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The Filled Prompts Post #1: Parts 1-23
Giggles at the Palace
Welcome to the Filled Prompts Post for Parts 1-23.
If you filled a prompt from Parts 24 and up, please use the FPP #2.
If you filled a prompt from the Spoiler-free post, use this FPP instead.

This is an archive created to make it simple for people to browse through both filled and unfilled prompts.

Let me explain how this works:

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Prompt: Sherlock reading Shakespeare. Out loud. The Sonnets, if you can.

Fill: Morning's Like These:

FILLED #4 (Anonymous) Expand
Page 43 fills - 4, 9, 11 (Anonymous) Expand
1) Because of the way they act like a couple, one of John’s girlfriends decides to set him up with Sherlock
2) Mycroft brings Lestrade to meet his parents for Christmas, so Sherlock decides to bring John.
3) Dude i thought about you literally the second after I came. This friendship is starting to cross some serious boundaries
4) Sherlock sees Lestrade gaining some paunch and knows that that means Mycroft's on a diet.
5) Sherlock's parent's act exactly like Sherlock and John do.
6) Twist ending
7) After the explosion at Baker Street, Sherlock starts sleeping in John’s bed.
8) Invictus poetry prompt
9) John tops Mycroft and/or Mycroft likes being fucked
10) Renaissance Italy!fic.
11) Teenage!Sherlock tries to kill himself. Mycroft watches over him obsessively to make sure he doesn't try again.
12) Molly writes to Jim, asking him to get rid of John for her.
13) Sherlock/John. Something to do with subspace!
14) Sherlock and John were mortal enemies in a previous life.
15) Sherlock and John try to sext and one of them ends up accidentally texting Mycroft.
16) 20th century boys au.
17) Mycroft purposely had his lover and his brother's lives intersect because the ultimate gift for Sherlock is an arch nemesis.
18) Sherlock hates Mycroft because after the Holmes parents passed away, Mycroft purposely did not obtain custody of him.
19) "What? You're too good for me now that I have pirate hook hands?"
20) Sherlock/Anderson HATESEX
21) Avatar: The Last Airbender crossover. Sherlock as the ~avatar~, John as an earthbender, Moriarty as a firebender
22) Video prompt
23) Sherlock’s attacked at a museum. Someone saves him and when Sherlock goes back, a display looks like his savior
24) Sherlock took ballet throughout his entire childhood and teenage years. As a result, he is extremely flexible.
25) Sherlock and John go to Mycroft's house and have sex there while Mycroft is answering a phone call or something.

Prompt: "What? You're too good for me now that I have pirate hook hands?"

(sorry chaps, had a 'don't give up the day job' moment XD)

Filled #7 (Anonymous) Expand
1) John calls sex ‘making love’. Sherlock hates the term and reacts negatively. John misunderstands.
2) John and Sherlock have a code word that means "drop what you're doing and come fuck me this instant."
3) Werewolf!John with mating urges. John/Sherlock or John/Mycroft.
4) Roleplay with John pretending to be a criminal that Sherlock has caught. Or Moriarty.
5) Sherlock comes up with a plan for John to become Mycroft’s kept man.
6) First time killing someone, and the reaction afterward
7) how would you react to meeting Benedict Cumberbatch or any other Sherlock actor of your choice?
8) Sherlock and John go undercover in a tour group and meet Junie B. Jones
9) Good Omens au. John is Aziraphale and Sherlock is Crowley
10) Sherlock, while at University, meets John while he's attending med school.
11) John has Dissociative Identity Disorder, triggered by his stint in the war. His alter surfaces in violent situations
12) The Illustrious Client update
13) Sherlock having to deal with monsters while trying to find John, who had something in the past about Silent Hill
14) Combined sex pollen and mpreg?
15) Sherlock is called to help with a case, and Antoine Dodson is there
16) Sherlock is an elf that never left Middle Earth, Mycroft is his descendant charged with taking care of him
17) Sherlock wants to experiment on how long man can sustain an erection. John is his test subject
18) Harry is John Watson's alternate personality, who was in control during the war. Sherlock meets ‘Harry’
19) Sherlock knows John needs danger and adrenaline to keep from going to pieces, so they have rough S&M sex.
20) Shawn Spencer and Gus stumble onto a crime scene that Sherlock’s working on.
21) Before he obtained his position in the government, Mycroft was a consulting detective
22) Sherlock or John experiences computer problems
23) While is secondary school, Sherlock becomes John’s math tutor
24) As a taunt about his weight, Sherlock takes to buying Mycroft bras. Mycroft doesn't mind because Lestrade likes it
25) In Uni, Sebastian was used to getting whoever he wanted. He wanted Sherlock

Good Omens crossover With John!Aziraphale and Sherlock!Crowley.

Artfill posted in my journal:

Filled #9 (Anonymous) Expand
Anon! Fail! (Anonymous) Expand
WIP fill #25 (Anonymous) Expand
1) John wakes up choking on spunk. That's what he gets for sleeping with his mouth open.
2) John’s reaction to Sherlock being choked in Soo Lin’s apartment.
3) Sherlock becomes an idol and people start dressing like him. Sherlock tries to find a new look.
4) John and Sherlock swap minds, and what freaks them out most is seeing themselves from behind.
5) Lestrade, Toppy John, handcuffs.
6) What else Sherlock was going to say before John left for Sarah’s.
7) Sherlock gives John a blowjob/handjob, and John accidentally spurts into Sherlock's hair.
8) Five times Mycroft kidnapped Lestrade, and one time he got his own back
9) Assassin’s Creed crossover
10) Sherlock Vs Anne Robinson (From the Weakest Link)
11) Sherlock and John play Jumanji or Zathura
12) Sarah on Jeremy Kyle, then having John come out, following by Sherlock
13) Sherlock and John get a kitten that likes to steal Sherlock’s clothes.
14) He left his umbrella behind in my bed to 'keep me company', then stole my front door key before he went to work
15) some dude asks John on a date. Sherlock doesn't like this.
16) First Men in the Moon crossover.
17) The Great Mouse Detective crossover.
18) Anyone with Mrs. Hudson
19) Lordship dondeft
20) John can't stop caressing, grabbing and slapping Sherlock's ass
21) Sherlock comes home from a case with lice in his hair. John takes care of the problem
22) Sherlock and John wank to thoughts of each other. When John comes, it appears in Sherlock’s mouth
23) John posts to his blog that Sherlock’s out on a date and everyone else crowds the flat to find out what’s going on.
24) When John returns from war, he buys a small flat on his own. A cat leaves her kittens in his attic and he names them.
25) Sherlock stalks the kink meme correcting all the americanisms

Sherlock Vs Anne Robinson (From the Weakest Link)

just roll with it :)

Art Fill:

page 46 fills - 9, 14, 25 (Anonymous) Expand
1) Sherlock is like Benjamin Button and ages backwards - he looks 25 but he's actually in his 70s.
2) Sherlock as a child, being abused by a teacher and thinking it’s a relationship
3) Sherlock taking his violin out on the streets, singing his deductions of people walking by
4) Sherlock gets bored one day and decides to take over Molossia.
5) Sherlock used to busk with his violin for money
6) John’s reaction to Sherlock’s death at Reichenbach falls.
7) An EMP goes off and Sherlock has to solve a crime without the use of modern technology
8) Jim turned evil after a failed attempt at doing good in his past.
9) Sherlock as a child who sees dead people and John as a ghost who doesn't know he's a ghost, just trying to help
10) Crazy costume party
11) Middle Earth crossover.
12) Sherlock collapses from being sick and John takes care of him.
13) Sherlock sends John out to get milk. John never comes back.
14) What if Sherlock called "Jim from IT"? What if there was even a date?
15) Moriarty tries to seduce John, who goes along with it to find out if Sherlock wants him.
16) A group of criminals steal the boyfriends of Moriarty, Mycroft and Sherlock.
17) In their past lives Sherlock and John were an elf and a hobbit, respectively. They were best friends/lovers.
18) Sherlock finds out John’s Halloween costume and gets a matching costume.
19) John answers the door to a couple of kids dressed up as Sherlock Holmes and John Watson
20) Sometimes you can't tell the difference between the mafia and the cops."
21) the Mythbusters cast helped John and Sherlock get together.
22) "Sherlock Holmes looks dead sexy in a miniskirt!"
23) Sexual use of an umbrella.
24) Sherlock in ladies knickers
25) Mycroft is the London Legacy house precept and offers John a position.

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Page 47 fills - 5, 9, 16

5) Sherlock used to busk with his violin for money

9) sixth sense crossover - Sherlock as a child who sees dead people

16) A group of criminals steal the boyfriends of Moriarty, Mycroft and Sherlock.

1) Just because you're nearly seventy-two doesn't mean your boyfriend doesn't have to scare off all the hot young men
2) Sherlock is kidnapped. John finds him seriously injures and snaps, killing everyone.
3) Sherlock and John are together, but Sherlock isn’t interested in anything beyond cuddling.
4) Sherlock is anorexic
5) John has been hired to be Sherlock’s best friend
6) The 09 movie is John and Sherlock’s past life. John remembers and Sherlock starts having strange dreams
7) Sherlock and John are in a relationship but John sleeps with Lestrade. Sherlock tries everything to keep John from leaving.
8) Moriarty makes a hostage do phone sex with Sherlock.
9) Sherlock won’t sleep with anyone he thinks unclean. John decides to let Sherlock bathe him in the hope of sex.
10) John won’t let himself believe he was raped by a woman, Sherlock figures it out.
11) Donovan was right. Sherlock is killing people; and Mycroft is cleaning up after him.
12) Hypnophobia
13) John teases Sherlock's nipples until they're oversensitive and Sherlock is ready for the next level. Then John leaves for work.
14) John has a problem. He can't get it up. Sherlock uses a penis pump
15) John hides Sherlock’s violin, so Sherlock comes home with a xylophone
16) Basically John the Astronaut & Sherlock the Astronautical Engineer AU
17) Sherlock sings when he comes
18) **
19) **
20) Sherlock is the victim of a haunting/demon and John is the only one that believes him
21) It began with a cramping sensation. But it certainly didn't end there.
22) Triage
23) John travels back to the past and meets Sherlock before he should. Sherlock is fascinated by John.
24) John played Bilbo Baggins in a school production of the Hobbit. Sherlock finds it ridiculously hilarious.
25) Sherlock overheard Mycroft complain about him as a child and it devastated him.

Page 48 fills - 2, 4, 8

2) Sherlock is kidnapped. John finds him seriously injures and snaps, killing everyone.

4) Sherlock is anorexic

8) Moriarty makes a hostage do phone sex with Sherlock.

Fill #11 (Anonymous) Expand
1) Sherlock discovers Cleverbot.
2) Picture prompt. Mycroft and John get married.
3) John/fem!Sherlock - Sex during her period.
4) Mycroft and Sherlock competing by comparing observations.
5) Sherlock compartmentalized everything bad that ever happened to him, that’s how he cries on command.
6) Docking fic
7) Anthea picture prompt
8) Sherlock has Transient Epileptic Amnesia
9) Something happens to John that makes him think what he was going to say, and say what he wanted to think.
10) Sherlock, Mycroft, John or Lestrade. Fingering
11) Torchwood crossover. Gwen travels to London and Dimmock fanboys her.
12) Sherlock gets into a proper not-talking-for-weeks depression and his hair gets long and he gets a tramp beard.
13) Sherlock dislikes doggy style for the exact reason John loves it.
14) Sherlock humping the couch, or John putting the Union Jack pillow between his legs.
15) Sherlock takes a case in Heidelburg. Medical students have disappeared from the university or turned up as lab corpses.
16) Mycroft does a favour for the MIB occasionally and has his own Neuralizer. Sherlock picks Mycroft's pocket and ends up with it
17) Sherlock sees a big chested lady on late night TV and gets worked up
18) Sherlock, without touching John at all, gets him to orgasm just by speaking to him.
19) Sherlock swaps mind with a puppy. He tries to find a way to change back
20) After a lot of fighting, Sherlock gets glasses and can see how attractive John is.
21) We've found him. He was on Oxford Street attempting intimate relations with a bollard.
22) NSFW art prompt
23) Sherlock loves Red Dwarf because he used to watch it with his Dad
24) Realistic anal sex
25) Sherlock is kidnapped and told he will be a good whore. Later, he admits he was

Filled Many Times: #1

Prompt: Sherlock discovers Cleverbot. And gets trolled by it.

Fill #10 (Anonymous) Expand
1) Sherlock/John/Sherlock-from-the-pilot
2) John/Sherlock fuck buddies. It's all fine, until one day Sherlock realizes he's actually fallen for John.
3) Sherlock is really good with kids. John finds this endearing
4) Why Sherlock resents Mycroft. Five times Mycroft was there, and one time he wasn’t.
5) Sherlock has a baby, John is curious why baby's a ginger. He's secretly a little afraid the child isn't his.
6) Sherlock’s mood swings, video prompt
7) Sherlock and John, in the middle of a disaster.
8) Battlestar Galactica fusion. Sherlock as a Cylon
9) Five times Sherlock hated that Mycroft was his brother and one time he was grateful.
10) After breaking up with Sarah, John jumps into the dating scene and Sherlock becomes jealous.
11) Mycroft saving baby Sherlock when their house catches fire.
12) Sherlock doesn't want John to leave, so he tries to make John completely dependent on him.
13) Five times Sherlock was cockblocked by boring cases and the one time he wasn't.
14) watersports, any slash pairing
15) Mycroft/Lestrade at one of the Disney Parks with Lestrade's little girl.
16) Sherlock/John first time. Sherlock is embarrassed that he whimpers or sobs or cries whenever he comes and John comforts him.
17) John finds out Sherlock's never sang on a kareoke before. So, forces Sherlock to join him in a duet in front of a whole pub.
18) There’s a crime at a music studio and a singer keeps hitting a note wrong. Sherlock shows him how it’s done.
19) Sherlock reads Kafka
20) John's name wasn't always John Watson. It was Will Stanton and one day, Sherlock's name will be Merriman Lyon.
21) John is a hobbit, Sherlock is an elf.
22) Sherlock reveals he’s going on a date and John becomes possessive.
23) John learns he’s dying and tries to spare Sherlock by walking out. Sherlock realizes what he’s doing and searches for John.
24) A killer becomes infatuated with Sherlock and starts leaving him clues.
25) Lestrade/Sherlock/John, an exploration of their relationship

Fill # 16

Original Prompt: John/Sherlock first time. Preferably Sherlock on the bottom.

Sherlock whimpers or sobs or cries whenever he comes. That's why he hates having sex with anyone because he is, as he puts it, A high-functioning sociopath.

I want to see some embarrassed!Sherlock after he comes and John thinks he's lovely and comforts him.


Fill #18 (Anonymous) Expand
1) Twin Peak crossover. Sherlock meets Albert
2) Mycroft wants information from John and has Anthea flirt with him.
3) Song Prompt: Say You're Sorry by Sara Bareilles
4) Lestrade/Molly He sees her. She listens to him Together they have coffee and talk about things other than Sherlock.
5) Every so often (when properly marked in the schedule) 'Anthea' tops Mycroft like a pro.
6) Molly is put into protective custody after TGG
7) Moriarty pays a biochemist to make a virus keyed to Sherlock’s dna
8) John wakes up from a nightmare to find Sherlock going through his wardrobe.
9) Sherlock brings John to orgasm just by talking to him. In his growly voice.
10) Strip Poker
11) Straight is the new gay
12) Mycroft gives John what Sherlock can't. - Dom!Mycroft, Sub!John. In Mycroft's office.
13) Sherlock/Mycroft, they aren’t actually siblings.
14) Moriarty/Moran domestics
15) There comes a point when you begin to dream in your second and third languages. Sherlock starts to dream in John Watson's "language".
16) During a chase, John is injured and Sherlock feels guilty about it.
17) Song Prompt, you shouldn’t kiss me like this
18) Miss Marple is Sherlock's and Mycroft's great-aunt and she’s come to visit Sherlock in London
19) Lestrade getting dirty during a DIY project
20) NCIS crossover. The real reason Molly fell for Moriarty was that he reminded her of Palmer
21) Echo Bazaar crossover. Sherlock in Fallen London
22) Sherlock has a soft spot for Army people, because the only nanny whom he had ever gotten along with was an ex-Army soldier.
23) Errant comment
24) Sherlock wakes up in Groundhog Day and has to solve the case of the repeating day.
25) Flashforward crossover. What the characters of Sherlock saw in their flashforwards.

Full Prompt: One night, John gets to go to sleep for once, only to wake from his nightmares to find...Sherlock raiding through his wardrobe for his jumpers in the dark.

Fill: here

Page 51 - 11, 14, 19, 25 (Anonymous) Expand
1) Sherlock gets the type of glasses that have the thick black rims.
2) Sherlock has to sew something for a case and gets frustrated with it
3) John is a hobbit or human mercenary/soldier and Sherlock a solitary magician or elf
4) Sherlock is captured and forced to be a personal slave. John meets and falls in love with him.
5) Text prompt. I don’t think I’m in love with you.
6) Lestrade is obsessed with Sherlock's arse, and Sherlock quite enjoys this, letting Lestrade indulge
7) Mycroft/Sherlock, song prompt with plot
8) During life-affirming sex, someone grabs Tiger Balm instead of lube.
9) Sherlock had a boyfriend who convinced him that it was normal to "lend" Sherlock to other people for favours.
10) Sherlock thinks the penis goes in the belly button.
11) John discovers that Sherlock has very sensitive ears, and uses that fact for his amusement
12) Sarah comes over to the flat and she and John have sex in front of Sherlock
13) Sherlock and John are outside in the rain and Sherlock takes off his coat and puts it over their heads to fend off the water.
14) Sherlock wanking
15) John purposely uses incorrect grammar to irritate Sherlock after a fight.
16) When John takes Sherlock out on a date, Mycroft shows up to chaperon
17) For Sherlock's birthday, Mycroft decides to construct a big mystery for his younger brother to solve.
18) Sherlock/Labyrinth crossover.
19) Sherlock/How to train your dragon AU.
20) The floor is lava
21) Errant comment
22) Sherlock and John decide to embark upon a Total Power Exchange relationship
23) "Sherlock," John offered earnestly. "I'm so sorry."
24) Sherlock declaring his feelings for John through actions
25) Sally fought hard to get into the boys club and resents Sherlock’s easy access.

Filled: 25

Full prompt: Sally Donovan: Even today, it's not easy for a woman - particularly a woman of color - to be accepted as an equal in the boys' club of Scotland Yard. Is it any wonder she resents the hell out of Sherlock Holmes for his easy access and casual disdain?

Fill: You Play the Cards You're Dealt (

Page 52 - 12, 14 (Anonymous) Expand
1) John comes out to his parents and they’re okay with it, welcoming Sherlock with open arms.
2) Sherlock's hurt, Mycroft's out for blood, and John's first in the line of fire.
3) Sherlock is bored. John or Lestrade distract him.
4) Sherlock/John on the deck of a ship/boat anchored offshore. At night. Perhaps after a swim?
5) Sherlock thoughts while he bounces around the flat, high off his ass.
6) John and Sherlock sharing headphones and listening to his music
7) Moriarty is actually Sherlock's son FROM THE FUTURE
8) Sherlock in a glory-hole situation
9) What would Sherlock have to do, for John to think it was "Very much not good"? Or maybe John doesn't find out, at all?
10) Sherlock's not the one that disappears and is presumed dead for three years. It's John.
11) Watership down fusion.
12) Sherlock being tickled by someone.
13) After Sherlock collapses, John takes up the task of caring for Sherlock. They engage in a battle of wills over this
14) Sexy cat ears
15) Sherlock has temporary aphasia and agraphia and can only communicate his deductions through INTERPRETIVE DANCE
16) Moriarty making goofy faces and launching into bouts of violent and unnecessary tap dance
17) Music prompt, Sherlock playing for John.
18) Conversation prompt. Bad Puns
19) A little boy shows up Sherlock and Lestrade’s desperate to finds his parents before he gets in trouble.
20) Song prompt
21) Sherlock is a British solider in WWII, John's a medic, and Moriarty is a Nazi solider
22) Sherlock sabotaging John's therapy/terrorizing his therapist - because John is broken, and Sherlock likes him that way.
23) Chrestomanci crossover. Mycroft and Christopher Chant being vague at each other about official business
24) Sherlock is injured, but refuses to go to the hospital. John treats his wound in the flat.
25) Sherlock is incredibly frustrated by the term "That's hectic!!"

10) Sherlock's not the one that disappears and is presumed dead for three years. It's John.


1) The Common Krait is one of the deadliest snakes in the world.
2) Sherlock’s first time. He’s shy and insecure, but John’s a gentleman.
3) Sherlock resents Mycroft because when he was a teenager, he had an affair with his violin tutor and Mycroft ended it.
4) Someone/everyone turned on by Lestrade speaking French
5) John cumming all over Sherlock's face
6) A nurse that doesn’t take Sherlock’s crap, or a hospital staff Sherlock respects
7) Sherlock/Breakfast on Pluto
8) Several lunchbreaks that had NOTHING to do with eating lunch
9) Meniere's disease, hurt/comfort
10) John and Sherlock have a wordless sexual encounter, with no prelude
11) Everyone ends up at a karaoke bar. Hilarity ensues as everyone sings horribly inappropriate songs.
12) A Day in the Life. Good morning kisses, brushing teeth together, texts (and then onto late night activities?)
13) John getting himself off and Sherlock dictating how/where he should touch himself
14) The best way to torture a violinist is to cut off his fingers.
15) Video prompt with Sherlock providing support to a grateful John
16) John is the only one Sherlock trusts enough to let his guard down, and Sherlock loves it when John makes him lose control.
17) Sherlock Holmes investigates Wester Drumlins.
18) Sherlock wears gloves all the time because he can give someone an orgasm just by touching them.
19) The Seven-Per-Cent Solution
20) Moran has a child that he sometimes kidnaps from the mother. Jim loves that kid and shows them how to fight dirty
21) Criminal Minds crossover. Sherlock meets Reid
22) John's psychiatrist is subtly pushing him into Sherlock's arms.
23) Sherlock’s purple shirt
24) Mummy thinks John’s so good for Sherlock that she starts planning ways to keep them together
25) Donovan/John

#5 John cumming on Sherlock's face


I want John cumming all over Sherlock's face, more than I've ever wanted anything, ever. Maybe he's been fucked into submission, maybe he's high, maybe he just wants to experiment, or make John happy, oh, I don't know, use your imagination. First born is up for grabs here.


Filled #14 (Anonymous) Expand
1) Sebastian/Jim, art prompt
2) Ghost!John lives at Baker street. When Sherlock comes along, he’s intrigued and tries to gain corporeal form.
3) Anthea goes missing, Mycroft won't rest until he's got her back.
4) badass!soldier!John. He's a frickin' soldier. Trained. Strong. Sculpted muscles. BADASS
5) John. Sherlock. Cock ring.
6) Cuddle Party
7) Sherlock and John want a threesome with Lestrade and team up to seduce him.
8) "showering would never be the same again"...Mycroft has cameras EVERYWHERE.
9) Sherlock gets locked out of the house naked.
10) Lady Chatterley's lover rewrite with Mycroft as Lady Chatterley and Lestrade as Mellors, the gamekeeper
11) V for Vendetta cross over. Rupert Graves character is totally Lestrade
12) Young Mycroft on his tiptoes, peering into a basinet at his new baby brother
13) Mummy Holmes doesn't approve of Sherlock and John's relationship. There is NO WAY her pure-blood son is going to date a Muggle!
14) Someone walks in on Sherlock fucking John, but he’s so close he can’t stop
15) Teenage John has a falling out with his parents and moves in with the older Sherlock
16) Sherlock tries flirting with John when they first meet
17) Sherlock. Forniphilia with Sherlock as submissive
18) John uses his being-super-understanding-and-comforting powers to make friends with Moran.
19) Rocky Horror Crossover
20) Sherlock is depressed over something. John follows him when he leaves the flat and finds Sherlock playing a piano
21) UST between Girl!John and Sherlock
22) John inserts a vibrating plug into Sherlock in the morning and Sherlock has to keep from coming all day, with John controlling the plug.
23) Sherlock and John’s child wants to grow up to be something ordinary
24) Texts between Jim and Sebastian
25) Sherlock and John are both werewolves. This results in the pack mentality at Baker Street running very high

Edited at 2010-10-30 01:13 am (UTC)

25 - Sherlock and John are both werewolves.


1) Song prompt, Little Moments by Brad Paisley
2) John is very submissive, but not happy about it, and Sherlock loves seeing him flustered.
3) Girl!Mycroft/Lestrade; she calls him into her office
4) Diaper kink plus ageplay
5) Sherlock has never genuinely cried until Moriarty gives him a reason to.
6) Sherlock/John. The Tango Sherlock
7) Sherlock has a chemical mishap and is slowing turning to stone
8) Sherlock/John, family with art prompt
9) Mycroft and Sherlock have a sister who pops in to visit and tease Sherlock about his boyfriend. The sister is Clara.
10) Sherlock is using. John decides to try it with him. They both get considerably high and turned on.
11) Ianto Jones didn't die - he simply regenerated. Into Mycroft Holmes.
12) Mycroft video prompt
13) Lestrade/Mycroft/Sherlock/John DIRTY KINKY ORGY WITH ALL FOUR BOYS
14) John and Lestrade hold Sherlock down and FUCK HIM SENSELESS.
15) Moran doesn’t think much of John, but when they bump into each other, John beats the crap out of him
16) Sherlock/Cabin Pressure crossover.
17) Sherlock: Sometimes after an electrical storm, I see in five dimensions.
18) Sherlock doesn't use condoms. Instead, he uses his reasoning abilities to guess the STD status of his partner
19) DI Dimmock asks Sherlock out and John is freaked out.
20) Consentual John/Moriarty.
21) Sherlock and irrational numbers
22) John has become Sherlock's compass when it comes to social interactions and it starts rumors
23) Dimmock is in league with Moriarty and a fanboy of Sherlock’s that wants to take John’s place
24) John is turned into a girl has sex with Sherlock during his period
25) The pros and cons of having a lover that's also a vampire. Sherlock/John.

Filled #8


Filled #8 (Anonymous) Expand
Filled #8 (Anonymous) Expand
Filled #8 (Anonymous) Expand
Filled #8 (Anonymous) Expand
Page 56 fills - 2, 14, 15 (Anonymous) Expand
1) Trailer prompt. A Day in the Life of John Watson, BAMF
2) Errant comment
3) Mycroft goes on a diet in exchange for Sherlock getting clean.
4) Sometimes when the game is not afoot, Sherlock amuses himself by performing psychological experiments on his flatmate.
5) Lestrade, Donovan and Anderson on break, gossiping about Sherlock and John like a bunch of little old ladies.
6) Sherlock did NOT become a whore to support his drug addiction. He started doing drugs to cope with his prostitution.
7) Molly walks in. Plants a kiss on Jimbo's cheek, says, "I told you he wasn't gay." and they skip merrily out the door.
8) Moriarty sends Sherlock a care package of drugs. Sherlock is torn over taking them or throwing them away
9) John worries about Sherlock’s depressed, not-talking moods.
10) John doesn't generally like getting fucked after he's already come, but sometimes it’s exactly the right thing
11) Sherlock thinks John wastes way too much energy in the pursuit of sex, so they decide to see who can be celibate the longest.
12) Insertion of ice cubes.
13) Mummy is a BAMF
14) Sherlock calling John cute in a different language
15) John really likes Sherlocks hair, but it’s so messy and snarled. So John combs Sherlock’s hair
16) Mycroft tears the inner seam of one of his trousers legs because he catches a thread and pulls it open
17) John's got problems beyond what he can cope with and someone turns up just as he's on the verge of falling apart
18) Sherlock is a vegetarian
19) Spaced crossover with Sherlock.
20) Sherlock talking and cuddling the skull. John either jealous, or not bothered.
21) John Watson used to be the Master. What happens when he remembers who he really is?
22) Sherlock is actually the 21st century Hamlet.
23) After TGG, Sherlock fakes his death and John starts working for Torchwood
24) Mycroft stops by Sherlock’s flat and falls asleep. Sherlock finds him and tucks him in.
25) Sherlock getting John off with a vibrator, and only a vibrator.

Fill # 5 (Anonymous) Expand
1) John, with the phrase ‘in all his tiny, badass glory’
2) Awkward Sherlock’s first kiss
3) Sherlock plans it so Mrs Hudson opens the door for Sarah, who goes up to the flat to find Sherlock fucking John on the floor.
4) Harry goes missing and seeing how it affects John makes Sherlock think about his own relationship with Mycroft.
5) Anthea IS Irene Adler.
6) John/Sherlock. Totally fluffy Christmas morning sex.
7) Mrs. Hudson drags John to a concert by Sherlock, a famous violinist, and the two meet backstage.
8) John shows Sherlock how 'normal' people display affection, but then decides he prefers Sherlock's way and reciprocates.
9) Sherlock brings home a dog that has something to do with a case and they end up keeping it
10) 'Inception/Sherlock Crossover: Sherlock is hired to track down the dream team
11) The bees are dissappearing. All of them. Except for Sherlock's.
12) Dialogue prompt. Stay out of Camberwick Green
13) Errant comment
14) girl!Sherlock going through labour, starting off all stoic and not bothered and then by the end going absolutely mental
15) XKCD comic prompt
16) Sherlock doesn't like people touching him, but he does like to watch and touch himself.
17) Sherlock's traumatized from bring cared for too much as a child, but he ends up blaming himself
18) Sebastian and Jim in the supermarket, making the purchase.
19) John walks in on Sherlock crying and ends up offering his shoulder.
20) Sherlock has John handcuffed to the bed.
21) John hears Sherlock talking in his sleep.
22) Sherlock becomes attached to a little girl that’s lost her family, but Donovan finds a relative and he has to give her up.
23) Sherlock and John both fake their death after TGG and hunt down Moriarty together.
24) Not!Anthea and her names.
25) Lestrade has to go undercover as a prostutite

Re: Part 4, Page 58

#24 filled here

Page 58 fills - 3, 14, 19 (Anonymous) Expand
1) Whenever Sherlock is bored, Mycroft provides him with distraction
2) The mystery of the disappearing milk
3) Sherlock lying on a four poster bed with his feet to the tops of the front two posts, naked, spread open for all to see all red
4) high as a kite Lestrade and BAMF John dealing with evil DI kidnapping criminals
5) What Sherlock wants is to be the best, like no one ever was
6) After a big fight, John wishes he had never met Sherlock. Then his guardian angel shows up to show the effects of John’s wish
7) Rock band AU
8) Sherlock swaying and staggering, depending on John to keep him upright
9) Dialogue prompt
10) John is getting married and asks Sherlock to be his best man. It so happens Sherlock is in love with him
11) Hitchcock’s Rope. Sherlock and John as modern Brandon and Philip. Anderson as their victim.
12) Ta-Dah" album by the Scissor Sisters is the soundtrack to John and Sherlock's relationship
13) Sherlock is curled up on the floor in a corner, shocky, barely breathing, pale like January ice and wailing.
14) Sherlock is hired to investigate Kaster
15) Sherlock comes to the conclusion that there is something that he is better off not knowing
16) Art prompt, John comforting a crying Sherlock
17) Horror story. Locked in a screaming nightmare of a reality
18) Sherlock thinks John has a horrible looking penis. John says Sherlock’s looks the same, but then finds out it’s beautiful
19) Today, my wife started checking her email on her Blackberry while we were having sex.
20) Tubby!Mycroft meets Curvy!Anthea and they fall in love.
21) Asexual Sherlock is confused about his feelings for John and unsure how to display them.
22) The time between getting clean and becoming a consulting detective was dark for Sherlock. Now he tells John everything.
23) Sherlock has a child with Irene and, liking the idea of Fatherhood, sues for custody.
24) Sherlock never actually had a smoking habit - he heard nicotine helped you think and went straight to the patches.
25) Lestrade/Mycroft vid or art

Page 59 fills - 6, 15 (Anonymous) Expand
1) Video prompt
2) Sherlock/Moriarty song prompt, fic or fanvid
3) art prompt, Kitty!John
4) There is a crack in the wall of the flat Sherlock lives in by himself. He knows he’s missing something.
5) You get the Nutella, I'll get the pushpins and we'll meet up later by the duck pond. Bring your graphing calculator.
6) When Sherlock was on drugs, Mycroft blamed himself and used binge eating as a punishment.
7) John finds out Sherlock's childhood nickname was Lockie. And now Sherlock won't hear the end of it.
8) John and Sherlock's child is injured due to Sherlock’s experiments and John yells at Sherlock, who takes it to heart.
9) Tired of Sherlock acting like a brat, Mycroft starts tickling him
10) John watching Sherlock’s casket being lowered into the ground when Sherlock comes up behind him.
11) Sherlock contracts an unknown exotic disease, John, for all his years of studying medicine, is at a loss for how to help.
12) He may be married to his work, but Sherlock still enjoys sex. He keeps it once a month and strictly professional.
13) Sherlock/Anthea PWP, with Sherlock's cherry on top.
14) It doesn't matter how many lives he saves, he still wants to die.
15) Moriarty’s going to Scotland Yard with hallucinogenic gas
16) Near-lethal whumpage and badassery
17) Total Power Exchange relationship with Dom!John
18) Fic to the song ‘In the next room’ by Neon Trees
19) "Please, I need to cry. Do whatever it takes, hurt me, anything, just please, you must make me cry."
20) Sherlock fails, and John willingly pays the price.
21) Picture prompt. Velociholmes
22) John pistol-whips someone
23) When trying to get John to do something urgently, Sherlock says, "Quick, man, if you love me!"
24) Sherlock completely missing the knowledge of some basic, handy little computer thing everyone knows about,
25) Sherlock pipesmoking

Page 60 fills - 4, 18, 22

4) There is a crack in the wall of the flat Sherlock lives in by himself. He knows he’s missing something.

18) Fic to the song ‘In the next room’ by Neon Trees

22) John pistol-whips someone

1) John grabs Moriarty and tells Sherlock to go, and Sherlock does.
2) Molly works in a morgue, since that's the best place to find workable bodies for her undead slaves.
3) Every time Sherlock says 'We are out of milk' or 'Give me your mobile', means 'See, I need you'. John/Sherlock.
4) John starts meeting ickle Sherlock in his dreams.
5) Gun!kink. With penetration (but not actually pulling the trigger).
6) Sherlock gets caught sobbing listening to Chopin by John.
7) AU where John is Moriarty and Jim really was just some random IT guy.
8) Sherlock gets some serious verbal abuse from some random idiot, with suggestions of physical violence as well. Anderson defends him.
9) Mycroft/Lestrade, Mycroft has self image issues, and Lestrade assures him he wants to be with him.
10) Sherlock half-mad with frustration and failure, all of his allies weak and damaged, his support system falling apart around him, then you strike.
11) Sherlock has a traumatic experience and he doesn't react like a normal person.
12) Donovan and Anderson win the Nobel Prize for discovering an entirely new species of dinosaur.
13) Sherlock sends drunken/high text messages.
14) Sherlock finally kills Moriarty. But he knows he lost. The world without him is far too dull.
15) Scene from The Dark Night done with Sherlock and Moriarty.
16) Picture prompt, John/Sherlock.
17) Moriarty's a eunuch because of Mycroft.
18) Friends with benefits with one person being uncomfortably interested in it being a relationship.
19) Sherlock/John. Touch-A, Touch-A, Touch Me -The Rocky Horror picture show.
20) John bemoaning the fact that he's so short because why would tall, statuesque Sherlock ever want ordinary, little ol' him.
21) Sherlock babysitting a bunch of future great detectives.
22) Halloween art.
23) Teenage John and Sherlock, losing virginities to each other.
24) Moriarty'd forgotten all about Sherlock until Sherlock starts criticising Moriarty's prompts on the kink meme.
25) Anderson seems incompetent because he tries SO HARD to see the stuff Sherlock sees.

After the pool incident, when John goes to sleep, he ends up meeting a little boy. Every single night he ends up meeting this boy, the time between varying. Sometimes it's several times in the same day or the next day, but eventually the gaps begin to grow further and further apart. Months, even years.

The boy is Sherlock and John knows it almost instantly or at most after a couple nights. It's why Sherlock grows attached so quickly, but is distant at first. No one believed John was real, no one else met him and even resorted to psychiatrists to get little Sherlock to snap out of it.

Basically: John starts meeting ickle Sherlock in his dreams.

FILL : John's Midnight Garden -

#11 iacha Expand
2 - Necromancer Molly (Anonymous) Expand
1) ONE NIGHT STAND. You have 27 minutes before the offer expires, so I suggest you hurry.
2) Pumpkin carving, picture prompts.
3) Mycroft/Lestrade. Sherlock makes the hurt him and I'll kill you speech to Lestrade.
4) Can I have Lestrade or Anderson at a crime scene and doing Marco Polo?
5) John isn't heterosexual or bisexual or gay; he's Discworld!Dwarf!Sexual.
6) League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Crossover. Post TGG.
7) Brother bonding, Mycroft!whump Lestrade/Mycroft fic.
8) Pubescent John accidentally walks in on his sister, shagging the most gorgeous girl in school.
9) Sherlock meets Benjamin Linus.
10) John objects to Sherlock treating him like the damsel in distress.
11) John's Mycroft-handling skills make Sherlock proud and impress the elder Holmes brother.
12) John mention fictional detectives (book, movies, TV) and see Sherlock's reaction to them.
13) Batman crossover, someone is related to Albert.
14) Sherlock: There are nowhere near enough prompts about my exceptionally long penis.
15) [Errant comment.]
16) Sherlock/graffiti guy from the Blind Banker.
17) For Christmas, John gets Sherlock something a bit more casual: a jumper.
18) Moriarty only wants to burn Sherlocks heart because Sherlock burnt his heart first. By shooting Moriartys best friend and lover Wall.
19) Inception crossover, Mycroft vs Saito.
20) Sherlock Holmes: Dreamwalker.
21) Jim has asthma.
22) Picture prompt, dinosaur.
23) Non-consensual cuddling.
24) John and Sherlock knew each other before John returned from the war.
25) Sick!John, Sherlock/John, Sherlock terrified of losing him.

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Page 62 fills - 3, 15

3) Mycroft/Lestrade. Sherlock makes the hurt him and I'll kill you speech to Lestrade.

15) [Errant comment.]

1) Sherlock Holmes meets Mary Russell.
2) Sherlock as a preteen, covering himself in wires and attaching himself to his computer. Like Lain.
3) Not-Excessively-Experienced Sherlock enjoys seducing John.
4) John is tough. Let's have him prove it.
5) Trigger: suicidal ideation. John does his ritual: loads the gun, puts it in his mouth. Sherlock finds him.
6) Sherlock avoids sleep because of prophetic dreams. Then he dreams about something terrible happening to John.
7) Lestrade's team of misfits teams up with another force from the next district over.
8) "I will not calm down until cocaine enters my system."
9) Bored? New game: Find him before he bleeds to death. Love and high-explosives, JM.
10) He's fascinated by the scars he finds.
11) John/Sherlock fic inspired by Night Terror by Laura Marling.
12) Sherlock Holmes stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle did exist.
13) Sherlock and John solve a case with the help of blue paw prints.
14) John is shrinking.
15) Sherlock is Johnny in The Devil Went Down to Georgia. Moriarty is the Devil.
16) It's been days since they peeled the tape off his wrists and ankles, and he's still finding little sticky traces on his skin.
17) Fox!Sherlock and Wolf!John cuddle up in front of the fireplace.
18) The Cell, with John entering Sherlock's subconscious.
19) John Watson is a were-beagle.
20) girl!Sherlock/Lestrade.
21) Mycroft, Hagrid, Mary Poppins... all meet in a magic umbrella shop.
22) After one too many attacks on 221B, Mrs. Hudson gets her boys a new security system.
23) Sherlock hasn't slept for days, so John tells him a bedtime story.
24) Sex with socks on!
25) Mycroft/Lestrade/Sherlock or Mycroft/Lestrade/John.

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Page 63 - 10, 20 (Anonymous) Expand
1) Harry/Molly.
2) John wakes up after The Great Game in a mental hospital, with doctors telling him none of it was real.
3) And it feels better than love.
4) John proposes to Sherlock. But he'd never be able to keep Sherlock distracted from work for long enough without planning.
5) Safe, sane, and consensual. With Moriarty, you can get one out of three.
6) Sherlock is a guy on the right side of his body and a girl down the left side.
7) Batman crossover. Moriarty decides to relocate to Gotham City, Sherlock goes after him.
8) Sherlock is intersexed - a hermaphrodite. John/Sherlock.
9) Fluff. Mycroft and John are getting married.
10) Sherlock/John. "to die by your side, is such a heavenly way to die".
11) Sherlock gets stuck in the shower (naked) by accident. So Sherlock decides to get out of there through the window.
12) Suddenly they were attacked by ninjas.
13) Fill from part 1. Sherlock/Lestrade.
14) Mummy walking in on John and Sherlock fucking.
15) John tries Nanowrimo.
16) Sherlock drives a reasonbly priced car.
17) Even Sherlock is short.
18) Link prompt.
19) I didn't make tea for you. This is my tea.
20) Someone gets sick of Sherlock and John dancing around each other and locks them in a closet.
21) Can Sherlock accurately conjugate a verb while John is getting him off?
22) Moriarty discovers tumblr. What does he post?
23) John becomes a famous author and ends up on talk shows, where he's asked about his relationship with Sherlock.
24) Lestrade/anyone, pairing inspired by Tim McGraw's song Real Good Man.
25) Sherlock fakes an orgasm to prove a point.

Page 64 - 2, 5, 13

(prompt 1 has been deleted, numbering on page is snafued so am sticking with numbering here)

2) John wakes up after The Great Game in a mental hospital, with doctors telling him none of it was real.
part one, link to prologue:

5) Safe, sane, and consensual. With Moriarty, you can get one out of three.

13) Fill from part 1. Sherlock/Lestrade.

1) Mycroft/Lestrade. Mycroft visits and plays "their" song in the piano lounge.
2) People teaming up to get John/Sherlock together, but they've been secretly shagging already.
3) Lestrade still isn't aware his 'partner', Mycroft, is Sherlock's brother.
4) Mycroft shows up at the crime scene at Study in Pink to pick Lestrade up for a date.
5) Sherlock deduces that John is attracted to him. John denies it, so Sherlock proves he's right.
6) Sherlock/Moriarty, I don't need love, for what good will love do me? Diamonds are forever.
7) Sherlock/Sarah.
8) Sherlock/Doctor Who crossover, Rory is John's cousin.
9) Sherlock has RSI.
10) John fisting Sherlock.
11) Hostage-like situation. John and Sherlock are strangers who are standing next to each other.
12) Following the incident at the pool John's PTSD is worse than ever. He gets a therapy/service dog.
13) Sherlock objectifies everything. Every relationship, every emotion. Can't do that with John.
14) Three quote-prompts from Everything is Illuminated.
15) Picture-prompt/Remembrance Sunday.
16) John buys Guitar Hero. Sherlock gets addicted. He and Mycroft fight over it.
17) Sherlock was born in the wagon of a travelin' show, Mycroft used to dance for the money they'd throw, Mummy would do whatever she could.
18) I'm bored. Come home. -SH If you're bored, then come *out*. -JW Fine, yes, I'm gay. Come home and I'll prove it. -SH
19) AU. John's a poet/professor of English and secretively in love with Sherlock.
20) John makes Sherlock come so hard he screams... which shocks them both.
21) "If you try to leave me, I'll cut pieces off you until you stop."
22) Sherlock loves back massages.
23) While John and Sherlock are at a club investigating a case, Sherlock gets his drink spiked.
24) Song prompt.
25) Sherlock is mysteriously turned into a woman. He's indifferent until his period.

21) "If you try to leave me, I'll cut pieces off you until you stop."

17) filled (Anonymous) Expand
Filled #1 (Anonymous) Expand
#4 filled (Anonymous) Expand
Page 65 - 16, 23 (Anonymous) Expand
1) Sherlock, in an all-girl punk band, also starting her consulting detective business. John, in medical school, meets her at a gig.
2) History Boys. Both Irwin and Dakin want Sherlock.
3) Sherlock in Wonderland.
4) Sherlock hurts his hand/arm, so John has to massage it.
5) Sherlock and John lose their way in the woods while chasing after some criminal.
6) Cue a first time in which Sherlock basically acts like a porn star because that's what he's learned.
7) Jim has fallen in love with John. And Jim always gets what he wants.
8) A chess game where every time you sacrifice a piece, a person is killed.
9) Sherlock's first real mistake made him decide that caring hurt too much.
10) Five failed experiments and one with staggeringly unanticipated results.
11) He fucked volume into my hair. It was amazing.
12) Someone has a freaky kink.
13) Sherlock saves Anderson's life, very nearly at the cost of his own.
14) Sherlock wants someone to kill him and bring him back to life afterwards.
15) John cuts Sherlock's hair for him, fluff.
16) Clavicle appreciation.
17) Video prompt, dinosaurs.
18) There's a case at a science fiction convention.
19) John goes on a day trip and leaves a plug/set of beads for Sherlock to wear until he gets back.
20) Kisses. Affectionate, friendly, playful, angst-free kisses.
21) Sherlock got raped a lot, starting from teen years. Explaining to John.
22) Sherlock has an experiment that leads to a John/Sherlock child.
23) John is sleeping when Sherlock impales himself on John's cock. John wakes and continues it.
24) Mummy Holmes likes to take her son's new significant other to bed for a test drive.
25) John's diagnosed with diabetes, hides it from Sherlock so he doesn't worry

11) filled

Prompt (from texts from last night):


He fucked volume into my hair. It was amazing.

Fill: Sherlock... fucks volume into John's hair.

Page 66 - 3, 7 (Anonymous) Expand

Fill #4

Prompt: I would like to humbly request John and Sherlock getting into a lowdown fistfight, beating the shit out of each other, with clothes ripping and EVERYTHING because of one of them nearly died that night, and adrenaline and fear and all out UST ends in frantic ripping of remaining clothing and desperate sexytiems. Please. Run on sentences optional.



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