. HE's head is now full of "OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG"


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Fill #18 (Anonymous) Expand
Full prompt : You know how hard John tries to deduce but gets it wrong? (Like deducing the cat was how the tetanus got into Connnie Prince's body.) Sherlock always seems to listen amusedely to his tries and then tells him what really happens.

Your prompt should you accept it: John deduces right! It could be completely by accident and a one time thing. But I want for John to solve the case for once!

Fill :

1. Evil cabbie has his way with Sherlock
2. AU in which Sherlock is blind
3. Dub-con: At uni, Sebastian decided to get Sherlock laid
4. Non-con: Mycroft feels guilty after raping Sherlock
5. Sherlock as Moriarty's kept pet and John as the house doctor who treats the wounds he receives.
6.Eight-year-old!Sherlock and thirteen-year-old!John meet, by coincidence, in a park one day.
7. Moriarty having sex with Molly to kill time
8. Mycroft/Colin Firth
9. John/Moran: Sidekick bonding and revenge sex
10. Drunk John comes home and has his way with Sherlock, who lets him
11. Moriarty manages to get rid of all the traffic on baker street one early morning, just so that he and Sherlock can sit on the sidewalk and simply talk because Moriarty feels lonely
12. John is obsessed with smelling Sherlock; Sherlock doesn’t mind
13. Sherlock investigates Upper Class Twit of the Year case
14. Camping!
15. Mycroft/John: Phonesex in a phonebox
16. Star Wars AU
17. 'I've had enough guilt for a lifetime. I decided I'd never feel that way again.'
18. Jim/Sherlock: A lot of phonesex
19. John accidentally ODs on pain meds while Sherlock is out
20. Sherlock has the power to make women ovulate when he snaps his fingers
21. Sherlock and John’s relationship from the POV of strangers
22. Daddy Holmes is John Steed
23. A hostage situation at 221B
24. Anderson's wife's a lesbian who married her husband for some reason, but they're really good friends, so they stay married in a mutually beneficial relationship, eaching taken the appropriate-gender lovers occasionally and they never treat it like a secret.
25. Sherlock or John tearing their lips to shreds and the other being very turned on by this

Fill: #17

Full prompt: 'I've had enough guilt for a lifetime. I decided I'd never feel that way again.'


Re: Fill: #17 (Anonymous) Expand
Fill #19 (Anonymous) Expand
Fill #10 (Anonymous) Expand

Fill # 12

Full prompt: "Sherlock is a unicorn. John is a fairy. They're in love."

Fill here:

Fill #8 (Anonymous) Expand

(Deleted comment)
Prompt: One night, a drunken Lestrade shows up on Sherlock and John's doorstep, attempts to flirt with Mrs Hudson, attempts to flirt with John and Sherlock while he's at it, talks to the skull, and falls asleep on the sofa.

I want the morning after. ;)

Fill: Blackmail Material for Life

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Fill #8 (Anonymous) Expand
Filled: #22 (Anonymous) Expand

Fill #2 (multiple) (Anonymous) Expand
Fill #25 (Anonymous) Expand
Filled #15 (Anonymous) Expand

Prompt: Reichenbach Falls has already happened and Sherlock has been back for a few years now. Later Sherlock actually dies on a case (body not found) and John is convinced that Sherlock is coming back this time too.


Fill for #13 (Anonymous) Expand

Original Prompt: Weird things Sherlock yells during sex.

Fill here:

Filled #8 (Anonymous) Expand
Prompt: John secretly writes femslash. Possibly about Sarah and 'Anthea'.


Fill #7 (Anonymous) Expand

#20 (2 fills)


Fill #24 (Anonymous) Expand
Star Trek crossover fusion thing

John and Sherlock meet at Starfleet Academy. Hijinks ensue.


Can we get a new six-word-story thread going? The archetype, of course, is Hemingway's "For Sale: baby shoes, never worn".

Multiple Fills:


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