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Prompting: Part XVII
Giggles at the Palace
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Morning after fic, you know the kind, the holy-shit-what-did-we-do-last-night, just-how-drunk-were-we type of thing :) Because it's been ages since I read something like this in this fandom. S/J for preference, but I'm not fussy!

I will always second drunken amnesia sex!

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Rimming. Preferably consensual.

Re: Jim/Sherlock

oh my GOD. are you me? seconding this. seconding this with the flaming passion of nine hundred and thirty two suns.

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Trojan Horse - Sherlock & Moriarty body swap

While John is out of town, Moriarty and Sherlock have a confrontation and somehow wind up swapping bodies. Moriarty sees it as an opportunity and orders Sherlock held captive. He plans to use Sherlock's identity to infiltrate both Scotland Yard and the British government, creating a catastrophic security breach. He's able to fool the Yarders easily enough, and as soon as he gets a feel for the adversarial relationship Sherlock has with Mycroft he's able to fool him well enough too.

But then John comes back home unexpectedly. John thinks "Sherlock" is acting a little off, but Moriarty manages to fool him initially. Until he slips up and does something very "Jim"-like, something that John recognizes that he did at the pool before Sherlock showed up. Cue John bluffing his way through his interactions with Jim to avoid suspicion while gathering clues as to what happened and sneaking off to try and convince everyone else that "Sherlock" is Moriarty.

Oh, and also: It's only when John comes home and kisses him that Moriarty realizes that John and Sherlock are in a relationship. So Moriarty tries to interact with John accordingly. Once John figures out "Sherlock" is really Jim, John is totally sickened by it. But he has to play along enough to maintain Jim's trust, while also using every excuse in the book to avoid intimate contact with "Sherlock". Bonus points if Jim tells a furious Sherlock that John is back and "it's been an unexpected treat getting to touch him". Double bonus points for Sherlock punching "himself" in the face at some point.

Everyone back in the right body and some happy John/Sherlock at the end would be just lovely.

TL;DR When Moriarty and Sherlock swap bodies, Moriarty uses Sherlock's identity to gain access to Scotland Yard and the government. He fools everyone until he does something "Jim"-like in front of John, who then has to pretend he doesn't know until he can convince everyone else that "Sherlock" isn't Sherlock.

Re: Trojan Horse - Sherlock & Moriarty body swap

Seconded forever!

Werewolf!John/Sherlock. Snuggles in wolf form. Fluff or h/c.

That's so cute, second.

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No Win Situation

John and Sherlock are in an extremely dangerous situation. Sherlock is unconscious or delirious. Instant death would be far more preferable than falling victim to whatever horrible danger is closing in on them. John is faced with the decision of whether or not to shoot and kill Sherlock in order to spare him the certain excruciating pain and severe mental trauma that seems to be their fate. Just as John makes the agonizing choice to follow through with it, something happens and they are both spared. Afterwards, it's obvious to Sherlock that John is disturbed by whatever happened to them, but Sherlock doesn't know why. Eventually Sherlock gets John to tell him what happened, and John recounts the heartrending choice he had to make.

TL;DR John is faced with the possibility of having to shoot and kill Sherlock in order to spare him a more horrible, painful death.

Re: No Win Situation

Oh wow. Seconded!

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Sherlock is a hard drive.

Sherlock is a hard drive.

Jim is malware.

Mycroft is anti-virus software.

John is a disk repair program.

Re: Sherlock is a hard drive.

Seconded. All the seconds.

Sherlock's secret life in pro tennis

OK, it's Wimbledon time. So... Sherlock tells John he's going abroad for a case for a couple of weeks, and John, bored at home with nothing to do at home, goes with to watch Wimbledon. Maybe Harry had tickets for her and Clara and offers John the spare, or maybe the Yarders were going and offered John a ticket(I actually love this scenario, cos then they could all be like WTF). Imagine John's shock when he settles down on Centre Court for the first round... and Sherlock is playing. And is good. Very good. Like Andy Murray good (Not a definite going to win but certainly in with a chance).

Anyway, PLEASE! I am begging you. I LOVE the tennis. All I want in my life is to see Sherlock with a secret life as a bloody good pro tennis player.

Re: Sherlock's secret life in pro tennis

Oh my god, do want! I may have to write at least something for this...poke me if a few days have gone by and I haven't done anything.

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Sherlock dresses up like a matador...

...for some reason. And it gets John all hot and bothered.

I HATE bullfighting, but damn those outfits can be hot. Like this (it's work safe):

Sherlock is asleep. John is determined that nothing is going to wake him. Not loud neighbors, angry former clients, sudden assassination attempts, nor even Moriarty's latest dastardly plan.

Well, the sooner he deals with these little interruptions, the sooner he can get back to cuddling!

Aw, seconded!

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John is a chronic homewrecker. He's always more attracted to people who are already taken. His and clara's flirtation was the first crack in his sister's marriage. He's not interested in Sherlock until Sherlock starts dating [whoever]. Will Sherlock cheat with John? Or will he stay faithful to [whoever]?

Second like whoa! (Could explain his early on interest in Sherlock's dating life)

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horse racing au


John is a vet who dreams of being a jockey. Sherlock's father owns a troublesome horse. Romance and racing ensue.

Re: horse racing au

...And Sherlock is the troublesome horse which John realises is causing trouble because it's highly intelligent (for a horse) and refuses to work with just about any schmuck? Which is bad news for it's designated jockey, Anderson? And Lestrade is a grizzled trainer of John's acquaintance who hasn't had a decent horse/jockey to work with in years, until John asks him to help him prove to Mr Holmes that John and Sherlock could do great things together?

Sherlock/Black Stallion crossover. I'd read it. XD Or a kind of Sherlock/Seabiscuit crossover: John is a small, unassuming horse who is taken off the racetrack after an injury leaves him with an inexplicable intermittent limp. He is sold to a hobby rider, doesn't adjust well to life as a "pensioner", and gets sold over and over again until a jockey at an auction sees the fire in the eyes of an otherwise broken-looking horse. The jockey is, of course, Sherlock, and together with his trainer guru (Lestrade) and his monetary benefactor (Mycroft) he brings John to racing fame and glory despite being way too tall for such a small horse.

In the end Moriarty wins.

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Fill #2: In the End {1/2} (Anonymous) Expand
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Anything that involves exploding cellphones.
Bonus if the cell is Sherlock's.
Extra bonus if it explodes while he's typing.


I told you that phone would be the death of you someday, Sherlock!

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Sherlock & John

Five times Sherlock should have cried, but didn't...and one time he did.


I have a strange affinity for crying Sherlock.

Sherlock's side job

Sherlock makes extra money reading for audiobooks, it's dull but pays the bills, he doesn't even ask what he'll be reading anymore

today he's reading m/m erotica

Re: Sherlock's side job

All I can think of is him reading The King's Men by Mark Gatiss.
Either way me gusta.

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