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The Filled Prompts Post #1: Parts 1-23
Giggles at the Palace
Welcome to the Filled Prompts Post for Parts 1-23.
If you filled a prompt from Parts 24 and up, please use the FPP #2.
If you filled a prompt from the Spoiler-free post, use this FPP instead.

This is an archive created to make it simple for people to browse through both filled and unfilled prompts.

Let me explain how this works:

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Full Prompt
*eyes the (rather frequent compared to what I'm used to) prompts for fem!Sherlock or fem!John*

Well, blimey. There's het in my genderbend.

Not to go all 'OMG het is ewwww' on you guys, but can we have some fem!John/fem!Sherlock lesbian action? Or homoromantic asexual action? Or friendship/catching criminals/feminism yay! action, because quite frankly, at this point, I'm not picky?

IDK. Snapshots into their relationships? 5 times Jo Watson/whateveryou'dwanttocallher has wished she weren't a girl and one time she was glad of that fact?


Fill #1 (Anonymous) Expand
#19 PROMPT: High School or University AU. Sherlock Holmes is a brilliant punk with some anarchist tendencies/ideas/beliefs. John is the perfect goody-two-shoes teacher's pet who tries really hard to keep up good grades in school. Sherlock discovers that John is interesting (+10 bonus points if John tells him off for some reason, making Sherlock go, "Oh! Well isn't he interesting...."), and decides he needs to know more. Time to mellow the rebel and corrupt the teacher's pet. S/J please!

FILL (partial):

1) Sherlock/John knifeplay. John likes the pain
2) Sherlock thinks John may be the lover he’s always wanted
3) Sherlock will do anything to keep John at his side
4) Pirate talk
5) Sherlock doesn’t clean the table because if he does, he might bend John over it
6) Sherlock has sex in his sleep
7) Sherlock discussing his and John’s sex life in public
8) Five times someone thought Sherlock was a murderer
9) Anderson gets a dinosaur space hopper for his birthday
10) Mycroft wants sex and Lestrade wants to take things slow
11) Sherlock was a baby alien found by a young Mycroft who took care of him
12) Stargate Atlantis crossover. Afghanistan was just a cover story. John was in Atlantis.
13) Jim and Sherlock are forced to work together
14) Sherlock and Mycroft keep arguing and John wishes they wouldn't do it while fucking him.
15) Five times John almost asked Sherlock to marry him but was interrupted and then one time he actually succeeded.
16) Jim kidnaps Sherlock and forces him to orgasm repeatedly.
17) All the records say that Mr Hudson is dead because he's known as Mrs Hudson now.
18) John has a horrible day and takes out his frustration on Sherlock through sex
19) Doctor Who crossover. Sherlock/Fourth Doctor
20) Sherlock cleans wherever he has sex and John figures this out.
21) Someone walks in on John fucking Sherlock, who’s so close, he’s begging
22) John saves a patient’s life and is later thanked for it at a crime scene
23) Sherlock is absolutely fascinated by John's arse.
24) Sherlock walks in on Lestrade and Mycroft fucking and is scarred for life. John comforts him
25) Victor Trevor was Sherlock's first ever love - when they were 5 years old.

Five times Sherlock was accused of murder, and one time he did it

(None of my links are working today!)

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1) Mycroft insists on having sex with the lights off, so Lestrade ties him up, then turns them on
2) Sherlock adopts a child... for an experiment. John is not amused.
3) Sherlock and Jim at a party
4) John is possessed and the only way for him to be freed is to be killed.
5) Mycroft/Lestrade, domestic
6) Sherlock replaces Steve on Blue's clues and refuses to 'scado' into a painting.
7) John notices Sherlock wearing a ‘help for heroes’ bracelet
8) John takes the police department to an army obstacle course
9) The characters realize that they're just characters in a story, written by the real John Watson.
10) John likes men, and he loves Sherlock, but not in *that* way.
11) Extreme John whumpage
12) John goes to Sherlock’s hospital room and is surprised to see Mycroft there
13) One of them is dying, his blood seeping into the street, while the other holds him close.
14) John and Sherlock, at Mary's funeral.
15) Different incarnations of Sherlock Holmes dreaming of each others lives.
16) Sherlock and Mrs. Hudson, being adorable.
17) Sebastian used to date Sherlock and is mean to John, who comforts Sherlock
18) John is obsessed with Sherlock’s waist
19) Mycroft and Lestrade try to prevent John and Sherlock from becoming a couple and end up in love
20) Sherlock loves taking pictures of John when he's unawares but John hates having his picture taken
21) John has problems touching people
22) Victorian era Mycroft meets BBC Mycroft
23) Sherlock/John navel play
24) Sherlock invents things as a child, makes John help, and Mycroft has to step in
25) Sherlock in one of those hospital dressing gowns that leave your backside exposed.

Filled 3, 7, 12, 13

3) Prompt:

7) Prompt: At a crime scene John notices something on Sherlock's wrist and tries to catch another glimpse of it. When he finally does it's something he totally didn't expect; Sherlock is wearing a 'Help For Heroes' wristband

Considering the man is a self-proclaimed Sociopath John is of course surprised. How does he react? Platonically loving his friend even more? Wanting to drag him home and take him vigourously on several surfaces? Or is he at a complete loss for words. Slash or Gen welcome!

12) Prompt: I have this image in my head of a post-TGG scenario, where John walks/limps/rolls his wheelchair into Sherlock's hospital room, and is completely taken aback by seeing Mycroft standing there, with his hand on an unconscious Sherlock's chest, looking completely forlorn.

13) Prompt: One of them is dying, his blood seeping into the street, while the other holds him close. Make me cry.

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Filled 4 (Anonymous) Expand
1) Sherlock/John, sex in a library
2) Something based on the move scene with the gypsy’s conversation about life with Mary
3) Sherlock/John, sex against a mirror because one of them has body issues.
4) Mycroft/John established relationship with John having a PTSD nightmare and Mycroft comforting him
5) Sherlock consistently sends Mycroft fatty foods just to fuck with his self-control.
6) For Sherlock’s first time, John slowly fingers him
7) Sherlock and John adopt and raise Harry Potter.
8) John/Molly he’s a better boyfriend than Sherlock or Jim
9) Sherlock with total body bondage
10) Sherlock is gagged during sex
11) Sherlock and John go to Cardiff and find Torchwood
12) Sherlock/John pwp
13) Mycroft and Anthea sit around eating ice cream and talking about relationship problems
14) John's on the phone with someone important while Sherlock is giving him a blowjob.
15) Sherlock uses his deduction skills in bed, resulting in sex lasting about two minutes. John is not amused.
16) Mycroft/John, shower sex
17) Sherlock is a sex addict and John finds out about all of his one night stands.
18) Sherlock/John, breathplay.
19) Mycroft only starts wars when he's sexually frustrated. Sherlock plays matchmaker for his brother
20) Sherlock wakes up after having sex with John and hugs him
21) Modern take on the canon stories
22) Hot Fuzz crossover
23) Lestrade interacting with his kids
24) Sherlock and John are hiding their relationship, and someone asks John out on a date
25) Mycroft like to pick John up and fuck him against a wall.

5, 12

5) Prompt: Mycroft/John established relationship with John having a PTSD nightmare and Mycroft comforting him with his penis.

12) Prompt: Can we get some Sherlock/John IC porn (preferably with John bottoming) up in here? Don't get me wrong, I love all of the plotty fics we're getting and I can't get enough of them. But damn it, sometimes a girl just wants some hot, rough, unabashed PORN and there's nothing wrong with that.

So come on fandom, these men are way too good looking to not be porning it up in every other entry!

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#7 (Anonymous) Expand
25 (Anonymous) Expand
19 (Anonymous) Expand
20 l_stone Expand
1) Sherlock breaks John’s heart and Mycroft picks up the pieces
2) Sherlock/John/Mycroft or Sherlock/John/Lestrade, Eiffel tower with John in the middle
3) Cyberstalked
4) Warm, loving, caring and protective Dom!John with either Sherlock or Mycroft
5) John survives after TGG and keeps seeing Sherlock’s ghost
6) Mycroft and Sherlock always argue because they can’t decide who tops.
7) John comes home one day and finds Sherlock passed out on the floor
8) John and Sherlock meet in Afghanistan, where Sherlock is just another soldier
9) Good omens crossover. Adam wants to meet Sherlock and John
10) John and Sherlock sharing a bath.
11) Little Sherlock can’t sleep, so Mycroft tells him bedtime stories
12) Sherlock has a child from an experiment with a woman years ago and is a bad dad
13) Anderson is very much like Sherlock. He just does a better job at hiding what he is.
14) Mycroft has a sex dungeon
15) Everything was a dream because John’s really in a coma
16) American Werewolf in London crossover. Sherlock is hiking when he’s attacked by an animal.
17) Sherlock and Mycroft actually get along
18) Bored teenage Sherlock ruins all of Mycroft's relationships.
19) Sherlock is a vampire and John is a werewolf
20) Sherlock comes home to find Mycroft and Anderson in his bed.
21) King Mycroft arranges for Prince Sherlock to marry Prince John
22) Sherlock tells John he loves him, but John doesn’t feel the same and they drift apart.
23) Sherlock doesn't understand the concept of gift-giving, so holidays have weird results
24) Sherlock is afraid of something people think he would enjoy.
25) Two characters cuddling together on a stormy day

10 and 25

10) Prompt: John and Sherlock sharing a bath. Slash but no sex please, just them being together.

25) Prompt: Let's have another cuddly prompt, two characters cuddle in bed on a really really cold, rainy stormy, morning, i'm talking thunder lighting pouring rain so heavey you can't even walk outside and wind that HOWLS!. come on people make me feel fuzzy! super fluffy is appreciated.

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1) Mrs. Hudson is Irene Adler's mommy
2) John finds out that Sherlock is secretly a flaming ace
3) John playing with Sherlock’s hair and being domestic
4) Sherlock and John have met before that day at Bart's. Once upon a dream.
5) Jim tortured Sherlock and releases him, broken. John insists on caring for him
6) Five times John yelled "Sherlock!" and one time he didn't.
7) A group of policemen decide to get revenge on Sherlock
8) Sherlock and John have a quiet night in, when suddenly, John's head explodes.
9) Lestrade/Mycroft after a stressful day, Mycroft just wants a hug
10) Sherlock is invited to tea with royalty. John freaks out.
11) Sherlock turns into a kitty.
12) Sarah has a sister who’s a cop and transfers to London. She has to work with Sherlock
13) Sherlock’s phone and laptop break
14) Mycroft/Sherlock playing Doctor
15) Sherlock or Lestrade is a Size queen and John has what he wants
16) Sherlock meets John's old schoolmate Tadpole. Sherlock hates him at first sight, John is protective
17) John is Sherlock's Trustworthy Person. Sherlock's willing to do anything to keep that in his life.
18) Castle is shadowing Sherlock or Lestrade for research
19) Sherlock tends to skip foreplay, so John turns it into a game
20) John met Sebastian in Afghanistan and later on can’t believe he’s with Moriarty
21) Sherlock takes John on a date to see Avenue Q
22) Who Framed Roger Rabbit prompt
23) Doctor Who crossover: Sherlock is caught by a Weeping Angel.
24) John wears a kilt, sans underwear, and is caused to sit in Sherlock's lap
25) Mean Girls crossover. Sherlock/Regina George

3 and 8

3) Prompt: Domestic!John. Playing with Sherlock's hair. Fluff- maybe watching TV, maybe not. Just. nnngh

8) Prompt: Sherlock and John have a quiet night in, when suddenly, John's head explodes.

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FILLED #11 (Anonymous) Expand
Fill: 10 - Fair Warning (Anonymous) Expand


Prompt: John has a daughter/son but he never know it until the mother of the child pass away. John feel a sense of obligation to raise the kid and Sherlock gladly share the parental responsibility.

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# 25 (Anonymous) Expand
1) Sherlock notices how small John is and finds it adorable
2) Sherlock as an angry sixteen year old with a smoking habit and a conduct disorder.
3) Sherlock helps a musician find out who’s stalking them
4) Sherlock is confused over how possessive John is
5) Molly and Jim watching Glee together
6) Cabin Pressure crossover. For some reason, Sherlock has to fly with MJN Air. Hilarity ensues.
7) Sherlock and John tell each other the sexiest, steamiest stories they can think of
8) Clara is really Irene Adler
9) Mycroft used to be really fat as a kid and has since stayed on a strict diet
10) Everyone loves Lestrade and wants to hug him
11) Jim and Molly are BFFS and have sleepovers to talk about fandoms and kink memes
12) Harry’s criminal name is Irene Adler
13) Sherlock brainwashes John
14) John’s eye has been twitching all day. He thinks it’s annoying, Sherlock thinks it’s arousing
15) Video prompt – I’ll make a man out of you
16) Sherlock is a thief
17) Mycroft using his many cameras to spy on Lestrade while he masturbates?
18) Mycroft and Anthea both fall for Lestrade.
19) Mrs. Hudson is actually Sherlock's biological mother. She had given him up for adoption when he was born.
20) Sherlock is poisoned on a train and John has to both care for him and solve the crime
21) John plays matchmaker for Lestrade and Sherlock
22) John worries Sherlock isn’t sleeping enough and slips him sleeping pills
23) Mycroft/Jim, realizing they care about another human
24) Wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man video prompt
25) Fawly Towers crossover. Sherlock and John go on holiday to a little B&B in Torquay!


Prompt: Basically two of us have been talking and there isn't enough Jim/Mycroft.

So we want Jim/Mycroft pairing.

More specifically the slow realisation that they care about another human being and rely on each other's rivalry. Bemusement and kinky sex are bonuses.

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#13 (Anonymous) Expand
Filled #25 (Anonymous) Expand

#2 - Sherlock doesn’t want recognition for all the good he does


#9 - HDM crossover (Anonymous) Expand

1) Sherlock has a nipple piercing
2) Lestrade/Molly Daddy issues
3) Sherlock receives the sex talk, then later Mycroft corrects the details
4) Sherlock hates having expectations placed upon him.
5) Anthea uses her blackberry to write RPS
6) Sherlock goes undercover as a model. Everyone is unwillingly impressed.
7) As a joke, Sherlock refers to John as "The Wife" or "The Wifey". It rapidly becomes an out-of-flat joke.
8) No one knows Lestrade's first name and he doesn't readily tell people. Someone decides to get it out of him
9) John is Sherlock’s guardian angel, sent to keep him from becoming another Moriarty
10) John and Sherlock spend a night reading creepy pasta stories
11) Maurice crossover. Alec and Maurice are Lestrade's great-grandparents
12) Halloween prompt. Sherlock scaring trick-or-treaters
13) When Sherlock is in the dumps, his older brother amuses him with monkey impressions.
14) John asks Sarah if she'd be up for a threesome with Sherlock.
15) John has been kept awake by Sherlock’s adventures for so long that he starts hallucinating.
16) John getting off on Sherlock and Mycroft kissing.
17) John convinces Sherlock to watch TV with him, but Sherlock watches John instead
18) Sherlock teaches John to play the violin
19) John isn't close to his family because he got thrown back in time. He and Harry are Mycroft's children.
20) Lestrade wants a duvet day
21) The five kisses rated the most passionate and most pure and the one that blew them away.
22) Sherlock looks after John while he’s sick
23) John makes a chart to keep track of Sherlock’s achievements
24) Sherlock is influencing John’s wardrobe choices
25) Anthea’s real name is Irene

Filled #18

Sherlock teaches John to play the violin

Fill: (

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(Deleted comment)

Filled # 33: Sherlock connects to John's past [WIP]

Title: Monsters, All of Us [WIP]
Found at:
Note: Sorry about the off-meme link, the fic is way to long to post in the comment boxes.

^^ fill for #12 (Anonymous) Expand

Filled #11

Prompt: John can do amazing things with his tongue.


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